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November 12, 2007
vol 18, no. 316

God deems it possible!

    Traditional Catholics are forever chasing windmills that many say no longer exist. Indeed for many it remains only in their memories. But memories live on in the traditions lost but never forgotten. Whether we are idealistic Don Quixotes or obedient Sancho Pansas we can never forget what our mission is and why we must be willing to fight the unbeatable foe and bear with unbearable sorrow to right the unrightable wrong and to love pure and chaste from afar, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far it will take us even if it means marching into hell for a heavenly cause. That is the Catholic crusade that needs to be clarioned in reparation and repair of all that's gone horribly wrong over the past century. Those windmills will only irrigate souls if the grace is flowing, powered by the Rosary and motivated through the gentle breeze of the Holy Ghost.

    Over the last few months one might think we were living in surrealistic surroundings. From Cyndi's operations to her stroke and then the move, well, it was a shock to the system that just might have produced a few more gray hairs if I had the time to count them. When the dust and soot finally cleared, I could relate, in a quirky way, to the shock felt by Rip Van Winkle. Though I have not been asleep, we have gone through our share of nightmares in the transition back to our roots in Southern California. Relocating is never easy and we should know since we have done it often, but as one grows older it indeed becomes more difficult and takes its toll on Cyndi's fragile health. This move has been no exception. And yet, she has been called to write and, even if she's flat on her back, she will somehow write what she's inspired to impart. She begins today a series on reviving the virtues by emulating the saints and striving for holiness. In a follow up to her Symphony of Suffering series, she's calling this feature University of Virtue, which, considering the dirth of higher learning or any kind of promotion of the virtues today, is a most appropos title. There is no better month than November to debut this curriculum and we hope you will gain in grace and understanding from the words put forth.

    Before I proceed further, we want to extend our gratitude for the outpouring of love from our loyal readers who responded to our desperate plea. Thanks to you, and especially one regular benefactor, we can reach our goal, get the car out of the garage and shop for a new computer. We didn't anticipate the headaches we'd encounter but suffering comes with the territory for no pain, no gain. The detriment of a bouncing barometer and the cold climes of Northern Washington prompted our return to the temperate steady 70 degree year-round climate and salt air of the San Diego area - our true earthly home since 1968. Little did we realize that we'd encounter, shortly after we arrived, the terrible wild fires that not only displaced over 1,500 families, but has also polluted the air for weeks since. At the height of the tragic events that carried with them, according to news accounts, "catastrophes of biblical proportions," we were packed and ready to evacuate our new temporary apartment if the fire had jumped the Sweetwater Reservoir (which the Harris Fire was threatening to do). Prayer and heroic duty by the firefighters prevented this. It was heartening to see how the entire community rallied in a time of emergency and the humanistic charity expressed by its citizens has drawn so many plaudits. I might add, without the aid of the federal government until it was time for cleanup. Sadly, what was missing for the most part - save for a few interviews - was mention of God and why this all happened.

Dogging it through the ashes

    Naturally, the global warming scammers were quick to point the finger, but they either fail to or refuse to realize that it is a "global warning" not global warming that they should take note of. If the earth itself is rebelling, it is merely rebelling against man for his sins; not his sins against the earth, but against the Creator of all. The terrifying inferno, which we encountered shortly after arriving back in San Diego and which I'm sure most saw on TV, gave one just a brief fraction of a glimpse of what hell is really like. If only folks understood this they would repent in droves, driven from the fires to where the True Tabernacles reside in the catacombs. Of course, those are few and far between today thanks to the Great Apostasy. But we can pray and dream. And yes, the dream remains alive for there is access to the true Sacraments on Saturday and Sunday in Old Town; so there is a silver lining to the ash-filled clouds still hovering over San Diego in a November unlike no other in weather annals. One would almost believe we brought the weather with us.

