December 2, 2007
vol 18, no. 336

                Being constantly aware of the Four Last Things can ease the burden

    St. Laurence Justinian was known for his generosity. Many questioned his sanity in giving away so much, but he knew God would provide for any of his needs. Too often our wants get in the way of our needs. What we really need is to remember the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. By keeping these crucial realities always in mind, we, too, will be able to then begin to emulate the holy Patriarch of Venice in our generosity and holiness. Our worries will fall away for we have trust in the Lord that He will provide for our needs in all things pleasing to Him.

    While we have struggled to get back on-line regularly, the Will of Almighty God has allowed us to bring you a weekly issue, as Michael has outlined in his editorial and weekly intros in each issue on the countless problems with e-mail and internet connection. The evil one will do all he can to frustrate the soul and mind, disrupt the peace of Christ’s in our hearts and minds and souls, and bring us close to either throwing the computer out the window (I’d have to clean up the mess, naturally), or to go out and kick a brick! I’ve considered the latter, only to realize I’d be adding to that which God has asked me to bear in daily crosses, so I’ve passed on kicking the brick. Nonetheless, I’ve come close over these last months.

    However, none of this is the purpose of my brief correspondence with each of you. First and always, we give all glory to Almighty God for all good comes from Him, is cared for by Him, and cannot be without good fruit if He holds it in the sanctuary of His garden of souls redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of His Only-Begotten Son.

    We not only wish for each one of you to know that your prayers and financial support have gotten us past the first battle with the evil one who was intent on shutting us down in so many ways, it would take a novel to explain it all to you, but also that computer needs have yet to be finalized. Suffice it to say, by those few stalwart angels who contributed in our time of dire emergency, we have finally been able to obtain a car (very modest but very dependable seven-year old Honda Civic) capable of taking a few of our fellow residents here in our senior-citizen complex with us to both our Traditional Chapel and to Holy Mass on Sunday. We pray that one day we will need a bus to transport all the novus ordo catholics who live here, as well as close by, and bring them back to the One True Faith, as God so inspires.

    By your support financially and spiritually through prayers, we are slowly and laboriously getting settled. Michael’s flu lingers, making him feel extremely weak and I have been fighting a cold over the past week and a half. Nevertheless, we are offering all to our Blessed Savior, in union with His Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, the time we are in a ‘temporary apartment’ on the second floor. Each step, we pray, alleviates the sufferings of a soul in Purgatory, hopefully bringing that soul into the Beatific Vision, and obtaining the grace of miraculous conversion for countless souls all of whom are outside the bosom of Holy Mother Church, and that includes all within the counterfeit church posing as 'Catholic' today for it's simply not Catholic as countless true popes have asserted.

    However, I wanted you to know that for each and every one of you, I remember you in our daily tasks, trials, sufferings, prayers, and always at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is vital that all of us pray, for ourselves, for all who are laboring in the vineyard of the One True Faith for pure Love of God, and never to forget all those billions of souls who have, for whatever reasons, remained in the diabolical disorientation of the blatantly heretical novus ordo counterfeit church, not to mention all trapped in paganism.

    Dear beloved readers, while it is true that God Alone knows the moment when all Time shall End, we have an express duty, nay, command from Our Beloved Savior to labor throughout our lifetime to evangelize the One True Faith to everyone. I find it somewhat ironic that in the early Church, the apostles, their disciples, converts, saints, Doctors and Fathers of the Church used pen (sparingly), and their feet (liberally) to traverse the earth to plant the seeds of the Gospel.

    Today, with instant communication and a sedentary mindset, our task has become much harder, for our fight is not just against pagan gods, but also against boredom and the refusal to look further than their nose so lukewarm have they become in their faith. And I didn't even mention the mother of all heresies Modernism. It seems nigh unto impossible to get anyone to speak to you longer than a few minutes, for either they have a program they can’t miss on TV, their cell phone rings, their land line rings, they have a trip to a shopping mall, or some other ‘thing”, that while some may be important (shopping for groceries, doctor appointments, etc), the vast majority of all our ‘things’ belong to the trash heap of history’s decimated empires.

    Today we enter the Holy Season of Advent, in preparation for the Nativity of Our Blessed Savior. This marks the beginning of the Church Year, as established centuries before by Saintly Pontiffs, by the Apostles themselves, and is a blessed time of tremendous graces for each of us to make that ‘new beginning’ to live each day only for Love of God, to seek to suffer for Love of Him Who so Loved us as to give every last drop of His Most Precious Blood for us, to raise us to the dignity of children of God, adopted Sons of the Eternal Father.

