November 22, 2007
vol 18, no. 326

                There is only one Thanksgiving and it has nothing to do with Turkey!

    On this day when families gather around the table to partake in a sumptious banquet of traditional tastes, we should take time to reflect on how we've been manipulated not only to schedule dinner around football games and early Christmas shopping, but how we've been duped into believing the reasons why we should be thankful and missing the real point, the essential reason why we should be thankful from the bottom of our hearts and souls. It has nothing to do with the early pilgrims, but rather one Pilgrim Who traversed the Holy Land nearly 2000 years ago preaching one Truth and establishing one Church to carry on all He had bestowed, including Himself in the everlasting Manna from Heaven: the Holy Eucharist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Today, thanks to the Heresy of separation of Church and State, which was soundly condemned by previous true Pontiffs as Americanism, the citizens of this country have been programmed to believe that Thanksgiving began on Plymouth Rock in 1621. Uh, begging your pardon, but the first Thanksgiving took part 2008 years ago in thirty three days. The Nativity of the promised Messias, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But that was just the appetizer, if you will, for the main course was served up by the God-Man Himself when He gave of His very life, every last drop of His Most Precious Sacred Blood for the redemption of mankind on the wood of the Cross at the summit of Golgatha.

    Christians should pray every day in the Apostles' Creed the words, "I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ His only Son, our Lord; Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary; Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell; the third day He arose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; From thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholic Church; the Communion of Saints; The forgiveness of sins; The resurrection of the body; And in life everlasting. Amen." That testament creed was first established by those very men Christ personally handpicked - His Apostles, at the the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 and Galatians 2, and set in stone at subsequent Councils in the early years of the Church. Let's see, that all had its origins nearly 2000 years ago. So, did Christ forget something and wait until the 16th century to reveal more and contradict what He had imparted fifteen centuries before? Hardly. As preposterous as that sounds, that is the mindset of those referred since the early 1500's as Protestants.

    What happened, in fact, is that they rejected Thanksgiving. Yes, you heard me right. They rejected the only True Thanksgiving - the ultimate Thanksgiving celebrated since Christ until His glorious return in the future (which, from the signs, could be soon, very soon). That 'Thanksgiving' is not of the turkey and corn menu, nor of costumed participants, but rather the very essence of Thanksgiving, the very word in Greek being 'Eucharista' which means 'thanksgiving' and what better word to describe the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ than the Holy 'Eucharist'? You see, the bread and wine is confected by the alter Christus - the consecrated true priest acting in persona Christi in re-enacting the Holy Sacrifice on Calvary in an unbloody manner at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Yes, that's why it's called the 'Holy Sacrifice'. While we can celebrate the redemptive value of Christ's ultimate Sacrifice on the Cross, we can hardly call it a "Eucharistic Celebration" or "a banquet" or "a commemoration of the Last Supper" for it is so much more, and to call it less than the 'Holy Sacrifice' is to demean God, to question His Providence. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a Sacred Mystery that remains a mystery in which we believe not by our physical senses, but by the eyes and ears of faith. It is the 'dessert' Christ left us, along with His Spirit - the Holy Ghost - to keep us ever healthy spiritually, nourished with the everlasting Manna from Heaven, that will never perish, just as Christ promised in Chapter Six of the Gospel of Saint John. What a wonderful Mystery that sustains man daily in sanctifying grace! How could one ever discard such a magnificent gift?