    Of course, we didn't, but someone else tagged along. You guessed it. Satan followed us as he always does, hounding us at every turn. It's all part of basic training in seeking sanctity while trying to keep our sanity. Not easy, but then Christ never said it would be. As usual, he's done all he can to muck up plans. Case in point, the place we thought would be available was not and there are few places in the County who cater to small dogs. We have a ShihTzu named Lady Siena after Saint Catherine of Siena. She was named thus by our oldest son Kevin because on our pilgrimage through Italy in 2000 we didn't get to Siena when we were at Assisi. Therefore, his reasoning was if we couldn't go to Siena, Siena could come to us. She's been with us for seven years and part of the family. As you can see in the photos here, there is a resemblance with St. Catherine's veil and Lady Siena's ears and top of her head which is all black, the latter not visible in the photo. Having been blessed on Saint Anthony of Padua's feast day, we lovingly refer to her as our "holy" dog; not that she always acts thus for she can be quite noisy for her petiteness. That's another resemblance to the holy St. Catherine who, despite her frailty of frame, was never afraid to take on the highest hierarchs when they were wrong. Guess it's true: good things come in small packages.

    Anyway, we had to extend our stay in the hotel where we had been staying, but there was no room. Sound familiar? No room at the inn. So it was off to find another hotel that would take small dogs. No small feat and quite a paradox of thought in this day of political correctness when animal rights trump human rights. I checked into one in Chula Vista that was favorable to small canines and, while I was doing so, ran into a gentleman who was reserving a room for a few weeks hence. In our course of conversation I discovered he lived at a nearby active senior complex that accepted dogs and that there were a few vacancies and it was affordable for a one bedroom. Just another manifestation that when God closes one door, He always opens another. We were in our apartment the next day. Not that it was smooth sailing for it's only temporary until another, more handicapped accessible opens up at the end of the month. So we can't really unpack fully yet or put up pictures just yet.

    But we've managed, even as we continue to swim upstream against the bureaucracy of paper pushers in the Social Security Administration. It seems the latter has adopted the Novus Ordo mentality that "in perpetuity" means nothing. Despite the fact that Cyndi had been declared permanently disabled by Social Security Judges in 2000 and again, after a two-year wait in Washington, in 2006, we've been confronted with the rationalization that it's just over a year and therefore they must begin the process all over again. This could mean another six months before she can get approved for medical benefits. Ah, our tax dollars at work once again as more makework is manufactured to somehow justify the glut of jobs in government that swell every year. Peter Principals personified and the applicants are left swaying helplessly in the wind. Big government is definitely not the answer. But I'm not going to get into politics for I leave that to the master - Dr. Thomas Droleskey, who is truly the "Lone Ranger" when it comes to nailing the very problems in our country in the fact that politicians can never be the answer as long as they continue to neglect the necessity for restoring the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and the exclusive custody of spiritual matters to the only Church our Lord and Savior founded. Is Tom the only one who can explain with proof that there can be no separation of Church and State? I wonder.

Confronting the Nightmares

    To compound the problem, we've been incommunicado with many due to e-mail problems. I want to take this opportunity to insert that is the reason why you have not heard from us. We're working on it and have an alternate e-mail where you can reach us at Michael Cain so that if you've sent anything to over the past month, you can resend it to the new e-mail. In this maelstorm of malaprops and technological mayhem, I have not really kept up on the latest scuttlebutt around the country. I could say I was shocked by what has been going on in Washington D.C. with Pat Robertson of the Religious Wrong endorsing the presidential nomination of the pro-abort, pro-sodomite enabler of removing our constitutional rights following 9-11 Rudy Giuliani. Then there is Boston and the Big Apple, where a conciliar presbyter from the bean town see was arrested for stalking Conan O'Brien. Come again? Isn't he the former Catholic who is obscenely overpaid to tell lame jokes and mock his own faith on the peacock channel. I'd stalk him, too, but not to threaten him as some psycho would do. Psycho? Hmm, that's a category that fits almost every conciliar cleric who refuses to acknowledge the truth of Catholicism that something cannot 'be' and 'not be' at the same time. No, I'd hound O'Brien to repent of his sins with constant Rosaries and pray this late night Saul could then become a primetime Paul and use the podium of his program to inform others of the Truth. Of course he wouldn't be the only one. The list is endless. Can you say former Catholics like Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity just to name a few? And what is this about a "Chocolate Jesus" exhibit? Please, enough! Then there's the infamous incident in Sodom-by-the-Bay where BeneRatz and William Levada's hand-picked protegé George Niederhauer knowingly handed out the cookie and grape juice to a flamboyant pair of queens posing as nuns. Oh, the sacrileges San Francisco has wrought over the last several years from its weird mayor to kooky politicians to corrupt clerics, not to mention the homosexual collective that stagnates a once wonderful city named after a holy saint. And that just touches the surface. What is below that iceberg would chill the soul for vice is running amok.

