December 16, 2007
vol 18, no. 350

                Physicians: Heal the Sheep.

    So many of the sheep, shorn of the faith, are hurting today because the shepherds have abandoned them for heretical pastures. The flock is failing, unkempt, with no direction. They grow sicker in body, mind and soul daily and there are so few physicians willing to treat both the body and soul. Pray that they take a cue from two holy physicians who realized their talents to heal were from God. Saints Cosmas and Damian, brothers who became doctors, labored long for the Lord in ministering to His sheep. They understood well through prayer and penance that they had a responsibility to God to give of their talents freely. They did so with joy, working long hours with the utost love and patience in treating patients whether rich or poor. It mattered not, for they saw first and foremost the soul. While they administred the Corporal Works of Mercy to all, they never neglected the Spiritual Works of Mercy. When was the last time you could say that of a doctor today? Those who have taken the Hypocratic Oath should intern on the example of Sts. Cosmas and Damian and recall the words of that Oath. And yes, remember, it was an 'Oath'; that is, a promise made to God. He remembers. The question is will those in the medical profession today, so many who have compromised their pratices, return to using the gift God endowed them with for the good of man's soul as well as his body? The sheep await to grow healthy so that they may grow in grace and be well again and multiply. The flocks need urgent care.

    Today, if you were to ask anyone you met about the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, you’d get at the very least an awkward stare, a snort of contempt, as the person would shrug their shoulders, perhaps sneer a bit, and then walk away.

    You see, our society today is ignorant of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ because of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, which dares to call itself “catholic.” This is due to the lack of grace, which leads to a total lack of morality and virtue amongst the vast majority of the population of our planet.

    If you are one of those graced by God to fully know the Roman Catholic Faith, you would be able to answer the question: “Why is the Social Reign of Jesus Christ vital to mankind?” However, to the rest of humanity, I'd doubt they would even have you arrested for a ‘hate’ crime by mentioning the name of Jesus Christ, because they wouldn’t have a clue about your question.

    The question then becomes “Why?” Why is the world ignorant of the Social Reign of Jesus Christ as King? Moreover, the answer is a very sad, sorrowful, nay, diabolical fact: The human race, with its many faces, its “unity in multiplicity” as Joseph Ratzinger calls today’s global society, believes that it is a GOOD thing that there is a separation of Church and State. Therefore, once again, the informed Roman Catholic would have to ask “Why?”

    And the answer to "why?" is not one you may want to hear, but, for the salvatoin of souls, must for you see, perhaps unwillingly, you and I are part of the problem. You see, the human race has become one huge flock of sheep. No, don’t think of cute bleating sheep attended by a kindly shepherd, atop a green hill in sparkling sunshine, munching away at sweet grass, with little lambs tagging along. Rather, think of shaggy sheep who have remained unshorn for far too long, unattended by any shepherd of worth, with a barren hillside and few lambs tagging along, under a gray sky which threatens storms upon this wandering flock. This flock is attended, but by an unseen ‘shepherd’, who camouflages himself behind the rocks and bare trees dotting the barren hillside. The sheep of this flock (us) are rendered incapable of even a single bleat, for this flock is not only unkempt, shaggy, disgraceful in every way, it is also a flock of blind, deaf, and dumb animals that hear only the voice of the hidden one, and do its bidding blindly. All the sheep of this flock are totally dependent upon the hidden voice of its keeper to tell them what to do, when to do it, where to go, what to eat, why to eat what they are told, and so on ad infinitum.

    We, the human race, are this disgraceful flock, who believe to some extent, that the government must provide for all our needs and wants, and that we are to expect help from government at each instant of our mortal life, from womb to tomb (provided we are blessed to exit the womb intact and have a mortal life). Now, if you are one of these blind, deaf, and dumb flock of sheep, you accept as perfectly normal, nay preferable, that the government has the right to regulate your life, in every aspect, while the ‘church’ is just a small part of your life, something you may or may not attend on Sunday, and hardly ever darken the doorway the rest of the time. If you depend upon the government for your daily sustenance, without thought of Who has given the people who govern any authority at all, then you not only belong to this deplorable flock, you have lost all sense of Catholicism, and therefore reject, even if you don’t speak it, or think it, the Social Reign of Christ the King. In fact, you are being led to the slaughter by the hidden voice of the flock’s keeper, who is, of course, Lucifer himself! Thus, is it any wonder that at every minute of the day, our diabolical world darkens as bills are passed which endorse evil and mock God and morality as belonging to the Dark Ages, or worse, a prehistoric age! Just check out the candidates for President, and check out the propositions on the ballot before you vote. If there was ever a time when grace is needed to wash away the muck of vice, to make green the hillside where the flock grazes, and by its brilliance dispel the hidden beast afflicting the flock, it is now!