    But that's exactly what the Protestants did, expelling the Holy Sacrifice and altering Christ's Words and intent. Since they had rejected the True Thanksgiving, they needed a substitute. Thus such was manufactured over the years with tales of liberty and abundance through separation of Church and State. It all began on the arrival of the Mayflower, or so we are told. Now I'm sure the inhabitants of that confining frigate were more than thankful to arrive alive and to nourish themselves. Who wouldn't be thankful? But because they had ousted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from their practice, it was impossible to offer the only worship pleasing to God. Therefore, unlike Able offering up a sacrifice of the blood of a fatted calf, they emulated Cain, offering up the fruits of the earth, which, just as in Genesis, God deems insufficient when man does not do as he is directed by the Divine. Yet, they put the spin on it that it was good! Do you see the beginning here, of contradition? Yet many extol the Pilgrims and their ruthless political/military commander Oliver Cromwell, with the succinct message that both were "good," giving us a Puritanical holiday called "Thanksgiving", and Cromwell a man who, they dare to claim, "lived the core of the Gospel message."

    More revisionist history has saturated mindsets to buy into the exaggeration and desperate justification of Cromwell's actions of disgarding Catholic truth and persecuting with the force of the Roman Emperors in genocide fashion, countless Irish Catholics. But this is all part and parcel of the compromise and stubborn humanistic pride of those who founded religious cults such as John Huss,John Wycliff, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Henry Tudor, Urich Zwingli, John Knox, Thomas Cranmer, Elizabeth I, John Smith, George Fox, John Wesley, Thomas Cartright, Robert Browne, Ann Lee, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy and so many all the way to Sun Yung Moon, L. Ron Hubbard, and, yes, sadly, Angelo Roncalli, Giovanni Montini, Karol Wojtyla and Joseph Ratzinger. There is a rule of thumb in discerning creeds. If it was founded by God, then it is a "religion;" if founded by man, then it is a "cult." With that as a gage let us look at which ones were founded by God. Keep in mind when I say "God" I am not referring to Allah, but to the only true God, the Blessed Trinity - Three divine Persons in One God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. With that established, let us examine the "religions." There are, basically, only two that can be confirmed: The followers of Abraham and the followers of Jesus. The former became those of the tribe of Juda and practiced what God handed down in the Old Testament, chronicling the time from Adam to the Machabees. Throughout the prophets of the Old Covenant foretold consistently of the promised Messias, Who, when He came, would abolish the Old and make new the New ("Behold, I make all things new" as we read in the Book of Apocalypse).

   Behold He came and yet His Own did not recognize Him. They rejected Him for they were in the darkness and saw not the Light as St. John the Evangelist records in the first Chapter of his Gospel and which composes the Last Gospel at the end of each Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Savior of the world established something no other prophet had done. He confirmed that He was indeed the Son of God, both through His fulfillment of the Scriptures and miracles, as well as dying ignominously on the gibbet of the Cross as foretold and rising gloriously, thus conquering what no other founder had ever accomplished nor will ever accomplish. During His thirty-three years on this earth, He established but one Church. It is well chronicled in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 16: 18-19. Can you think of anyone else who founded a Church who was divine and continues to live forever? Not Buddha, not Mohammed, not any of the Hindu gods and not one finite man who bolted from the Church Christ established. Not one!

    I can say that with certainty from the fact that in the course of my lifetime, I was given to the study of the Roman Catholic Faith at every opportunity, filling my life with work, prayer, and study. However, being out in the main workforce of society, I made a conscious decision that if God placed me among others who had chosen to embrace other "faiths," it would behoove me to know what they believed and why. Thus, I read many books on the various religious 'cults', including but not limited to Martin Luther's Reformation, the Book of Mormon, the Koran, the work of Cromwell and his reformation, the various sects of Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucius, the "bible" of the Jehovah Witnesses, Assembly of God, Unitarianism, and so on.

    I was graced by the Holy Ghost to read these many books with an open mind, and only when I had finished did I seek, in prayer, to understand through prayer and grace the rather glaring differences expressed in these other "isms," versus True Roman Catholicism.