    But knowing what I know now, the shock has worn off because what do you expect from the devil but perversion, denial and intolerance toward the Mystery of Faith? Thus, having been out of the loop for the last few months with our computer down, other than catching the news once in awhile and seeing the headlines of USA Today in the lobby, I really had no clue what has been happening in the world and in the bizarre counterfeit church of conciliarism. I realized I had some catching up to do. As always, it began with setting a few days aside to read Tom Droleskey's elucidating articles and then scan the bizarre chronicles of the conciliar conundrums noted daily by the Fathers Moderator at Traditio, along with some of the insightful articles and documented photos posted by Tradition in Action. Pictures don't lie, folks. Even in this age of digital tampering, those photos nail the culprits.

    They say practice makes perfect. The only things I've been practicing are prayer and patience. Both necessities in our time, and, in truth, both difficult. As for writing, it'll take a few articles for the rust to wear off so I ask your patience if I ramble in stream of consciousness style.

    Kind of like dreams, seldom do they make sense and making semblance out of the diabolical disorientation that has saturated the globe today can be an off-the-charts migraine unless one has the miracle medicine always in one's hands - the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ah, yes, it worked for Don Juan of Austria and his fleet at Lepanto and Jan Sobieski and his undermanned troops in Vienna and, ever since our Lady bestowed the beads to Saint Dominic. Her reason: to defeat heresy and save souls through the holy psalter of 150 Aves from Heaven. In this time when Madison Avenue's false promises flood the airwaves with guaranteed claims, there is only one sure cure for happiness. That is daily application of the Rosary. It's guaranteed by God! The track record is impressive to say the least for it has worked for every soul who fervently turned to Heaven for help. Why not?! It's a weapon of love that cannot be matched anywhere, anytime. In this era of mass destruction, you hold in your hand or pocket or purse the most powerful weapon ever devised. This is no time for a cease fire!

Making Reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference

    Speaking of the Rosary, I must say kudos to John Horvat's TFP organization for their promotion of Rosary Rallies in over 2000 locales across America on October 13 to honor the 90th Anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima. Hopefully it will help stay the hand of God a little while longer in order to pray for the impossible: the conversion of poor sinners. I just read where TPG is now organizing, in the aftermath of the abominable action by Niederhauer and modern Rome's refusal to do anything about it (are you really surprised?), a Holy Hour of Reparation across the country scheduled for this coming Friday, November 16.

    How appropriate that such an act of reparation should occur on the feast of Saint Gertrude the Great, the holy religious and mystic born in the middle of the century of saints 1256. God raised up great holy ones at that time, more than in any other century, including four illustrious Doctors of the Church in Saint Albert the Great, his pupil Saint Thomas Aquinas, and then the wise Franciscans Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Bonaventure. Consider the illuminating list, beginning with the founders of two inspired religious orders St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic de Guzman and ending with two holy Popes Saint Innocent V and Saint Celestine V. Aside from these giants you can count the following in that impressive era: The holy King of France Saint Louis IX , Saint Raymond of Penafort, Saint Peter Nolasco, Saint Raymond Nonnatus, Saint Simon Stock, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Saint Clare, Saint Margaret of Cortona, Saint Elisabeth of Hungary, Saint Ferdinand III of Castille, Saint Juniper of Assisi, Saint Agnes of Prague, Saint Philip Benizi, Saint Felix of Valois, Saint Albert of Jerusalem, Saint Philip Benizi, Saint Rose of Viterbo, and Saint Hyacinth. Mind you, that is merely a partial list. Impressive. Yes? So Gertrude was in good company and considering the approved visions Gertrude received, warning of these very times, we should take heed of Our Lord's prophesy: "It is the love of My Heart which has inspired your writings; I wish them to be for later ages the evidence of My love, to draw souls to My Heart." Let us hope and pray enough will respond to draw souls to the Most Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary. Traditional Catholics especially need to spend time before the true Blessed Sacrament in their catacombs if possible because there alone resides the fullness of the graces available from His True Presence. He is most probably not present anywhere else where ...Mysterium Fidei: Qui pro vobis et pro multis... is omitted within the sacred formula for Transubstantiation, and most definitely not where the alter Christus is an imposter, id est, not ordained in the divinely ordained Sacrament of Holy Orders but rather in the New Order Rite foisted on the faithful by the Masonic Montini.

