Catholic PewPOINT (jun8ed.htm)

June 8, 2007
vol 18, no. 159

The Confusion of Collusion

    Satan is pulling out all the stops in attempting to disrupt the ranks of those who have been striving to live God's will. He snakes his way through the "trees" of religious houses just as he did in the Garden of Eden. The branches of the trees he infects must be pruned, cut off and cast out. There is no other way! One can never dialog with the devil and those guilty of doing so should realize the horror of the "operation of error" that so insidiously slithered in to seduce some rebellious religious sisters of the CMRI. Because they did not discern the truth they now, tragically, "believe a lie."

    In the beginning of this year on January 7, I wrote an editorial on how we have been "preaching to the choir" for lo these many years. Alas, in recent days I realize maybe we haven't been "preaching to the choir" enough, considering the "choir" that I refer to here today was composed of some of the excellent, melodious voices of the sisters assigned to the Mother House of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen at Mount St. Michael here in the Northwest. The dear sisters are also affectionately known in these parts by Spokanians as the "Singing Nuns" because of the many concerts and good will they have provided over the years. Many have given so much of themselves and added to our devotional experience at Holy Mass and at Holy Hour. I can guarantee the majority of them remain devoted and will continue to lift their voices to Heaven as they did in the High Mass with Incense on the Feast of Corpus Christi. It is a sight that warms the cockles of one's heart to see the sisters in full traditional Blessed Mother-blue habits glowing with grace in the hallways of the campus, or on the grounds, dedicated to their state in life. Alas, we should all realize that those who seek to do the will of God are first on satan's list of those he seeks to confuse and conquer. Never was the time more ripe than in this era of "diabolic disorientation" as the Fatima visionary Sister Lucia de Santos stated.

    Thus, it is with love and concern, and a personal sadness of loss as in family, that I pen this editorial for, even in the most sincere and devoted of religious houses, the Trojan Horse can enter. For the last year or more, there were among us stealth rebellious religious in collusion with conciliarists. Though the chaff has been separated by His Excellency Most Reverend Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI, which he made public from the pulpit this past Sunday, the fallout has much collateral damage of souls. Though we have an inkling now of who some of them were, we are not mentioning names regarding the sisters here. However, some of those sisters had been guests in our home, and we, as well as many parishioners and the CMRI itself feel greatly betrayed. I must insert here that we are most grateful to God, edified and encouraged by those who have remained true to their vows while the silent, insidious storms swirled throughout the Mother House. As I have often quoted an old philosophy prof of my college days would say, "you need a lot of strong winds to make a tree grow straight and strong." So also here. And in the same analogy a tree needs to be pruned when infected. The tree of the CMRI Sisters was definitely infected. The dangerous infestation has, for the most part, been rooted out. Yet, the residue from this can still linger and that is why some of the limbs (read sisters) need to be quarantined. By quarantining we understand that some have taken a leave of absence for a while, a sabbatical if you will, while they try to sort out the betrayal within their own ranks. Any kind of separation causes hurt and pain, both spiritually and psychologically. It is, in many respects, likened to a divorce for several sisters, as well as parishioners and priests, had known each other for decades, nearly forty years for some. We extend our heartfelt empathy to all the sisters who are affected in one way or another. The tighter the family, the greater the hurt and the CMRI Sisters were a big, loving family teaching generations of children to perpetuate the true Faith, nursing the sick, and ministering God's charity to all. It is in charity that I am writing this.

    I would imagine most of the Sisters of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, assigned to the Mother House of the CMRI, know my bride Cyndi and myself by sight and know of our gratitude for their kindness and edification in enhancing our devotion for our Lord and our Lady, and for making Mount Saint Michael the next closest thing to Heaven on earth. Throughout our nearly three-year stay here in Spokane, they have been models of the Catholic Faith. Imagine then our own naivete when we learned less than a month ago of the rift within the Congregation when Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI, our pastor, confided the sad news to several of us at the May Confraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen meeting. It was officially made public at Holy Mass on Trinity Sunday when His Excellency Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI, spiritual father of the Sisters, spoke of the particular problem that has risen to the surface. One of collusion with conciliarists!

    As sad as it was to hear the Bishop speak of this subterfuge within the sisters' ranks, it was refreshing to hear a no-nonsense approach to the problem. There was no backing down or ambiguous double-speak that is par for the course with those in the conciliar structures who wear the purple, scarlet and white today. There was no hiding or sending a "spokeswoman" out to the public while the one responsible for doing something about a problem hides in their ivory tower, often plush at that. Bishop Pivarunas has no ivory tower. He is, if you will a down-to-earth meat-and-potatoes person who you won't find being chauffered in any fancy limo or driving a Beamer. Rather you'll find him ministering to his flocks, even if it means rumbling over rutted backroads in an old car (that more than likely exceeds 300,000 on the odometer) to bring the sacraments to the faithful spread out in the hinterlands of the Mid West. By his own admission, he made a point that all realize he will never micro-manage anyone. He expects the persons he assigns to perform the duties delegated. During his sermon, he was most charitable in his assessment, never identifying any names, but making no excuses or concessions. His conclusions were simply masterful in setting the terms; terms that are fair and necessary for the welfare of the Congregation He likened it to someone working for Coke and persistently promoting Pepsi within the Coca-Cola company. It's a good analogy but, in the case of soft drinks, they are most similar, whereas between the true Church and the false conciliar church there are vast differences. One is the elixir for salvation; the latter poison for the soul, many souls.

