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February 18, 2007
vol 18, no. 49

As Ash Wednesday Approaches, "Catholic" Education Itself Is In Ashes

    How many are aware of the insidious insurgency of religious teaching orders that have totally transmorphed the Catholic Faith into a political machine that is governed on the politics of the damned through the heresies ingrained in the leaders of tomorrow?

      "As a microcosm of the New Order Church of Vatican II, the American 'Catholic' Church and what passes for its educational system is presently a moral volcano spewing toxic gases and fatal fumes. It is awash in radical feminism, liberalism, socialism, Marxism, New Age influences and God knows what other deadly influences. Yes, there are pockets of true Catholic practice and responsible Catholic education in traditional circles, but they are just that, mere pockets of resistance against the growing wave of moral dilution and betrayal that is so sadly identified with 'Catholicism' in this country today."

    In case you have not heard, Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the next station on the American "Catholic" Church's Via Dolorosa toward its own crucifixionm ignominious at that. It seems that this suburban Detroit "Catholic" all-girls High School has been all over the news recently over the actions of its principal, Carolyn Witte.

Cowardice and Censorship

    Apparently, the school's Pro-Life Club had invited best-selling neo-con author Dan Flynn to speak on campus regarding the origins of Planned Parenthood and the beliefs of its despicable founder, Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist and anti-Catholic bigot from the early 19th century whose beliefs embraced tenets of Nazism, terrorism and religious hatred.

    The event, sponsored by Young America's Foundation, was scheduled for February 12th, but was suddenly canceled by Witte, who lamely explained that Flynn's message was "unsuitable for high school students" and that its content "could be misunderstood". As reported by many sources including Jason Mattera in a February 12th article, Witte failed to explain how any information revealing Sanger's proposals to sterilize Blacks, Italians and Jews whom she referred to as "human weeds" could be "misunderstood" by a pro-life club at an allegedly "Catholic" school.

    Witte even admits that she has never heard Flynn speak nor has ever read his works such as "Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas" and "Why the Lef Hates America: Exposing the Lies That Have Obscured Our Nation's Greatness", thereby further stamping her own actions as nothing short of censorship of ideas that the school administration finds undesirable. Clearly, her actions drip with cowardice because they represent an attempt to escape historical truths contrary to administration views and are a clear effort to shield students from facts they have a right to know. Obviously, this move is laced with censorship of ideas and truths unpleasant to anyone with a liberal and pro-abortion agenda.

    The notion that present American "Catholicism" - nee universal modernist heresies - is steeped in cowardice, political correctness, liberal ideology and selective censorship should not surprise anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear or a mind to think. Just look at how the so-called clerical leaders fold like lawn chairs when the heat of doctrinal and social responsibility arises. Rather than stand firmly against such things as abortion, non-traditional marriage and embryonic stem cell research, these cowardly apostate shepherds fumble, fib and flee into the safety of political correctness, sensitivity drivel and tolerance trash. Given this pathetic leadership, why should we expect any better from increasingly pathetic "Catholic" educators no more Catholic than Bill Clinton is celibate, Hillary Clinton honest or "Cardinal" Roger Mahony traditional.

Comedy and Corruption

    You might ask why I characterize this tragedy as a comedy as well. Simply put, a little research has shown me that this school and this principal are as laughable as they are disloyal to the Catholic faith. It seems that this is not the last time Witte has canceled a school event. Apparently the school recently won a radio contest sponsored by a seat belt maker pledging for greater seat belt safety. The prize was a free concert by a singer named Ne-Yo. Witte initially agreed to the concert after checking the singer's more popular songs but, upon further investigation, canceled the event because of the singer's sexually explicit lyrics.

    Explaining her actions at that time, Witte noted that "I have to make decisions based on what I think is going to be in line with what we are, what we teach, and how we're dialogued with students." While her actions regarding the concert would seem consistent with Catholic morals and teaching, her explanation of the standards and measures by which she made that decision make her present decision to cancel Flynn's anti-abortion and anti-Sanger presentation even more troubling. Isn't exposing a despicable racist for what she was and connecting her evil to Planned Parenthood in line with what a true Catholic school is, what it teaches and how it should be viewed by students?

    It seems that laughable excuses are not something new at Mercy High School. According to Dan Flynn's own website,, the school attempted to block a student-led 9/11 memorial by claiming that the flags the students intended to hang outdoors were a fire hazard, a characterization that the local fire department found absurd.

    Speaking of laughable, Witte has spoken to local parents' groups about how to raise teens. At such an event in May, she advised parents "Don't smother them, but don't stand too far back." From the looks of it, the only things this principal and this school are smothering their students with are liberal rhetoric, socialist mentality, leftist radicalism and the very seeds of destruction that are infecting our Faith and driving it toward ruin. As for standing too far back, it is likewise clear that this school and its administration stand back from their duty as Catholic educators and role models and wave in evil socialist, modernist and secular influences like bull fighters embracing the bull over the fighting.

