November 27, 2007
vol 18, no. 331

                Our Lady Wept for a Reason

    From early in the 19th Century Heaven provided all the help necessary to stave off the Great Apostasy and still we didn't listen. From the Miraculous Medal to Our Lady's copious tears to the Sun spinning it would seem man has been deaf and dumb to all Heaven has warned. Now we face exactly what our laxity has asked for: Rome has lost the faith and become the seat of the antichrist. Will we continue in the perilous path or turn back to God before it is too late? Have we not learned from the mistakes of the Jews of the Old Testament, even when we have the powerful aid of God's Own Mother to guide us? Our Lady of Perpetual Help is perpetually trying to help. The problem lies with those she's seeking to protect and warn.

    Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost created the universe, and all that is contained therein, for the greater Honor and Glory of the Most Blessed Trinity, and for us, his creatures.

    How often do we recall that we are adopted children of God? How often do we even think of God? Do we desire to hear Him? Do we speak to Him through prayer? Do we even believe in prayer any more, in this advanced technological age? Yes, there are a few who do care, who do center their entire life around God, having prayed for the grace to know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him in this life so as to be with Him in unending joy for all eternity.

    Alas, how far the human race has fallen as the centuries have marched forward in the name of “progress,” which is a man-made term that describes, succinctly, our pride in our own selfish accomplishments in this transitory life. That we have succumbed to the lies of Lucifer and his legions is evident to the few, while the vast majority of mankind slumbers in denial, blissfully ignorant of the slavery by which satan has enshrouded our souls.

    Virtue is merely a few letters, which form a word that has become, at the very least, meaningless; in our politically correct society, this word that should elevate our being to God, now is labeled as a ‘hate’ crime, as the wiles of Lucifer grow rapidly.

    How, we must ask ourselves, has Lucifer so entrapped billions of souls in his nefarious lies? How, we must ask, have we permitted evil to beguile even the ‘elect’ into a state of such spiritual blindness, that the face of the beast, so manifest to those who have sought and begged for the grace not to be deceived, appears so glorious, so appealing that the majority of the human race will stop at nothing to achieve the glittering promises of the fallen angel?

    Of the many approved apparitions of Mary, Mother of God to her ‘little children’ on earth, there is one that is apparently forgotten, buried beneath the conciliar rubble of a false church, governed by false shepherds, who in their ignorance and/or arrogance, would deny this apparition, or lend to it their ambiguous albeit false interpretation of Our Lady’s words. On this day when we celebrate Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in commemorating her 1830 apparitions to Saint Catherine Laboure (whose feast is the next day - November 28), I would like to focus on what occurred sixteen years later in France in the western Alps in a place called LaSalette.

    The apparition took place there at LaSalette in 1846. Two ignorant peasant children, Maxim and Melanie were chosen from all eternity to bear witness to the Mother of God’s message. However, there is in this apparition an element not found in other approved apparitions. At LaSalette, two children, ignorant of the True Faith, negligent in prayer, living in dire poverty of body and soul, saw the Mother of God seated upon a rock, her head bowed, the crown upon her head glittering with Heavenly light, while the ‘beautiful Lady’ wept.

    Yes, the Mother of God cried, her face buried in her immaculate hands. If you have never thought about this fact concerning the apparition at LaSalette, do give yourself a moment to reflect upon it now. Our Lady is ever obedient to the perfect Will of God. God sent her to Maxim and Melanie on that specific day, at that specific time, and She, who is ever-virgin, ever spotless, wept openly before two of her ‘little ones’.

    To see, to hear the Mother of God cry…oh, what a heart-breaking sight and sound the two seers witnessed! They bore testimony to this fact when the apparition was soundly investigated. We must ask ourselves in this twenty-first century why Almighty God would send His own Mother to earth to cry, before she spoke to Maxim and Melanie. Why? What had mankind done, what would mankind do, to cause the Blessed Mother to weep openly in front of children, who were by no measure intelligent beings, future theologians, future religious, future prophets.