    Never, within my mind, heart, or soul did I ever "hate" a member of another "ism,: although I wondered at their inability to grasp by the Natural Law established by God, and the Divine Absolute Law which flows from the Creator of all things visible and invisible, their decision to embrace error. I understood with total conviction that the One True Church our Savior Jesus Christ established upon His Rock, St. Peter, was immaculate, indefectible, for she (Holy Mother Church, established by the Son of God), is pure, always and unto eternity. She has to be for She is the Mystical Bride of Christ. It is the institutional church, which must exist upon this earth as the visible reminder to all that Christ founded but One Church, and gave to His Church the fullness of the Sacred Deposit of Faith, augmented, if you will, by the sure guidance of the Holy Ghost, who descended upon the Apostles and the Mother of God at the first Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, that man's fallen nature leads to sin. I understood, quite clearly, that the Sacred Deposit of Faith left to the human race by Christ, cannot err, for it is from God, and God can neither deceive nor be deceived. It is the human, fallible element of the institutional Church which can, has, and continues to fail to live up to its Divine mandate due to the fallen nature of man, his finite mind clouded by Original Sin, and nature always under attack by the fallen angels, Lucifer sending out his legion of demons to ensnare us at every turn, to trick us into losing our Faith, our God, and thus our immortal soul.

    Protestants have long considered the Catholic Church to be the harlot of Babylon and have used that as fodder against the 'Papists' to justify their revolt. Bear with me, and I will tell you through infused knowledge received by the Holy Ghost in the intellect of my soul, who the true whore of Babylon is, the true harlot of Scripture. It cannot possibly be the true Church for She is, by Christ's institution the Mystical Bride of Christ, pure and infrangible. However, since Satan apes God, he has been successful in bringing about one who mimics the Mystical Bride but beneath is ugly as sin. That 'bride of darkness' is, as these times play out, none other than the counterfeit church of conciliarism - the one posing as the 'catholic' church today, but, in truth, another sect begun after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, when, gravely violating Pope Paul IV's infallible Papal DecreeCum Ex Apostolatus Officio, a man who was a practicing Sillonist and thus condemned by the Church - John XXIII finagled the throne of Peter. Those who followed him also were public heretics and continue to be, in case you haven't noticed BeneRatz' blatant apostasy lately in his attempts to do away with the Primacy of Peter and establishe a One World Religion.

    We continue to see in our very day that this subterfuge grows bolder by the day, continuing with the force of Krakatoa east of Java, to this precise moment and ongoing, for this counterfeit church which dares call itself "catholic" introduced the very "abomination of desolation" Christ foretold in Matthew 24: 15 that which was first predicted by Daniel in the Old Testament. Every day the modern imposter church intensifies its apostasy, blasphemy, heresy against The Most Blessed Trinity as it grows so subtly anti-Catholic, that were our finite minds able to grasp the fullness of this most terrible affront to God, we'd all either die of shame, fright, or despair; or infused by grace, both actual and sanctifying, we'd confess the True Faith, and lay our lives on the line for Him, Who gave His All to redeem mankind, and make of us adopted children of the Eternal Father, heirs of Heaven.

    Now, I know that in speaking however briefly of Oliver Cromwell, many Protestants might launch a 'touche' such as tending to argue that Holy Mother Church (The Divinely Ordained Church established by Jesus Christ), had committed many grievous sins in the name of religion, perhaps selecting the Inquisition as an example of such departure from the Spirit of the One True Faith.

    If we do not know our Faith, then we might cower from such accusations. But if we know our Faith, then we realize that throughout the history of Holy Mother Church, there have been both good and even saintly Pontiffs elected to the Chair of Peter as Christ's visible representative on earth. And, yes, there have been bad, even ugly popes and I'm not referring to their appearance but their souls by way of their actions. The very fact that Holy Mother Church has survived from its inception under Christ, the Son of God, to this very moment, and will continue until all Time Ends, is a further proof of its Divine Nature, and that Christ's promise that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against it" solidifies this Divine Promise. There have been bad, even rotten Pontiffs, but, and this is very important to realize, until Vatican Council II in the 1960's, not one of those popes ever taught on matters of faith and morals anything contrary to that which Christ spoke, commanded, and left with His Church under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