    There is a special prayer of St. Gertrude that claims 1000 souls are released from Purgatory every time it is said fervently with purpose. To date we have not been able to ascertain if that prayer has full Church approval, though it does have the imprimatur of the Ordinary of Lisbon in 1936. Regardless, it is a beautiful prayer and reciting it daily and often can't hurt.

    Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Holy Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, in my own home and in my own family. Amen."
The above prayers will definitely assist the Holy Souls in Purgatory and those engulfed in the whirlpool of the world, the flesh, and the devil in this vortex called earth. Another prayer that is approved and is most powerful and should be said daily as well is the Fatima Prayer:
    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.
    Repeat twice more
    O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

    O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

    O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

    Let us pray these prayers, along with our Rosaries, assisting at Holy Mass as often as we can, and offering our penances, sacrifices and crosses, in reparation for not only the queer ungodly perversions that permeate the SF Archdiocese as well as the rest of the conciliar chanceries from sea to shining sea, but also that countless souls will realize as they hunker in their lodges that Christ is not present for He cannot be because the bread and wine were not confected, not accepted as worthy by the heavenly Father. As we said before and repeat: Jesus cannot be present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity if the one attempting to confect the sacrament does not administer the exact words set in stone for all perpetuity by Pope Saint Pius V in Quo Primum and De defectibus. Nor can one who is not duly consecrated to perform such an august sacrament through the divinely ordained Sacrament of Holy Orders offer the true propitiatory Sacrifice to the Father if he is not a true priest. Anyone ordained after 1968 in the new man-made "sacrament" of Paul VI lacks the means and effects of the sacramental graces. Redundant? It has to be in order to get through hard hearts and lukewarm minds. With that in mind, let us pray the Holy Ghost will move hearts to realize, as they sit in their Masonic lodges that masquerade as 'Catholic' churches, that He is not present. Let us pray that this truth will be made manifest to them through the grace of the Sanctifier and our Lady and that, so imbued, they will seek out the closest Traditional Catholic catacomb chapels to find Him and, in doing so, will flee from the false church spawned in the sixties.

    That would be a fulfillment of our Lord's promise to St. Gertrude and the beginning of the end of the Great Apostasy that has so saturated souls into submission to satan. Wake up, we cry out. Wake from this nightmare. Pray and stay the course. Grab those Rosaries, remember the souls at stake, and do all you can to counter the con men who have deceived so many. I know, I know, it sounds impossible but our Lord answered that in St. Matthew 19: 26. So pinch me, I believe it can be done and we're not chasing windmills.

Nothing is impossible!

    Thus, with God's help, we can always hope and pray; we can always strive to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go, to right the unrightable wrong, to love pure and chaste from afar, to try when our arms are too weary to reach the unreachable star. This should be for all of us, our quest: to follow that Star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. It is left to Traditional Catholics to fight for the right without question or pause to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause. We can take assurance to know if we'll only be true to this glorious quest that our hearts will be peaceful and calm when we're laid to our rest. For the world will be better for this that one Man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with His last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable star. Perhaps that's why man calls it the impossible dream, but God deems it possible!

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

November 12, 2007
vol 18, no. 316
Catholic PewPOINT