The Real Golden Compass

          Christmas used to fit like a slipper, like a warm glove you could always count on. Yet, increasingly, this lost society has made the comfort of Christmas more difficult to find. With every fiendish attempt to wipe Christmas off the map, with each despicable hypocrisy seeking to ignore that beautiful day so long ago, we must struggle ever more to make Christmas "fit" in our lives. Yes, that fit should be natural, simple and effortless, but the reality is that our society is doing everything it can to make Christmas unnatural, uncomfortable, odd and out-of-place.

          As I look at those wonderful films of half a century ago when Christmas was honored, anticipated and enjoyed, I feel sadness in my heart. As I listen to Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Judy Garland and Andy Williams croon those favorites, I feel a nostalgic tug to a time when there was no dispute that the true reason for the season was Christ. Christmas was a warm glove, a perfect fitting pair of slippers on a cold night in those days. It was the perfect period to the sentence each year made. It was easy to feel the glow of the season because it was all around you. While there are still lights, candles and gifts, there is an increasingly secular tone with each passing year. Long ago you knew Christmas was around the corner when you saw nativity scenes and angels. Now you know it is coming when you see atheists sharpening their scissors to cut Christ out of His own Birthday.

          Holy Week and Christmas form the bookends of our Faith. One reminds us of His sacrifice and the other of His Arrival. One is about sorrow, pain and betrayal and the other about joy, gladness, peace and hope. One is about finding Heaven when we run out of earth and the other about finding earth when Heaven wants to make a point. Both times, however, are about His Divine Mercy. Good Friday provides us with a merciful opportunity for salvation and Christmas with a merciful opportunity to escape harsh realities and lose ourselves in that beautiful newborn King. Increasingly, the anger and persecution of Holy Week is spreading to the peace of Christmas as evil ones seek to crucify our Christ before He is even born.

          Ambushed by this wave of hatred, seemingly surrounded by this storm of protest, what must our response be? Faced with evil dressed as fantasy with sinister roots in The Golden Compass we must find our own Golden Compass Who is, of course, Christ Himself. It is easy to lose heart when the frauds who pose as our clerical shepherds employ a critic who actually praises such filth as Compass, but we must know by now that our faith, hope and true direction lies not with most of these future floor tiles for hell, but with Our Lord Himself. He alone can show us those true shepherds that still remain. He alone can guide us to our eternal home. He alone is the Star of this show and we do not need to be wise men from the East to be guided right to His Divine Presence in the arms of His Blessed Mother.

          We do not deserve such a reward, but He has paid the highest sacrifice to offer it to us anyway, because of a love we will never know and a mercy we will much less ever merit. Christ is our One and only True Golden Compass, and Christmas is the place where we can still find that truth. As the angry mobs of Good Friday storm the gentle hills of Bethlehem yet again, let us again rest our hopes in the Divine Infant that will always be the reason for it all. The next time the slippers and the gloves of Christmas do not fit properly in your heart, consider you just might have your sides mixed up.


      December 25, 2007
      vol 18, no. 359