August 16, 2007
vol 18, no. 228

So What!?!

    "Bless me 'Father', for I am Concerned even though I am only a 'lay man'."
The cavalier arrogance of those steeped in the errors of conciliarism can come back to bite traditionalists who are not savvy to the ways of the beast.

    On this day when holy Mother Church honors Saint Joachim, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we should strive to emulate his guidance and seek those virtues in our shepherds to guide us. We need the dragonslayers of truth to come forward because the enemy must be contained. There was a commercial many years ago for Marlboro Cigarettes that went, 'you can take a man out of the country, but you can't take country out of the man.' So also today we'd apply that to something that has clouded minds, hearts and souls for nearly 50 years much worse than tobacco ever could. "You can take a man out of the sacrilegious Novus Ordo, but only grace will take the Novus Ordo sacrileges out of the man." We are talking of the dangers of a far more dangerous essence than cigarette smoke. That would be the "smoke of satan" spewing from the beast which has penetrated and poisoned the sensus Catholicus. What is even more dangerous is telling us it isn't dangerous, that it's just a cloud that we should pay no attention to. That, in essence, is what can happen if Catholics inhale the Motu Mess business and cave to the cavalier arrogance of Novus Ordo priests, many of whom have already infiltrated seemingly traditional communities. There should be a sign posted above the door of every true church: "SUPREME GOD'S WARNING: The smoke of satan can result in the loss of your soul." Is your church free of such dangerous smoke? If not, who is going to do clear the air of this deadly smoke? It may take laymen to sound the alarm.

      "Satan is so crafty. For instance, taking the public anti-sedevacantist stance forces you to publicly proclaim the validity of the ordination of the priests and of the consecration of the bishops (why get conditionally re-ordained if this is the case as getting re-ordained after being validly ordained is a sacrilege that mocks the Sacrament); As no valid Pope could promulgate doubtful or invalid Sacraments let alone a "mass" that must be avoided because it is inherently flawed and in fact evil because it is not the true worship ordained by God Himself as fitful worship for the Almighty Deity. Right from the get-go this puts you in deep do-do. In Catholic theology a doubtful Sacrament is no Sacrament and having your salvation depend on invalid Sacraments conferred by invalid priests, consecrated by invalid bishops puts you in dangerous territory does it not? Not only that but now the legitimate bishops you depend on for legitimate priests and Sacraments are excommunicated? How in Godís good name can you hope to save your soul with THAT at your disposal? "

    I have been out of the writing loop for quite some time due to the fact that I have been in the reading loop for quite some time and due the fact that I have adequately written on the crisis of our day as I was working through the solution myself. Unfortunately, a few Sundays ago I encountered an extra amount of unpleasantness during the sermon at the Mass I attend with my family in northern Virginia.

    Please allow me to give you some background information on the Mass at that church before I elaborate upon what went on there on the Eighth Sunday After Pentecost and the feast of Saint Mary Magdalen.

    This Church has been run by a very orthodox Catholic priest,from what I can tell, in his thought, word and actions since 1983, and this particular church itself, I believe, has been traditional since 1970. As you may recall from a previous article of mine; this Priest gave a very balanced presentation on Sedevacantism to the Holy Name Society right around the time Chris Ferrara was launching his onslaught against those who realize the conciliar popes cannot be part of the true Catholic Church. That being said, this same priest, whenever he speaks on the topic to the general public and to the ladies' group speaks out rather strongly against the possibility of Sedevacantism and suggests holding such a theory is rather "dangerous." In giving him the benefit of the doubt, I suspect this could be for the sake of his flock because the truth might scandalize them or scare them away. Yet, by not confronting the truth is that not even a greater scandal? Less scandalous than that would be to not bring the topic up at all. This same priest during each Sunday Mass before each sermon has us pray "for our Holy Father the Pope and for all Bishops. . . " - yes, he's a resist and recognize, but offers the True Mass, pre-Bugnini changes, for those starving for the true sacraments.

    Yet, he sometimes prints in big bold letters at the bottom of the bulletin "REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE POPE!" I once asked Father how a person could defend him against being accused of engaging in a redundant innovation when he has us kneel and pray "for our Holy Father the Pope and for all Bishops. . . " before the sermon as this is done in a most perfect way during the Mass at the una cum... in praying for the Apostolic See IF there is a true Pope sitting upon the Throne of Peter. What bothers me greatly is that there's a new priest at this church now who, during this break in the Mass, mentions this purported pope and bishop by name which turns my stomach even more. When I approached the senior priest on the topic of interrupting the Mass and getting on our knees for the above mentioned prayer for "the pope and all bishops" on it he initially answered, very coincidentally as it turns out, that his response would be "so what" to a person who made such an accusation. Yet, within two hours and 44 minutes later he elaborated further in writing:

    Re: Redundant Innovation...Fuller Response

    1. It occurs during an interruption of the Mass, so it in no way adds anything to the Mass. (It is no more redundant than reading the Epistle and/or Gospel in English either.)