    His Excellency has posted his Letter to the Sisters of the CMRI dated Ascension Thursday as well as the necessary Statement of Agreement (Not an Oath). As I said above, just as a tree needs to be pruned, so also the CMRI Sisters do as well, for not to do so would be akin to allowing the infection to fester and spread further, causing much more damage until the roots be poisoned and the entire tree chopped down and cast into the fire.

    Thus, since this pruning is now known to all, we felt a certain obligation to speak on it for several reasons. First and foremost, we've grown close to several of the good sisters and, to their everlasting credit, none of them gossiped to us about the cancer that has been spreading within the ranks of this august congregation of dedicated religious women for over two years. But someone has been gossiping and spreading untruths and therefore, our second purpose, as an international web publication with over two and a half million hits a month in over 150 countries, is that we have an ethical responsibility to set the record straight for you know those aggregates, who revile Catholics who hold that the conciliar popes can't possibly be Catholic, will have a field day in throwing stones, be they the "resist and recognize" enterprise or the New Order advocates. The problem of deceiving even the elect is simply what Christ Himself said would occur in St. Matthew 24: 24 and it has left a portion of the body of sisters in a very unhealthy destabilization thanks to false promises that the "grass is greener on the other side."

    Having come from that "other side", my wife and I can guarantee with 100% assurance that it is "much greener" - more surely Catholic - at the Mount than anywhere else we've ever been, and remember we hail from San Diego which is God's country. But, thanks to the fogging and deception in the lens of the shades of false promises that "an indult is coming" and that "Benedict is going to make things right" all that is decent and holy will be distorted by the conciliar prisms of pimping souls into believing one will be "free" if one submits to a sitting "pope", who, in truth and fact (if one is Catholic they cannot deny the infallibility of the perennial Magisterium in accord with previous reliable true Popes) is a committed, died-in-the-wool apostate heretic. The proof is in Father Joseph Ratzinger's own words and actions and the condemnation of such by God Himself in Divine Law, upheld by true reliable Successors of Peter such as Pope Paul IV in his infallible Papal Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the dogmatic decrees of the infallible Council of Trent on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with his two decrees Quo Primum and De Defectibus, by Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors, by Pope Leo XIII in identifying the very problem today in his many marvelous decrees, especially Satis Cognitum which once and for all settles whether the conciliar pontiffs could ever be considered Catholic. They are not as Pope Leo so clearly states! Then there are the magnificent documents by the holy Pope Saint Pius X reaffirming sacred dogma and Catholic tradition in an effort "to restore all things in Christ", most notably Pascendi Domenici Gregis and the necessary Oath Against Modernism. There are several more authentic Papal documents we can site such as Pope Pius XI's Mortalium Animos which condemns ecumenism, and we advise going to CREDO AND CULTURE where these encyclicals can be linked. Also, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey cites numerous documentation in his excellent assessment at To Each According to His Way in identifying the cause and effects of conspiring with the counterfeit church of Vatican II, as does the sisters' very own bishop at the official CMRI Site. The sisters knew the truth is out there readily available to download and read. Why then did some of the sisters still have doubts?

    Ah, that is the rub. Was it that, possessing that Catholic yearning, they so longed to have a Pope? Did the fabricated charade of a spontaneous cry of "subito santo" replete with ready-made signs at John Paul II's funeral so easily fool them? Did they not realize it was all orchestrated and paid for by Focalare and its founder Chiara Lubich, who herself is building up brownie points with the conciliarists in her bid for her own canonization after she's gone? Were some of the sisters so desperate for a universal authority for the Church in these times of diabolic disorientation that they were willing to dismiss the obvious and multiple heresies manifested by the manifest heretic known as Father Joseph Ratzinger? It would seem so, and yet how can anyone attribute any credence to a man who, if not before, at Vatican II as a chief peritus to the progressivist Cardinal Josef Fringes of Germany, personally saw that "subsistet in" was placed in the abominable V2 document Lumen Gentium thereby creating a new church, cut off from the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church as Christ established. For documentation on this and a very sensible explanation of how this happened and why I refer you to Griff Ruby's excellent essay Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome.

    But, as His Excellency remarked numerous times in his sermon Sunday morning at the Mount, do not take his word for it, don't pay attention to his opinions, listen to what the Church says, what God says. Each and every one of the sisters, not to mention each and every Catholic, owe it to their eternal soul to realize the gravity of the mistake one would make if they listened to the palladins of pragmatism and pantheism. The Apostle St. Paul put the very situation Catholics face today so succinctly, so blatantly possible and plausible in his second epistle to the Thessalonians, second chapter, verse 10-14,

    "And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe a lie. That all may be judged, who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity."

    Over the past few years, we have grown in faith and devotion due to the availability of the true Sacraments provided by the dedicated priests in obedience to His Excellency Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI, the very same shepherd of the sisters. And yet one of the sisters had the audacity and gall to openly defy her spiritual father after Mass on Sunday, causing not only outright disobedience but scandal to the faithful. Such insolence can never be tolerated, forgiven, yes, but never tolerated. But it is part and parcel of the poison of power, the very same lure that enticed Eve to forget God's words and believe a lie. So also have some of these sisters, or, those who have left: former sisters.