    Alas, the voices of Traditional Catholics remain shredded thanks to Ratzinger's enticingly diabolical web of deceit called “Summorum Pontificum”, which, remarkably and perplexing is the fact that some of the once strongest voices for the restoration of the One True Faith, have believed the lie and have ceased their resistance to the fallacies, albeit heresies, grave ones at that, of the new order. God forbid that the blindness of the flock grows any worse, for certainly, as we can see from the bitter fruits, this Moto Proprio has darkened the Sun, and the blood, sweat, and tears of those few who see Ratzinger for who and what he is, are as a blood-red moon, weeping as the stars fall from the heavens in countless numbers - symbolic of all the lost souls who are blindly following the clever pied piper toward the edge of the abyss. Just as a leopard cannot change its spots, so also the man who's insertion of "subsists in" in Lumen Gentium split the conciliar church off from the true Catholic Church, cannot and, more sadly and telling, will not correct his errors and repent.

    If God has mercifully enlightened you to the Truth of the Great Apostasy of today, has mercifully opened your ears to hear what the false shepherds are saying, has mercifully opened your eyes to see what the false church is actually doing to countless souls, has mercifully stoked the embers of faith in your soul and set your heart afire with Love for Him, Who gave His all for you, then it is time to think about what we all must and should do for Him, and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith He founded. He Who Is God founded only ONE church, not thousands. He commanded those who believed to obey His words, to worship the Father through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to receive the sanctifying grace of the Sacraments He instituted, and to live for Him above all created things, for our Home is Heaven, and Heaven cannot be attained without a struggle — nay, war — in this earthly life.

    Yes, we are at war, and we are poorly equipped for it for we have been grazing with the shaggy, unshorn flock on the barren hillside for decades of decadence. Do we truly want to change ourselves? Do we love God enough to change ourselves, to amend our lives, and in so doing, seek the salvation of the countless sheep still trying to graze on barren soil? Only the individual heart can answer these questions, and God alone knows what is upon your heart.

    However, in the grand history of holy Mother Church, there comes to mind an example of twin brothers who were of Arabian ancestry, and who so loved Our Blessed Lord that they devoted their entire lives to Him, in the service of His ‘little ones’, caring nothing for the riches of earth, nor whether those whom they served were sinners or saints, wealthy or clients of holy Poverty, Catholics or heathens. And because they so loved Him, by their lives, their words, their actions, and the practice of medicine, they advanced the Social Reign of Christ the King at a time when the people were ruled by kings, emperors, and despots of every kind the human mind is capable of conceiving.

    Sts. Cosmas and Damian are the twin brothers that are brought before us for our meditation, contemplation, and emulation in today’s society of greed, graft, simony, corruption, and government control. The society in which they lived was filled with much the same evils, but Cosmas and Damian knew that Christ would win the victory, if they did their part in the pursuit of sanctity. How few there are today who even know what sanctity means, and fewer still who care enough to work for it.

    The great historians of holy Mother Church acknowledged the truth that God gave gifts and talents to chosen creatures to become physicians of the body, for He Who created all that exists, visible and invisible, gave to the earth many plants whose properties were to be used to heal the human body. In order to use these medicinal remedies properly, and to develop new ones because human suffering altered as diseases multiplied over the years, God’s mercy for His creatures endowed Sts. Cosmas and Damian with the knowledge to heal the body. By their holiness, these twin brothers understood the dignity of their profession, acknowledging before the world, and before the Throne of Almighty God, that He alone was the True healer, they His humble instruments. In serving suffering mankind, Sts. Cosmas and Damian saw with their human eyes, the marvel of the human body created by God, and they marveled at such a creation whose intricacies were beyond any human mind to conceive.