    Our Lady wept over the state of mankind at that time, and her Heavenly tears flowed forward from that moment into our own time, and into the future until time ends, and only eternity exists.

    The condition of Holy Mother Church in the time of LaSalette was deplorable, for man had forgotten God, had forgotten his obligation to God. Our Lady spoke to the two seers of the justice of God, and warned them that prayer was absolutely necessary for each soul who sincerely desired to go to Heaven. She chastised, as only a Mother can, the many souls who violated the Third Commandment by neglecting their duty to worship and adore God on Sunday, and to keep the entire day holy. She wept because her children chose, instead, to work on Sunday, laboring in fields, occupying themselves with unnecessary labor, and alleviating the tasks by drinking and finding entertainment with friends in less than holy places.

    It was at LaSalette that Our Lady warned of the pestilence and famine that would soon befall the world for the sins of man, for the earth would not give forth good fruit to nourish the body. She further warned of the spiritual dangers that awaited ungrateful mankind, revealing to the children the far-reaching consequences of man’s failure to heed the Commandments, and to live the Roman Catholic Faith with all their heart, all their mind, all their strength, and with all their soul.

    The world did not pay heed to Our Lady’s words then. Yes, the apparition was approved, the message propagated by Rome, and the few who took to heart the words of the Mother of God, found themselves ridiculed, the two seers found their lives a living martyrdom, and the devil inserted doubt into minds that had once been given the grace of the Holy Ghost to know Divine Truth when It was spoken by none other than the Blessed Mother. Debates, doubt, lukewarmness, hardness of heart, lack of charity, even disdain caused Our Lady’s prophetic words as LaSalette to be cast aside.

    How, we must ask ourselves, can anyone of sound mind, who professes the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith cast aside the words of Christ’s own spotless Mother? Are we that ignorant? Are we that dumb? Are we deaf? Apparently so, as the centuries since the apparition have proven.

    If the world, mankind that is, was in such dire straits in the nineteenth century, how much more desperate, more dire, more sinister has our society, our world become in the intervening years? If Our Lady wept at LaSalette over the fate of her ‘little ones’ then, we can well imagine that now she sobs over the state of the world, of her Divine Son’s true church, which has been eclipsed by Lucifer.

    Now, the question that comes to mind is this: Are we going to allow the Mother of our Savior to continue to sob, or shall we rise to the occasion, seek her aid, and do all that we can and should to stop the evil from sweeping countless souls into Hell, while the mansions prepared for us by Christ in His Heavenly Kingdom remain empty, because we simply didn’t care enough to try to do all that He commanded of us?

    Only through the intent of our heart can we begin to repair the damage satan has wrought in Holy Mother Church, the foundation and cornerstone of Heaven on Earth. Only through prayer to obtain grace can we, the adopted children of God, hope to put to flight all the evil spirits who no longer have to prowl the earth seeking whom they may devour. Rather, due to our torpid apathy, our utter disregard for God, and our blindness in the face of the beast, these diabolical spirits sweep the earth 24/7 with ease, for no longer do we keep vigilance against the evil one, nor are our lamps lit before the Throne of God!

    In the glorious history of Holy Mother Church many centuries were filled by souls who eagerly sought the Will of God, and listened intently to the whisper of the Holy Ghost that they might follow in the footsteps of Christ, our Lord, God, and Redeemer. Today, we hear only the voice of deceit, of pure evil which pronounces in honeyed tones the lie of universal salvation; the lie that all “religions” can save a soul; the lie that the Jews’ wait for the Messiah is not in vain; that the rigors of previous centuries when God raised up great Saints to show us the path to holiness, and thus to Heaven, belong only to the past, and are now outdated, outmoded, and utterly useless to today’s ‘modern’ man.

    Do you still wonder why Our Blessed Mother wept at LaSalette? Few listened. Few acted upon her words. The devil, always intent on stealing souls from his Creator, knew that Our Blessed Mother’s apparition to Maxim and Melanie threatened his nefarious plan to utterly destroy the One True Faith established by Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God. As Maxim and Melanie saw and heard the tears of the Mother of God, satan was close by laughing obscenely at such a display of piety, zealousness for the souls of each person who has ever lived, lived then, and were yet to be born for the glory of God.