    Thus, up until Martin Luther revolted and began the Protestant Reformation, "Christianity" meant Roman Catholicism, the Pope, the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, all placed upon this earth at a particular time by God to annul by their holiness every heresy that reared its ugly head, enforcing instead all that Christ taught and commanded first of His apostles, and then of all who would believe and follow His charge in Scripture. Until Luther's revolt, followed by innumerable rebellions by others who thought they knew better than the Son of God, all other religions were pagan. You have only to read the early history of the Roman Catholic Church to see how the pagan empires raged against Christ's Church, persecuting countless martyrs, doing everything that base human nature incited by the evil spirits could conceive of. And out of these persecutions Catholicism spread throughout the world,

    No human being is without sin and man has indeed sinned within the institutional Church on earth. This is true not only of the Roman Catholic Church, but of every other "religion" (read 'cult') which sprang from Luther's revolt. Cromwell was a product of a most difficult period in England, and he was not mentally sound. I cannot and do not judge the man's heart and mind, for that belongs to God alone. But I must, if I am a faithful follower of our Lord Jesus Christ and His One True Church, point out that he conceived many grave errors that perpetuated persecutions of Roman Catholics to the point of genocide, and despotism in Ireland and other British territories as he progressed into the political sphere, where Christ never intended His Church to enter, with the sole exception that Christ gave to His One True Church the mission of evangelization to the four corners of the world, giving to His Representative on earth "in matters of faith and morals" only, and only when spoken ex cathedra - from the Chair of Peter - under very specific language, the authority to oversee the man-made laws of the countries, empires, and nations that their laws conformed to Christ's commands, in order to establish not the separation of Church and State, but rather to establish upon earth the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, Soverign over all peoples, nations, etc. For centuries the popes wore the triregno tiara which represented the triple symbolism of being Father of Princes and Kings, Ruler of the men universally, and Vicar of Our Savior Jesus Christ on earth.

    There are many who refuse to accept this, including the modern conciliar 'popes' who seem more ashamed of it than anything. They seek to placate the Protestants who claim that no man can take the place of Christ. No, no man can, but Christ can appoint those to represent Him and has in His authentic Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests as He designated to Peter and His Apostles in Sacred Scripture. But there have been those who, like Lucifer, refused to submit fully to the will of God. One of those was definitely Oliver Cromwell who was, at best, an extremist who understood what he wished the Sacred Scriptures to mean to him, and his own interpretation was thus passed down through laws he exacted and which caused countless horrific deaths of Roman Catholics not only in Ireland, but also in England, and other British held lands. You might find it of value to study the true story of Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet Kings of England and the last truly Catholic King of England. Richard Plantagenet had already established laws, both for his country and international laws, that were based on Christ's teaching. This is documented in the book Desire the Kingdom by Paula Simonds Zabka and from it a twelve-hour completed miniseries has been adapted titled The Last White Rose which is in pre-preproduction. Shakespeare, unduly influenced by a terrible flaneur and hector bishop named Morton (under whom the Tudor line came to usurp the Throne of England), so calumniated Richard's name and reputation, that it is only in the last half-century that documented evidence has been discovered refuting every one of Shakespeare's shameful claims against the last Plantagenet King. See how Lucifer so subtly and cleverly works? He not only succeeded in getting rid of this good King, but saw to it that usurpers came to the throne who were ripe for the revolt that Lucifer planned from the moment he fell from Heaven into Hell. The only thing Lucifer seeks is to mock God and steal souls from Him, the Creator of All, the Alpha and Omega.

    Some praise the Puritans for their strict, even repressive living of the Gospel, but fail to mention that Christ Himself drank wine, performing His first public miracle at the Wedding Feast in Cana. He also, as God, changed the wine at the Last Supper into His Most Precious Blood, and the bread into His Most Precious Body, so that until time ends, those who believe might receive Him, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament only in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For being God, He knew how very much our fallen nature would need Him to dwell in us in a very supernatural way that we might persevere in the Truth until the end. He also instituted six other sacraments, each one being an outward sign composed of both form and matter (which Christ Himself used in His many miracles, as when he cured the blind man by spitting on the earth, forming a clay mixture, which he placed upon the man's eyes).