    It is thus left up to the Bishop and his priests to restore order. These validly ordained men, having been consecrated in the no-questions-asked true Sacrament of Holy Orders, are few and far between as those rebellious religious are about to shockingly discover when they venture into a world that we fled from. Only true priests can call God down upon the altar and confect the bread and wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the propitiatory Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, who alone can absolve sins in the urgent care ward for the soul where Christ's Divine Mercy is freely bestowed if one is penitent. I speak, of course, of the confessional with the divinely-ordained Sacrament of Penance. It is something they'll find is a rarity in the polluted air they will breathe as ones who, disillusioned by the "operation of error", will think they'll be "free" of the CMRI and its restrictions. O, think again, ye, of little faith.

    Do they not realize there are few, if any magnificent edifices of the caliber of Mt. St. Michael's church in the entire true Catholic world left? They will long to be back in the refuge of an environment of Catholic contemplation that bespeaks reverence wherever one turns. Most of the beautiful churches that once were houses of God have been ransacked, destroyed or remodeled by architects and apparatchiks who have no intention of submitting to the will of God. Their masonic, modernist agenda is only too evident. Since they have abandoned the propitiatory Holy Sacrifice they can no longer be sacred places, but dens of iniquity. And yet the rebellious religious were lured by that siren of syncretism? Truly I am perplexed. I can understand clearly how so many Catholics were caught up in and confused by the non-Catholic, Protestant-Zionist novelties over the years, for they did not know better. But for young women, mostly brought up in large and loving cradle Catholic families, and who were obedient to their parents, who knew their faith, why they doubt now is beyond comprehension.

    It cannot be God Who is nurturing these doubts but the father of lies who fills their minds with thoughts that "maybe Benedict XVI will turn things around and we'll have a pope again." Please, if they believe that, then I will find swampland in Arizona to sell them and oceanfront property in Nebraska that they'll be sitting ducks to buy on a whim. I'm truly amazed that these sisters devoted to Mary Immaculate Queen, whose triumphant feast we celebrated just a few days ago as the transferred Feast of the Queenship of Mary, could be so duped? But that can happen when they allow the serpent to slither into their hearts and minds to doubt our Lord's promises recorded in Holy Writ and in the constituted evangelic traditions of the Church. They allowed that demonic snake to coil around their coifs and snuff out any memory of the warnings our Blessed Mother has urgently conveyed at Quito in Ecuador, Rue du Bac, La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima? They dropped their guard in forgetting that the prince of deceit lies in the grass, fogging their recollections of what great saints foretold of these times of the mystery of iniquity, including the clear prophesies of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Alphonsus Liguori to name a few?

    How could they so easily forget the thrice-defined dogma of Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus? Did they realize that by giving in to the seduction of the conciliar counterfeit church of Vatican II they will jeopardize their very soul? If they are so disillusioned to think not, then they must state before God and man that they do not believe all that was practiced, professed, permeated, perpetuated and decreed by true Popes and dogmatic councils from St. Peter through the pontificate of His Holiness Pope Pius XII was NOT true or Catholic and therefore Christ Himself is false. Pretty preposterous, agreed, but they have, in effect, painted themselves into this proverbial catch-22 corner.

    Did they not in their daily prayers profess the Act of Faith? As consecrated religious, of course they did. Did they understand the significance of those words? They are not just words, they are a reaffirmation of the dogmas of holy Mother Church.

    Oh, my God, I firmly believe that Thou art one God in three divine Persons, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I believe that Thy divine Son became man and died for our sins and that He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and ALL the TRUTHS which the holy Catholic Church teaches BECAUSE Thou hast revealed them WHO CANST NEITHER DECEIVE OR BE DECEIVED. (My emphasis)

    Think about that: They, as well as every true Catholic, profess in this Act of Faith that they believe ALL the TRUTHS which the holy Catholic Church teaches. Do they realize the man and his cronies whom they will have to submit to, because of their abdication from tradition, do NOT believe all the truths? Do they realize that this man who was one of the most progressivist of architects of Vatican II is not even a bishop, let alone Pope? Do they realize they will have to be obedient to a man who also is not a consecrated bishop in Father William Skylstad who poses as a bishop? How can they trust someone who is not who he says he is? Contrast that with a shepherd whose motto is "my life for my sheep" and who has exhibited that exemplary commitment to his flocks. If they think life was "unbearable" under Bishop Pivarunas, they ain't seen nothin' yet. I can just see ol' Sky assigning those rebellious religious who have defected from tradition, to solicit and pressure families to fork over their $1000. mandatory "donations" to pay off Skylstad's own sins and those he was responsible for in the sex scandals settlement. Do those sisters who forsaked their vocation really want that kind of scenario? If so, they are not only candidates for the mental ward, but gluttons for punishment and, as holy Mother Church has defined, by apostasizing from the true Church, they only make their reservations for eternal perdition firmer.

    Consider this bit of information posted by Father Moderator at where he filed the following on June 6, 2007:

    President of U.S. Bishops Ordered by Federal Court to Pay off for His Personal Sex Trespass

    From: The Fathers

    I Never Had Sex with That Girl
    Says William Skylstad, Newchurch Bishop of Spokane, Washington
    And Current President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops
    But a U.S. Federal District Court Has Ordered Him to Pay Off Victim
    And to Sell off Newchurch Assets to the Tune of $48,000,000

    A dirty secret about Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal is the number of bishops personally accused of their own sex crimes in the United States alone. Eighteen Newchurch bishops in the United States have been accused of sex crimes. That is not far short of one in every ten bishops -- a far higher percentage than the number of Newchurch presbyters accused!