    Our duties as faithful, sincerely devoted Roman Catholics is as vibrant today as it was when Christ gave the command to His Apostles to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel, converting them. Those who believed and were baptized would be saved, while those who refused to believe would be lost.

    We have just finished praying for the Holy Souls during the month of November. Now, let us increase our prayers and sacrifices for them, for be assured that these Holy Souls are beloved of God, and that by our efforts, they will intercede before the Judgment Seat of God at our Particular Judgment. Let us not fall into the mentality that we pray for them only during one month, but every day of the year for throughout the course of the liturgical year, never should the Holy Souls be far from our minds.

    Advent is a new beginning, a preparation that can only be worthwhile if we spend it in prayer, offering sacrifice, mortification of our bodily senses and needs, the practice of virtue (each practices according to the graces God gives each one of us in the circumstances of our life). We have an increased opportunity to heighten not only own awareness of the Beatitudes, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, and of all Christ commanded of those who, believing in Him, would take up their cross daily and follow Him, but also to grow in sanctity in this blessed season.

    We are not isolated individuals struggling along the straight and narrow path. We are children of God, redeemed by our Blessed Savior, and we have been raised to a dignity that our finite minds cannot comprehend, but which our Faith teaches us daily in its Liturgy.

    As we ponder upon this upcoming season with all his worldly distractions, let us put aside time each day to ponder upon the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.

    These are absolutes, my dear readers, and not one of these four should ever be far from our conscious mind. If we ponder upon them, then the virtues will increase proportionately to our practice of them. We can begin with the small ones and work up, such as charity and suffering, humility and patience, sweetness to those who irritate, and so on as we study through the University of Virtue, the lives of the saints, all given to us by God to emulate and aid us on the path to Heaven.

    My beloved readers, the facts of our earthly sojourn our defined succinctly in the Four Last Things. We will die. We will be judged. And depending on what we did in this lifetime, we will find our eternal destination to be either Heaven or Hell. To swiftly aid us in our flight to our Eternal Bliss in the Beatific Vision, charity embodies all of the virtues, all of Christ’s commands, the Beatitudes, all the Dogmas, Doctrines, Traditions and Teachings of Holy Mother Church from its founding upon St. Peter through Pope Pius XII.

    Let those who have ears, hear: Let those who have eyes, see: Let those who have been given much, give back even more to those ‘little ones’ of Christ’s precious flock. Saint Laurence Justiani is but one saint (of whom the Holy Ghost wishes me to write more of in an upcoming Lesson as part of the spiritual curriculum of the University of Virtue). St. Laurence embodies this charity which knows no boundaries, no measure, no limits. St. Lazarus, truly one of the wealthiest men of his time, gained eternal bliss. By his unselfishness and total charity and love he deserved to be raised from the dead, for he utilized his earthly treasures for God, supporting Christ Himself, His Apostles, His dear Blessed Mother Mary, and many countless disciples not specifically recounted in Sacred Scripture. We know he supportd and encouraged his sisters Martha and Mary.

    But back to St. Laurence Justinian. When tried and tested by our Lord, he practiced Holy Poverty heroically, even taking upon himself, when he had no other resources by which to alleviate the poverty and its inherent sufferings of the poor, by taking upon himself their debts, that at least in this one way he could imitate His Beloved Savior and reduce the heavy burden of the poor. While being a true giver, St. Laurence was also a taker. He took souls away from the devil and returned them to God and His true Church. He never relented in ceaselessly preaching the truths of the Deposit of the Faith in word and deed. He realized those he came into contact with daily would judge the holy Catholic Faith by how he conducted himself. Always his conduct was beyond reproach; a vital factor in establishing trust with souls; something so lacking in the modern clerics today. St. Laurence did not seek to please people, but to convince them that while God is all-loving, He is also all-just. That is why he constantly hammered home the importance of the Last Four Things. Keeping those vital components in mind, souls flocked to him and converted and grew in love for all things holy, having a healthy Fear of the Lord and gratitude for Justinian's love and generosity.