    Christ gave us visible signs of His Divinity, that we might believe, and He left to His True Church seven sacraments, through which those who profess and believe are given sanctifying grace, the very life of God Himself, in order to purify us in this earthly exile, and to raise us to our heavenly Home when our work here has been accomplished. These sacraments are life-giving to our fallen nature, Baptism being first, followed by the Sacrament of Penance, by which through the authority of Christ Himself, He forgives our sins, both venial and mortal, and restores our souls to the state of sanctifying grace, without which we shall not see Heaven. He raised marriage to the dignity of a Sacrament, making it indissoluble; He further raised his flock to the fullness of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost in the Sacrament of Confirmation, which makes of us Soldiers of Christ, and as contained in Sacred Scripture, conferred upon St. Peter the role as First Pontiff, giving to him the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and saying to him that whosoever believed would be saved, while those who did not believe would be condemned. He (Christ) meant exactly that. He was not speaking symbolically. Furthermore, after His Resurrection, he "breathed" upon the gathered Apostles and said to them that whose sins they would forgive they would be forgiven in Heaven, while those they held bound (because the sinner was unrepentant) would be bound also in Heaven. Thus, came the Sacrament of Penance, by which the Priest, through the Authority of Jesus Christ, forgives the sinner in Christ's name, or holds the sin bound until true repentance is forthcoming.

    While the Puritans may have initially established a day of Thanksgiving, Holy Mother Church had long before, nay, centuries before, celebrated in the proper manner prescribed by Christ, many days of Thanksgiving for all God's goodness, mercy, and Providence extended to His creatures, not only in the daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but every year for three special days preceding the Ascension which are called Rogation Days as well. Thus, Catholics should never indulge in the idea that they are celebrating a Puritanical holiday, but rather as a day by which we render all honor and glory to God for ALL he has given us, in grace, in sufferings of every kind, of His infinite Mercy which has brought us back from wandering paths to the one straight and narrow path to Heaven.

    The Apostles lived with Christ and learned from Him in a manner not available to us, who must believe in Him through the eyes of Faith. To the doubting Apostle St. Thomas, Christ said after His resurrection, "Because you have seen, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe." We fall into that latter category.

    Also, upon the death of St. John the Evangelist, the apostolic age ended. All that Christ had conveyed to his apostles had been accomplished, and there was nothing new that could be added to the Sacred Deposit of Faith entrusted to His One True Church. From that time on all divine Revelation was completed. Thus, the Dogmas, Doctrines, Teachings, and Traditions of Holy Mother Church may be better defined, but they can never be changed or altered one iota, for God does not change. He IS!

    At the final discourse at the Last Supper, the Apostles asked many questions of the Son of God. One that has always struck me profoundly was Christ's answer to St. Phillip, who asked Christ why He did not reveal the Eternal Father to them, and others. Christ told Philip, and thus all mankind, that He, the Son of God, was in the Father, and the Father in Him, and He who knew the Son knew also the Father, for the Son had come not to do His Will, but the Will of the Father.

    Persecuted throughout His earthly life, our dear Lord spoke in parables that the people could understand, and the pre-figurement of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection were well depicted in the Old Testament, which Christ fulfilled. As I said earlier and reinforce here, even the Most Blessed Sacrament was pre-figured in the Old Testament as Manna from Heaven. When Christ spoke of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which He was to institute at the Last Supper, He said in unambiguous language that unless one eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and Drink His Blood, he would not have life within him (that is, the supernatural grace of God's very life). His words were literal not symbolic, for Christ's mission was to speak the Absolute Truth of the Trinity, in order to ransom the sinner, and to assist the just to a higher degree of sanctity through the worship of the Father as laid down by Christ Himself.