  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Robert Brom, of Duluth, Minnesota
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Tod Brown, of Fresno, California
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Joseph Ferrario, of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Timothy Harrington, of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Joseph Hart, of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Howard Hubbard, of Albany, New York
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop (Cardinal) Roger Mahony, of Los Angeles, California
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Anthony O'Connell, of Palm Beach, Florida
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop James Rausch, of Phoenix, Arizona
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop George Rueger, of Worchester, Massachusetts
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Daniel Ryan, of Springfield, Illinois
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop William Skystad, of Spokane, Washington
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Lawrence Soens, of Davenport, Iowa
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop James Sullivan, of Lansing, Michigan
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Joseph Sullivan, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Joseph Symons, of Palm Beach, Florida
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Christopher Weldon, of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • The Least Reverend Newchurch Bishop Patrick Ziemann, of Los Angeles, California
  • Now the U.S. Federal District court has ordered the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, William Skylstad, Newchurch Bishop of Spokane Washington, to pay $48,000,000 for his own personal sex trespass and those of his presbyters. This was a condition imposed by the court in its reorganization plan for the diocese in order for the diocese to exit bankruptcy. Skylstad's lawyer claimed that there was "no credence in the story" of the teenage girl who sued Skylstad for sexually victimizing her. Yeah, sure. Victims in Skylstad's diocese will receive settlements of anywhere from $15,000 to $1,500,000. More claimants are expected to file suits in the future.

    Skylstad is being forced to sell off diocesan property to raise raising another $18,000,000, so he is turning the situation on its head and docking his Newchurch parishes and Newchurch charity organizations for $16,000,000 more. [Source: Seattle Times, Bishop Accountability]

    You can imagine that, if the head of the U.S. Newchurch bishops is himself an accused sex trespasser, how corrupt the other 300-odd U.S. bishops are, gathered together in their Conference, which has been called by an FBI investigator as operating like the Cosa Nostra.

   These kind of horror stories - and Fr. Moderator documents daily these and more abuses, or should we say grievous sins - are the norm rather than the exception in the fruitless counterfeit church that the rebellious religious or should we say "ex-CMRI" are trying to fit square pegs into round holes. It won't work! God cannot allow it! Yet, those poor misguided, deluded women will realize sooner than they think that if they persist in this madness it could get so bad for them under Skylstad that they might even very well long for the unsteady days of Bishop Francis Schuckhardt because, despite his bizarre, overly scrupulous behavior, he still upheld Catholic truth; something Skylstad does not! As preposterous as that may sound, it is more proposterous to think these rebellious religious could give any credibility to such criminals as Fr. Moderator has identified above. That is why it troubles us so and gives us pause to wonder if those who conspired to betray the CMRI's theological position and deceive souls entrusted to them in the classrooms, truly are in their right mind or are being programmed by "theological guides" (as Dr. Droleskey charitably calls the fifth columnists who infiltrated the cloister through false promises and lures and, yes, familial ties) to set logic and reason, not to mention the welfare of theirs and those eternal souls they were responsible for, aside. Most of those defecting were teachers who have been influenced by a teacher, a Judas, if you will, who was among them teaching for a good two decades. Now he has turned his back on Christ and His true Church for whatever reason and maliciously would seem to do anything he can to defend false premises and postulations that have duly been refuted by His Excellency in Comments on Mike Duddy’s Article on the Eucharistic Form of Consecration and Response to Mr. Duddy’s Open Letter to Bishop Pivarunas and CMRI Religious, the Church and Dr. Alexander Bril, Ph.D's brilliant A Philological Response to Mike Duddy’s Letter

    In desperation it would seem that His Excellency would not have directly addressed Duddy's articles if he didn't realize the danger of Duddy's influence. Not only is Duddy the brother of the former Reverend Mother, but also taught at the Mount. Since his departure, he has worked underground to undermine the CMRI, contributing greatly to poisoning the wells of the CMRI Sisters and spreading the doubts through Bob Sungenis' site. That very site is one of the best reasons to believe the adage that a little knowledge can be dangerous. Suffice it to say, the debate last October, rather than satisfying the doubts, further exasperated the situation due in large part to the format which did not allow for questions and answers nor back and forth rebuttal when Mr. Sungenis was spouting lies but Mr. John Lane had no recourse to denounce the fallacies that the former so liberally spread while trying to put the more reserved and polite Australian sedevacantist on the defense with charges of unfair intimidation. Oh, the devil is clever. In retrospect, it is too bad that, short of His Excellency dueling directly with Sungenis, that Dr. Droleskey, the moderator, did not switch with John and allow Tom to shed his objective stance that evening in order to subjectively deflate Sungenis' bubble-headed opinions or, even better, a real "cage match': Gerry Matatics vs. Sungenis. Gerry, a former Protestant, (just as were Scott Hahn and Sungenis in his on-again, off-again flip-flopping) is the only one of the three who truly converted to Catholicism and accepts the Immemorial Mass of All Ages as the only propitiatory Sacrifice pleasing to God. The other two have brought their Protestant ideas into Catholic circles, masquerading as experts in the New Order while often clashing with Catholic dogma. Gerry was present that evening in October and, I can attest in being five feet away from Gerry when he issued the challenge directly to Sungenis to debate him "anytime, anywhere." Sungenis knew when he was licked and has continued to avoid Gerry like the plague. Cowards do that while bloveating on other fronts.