    In “The Liturgical Year” by Dom Prosper Gueranger, the author quotes from the 'Acts Cypriani et Justinae’ words worth our deep attention, meditation, and emulation. It is proper for us in this twenty-first century, to recall the moral code by which Christ commanded all who believed in Him to live fully and sincerely from the depths of their immortal soul. These words are not relegated to the past, as if Christ’s charge was meant only for the infant Church, and not to be heeded until the end of time. Every word Christ spoke was meant for all mankind, until the end of Time, without exception, without compromise, without ambiguous interpretation. Oh, if only we would heed His words, how swiftly would the Great Apostasy end, and our world would receive such grace as to bring us Heaven on earth. Sts. Cosmas and Damian brought Heaven to the many souls they ministered to as physicians, and due to their total love of Christ, they were also physicians of the soul, converting many to the One True Faith. How different are the physicians of our time; how utterly devoid of spirituality these learned men and women are, who so often believe they are god, and their patients are merely bodies who have no immortal soul to be cared for as well.

        “Honor the physician for the need thou hast of him; for the Most High hath created him. For all healing is from God, and he shall receive gifts of the king. The skill of the physician shall lift up his head, and in the sight of great men he shall be praised. The Most High hath created medicines out of the earth, and a wise man will not abhor them… My son, in thy sickness neglect not thyself, but pray to the Lord, and He shall heal thee. Turn away from sin and order thy hands aright, and cleanse thy heart from all offense. Give a sweet savor, and a memorial of fine flour, and make a fat offering, and then give place to the physician. For the Lord created him: and let him not depart from thee, for his works are necessary. For there is a time when thou must fall into their hands, and they shall beseech the Lord that He would prosper what they give for ease and remedy, for their conversation.”
    Volume V, pages 268-269,The Liturgical Year, Gueranger

    Sts. Cosmas and Damian demonstrated clearly that the Social Reign of Christ the King rightly orders society, and without His Kingship, society falls prey to pride, which leads to the destruction of all morality and virtue, which in turn leads mankind into evils and ills of every kind, not the least of which is that of greed, the opposite of holy Poverty.

    To these twin brothers, the science of the marvelous human body was a hymn of praise to the Creator of all, thus making their art a sacred ministry. Unlike the hidden, diabolical watcher of the flock of blind, deaf, and dumb sheep, Sts. Cosmas and Damian watched over our Lord’s human sanctuary, seeking to preserve it from injury or to repair its ruins. In their years of service to suffering humanity, neither brother ever charged for their services, trusting in the Providence of Christ for their own bodily needs, for their concern for the body grew from their charity, which sprang from their souls with such beauty and illumination, that their very presence often brought cures to the injured and hurting human beings entrusted to their care.

    While it is true that the laborer is worth his pay, it is unjust that in our progressive society, the cost of receiving even basic health care makes the word ‘greed’ appear inapplicable to so great an offense before the face of God, to whom physicians owe their skills and talents and knowledge. How few physicians there are in this time who even recognize God, or see in their patients His image and likeness. Denying God, these physicians deny the soul of their patients, and thus often do more damage to the body by not adhering to Christ’s commands of charity that knows no limits or measures. Oh, if only we had many Sts. Cosmas and Damian today, how greatly would the human race profit by their God-given gifts, and human suffering would be sheltered beneath the benevolent gaze of God Himself through His humble physicians.

    Humility is enveloped by seraphic charity, a cloak of holiness, which satan cannot penetrate if one daily puts on the armor of God. Sts. Cosmas and Damian were endowed with grace from their youth to be as shining stars in the Heavenly firmament, which Almighty God providentially, mercifully, and lovingly gives to his children to keep before their mind, His very image.