    That method of worship - carried out only in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the only True Thanksgiving - was instituted by Christ, continued by His Apostles, and has remained unchanged to this very day in the One True Church (note, not the counterfeit, abomination of the Novus Ordo seclorum, better known in Scripture as the One World Order). He instituted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which Christ set in stone, and which the apostles instituted everywhere they preached the Gospel. The early Christians understood, perhaps with more clarity of soul, the necessity and beauty of worshipping and praising the Father, through the re-presentation in an unbloody manner of the Sacrifice of His Only-Begotten Son on Calvary, the greatest crime of all time, and yet the greatest act of Love ever to be given to the human race.

    Personally, I cannot be without a crucifix. Not a cross but a crucifix, for in gazing upon my crucified Lord, which my own sins caused Him to suffer, causes me to strive for holiness, for the practice of every virtue, morality, seeking wisdom at all times, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost, Blessed Mary the Most Holy Mother of God, ever-virgin, Glorious St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints of heaven. Surely, you believe in the angelic spirits of Heaven, for St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel or mentioned in Sacred Scripture. If God in His Infinite Providence and Wisdom created angelic spirits to watch over His creation, why then should we doubt that there are many saints in Heaven who also watch over us, intercede for us, and aid us in our daily struggle to obtain Heaven? When Christ rose from the dead, He descended into the Bosom of Abraham where the souls of the just had waited centuries to be admitted into the heavenly Mansions prepared for them, for until Christ's Ultimate Sacrifice, the gates of Heaven were closed.

    Christ, Son of God, our Lord, God, Savior, King, and Redeemer, would have told us if there were other paths to Heaven beside the ONE which He taught and commanded His Apostles to spread to the four corners of the world. He would have told the people He taught that there were other methods of worship acceptable to the Eternal Father that excluded the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the reception of the Sacraments, the practice of virtues to a heroic degree, and so forth. Christ did not do so. In fact, after announcing the forthcoming miracle He was to work at the Last Supper when He instituted the Most Blessed Sacrament, nearly every one who had heard His discourse left Him. He asked His Apostles if they, too, would leave, for His teaching had been difficult to hear, much less to bear. Yet the Apostles, filled with sanctifying grace, answered the Savior of the World: "Lord, to Whom shall we go? Thou alone hast the words of Eternal Life."

    Christ, Son of God, Who knew you before you were conceived in your mother's womb, could not deceive you. You can be deceived by erroneous opinions of men who think they know better than God Himself. The truly wise man, be he of great intelligence, or not so great intelligence, seeks Wisdom to know the Perfect Will of Almighty God, and through Wisdom follows the path first walked by Christ: the path of Suffering and Charity.

    We have our natural will, which is given us by God and directs us to perform 'good' works on earth, but not always out of a supernatural love of God, but rather for a satisfying feeling of having done good to our fellow man. The Divine Attributes of God are to be made manifest in each one of us to the degree ordained by God and given us by His Grace, if we accept these graces. Our natural inclinations are placed in our soul at the moment of conception; however, the supernatural life of sanctifying Grace can only be obtained by the fullness of the True Roman Catholic Faith, which you will only find in the catacombs today, for this is the time of the Great Apostasy, the lie of Universal Salvation, and even worse abominations before the face of God. The One True Church has not ceased to exist because Lucifer overtook a council and swept an entire delegation of supposedly 'catholic' officials into the grave sin of apostasy, heresy, schism, and the mother of all heresies: Modernism.

    You've only to look around you at the people you encounter in your daily life to see how low we have fallen into the pit of perdition by the lack of our devotedness to the True Son of God and His Commands to worship the Eternal Father henceforth through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which has remained unchanged since the time of Christ and the Apostles, and down through the centuries until the death of Pope Pius XII, which will be fifty years next year.