    But back to the Act of Faith and the part where we say, "Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." I know very well those rebellious religious cannot say that Bishop Pivarunas deceived them. I also know Christ has not deceived them as syllogized here, nor their pastor Father Casimir Puskorius, CMRI or their Spiritual Confessors assigned by His Excellency. So who is it then who was deceiving these misguided women and why and how were they deceived? Ah, questions galore, but they need to be answered in order to find the right and only answer. And they know in their heart what is the true answer. And, sooner or later they'll realize the grave error of their actions. The simple answer is found in the words "nor be deceived." You can't fool God. Perhaps if they had take emotion out of the equation and looked with the eyes of Faith, they'd have realized the folly of their forwardness in trying with all their might to justify a heretic being a pope they can submit to. If they do not set aside feelings, and look at this rationally and realistically, they'll be fodder for the charismatics in the New Order where the VulgArians relish pumping up the volume in order to placate the people and justify it by calling it "unity of community." Placating the people. Ah, yes, pleasing man. Does not the man, whom they are now stretching to rationalize that he just has to be a pope to sooth their savage soul, do all he can to please man? Did not his predecessors do the same? Consider, if you will, St. Paul's words to the Galatians,

    "But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach a gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so I say now again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ" (Galatians 1: 8-11).

    Consider that carefully, Benedict can dress up in traditional garments all he wants, he can drop Latin phrases, even sing parts of the New Order in the Mother Tongue, but can he say the Traditional Latin Mass? He hasn't since 1969 and won't. He may use Latin, but it will be the Novus Ordo and therefore further deceive those who think it could be the true Mass. Benedict can posit that he is Catholic in looks and fool so many. But who is the king of fools? You guessed it, the master of disguises, lucifer himself - the fallen angel who dare not reveal his real face until it is too late. Benedict has learned his craft well for he is a master sorcerer of the conciliar clan. I remind you again Ratzinger has been there all along, behind the scenes, plotting and twisting, altering dogma, daring to even distort the words and purpose of our Lady at Fatima, daring to perpetrate on the public a false seer in the second "Sister Lucy" whose features are in stark difference to the original peasant woman whom the Blessed Mother truly appeared to and imparted the vital message from Heaven. If not, why then has Ratzinger ruled with an iron hand against any inquiry into her death, DNA tests, sealing her cell, and overseen the entire Fatima charade including turning it into a sycretist shrine? Why have the Buddhists and Hindus, even Moslems been allowed to worship their gods freely there without hindrance but dare let a traditional Catholic group in as has been documented with the SSPX a few years ago? We can't forget the horror stories of Campos. I think it would behoove all to look into those questions for answers before one let's his or, in this case specifically, her feelings rule their logic and faith. Eve wasn't thinking rationally when tempted by the serpent. Are those who colluded with conciliarists? I can assure them that Benedict is not whom he seems. He is worse, much worse, possibly the worst of all the conciliar "popes" and that is pretty bad considering the sordid and perverted lot that has so sullied and soiled the Throne of Peter. But then, we thought these looking-for-greener-pastures disillusionists would like to know who is behind the mask: the Puppet Master of the counterfeit conciliar conglomerate.

    Another question they might consider: When was the last time they heard about the welfare of souls from the modern Vatican apparatus? When was the last time they heard the two words applied so vigilantly by previous true Popes: "anathema sit" to stave off heresy? 50 years or more? Right on. When was the last time they heard a definitive dogma pronounced from Rome? The answer: November 1, 1950 when His Holiness Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Dogma of the Assumption. But they knew that. Did they know, however, that no conciliar "pope" has proclaimed anything infallible since then? I would think they did. I would think they realize that the Holy Ghost will not allow it for the Church cannot preach error! And yet that's all that's emanated from the counterfeit church of Vatican II. In fact, all we've heard in the ambiguous gobblygook modernistic thought coming out of modern Rome over the past half century is OPINION. And Roncalli's, Montini's, Luciani's, Wojtyla's and Ratzinger's opinions were and are tainted by men who were either condemned by Papa Pacelli or quarantined in exile. While St. John surmised all that Christ did and said could not be contained in all the books of the world as he asserts in his last verse of the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 21, verse 25, conversely all the bafflegab written or pronounced by the conciliar imposters is overwhelming and there is probably not a scale anywhere in this world that could measure the full weight of the tons and tons of tomes that say nothing in the grand scale of things except that they will weigh heaviest when these men posing as popes either have already faced their Particular Judgment or will face it. It will not go well for them in that time as Christ has stated for those who have been given much, much more will be expected.

    Consider also those rebellious religious' own responsibility to those who looked to them for example and edification, to those who depended on their rock-solid belief in all holy Mother Church teaches to convey those truths to their children, to reinforce the sensus Catholicus in the impressionable young minds and hearts so their souls could be properly prepared to face the storms God allows in this valley of tears. Consider the confusion and consternation those, who have collaborated with conciliarists, have caused in betraying the trust of the students, parents, parishioners, pastor, bishop and their own colleagues within the Congregation. Forget not Christ's words in St. Matthew 18: 3-9. Think about the predicament and hardships they have inflicted upon all involved from their collusion to confuse souls.

    Again, we rejoice at those sisters who remain true, and hope and pray those who have fallen for the VulgArians' false promises, will, like St. Peter, repent, having prayed and reconsidered the fatal mistake they either have made or are about to make by abandoning the Church of their youth, the Church that nourished them and took them in, investing in their vocations in order to help them save their own soul and that of countless others through their devotion, dedication and determination to uphold the solemn vows they took.