    When asked by his fellow religious, clerics, laity, and even the citizens of Venice, of which he was made first Patriarch, he answered simply and with great wisdom. The more we trust in God’s Providence for us, and for all his ‘little ones’, we must have that undying confidence in Him that He alone has the ability to care for us in all our spiritual and temporal necessities. Yes, He alone is quite capable and willing to aid us in paying our debts (temporal and spiritual), often through the most unexpected means. Nonetheless, it is to the measure of our Trust and Confidence in His Providence (provided we are truly living our Faith and laboring in His Vineyard as His grace directs each of us) that He will reward our charity not only a hundredfold in this earthly exile, but for all eternity. Imagine, if you can, that moment of your mortal death when your soul appears before the Eternal Judge. There your entire life, all the works of your life, will be laid bare. The good, the bad, the ugly all weighed on the scales of Justice.

    Your eternal destination rests upon the scales of Justice, and just when it seems that those scales might tip to the left, toward a life of either eternal damnation, or (we pray and hope) the purifying flames of Purgatory, there appears before Him, the King of Kings, countless souls that you aided in this mortal life by not only your prayers, but by the giving of your earthly treasure, without thought as to what it might mean to your way of life, but only to your eternal life. These souls, most of whom you will have never known, will come to your aid. By their intercession, accompanied by the Intercession of Mary Most Holy and Glorious St. Joseph, and the angels and saints of Heaven, will tip the scale to the right. Imagine, if you will, the beatific smile that our Beloved Savior will bestow upon you, who were go generous to the ‘least of His little ones’.

    Not every charitable donation given to those called to an active labor in the Lord’s vineyard will be without reward. God has so promised, and we know through the conviction of faith that He cannot deceive, nor be deceived. That is why we do not shy away from telling you the truth about the counterfeit church of conciliarism which does deceive. Therefore, the latter can hardly be of God for it contradicts what He has promised. Yet so many don't want to hear that and make every excuse to change the topic, proffer weak illogical arguments, or lash out in anger. No, that kind of defense cannot be of God.

    That is why we seek to invoke St. Laurence Justinian to intercede for us in forgiving our debts - both temporal and eternal - for that is his legacy and power granted by Heaven. Call upon him, ask him to help, help lift the burden of confusion that so weighs down today's modern catholics who have been fed a formula of neo-catholic lite, if that. You would be amazed how many truly do not even know the basics of their faith. That is one reason I was moved to begin this series in hopes that getting back to basics, the virtues that everyone should live in practice day in and day out for that is part and parcel of living our faith. That is especially true in these days when the true Sacraments are so scarce.

    That is also especially true in these days when Catholic truth is either muffled, diluted or twisted to suit man's liking with nary a thought to what God wants. There are, basically, only a handful of sources you can go to today to find the unadulterated truth of our precious Faith. That is sad, but to be expected as Satan's power grows stronger thanks to the surrender of so many.

    We must dig in and refortify. We cannot give an inch to the pretenders. But we can't do it by ourselves. We need God's guidance, and the support of the Communion of Saints. Those in the Church Triumphant are doing all they can in interceding before the Throne of God on behalf of every soul who implores them. While the Church Suffering are helpless to help due to their situation in Purgatory, the Church Militant is counted on to help move them through and graduate to the Church Triumphant where they then can join the Choirs of Angels in aiding those still on earth. That is but one of the duties of the Church Militant: Prayer. Another is penance; another self-denial; another sacrifice; another long-suffering; another patience. And there is another which, for some reason, many Catholics overlook but it is vital to perpetuate the Faith and that is tithing.

    I did not mean for this lesson to be an appeal, but that is the direction the Holy Ghost has led me. St. Laurence Justinian tithed for so many and never worried where the funds would come from. He had total trust in God's Providence. That is what we must do: have total trust in God's Providence. For that reason, He wants us to let it be known that we need help. Like the poor people who beseeched the holy Bishop Justinian, how can Catholics help if they do not know the need? That is why we implore those who have NOT donated, to remember The Daily Catholic during the Holy Season of Advent, and of course at Christmas…but all year long, for the vineyard must be tended every moment of every day, lest in our laziness or lukewarmness, Lucifer and his minions who never rest, spread cockle at breakneck speed, from the tiny lambs, to the ‘elect’ spoken of by our Lord in Sacred Scripture.