    Christ was stern when He needed to be. He admonished sinners who were truly repentant and ordered them to "go and sin no more." He threw the moneychangers out of the Temple, and He wept for Jerusalem, which city rejected the long-awaited Messiah. Rather than being repressive, Christ taught us that to love God is simple: It consists in following all Christ taught and commanded, and in doing this we achieve not only Christ's ineffable peace, but also enlightenment, grace, virtue, morality, and finally sanctity through the practice of the One True Faith.

    Never did Christ compromise that which He instructed His Apostles and disciples, and if we truly believe that He is the Son of God and of Mary, His Most Holy Mother, can we compromise the Absolutes, which come from God? Can we dare to suggest that Christ erred and that down through the centuries mankind somehow became enlightened and knew that Christ had erred and thus it was left to fallen human nature to come up with a better form or worship of the Eternal Father, of the Most Blessed Trinity?

    Luther made the fatal mistake of taking his eyes off Christ and putting them on himself, as if he had suddenly been made a god. Cromwell, and thousands of others who thought the same thing have been responsible for splintering the seamless cloak of Christ's Flock into multiple thousands of 'christian' religions (read sects) that reject Catholicism on the basis of the Vicar of Christ, and the false charge that the Roman Catholic Faith is not "Bible based." Nothing could be further from the truth, for there would be no Bible, albeit an altered one that has increased in versions in kowtowing to the politically correct landscape since the time of King James, were it not for the wise Doctor of the Church St. Jerome, who was chosen by God to gather the ancient manuscripts, including an original of the Gospel of St. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by translating them from their original language of Hebrew and Greek, and placing their precise translation in the mother tongue of Holy Mother Church: Latin. Why Latin? Because it is a dead language. It cannot change. Its words mean exactly what they signify, and there is no ambiguity within the Latin language. No wonder Protestants and now conciliarists want to do away with this beautiful language of the angels.

    The Holy Ghost woke me at 1:40 a.m. to write and it is now nearing 5 a.m. Though I didn't expect to write another article this week, He has other ideas and so I comply willingly. I will conclude that our faith is paramount to Michael and me. It is first before all else, even one another, and our family. Yet, because we strive to love Him Who so Loved us as to lay down His life to redeem us, making us adopted sons of God, that we seek at every instant of our mortal life to bring many souls to the Truths of the One Faith Christ established for the salvation of the human race, even if it means staying up most of the night to reach souls.

    We will seek, by God's grace, never to do less, nor will our prayers, sacrifices, mortifications of the flesh, and practice of virtue, especially that of poverty, seraphic charity, and willing suffering, cease to labor in the vineyard of the Lord for our own sanctification and that of others, trusting in the Providence of Almighty God to aid us, and to bring many countless souls to the Absolute Truths revealed to us by God Himself in the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

    As I complete this rather lengthy lesson on Thanksgiving I extend my fondest wishes that you will be blessed not only on this Thanksgiving Day, but every day of the year and that, if you have not yet assisted at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you will search out a traditional chapel near you and make an effort to attend. I guarantee your soul will soar as you understand in the depths of your hearts why the Angels rejoice so and give such perpetual adoration and thanksgiving for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. That is my wish for you that you can receive and maintain the unending cornucopia of graces that flow from the Heart of Jesus and are available to us if only we take the time to realize there is only one religion - many sects founded by man, but only one True Religion founded by the Son of God. There is only one worship in which God is truly pleased as we make atonement, adore, give thanks, and petition God to receive our offering as humble, obedient servants of the one True God by joining with the priest in offering to the Father His eternal Son in the re-presentation of Calvary in an unbloody manner. That, my dear readers, is what Thanksgiving is all about.

    May the Holy Ghost ever guide you to an openness of heart, mind, and soul, and know that I remain always,

      Yours in Jesus through Mary,

    University of Virtue
    Thanksgiving Day
    November 22, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 326