    Of course, vows and oaths mean nothing to the man they are allegedly going to try to justify obedience to since he has blatantly violated his own Oath Against Modernism which he vowed before God back in 1951. These rebellious religious might try to say with a straight face that "Benedict is a true pope" while realizing that he abandoned the Solemn Pontifical Oath first established by Pope St. Agatho and said by every person ever to have sat on the exalted Throne of Peter through Pius XII. Of course, Angelo Roncalli did take the oath, then broke it by daring to go against the very words he pronounced as did his immediate successor Giovanni Montini:

    "I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein;"

    Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla and Ratzinger didn't even bother to compound the breaking of one oath with another to satan. They've just conveniently omitted it including trashing the Oath Against Modernism that St. Pius X had so hoped and prayed would be a safeguard against the very infiltration that occurred in the Church and now rules Rome as our Lady herself prophesied at La Salette, words which modernists have sought to suppress: "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." Do the rebellious religious think Mary was just whistling "Dixie"?

    I find it so sad that some of those very sister who had been so devoted to Mary Immaculate Queen knew very well that the Blessed Mother is one of few words. She says so much in one sentence and what she conveyed to the visionary Melanie on those steep inclines of the western Alps in France in 1848 speak volumes today with the realization that all she said has come to pass. Rome has lost the Faith; the modern church has become the seat of the beast of perdition - the Antichrist. And yet these clueless collusionists run to this deadly viper ignorant of the fangs it is about to bare? Are they hypnotized by its beady eyes? They had best guard against that for there is deceit there. Look in the eyes of the conciliarist hierarchs. Deceit permeates the pupils. Why is that? Because they say the eyes are the windows of the soul and the black pools of hate for all things Catholic swim in the irises of these men for it is a reflection of their souls which are black, dead, as in the state of mortal sin. They are too proud to return as prodigal sons to the healing salve of the Sacrament of Penance. Power and prestige is what they seek, not the welfare of souls. Sadly, these ex-CMRI's will not discover that until they have made that leap and then regret to their dying day their own stupidity. We pray they will return and repent, accepting whatever just penance and punishment that merits their collusion before they do something so obviously ridiculous and foolish as making friends with mammon. Our Lady would remind the ex-sisters, of those words of St. Paul to the Thessalonians repeated here:

    "And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe a lie. That all may be judged, who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity" (2 Thessalonians 2: 10)

    Oh, do those blinded sisters who have defected realize they are consenting to iniquity? Do they realize by turning their back on a true Successor of the Apostles and taking up with an apostate potentate of the Novus Ordo Lodge, that they are submitting to "the operation of error"? It is, as the Apostle says, a lie. Do not believe the lie. These conflicted women have received the love of the truth from their spiritual father who is Bishop Pivarunas. Do they really want to throw that all away in being seduced by the man of iniquity, manifest in the person of the one who has been involved all along from the beginning of the apostasy to this very moment? He is the ringleader who will turn on them like a ravenous wolf, like a black widow he draws them into his web waiting until they are hopelessy trapped. Then he will spring. I guarantee it. The previous reliable popes from 625 A.D. on have guaranteed it in writing and blood in their Solemn Pontifical Oath to God upon coronation of assuming so heavy a responsibility for souls as to preserve the purity of the Primacy of Peter:

    "I will keep without sacrifice to itself the discipline and the rite of the Church. I will put outside the Church whoever dares to go against this oath, may it be somebody else or I.

    " If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed, Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice.

    Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it Ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the orthodox Faith and the Christian religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture."

    Regardless of the fact the last four impostors abandoned this oath, we can see what the Church has established and that the severest excommunication has been meted out for all those who have undertaken and continue to undertake such a blasphemous venture to the detriment of souls - countless souls who have been victims of the VulgArians.

    And speaking of that term - which is not a play on the nationality of Bulgaria, but rather a term I coined for conspiring sisters will see soon enough that the horror stories are true. The Mass, or as Father Moderator at more appropriately dubs it "Mess", is said in the vernacular, that is the vulgar language and when they realize how much has been stripped of the sacrificial aspect and man replacing God, they'll realize just how vulgar. Arian, of course, speaks for itself for it was the most devastating heresy to envelop the Church until the Great Apostasy. As we can see today, when the True Roman Catholic Church is in eclipse as has been foretold in Sacred Scripture, all previous heresies were mere child's play compared to the deviousness and intentional animus delendi of these men who have engineered the eclipse. That is why we call them what they are: VulgArians.

    Remember that word when women in every form of immodesty and dress invade the sanctuaries, during the "Eucharistic Celebrations" they will have to suffer through, and I do mean "suffer!"

    I shudder to think how they will wince in total regret when they start singing songs they won't recognize, and which carry little or no melody, that definitely carry no adoration to the Sacrificial Lamb. They will long to be back in the cozy choir loft of St. Michael's or the safe confines of the Convent Chapel, praising our Lord in melodious, angelic Gregorian Chant. Yes, Gregorian Chant. Don't laugh when those raised in the conciliar church ask, "what's that?"

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, hopefully, what I paint here, addressed directly to those who have defected, will prompt them to repent for the images are not pretty:

  • Be prepared to scratch your head when he or she raises the book and all begin bowing as if they make a big thing about the Word, but can't get the "Word" right. You'll note the pagan ritualistic fervor with which they parade but have so little left to impart when the words ring hollow in humanistic phrases like "peace and justice."