    Since virtue and morality have become not only crimes, but also a falsehood put forth by supposedly ‘good’ leaders, we have become numb to the cries of Heaven to amend our lives. We are deaf to the whispers of the Holy Ghost because we are far too busy keeping up with every new advance in technology, the majority of which keeps us from hearing the voice of God directing us upon the path of sanctity.

    Sanctity? Who among us longs for sanctity? Who among us would willingly pour themselves out as a libation of love for Our Blessed Savior, to make expiation and reparation for our own sins, and the sins of the world? Who among us has the courage of heart to stand up and say: “ENOUGH!” “BEGONE SATAN” Who among us would willingly divest himself of every temporal possession, in order to be clothed in Holy Poverty, directed by Wisdom, crucified with Our Lord on Calvary, and all for the salvation of our own soul, and the conversion of all those outside the bosom of the One True Faith?

    If we have made any progress since LaSalette, it has not been the progress along the straight and narrow path strewn with sufferings, privations, mortifications of the flesh, or the many crosses Our beloved Savior desires to give us that we might gain our heavenly Home.

    On the contrary, Lucifer has seen to it that with each passing decade, with each passing generation, our human life has become busier, until we are enmeshed in a slavery that surpasses the worst imaginable slavery man has inflicted on his fellow man throughout human history. We are too busy earning money to live in magnificent homes; we are too busy seeing that our children (if we care to have any children within the sublime privilege of marriage) are involved in any number of extra-school activities. In caring for our children, we find that mothers must work in order to pay the bills, fathers often must work long hours, or have several jobs, and thus are absent in the lives of their child/children. Daycare workers raise children, not the parents. Society dictates how the children shall be raised, and the legislatures of governments around the world have made ‘gods’ of children who have not reached the age of reason, and reduced parents to blithering idiots who know nothing compared to the ‘wisdom’ of their offspring. Satan has planned the overthrow of the One True Faith from the moment he fell from Heaven into the pit of Hell. The Prince of Darkness knows well our human frailty, and has used that very weakness of nature to advance his cause…and we, the Church Militant, have ushered him in as a kind and benevolent friend who knows better than any Holy Pontiff, theologian, Doctor of the Church, the Fathers of the Church, and the canonized saints given us by Christ as guides in the practice of virtue, and zeal for souls.

    I place myself first and foremost at the top of the list of those who have sinned, who have become tepid, when in truth my soul longs and pants for the courts of the Lord, and my earnest desire is to be consumed with a burning love for Our Lord, until I disappear into Him, and He, Who is God, is made manifest in me.

    God alone knows and judges each person’s heart. However, since His Most Holy Mother wept over the condition of the human soul, would it not be wise and prudent for each of us to examine, with sincerity, our own heart’s intentions, and the state of our soul?

    At LaSalette Mary Most Holy told Maxim and Melanie that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” Like the Jews of the Old Testament, who expected a militant, royal Messiah to come and free them from oppression, establishing an earthly kingdom over which the Jewish nation would rule, they failed to recognize the Son of God as He lived, preached, taught, and loved each of them, as He showed them the true path to Heaven. Likewise, today, the mark and mask of the Beast of Scripture, the Prince of Darkness, reveals his hideousness more each day, and like our ancestors, we fail to recognize the evil spirit for who and what he is: God’s enemy and ours.

    Jesus Christ taught us the way of poverty, of faith, hope, charity, and every virtue, which is intricately interwoven into the fabric of charity. He died on the wood of the Cross, a condemned criminal, reviled, scorned, and buried in a borrowed tomb.

    Lucifer, in our time, strolls the broad avenues of shopping malls, movie theaters, TV shows, radio shows, magazines, tabloids, the instant communications of wireless phones and internet. The Prince of Darkness whispers that we are ‘god’ and that we have no need to concern ourselves with virtue and morality, of keeping ‘repressive’ Commandments, for sin never really existed, but was an instrument to keep the human spirit fettered under inhuman restraints. Lucifer breaks those fetters, in order to set free the human spirit to feed its insatiable thirst for pleasure and comfort, and does so with a kind and gentle countenance, and with words uttered by those he controls as puppets on strings.