Connect the Dots and Bridge the Gap

    It is easy to write off Witte's actions and Mercy High School's administration as merely the latest example of a liberalized, rationalized and secularized "Catholic" education thanks to the devastating effects of Vatican II, but there is a more concrete and clear smoking gun in this entire situation. It seems that Mercy High School is run by the Sisters of Mercy, and a review of their website reveals that this order has become the stepchild of the political left. They demand ratification of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ( CEDAW) which represents itself as an international "bill of rights" for women but is, according to its own website, "The only human rights treaty which affirms the reproductive rights of women" which, as we all know, is a buzz phrase for abortion rights.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, everything is perfectly clear. The American "Catholic" Church, as well as the universal modernist church of the New Order, is awash in liberal, leftist, Marxist, socialist, secularist, New Age and feminist ideology, rhetoric and political influences. The overwhelming majority of its leadership and clergy including its convents are infected with this toxic moral cocktail. Most of its religious orders, including the Sisters of Mercy, are passionate advocates and proponents of that social and political brew so definitely dangerous to eternal salvation. Such orders run schools consistently with these viral views, blatantly and subtly imbuing their students with these radical distortions of the true Catholic faith while those shepherds who should be keeping watch have, like the hirelings they are, fled from responsibility and taken up with the wolves.

    I have read many internet accounts by graduates of schools run by The Sisters of Mercy. They all describe an education more consistent with Karl Marx than Jesus Christ and a position on abortion more consistent with Margaret Sanger than Mary, The Mother of God. Graduates described how teachers regularly teach contraception, how students proudly flaunt abortions and how administration spews the typical "social justice" angle of Catholicism that conveniently embraces liberal and feminist views, including abortion.

    Now it all makes sense. How can a school run by feminist abortion advocates posing as Catholic educators allow someone to attack their icon, Margaret Sanger? How can Catholic frauds pretending to guide young minds and souls toward Christ but actually dragging them toward perdition do anything else?


    As a microcosm of the New Order Church of Vatican II, the American "Catholic" Church and what passes for its educational system is presently a moral volcano spewing toxic gases and fatal fumes. It is awash in radical feminism, liberalism, socialism, Marxism, New Age influences and God knows what other deadly influences. Yes, there are pockets of true Catholic practice and responsible Catholic education in traditional circles, but they are just that, mere pockets of resistance against the growing wave of moral dilution and betrayal that is so sadly identified with "Catholicism" in this country today.

    Tragically, Catholic education increasingly resembles the so-called Catholic leadership that stands behind it. Both are mere secular, liberal concoctions wearing the garb of Catholicism amid a very thin veneer of Catholic pretense. They are, in truth, more dangerous than openly secular public entities and institutions, for at least with those openly non-Catholic entities one knows what one is getting coming in. While, in the case of fraudulent Catholicism, the victims naively boil in eternal ruin while thinking they are feeling the warmth of sound Catholic doctrine and education. It is an abomination that parents pay high tuitions thinking that their hard earned money is providing their children with something more than Lenin with a cross.

    Every once in a while, the volcano that is the modernist church, here in particular American "Catholicism" and specifically "Catholic" education bubbles forth with another example of just how pathetic our Faith and its educational institutions have become. Maybe it is a school in California with teachers who volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Perhaps it is one of the many so-called Catholic colleges presenting the obscene, vulgar V-monologues every year around Valentine's Day, which is a direct contradiction to the meaning of the day and the saint whom we honor. In this case, it just happens to be a socialist, feminist religious order running its schools consistent with its radical views. That is what it has come to: Marxists, posing as "Catholic" religious orders, openly promoting heresies.

    Tragically, the events at Mercy High School and the actions of Carolyn Witte are not some absurd aberration from otherwise sound Catholic education in this country. Rather, these events and the actions surrounding them are merely an increasingly common and pathetic norm in what passes as "Catholic" education today. After all, how are we going to breed a new generation of Cafeteria "Catholics", a new 55% of "Catholics" voting for radical liberalism, a new batch of clueless victims so steeped in destructive moral views as to be rendered ignorant of their own moral and eternal demise?

    We hear many of these "Catholic" institutions proclaim "academic freedom" to promote and defend views contrary to authentic Catholic teaching, citing that true education exposes the student to all ideas and allows for free discussion and open debate. However, if you attempt to present views consistent with Catholic doctrine that also expose the depraved views of an evil fiend who just happens to be a liberal icon, then suddenly that open exchange and free discussion stops being so open or free. If you have heard this trash before, it is because that is how radical liberals do business. They wax poetic about freedom of their speech and cower behind censorship of contrary speech. Their modus operandi has been for the past 40 years to infiltrate institutions they wish to destroy like a cancer and eventually turn those institutions into pathetic jokes and running shams.

    As we begin another Lent, we will recall Our Lord's steps toward the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of love. We will dare to ask God Almighty for mercy even as we feel shame for our continued participation in the daily Good Fridays that we inflict upon our Savior with our incessant sins, ungratefulness and disloyalty. We will remember the Last Supper, the Stations of The Cross, The Passion that evil forces hate so much, and the Ultimate Propitiatory Sacrifice on the Cross which should always serve as the Model for the one True and only Mass. If we are faithful, we will be able to celebrate the Resurrection and the Promise which should fill our hearts, minds and souls with hope, with courage and with resolve to follow in His steps.

    It will all begin with ashes on a day which liberal secularist have jokingly called "the day Catholics freak out their co-workers." We will be reminded of where we came from and where our mortality will end. "Remember, man, that thou art dust and into dust thou shalt return" - Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris. Tragically, we will also be reminded that our eternal salvation will have to be earned from the ashes of our present situation, a situation where a suburban high school claiming to be Catholic might as well begin its morning prayers with the phrase "Margaret Sanger, pray for us."

Gabriel Garnica

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    February 18, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 49