  • It's all about equality so you'll see parts of the novelty they call liturgy of the word said in several languages all, of course for the unity of community. Oh, don't look for any Latin prayers. None of the New Order presbyters (which every one calling himself "Father" who was ordained after 1968 is: a presider, not a consecrated priest!) have a clue what Te igitur is. Watch them blink in disbelief when you ask about "Pro multis."

  • Ah, yes, the adventures, or should I say misadventures in Novus Ordo Lodges. Did I say lodges? Ah, I did, for that is what they are. It is a fulfillment of the masonic agenda to conquer the Church from within and attempt to destroy her. The free-standing table, lectern, candles on either side of the table, banners, and the sedelia in the very place where once a tabernacle stood containing the the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar are all the evidence you need to realize and say in dismay, "What have I gotten myself into?" God is not there. But, you'll find that out only too quickly if you proceed with your suicidal mission of casting off into the deep and trusting the denizons of diabolic disorientation.

  • Try to stave off the tears, or in many cases, outright guffawing when you get a load out of the Offering of Gifts. It can be like a revolving garage sale as everything but the kitchen sink (maybe even that has been carted up somewhere, who knows!) is lugged up to the presider standing with his "altar"girls as he gives a saccharine smile and pawns the stuff off on his associate females who proliferate the services. Most likely he'll take the glass goblet of wine and a big bowl of wafers or, as Fr. Moderator so aptly calls them, Novus Ordo Cookies, and then return to the other side of the table, make a big show of the "fruits of the earth" in the same manner Adam's jealous son Cain made his offering to God which, by the way, in case you forgot, was NOT pleasing to the Almighty whereas the sacrificial lamb offered by his brother Abel was! Have you connected the dots yet, you who have thrown away the paradise of the Mount for false promises?

  • Be prepared to grit your teeth when words you've never heard before or imagined are pronounced and then at the New Order elevation the people will bellow out "The Mystery of Faith. Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again." But if He's coming, as they state, none of them seem to be dressed for the occasion. This goes for their outer wear and their interior souls because everyone and his live-in partner traipse up when it's time for dispersement of the "refreshments." I say that, because you know very well, that it is impossible to confect the Sacrament without the exact words being pronounced and only by one duly ordained to do so. It's a known fact that few believe in the Real Presence any more and that it is merely symbolic. Guess what, in the Protestantized Novus Ordo that you are going to have to accept if you still are intent on submitting to Benedict, you'll discover it isn't the Real Presence for the reasons just outlined and therefore, being Protestant in every way - far more drastic than Martin Luther, John Calvin or Annibale Bugnini ever dreamed of - you will wallow and try to assuage and encourage disillusioned Catholics who think what they are attending is Catholic. You'll realize too late that it is not!

  • That should become manifestly clear when the Lord's Prayer comes. Be careful not to be accosted for someone will inevitably grab for your hand. You can't be concerned where that strange hand might have been, why it's sweaty or clammy, you just have to hold his hand because, well, everyone else is doing it and all must hug and celebrate self for the unity of community. Christ? Oh, He's been left out of the picture long ago. That's only too evident when the presider goes bouncing down the aisle to and fro shaking everyone's hands and exchanging pleasantries. Catholic? Sorry, you walked in the wrong door. But you should have known that before you made your decision. I pray you will reconsider while you still have that window of opportunity. Even Judas had the opportunity to repent.

  • Once the circus of dispersement begins, be prepared to be scandalized. That reverent moment when the priest once placed the Sacred Host, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, on your tongue? Gone! Yes, gone! Watch how they grab it with their sweaty mits. Yes, they handle the host - erh, Novus Ordo wafer! Some chew it, others carry it with them and then dunk it in the wine juice offered a short ways away or they gulp from the goblet held by most likely one of the many women who secretly long to be priests themselves. Oh, you will rue the day you thought you were asserting your feminine rights by leaving the confines of the Mount. Oh, and if anything spills or a cookie falls on the floor. Just pick it up, no big deal. But then, how can you be scandalized if you realize it's not truly Jesus present, but a assimile of a host. When you discover this fact, you might want to consider filing a false advertising suit, but get in line because the sex abuse lawyers are still waiting for the bait-and-switch shysters representing the crooked and corrupt chanceries, especially here in Spokane. And don't forget that the rot extends to every conciliar diocese and chancery and throughout the modern Vatican itself. Don't be fooled by the lures. Remember the spider.

  • You will discover, albeit with great regret, that the Novus Ordo rivals the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey for novelties. It's a constant three-ring circus with syncretic shenanigans that are dreamt up in these Messes by men masquerading as priests and approved by non-bishops who were made thus by man-made rites that usurped the divinely ordained sacraments. It was P.T. Barnum who said, "A sucker is born every minute." I hope and pray you weren't one of those he was referring to. But quoting someone insignificant as a carni mogul is hardly convincing. How about quoting our Lord Himself? It should be obvious to all as Christ so readily identified in St. Matthew 7: 13-21, in letting us all in on a little secret that is not such a secret if we seek His will in all things:

      "Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who enter by it. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way, which leadeth to life: and few there are who find it! Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes off thorns, or figs off thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the bad tree bringeth forth bad fruit. A good tree cannot yield bad fruit, neither can a bad tree yield good fruit. Every tree that yieldeth not good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them."