    Sadly, far too many of us have danced, or continue to dance, to his tune…which we hear as a pleasant melody, when in reality it is composed of the obscenities and curses of the damned in Hell.

    God alone knows when Time will be no more. How merciful He has been to us, his adopted children, when, in truth, we have ignored Him, rebuffed Him, and allowed Him to be reviled and revoked by our silence and complacency. The truth is this: Time is running out. Each creature has only so much time in this earthly sojourn to work out his eternal salvation, according to the Will of God and the graces God freely gives. What we do in our lifetime, or fail to do, will impact the future generations who will have to fight the Prince of Darkness with ever greater force, unless we return to the rigors, the zeal we must have for our own salvation and that of all God’s creatures mired in the ‘false’ conciliar One World Religion, the origin of which began the moment Lucifer refused to obey God, and St. Michael the Archangel and all the faithful angels, threw the first heretic into the bowels of Hell.

    Our time to act is now. If we fail to do so, we must answer at our Particular Judgment for our own failures to love and serve God in this earthly life, and due to our acts of commission and omission, we must also answer for the many souls that we might have saved had we abandoned the comforts of our modern society, and sought with upright heart to pick up our cross and carry it one step at a time in faith, hope, total confidence in Christ’s promises, and above all in seraphic Charity.

    Chastising myself as the most vile and worthless of all God’s creatures, I beseech you to examine your life. Examine every facet of your mortal life, and then examine the stature of your immortal soul, remembering that the soul is the very image and likeness of God. If you find that virtues, morality, zeal, holiness, sanctity are wanting, even absent in your life, then I again beseech you to humble yourself before the Throne of God and beg pardon for your transgressions in the Sacrament of Penance. Reconciled with God, make a sincere amendment of your life. We each much begin with our own life, before we can become, as God Wills, instruments to aid our brethren mired in the Great Apostasy. And, yes, we must pray with all our being that those who are trapped by diabolical disorientation, those who are leading satan’s parade to perdition, may, by our sacrifices, our mortifications, our denial of all worldly possessions, our desire to live virtuous lives pleasing to God, may one day stand beside us in Heaven in the Beatific Vision. Anything less is unworthy of Christ, who gave His All for us, that we might be with Him for eternity in a glory and joy we cannot fathom, but which our souls remember and know.

    In the next column we will once again look to the glorious saints, theologians, Doctors of the Church, its truly Holy Pontiffs, and the Fathers, in order to better grasp the virtues, and to apply them to our own life.

    You see, God does not change, nor has the path to Heaven changed. The glorious saints in Heaven have fulfilled their charge from God and won their eternal reward. We might ask the question that were these very saints alive today, what would they do to thwart satan and his quest to destroy the One True Faith.

    Simply put, they would do exactly what they did while on earth, with only one alteration. Those called to an active apostolate would adapt to the use of modern technology in order to reach those countless souls headed for the precipice of Hell. Those called to the contemplative, hidden life; those called to be victim souls hidden from the world, would not alter one iota of their life.

    Thus, let us reflect upon the very important message imparted at LaSalette by our Heavenly Mother who wept for us, and as we approach the beginning of the Liturgical Year with the First Sunday of Advent just several weeks away, let us deny ourselves at every instance, mortify our senses, suffer willingly whatever God so pleases to give us, and strive with every ounce of grace and strength to practice all virtues, especially that of seraphic charity. If each one of us does this, we have every right before Almighty God to plead for and expect the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to occur before untold numbers of souls are forever the property of Lucifer, the Beast whose face is already being unveiled if only we look at it with the eyes of Faith!

    Until next time, may Almighty God hear your prayers, and may Our dear Blessed Mother, under her many invocations pray for us that we may never lose our God!


    University of Virtue
    November 27, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 331