    Pray to St. Laurence Justinian and ask him for guidance in what you should do, not only helping us, but others laboring in the Lord's vineyard who have borne great hardships because they refuse to compromise Catholic truth or go along with the rest for the humanistic reason of "unity of community" and the rest of the politically correct phrases that have become a part of today's lexicon and mindset of the masses, shaggy, shorn and shredded sheep as I mentioned in my first article in this series. That's why, because of our necessity to continue this ministry, dear readers, I ask that if you have gained even one lesson of your Faith or something stirred within your soul to return to the true sacraments by reading anything from the plethora of material The Daily Catholic has provided over the years - all free to all who come to this site - then please pray and practice trust in God's Providence. That means having so much trust that God will provide that you don't worry about where you will get funds to tithe. Place any anxiety you may have for your temporal welfare, your accustomed lifestyle, the future of children’s prosperity, etc. in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, resting their securely and confidently that our Lord will provide as He promised, for did He not say that if the Father can take care of the sparrows how much more He'll provide for us? Leave all of that to God’s Infinite Providence, and rejoice in His Care for you, your loved ones, and the benevolent smile He extends to the generous souls who give, and keep giving and never count that cost.

    Please be mindful that whether you can afford only a little as the widow praised by Jesus in the Gospels, or you are blessed by God to give much in the manner Lazarus and Zacheus were so generous, The Daily Catholic desperately needs to fully update our computer system, looking into ‘streaming video’ as a further tool of evangelization, as the counterfeit church steamrolls right along like Krakatoa, east of Java, or any other analogy you think is apt in this age of evil and outright lunacy.

    We desire with all our heart and soul to hear from all of you, and if all who come to The Daily Catholic were able to pledge just $1.00 a month, this apostolate would be able to get the computer problems solved, and to go forth into the vineyard to accomplish other tasks which Our Lord has asked of us. None of these labors are remotely possible without your support. As I said, we have those few who contribute during a time of crisis, and our ‘crisis’ is not quite at an end. And we have those few truly holy souls who contribute regardless of a time of ‘crisis’ or not. Please send your donations, for when you do you are laboring with us, and beside us in the vineyard of the Lord, and He has promised a reward beyond our finite minds to grasp in the eternal life to come. May the Holy Ghost inspire all who read The Daily Catholic to contribute whatever their hearts are moved to give via Pay Pal, or to our ministry's headquarters address of SANCTUS, P.O. Box 365, Mead, W 99021. There, that ends our appeal plea. We leave the rest in God's hands with St. Laurence Justinian's help.

    I did want to tell you that the years Michael and I were removed from our earthly home of San Diego were filled with many crosses, not one of which would we ever ask our Lord to take from us. It was a time of deep, intense, spiritual learning, of being nearly cloistered in our circumstances of poverty and my continuing ill health and its inherent pangs. Yes, we need your prayers. For who of us is strong enough of himself to withstand the onslaught of the devil, or to carry even one cross without the aid of Christ Himself? Not anyone of us. Not even one of the canonized saints.

    It is my firm conviction that if we unite in our effort to make this Advent the best we have ever given to our Lord in preparation of His Nativity, if we are mindful that He lived in poverty throughout His earthly life, and taught that Holy Poverty is most pleasing to the Eternal Father, then we have nothing to be concerned about, provided we are striving toward sanctity. Please note, I said, "striving," for perfection comes from the action of grace through the Holy Ghost through our sincere response to God’s graces.

    Serving our Lord in this life is the surest path to sanctity, which embodies the practice of all virtues, and will never go unrewarded by He Who is our all! Let us take a page from the generosity of St. Justinian and emulate him in preparation for Christmas. Look for those who need a smile, a kind word, encouragement, a piece of bread or a meal. If you have time, volunteer to help out in whatever worthy cause is available in your community that is not political or would violate or compromise your faith. There are several avenues available, and yes, they may be humanistic in scope, but you can add that spiritual touch by helping others in concern for their souls. Just taking a few minutes with someone can do more than you can imagine. Who knows, if you trust in God and step out in faith, you could be an instrument for a future priest or holy religious nun or a parent who will pass on the virtues to their children...or you may be the key to bringing back a lost soul. You never know what opportunities await for those willing to labor in His vineyard for love of our neighbor out of love for God.

    Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can storm Heaven and obtain such graces for this time of the Great Apostasy that God will hear and respond beyond anything we can imagine, but for which we shall be eternally grateful.

    Uniting myself with all your efforts, and calling upon the generous St. Laurence Justinian, let us emulate his virtues and all the saints, and during Advent, journey with the Holy Family to Bethlehem, where, by our charity and generosity, we will receive graces of such enormity that our souls shall sing with the Choirs of Angels “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, Peace to men of Good Will!” Join me in singing the praises of the Holy Family with the special prayer we began saying daily from the feast of Saint Andrew on Friday through Christmas Day:

      Hail, and blessed be the hour and the moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Blessed Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my request, through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


    University of Virtue
    December 2, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 336