    In all love and respect to the dear sisters who have stayed but might still have some doubts or have taken time to pray and discern. Do just that: Pray! If you do not you'll be prey to the influence of others who have condoned those who bolted from the CMRI. Think also about this: Do you really expect to gather grapes off the thorns of conciliarism? Do you think that Benedict is going to fete you with figs when all he can offer are thistles that bristle with heresies? Think about that. Think about the problems that lie ahead and, if you really think, you'll realize the problems your rebellious colleagues complained about at the Mount were all small potatoes next to the barren, brutal bog known as Stalag 62 that they are marching right into. Can you say quicksand? Take a cue from the angels. Do not go where they fear to tread!

    You'll find no angels gathered at the Novus Ordo services. If God's not there, the angels won't be except the guardian angels of each attendant desperately nudging the consciences and hearts to realize the error of their ways and return where all the angels and Church Triumphant above and surrounding the altar and all the Church Suffering beneath the altar gather with the Church Militant in attendance to form the Communion of Saints in honoring, adoring, worshiping, and praising the Blessed Trinity manifested in the most perfect sacrifice pleasing to God: the Immemorial Canonized Latin Mass of All Ages, said by true priests who, as alter Christi, offer Christ up to the Heavenly Father in reparation for our sins on our behalf in calling down His mercy upon us through our obedience to God, not man in our uniting our wills with His through "the greatest thing this side of Heaven" (Father Faber) - the propitiatory unbloody Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a continual representation of the bloody Sacrifice on Calvary.

    And, one thing else they'll realize they had before they so boldly decided to leave the safe ship of the CMRI: These formerly faithful religious were unfettered by illegitimate usurpers. Now they get to face that headache. Good luck! They'll need it, unless they realize there's still time to turn back and abandon such insanity as submitting to the Novus Ordo apparatchiks. Please take it from us. We've been there, we've seen the destruction of souls. The Novus Ordo and all connected with it are not a pretty sight. Hideous. Ugly. Allow me, in closing this plea to echo St. Paul's solid, inspired words:

    "to stand firm : and hold the traditions which you have learned" (2 Thessalonians 2: 14).

    As I said above, we have come to consider the sisters family, and therefore care with a fraternal love that assures the CMRI Sisters that we will keep them in our prayers each and every day. That's what it comes down to. Those taking a leave of absence, we will especially pray for that they clear the cobwebs in God's time and realize who spun those silk treacherous threads. Those who've "made up their minds" and deliberately sabotaged the Academy and the entire campus and convent in colluding with the conciliarists, remember St. Paul's words. They should remember these words well when they come to the realization that what we have said is true. With that said, all we can do from this point on is pray.

    And that's the best advice we could endorse. This is the month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We encourage those loyal sisters and parishioners, parents, students and our dear readers to offer all your travails, trials, fears and apprehensions to Him in reparation for our own sins and those of others, including those who caused the collusion. Pray that the tree has been pruned sufficiently and from this cutting off, new buds will blossom and the branches become stronger, sturdier so that when the next storm clouds appear on the horizon, the Doppler of discernment will intercept the interlopers and provide a weather watch alert. We can begin this vigilance through frequent attendance at Daily Mass, our daily Rosaries - as Dr. Droleskey so adroitly says "as many as our states in life permit" - and fervent prayers and reparation to do damage control of souls.

    For the Sisters still reeling from the upheaval within their ranks, we respectfully prescribe placing their troubled hearts in His Most Sacred and Merciful Heart in this month of June and asking our Mother of Perpetual Help to take all that still troubles them in body, mind and soul and ask our Lady to place all on the altar where it will be washed away in His Most Precious Blood so that once June 27 - the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help - passes these Sisters who remain will welcome the month of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus with a renewed enthusiasm for their vocations. We also pray that they might experience the epiphany of what Independence Day really means: total dependence on God in holy slavery to the Most Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus and the Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    We can only hope and pray!

   Finally, those familiar with the location of Mount St. Michael's will remember the beautiful tall pines and evergreen trees that blanketed the basin below the campus. But the modernists advanced - both in the Church and in the State for a new freeway is under construction that will eventually run past the base of the Mount connecting Highway 395 on the north side to I-90 just below South Hill. As an aside, we hear through the grapevine that oddsmakers are already taking bets on which comes first: Benedict's so-called Indult or opening of the Spokane North Freeway! I'm siding on it being a push! But seriously, the visual devastation of tree stumps over barren dirt-turned landscape should have been a visual warning of what is happening to souls, that satan will stop at nothing to destroy the forests of human souls and to aid his agenda he'll go to all heights, especially to where the most precious trees - solemnly vowed religious - grow. No one is immune. That has been proven here in Spokane where the traditional Faith thrives, but has been viciously sabotaged by those conspiring with false bishops in the non-Catholic church of the New Order who care not for souls, but for compromises. Bishop Pivarunas will not compromise one iota because no true Catholic can ever compromise with those who offend Christ. That includes the Judases within. That is why the trees had to be pruned and the bad branches cast out. The price is great in hardship and heartache, but, alas, in these diabolical times, for those rebellious religious it is the cost of collusion to confuse souls. Once the pruning of the rebellious religious and those who seduced them is complete, fervent prayer and seraphic charity towards all are necessary for nourishing the fruitful good tree of the CMRI. It is the answer to clearing up the confusion, the confusion of collusion.

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

June 8, 2007
vol 18, no. 159
Catholic PewPOINT