    Zealous for the True Faith, these physicians of Arabian descent became famous despite their deep desire to remain humble and hidden, servants of Christ to all his children. However, the Roman prefect Lysias, hearing of their fame, commanded they be brought before him to explain their religion and manner of life. Cosmas and Damian boldly proclaimed Christ, stating to Lysias the absolute necessity of the Catholic Faith as the only means of salvation. Lysias, enraged by the demon, commanded Cosmas and Damian to bow down and worship the false gods of the Roman Empire, threatening them with torture and death if they refused. Without hesitating, the twin brothers professed Christ and His Social Kingship, whereupon Lysias ordered them to be bound hand and foot and thrown into the sea. When his orders were carried out, the brothers emerged from the sea free of their bonds, unharmed by the sea, which instead of drowning them, carried them safely to shore on gentle waves. Lysias determined that these physicians had escaped death by magic, and being more enraged ordered them to be thrown headlong onto a pyre. However, the flames prepared for the saints, refused to touch them. After Lysias had ordered other various cruel tortures, which proved fruitless in bringing death to Cosmas and Damian, the Roman prefect ordered them to be beheaded. Thus, these seraphic physicians won the palm of martyrdom and gained eternal beatitude.

    Through their life, Almighty God sanctified the profession of physicians, and Pope Felix IV built a church in their honor in the Roman Forum, thus substituting these brothers in place of the pagan Romulus and Remus, pronouncing by deed that the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ is absolutely necessary for mankind to progress toward the eternal goal of Heaven.

    In the middle ages, further tribute was paid to Sts. Cosmas and Damian when the physicians and surgeons of western Europe banded together in confraternities. Their purpose was the sanctification of its members by common prayer, charity towards the destitute, and the accomplishment of all the duties of their important vocation for the greater glory of God and the greater good of suffering humanity.

    Let us ponder upon this last fact. Not too many centuries ago, physicians and surgeons placed God above all else, recognizing that their knowledge and skills belonged to God and flowed into their minds and souls through grace. They acknowledged Him as the Divine Physician, and humbled themselves by embracing charity as the virtue each needed to possess, accompanied by its handmaiden, humility. These physicians and surgeons labored in Christ’s vineyard without thought of payment, preferring to render to the sick, the destitute, and the wealthy, the art of healing as it flowed from the very Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    How far we have removed ourselves from Love of God and the practice of virtue in our ‘progressive’ society. How low we have sunk into the depths of evil, where so very few of society’s physicians remember God, acknowledge Him as the Giver of all good, and seek to relieve the sufferings of the human condition, for God’s Honor and Glory, rather than their own renown. How many of today’s physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists and all the other ‘ists’ think of themselves as personages to be honored for their learning and skill, and charge exorbitant fees that only the very wealthy can afford, leaving the majority of mankind imprisoned by illness, pain, and despair when their conditions could easily be eased by those gifted with the knowledge of the magnificent human body, created by God and held in the palm of His Hand.

    Let us seek to rectify the deplorable conditions of this modern age, which in so many ways make the atrocious places of dire poverty in many countries seem so much less, since we have become prisoners of an ever-increasing power for greed economy that cares naught for God, but makes gods out of those who are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder. May God forgive those who knowingly cause human suffering to continue unabated, enabling despair to take control of the mind, which leads so many to take their own lives.

    May God forgive all who knowingly take human life, from the moment of conception to the point of natural death. If only we, who have been given grace to know the One True Faith were to pray as if our very life depended upon it (and it does), and remained firm in acknowledging the absolute necessity of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior would respond lovingly by bringing to fruition the Triumph of His Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart, the restoration of holy Mother Church, and ultimately the salvation of countless souls, for society would be subject to its Creator, and the wandering flock of blind, deaf, and dumb sheep would become One Flock under the gentle guidance of the Good Shepherd!

    May Sts. Cosmas and Damian beseech the Blessed Trinity to assist us to accomplish all that we can and should do in our lifetime to hasten the glorious Reign of Christ the King, for our very salvation and that of others does depend upon His Reign. If we fail to do our part in promoting the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, the ONLY KING, then we may expect fire and brimstone to rain down upon this earth, taking the just as well as the evil souls to their eternal destination.

    May our prayers bring about the REIGN of Christ our Lord, instead of the rain of Heaven’s wrath upon a godless society!


    University of Virtue
    December 16, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 350