'Tis the Season to Ask for His Graces

          A BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO YOU. Once again, I pray that Our Blessed Savior, the newborn babe in Bethlehem, grant to you all your petitions, be they His Most Perfect Will, through the powerful intercession of His Most Holy Mother, and Glorious St. Joseph.

          Let us not forget to invoke the powerful intercession of our guardian angel, who was present at that hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the Most Pure Blessed Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem. The intercession of our guardian angels, of all the choirs of angels is a powerful tool, which we in our finite minds seldom think of.

          Those who, by grace alone, have seen the Great Apostasy being played out before our senses, who have embraced the only True Faith, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith given to us by Our Lord Himself, passed down through the Apostolic Succession, pray with increased fervor at this Joyous time, for miracles! Yes, miracles.

          Every single day we experience miracles in our individual lives! They do not make headlines, they are not the subject of news programs (thank you, God!), but these miracles exist. We are still alive, still breathing, still capable of thinking, acting, praying, receiving the Sacraments, attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and not least, of suffering all that we can in this mortal life in reparation and expiation for our own sins, and those of others.

          We need to ask the Divine Infant, so tender, so mild, so trusting in the arms of Mary, His Mother, and of St. Joseph, found worthy to hold the Son of God in his arms, for miracles, those that so few notice, and the mighty ones that garner the attention of the masses. We need to start praying more, suffering and sacrificing more, mortifying our senses, and above all, remembering the billions headed to perdition because they have denied Our Lord and Savior born this day in Bethlehem, Who came to redeem fallen mankind, and restore us to the privilege, through His merits and grace, as adopted sons of God. Even the pure angels have not this privilege — of being called adopted sons of God.

          Let us not fail in our confidence and trust in the Infant Savior of the World. He came for you, for me, for the most wretched sinner. He came to renew the face of the earth. He draws all things to Himself, for He is King over all creation. Therefore, let us not hesitate in our prayers to ask and beseech Him to grant us graces, virtues, holiness, sanctity, and the miracles our world so desperately needs in the midst of the Great Apostasy.

          Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

          For the majority of the world it is the season of giving and receiving of temporal gifts. The greatest gift we can give to God is our very life, that in trusting Him, He may do with us as He sees fit. Also, we can cease to be part of the greed of the season, and start being part of the reason for the season — that is, let us ASK. Ask in prayer for miracles and keep praying for them. Do not cease your efforts. If you pray with confidence and trust, I believe we have the right before the Throne of Almighty God to expect the miracle we seek, provided we are asking for that which is for the greater honor and glory of Almighty God, the salvation of our own soul, and the souls of countless others.

          As we adore the Infant Savior, it is never too late, nor can it be too soon, to ASK.

          ‘Tis the season to ASK. Let us join together to ASK, and if we do this together in the proper spirit, then we can expect to see a flood of graces descend from Heaven for our own needs — temporal and spiritual — and the needs of others. The more we love LOVE, Who is God, the more we are transformed into His Image and Likeness, as will the entire human race. Oh, we need miracles! Let us ask, and keep asking, with sincerity of heart, confidence, and true humility.

          May each of you have a blessed and holy Christmas, that will extend throughout the Christmas Season to each moment of every day of the rest of your life.


      December 25, 2007
      vol 18, no. 359