    2. This was typically the practice in parishes at Sunday Mass before Vatican II.

    3. I just love these nit-pickers, just looking for something to gripe about. The arrogance of these self-appointed "armchair theologians."

    It is my guess, (and I need to do research on this) that response number two is incorrect, unless, "typically in parishes" means typically in very few parishes.

    Regardless these things did not bother me so much as I was very pleased to have a doubtlessly valid priest offering doubtlessly valid Sacraments. This priest from what I can tell appears to be rather holy and is very knowledgeable and is the epitome of what a Catholic priest is supposed to be in every aspect of his life from where I sit. I am honored to have him as a shepherd, but I am concerned with his judgment in giving free reign to a priest who's sensus Catholicus and knowledge of Latin is skimpy at best.

    My problem with my church is this additional Novus Ordo priest, whom I have been assured has been "conditionally" "re-ordained" that was thrown into the fire by our pastor without any training whatsoever in the Mass or in Catholic Theology. This Novus Ordo priest who, from what I can tell, transferred to our church merely because he prefers the true Mass (I say this because he says the Mass is the Mass whether it is indult or not) "taught" our Confirmation class that Limbo was just a theory and that we were being confirmed illicitly. I confronted him during that class on his Limbo exposeí mentioning how all the Saints, Doctors, Holy Fathers, theologians and Popes who spoke to the issue affirmed Limboís existence and that this could be checked in the Catholic Encyclopedia, I did this mainly for the people though I would not mind if my response got him to look more closely at the issue as well. Well, his response was "Iím the one teaching the class."

    Thank you for clarifying that for us Father. Arrogance can be so becoming!

    But not even this bothered me enough to write about. I had just endured all these abuses at the Novus Ordo several years back and was quite comfortable at the true church I had found. I want to believe (because there is no other alternative Catholic church in my area offering the true Sacraments) that these asinine sermons are nothing to worry about but this is a dangerous way of thinking as not worrying about the facts is the same thing the nordites (Novus Ordites) do for the sake of convenience. I thought my being disturbed at Mass regarding abuses and novelties and by things a priest says during a sermon was over when I abandoned the false religion of elements headed by a man with elements of papal clothing.

    Dear Lord, Thou wilt not allow me to get complacent until some time after my death wilt Thou my good and gracious God. Actually, I doubt it possible to be complacent in hell or while enjoying the Beatific Vision either. Maybe in Limbo. Oops, I keep forgetting, that place disappeared.

    Houston, we have a problem, the falsities at Mass are NOT over. This ex-Novus Ordo priest cannot be blamed for bumbling his way through the Mass because he was never properly trained to do so, so this does not bother me much as I believe it is not his intent to screw up the liturgy and he will only get better as time goes on. Yet, the responsibility must be placed on the one who conditionally reordained him in the true rite. Did the bishop who did so also check this priest's sensus Catholicus, did he examine his background and training? Finally, did he look into how much Latin this new priest knew and did he throw him into the fire too soon? I think whoever authorized his assignment to the church I attend bears the responsibility to monitor this priest. And that also goes for the pastor who cannot take this lightly and must keep a watchful eye and ear on whatever this new priest does for he should definitely be on "probation" if you will.

    Before I go into particulars as to what this new priest is spouting from the pulpit, I must tell you I can see more of this occurring in the future in light of the mysterious Motu Summorem Pontificum where many traditionalists actually think a magic potion will turn Novus Ordo priests into traditional priests. It doesn't happen overnight. That is why for centuries the Church had in place a period of eleven to thirteen years in preparation for the priesthood with the minor seminaries, novitiates and major seminaries and the Seven Orders leading to Ordination. By the time a man was ordained his superiors knew his commitment, his knowledge of the Faith, theology, philosophy and Moral Theology which was so vital in the Confessional. His superiors would thoroughly have known his moral character and have established safeguards to assure this for the welfare of the souls entrusted to him. In other words, there would be no "I didn't know" steel eyed blank stare lies from corrupt bishops who have covered up every sin imaginable as they themselves climb the hierarchical Masonic ladder in parallel manner to their lodge brothers of Freemasonry.

    This Motu Mess is just that: a mess that will mess with minds and, unforrtunately with souls. We are going to have more, in fact far worse prepared "priests" (if they are even ordained correctly) exposed to Catholics looking for inerrant truth and being fed the hardline "opinions" of the heretical Vatican II. This is a deliberate attempt by Joseph Ratzinger to diffuse the fact that he is not a true bishop nor a true pope and to quell those who know this, he will try to infiltrate the ranks even further with the enemy and blur the lines of orthodoxy. His Motu is a clever ruse that we must refuse. This example I am about to share is a microcosm of the dangers that will result from "mixing" rites, which is an aberration in itself.

    Now back to this new priest's sermons. They leave something to be desired and here he is not getting better but worse, again the tip of the iceberg, as it were of what looms ahead with the Motu Mess. The first thing that put me on alert with this priest was that in one of his very first sermons where he talked about how he admired various Novus Ordo priests at EWTN and asserted from the pulpit that the Catholic Church allows divorce, for example in cases of spousal abuse.

    I donít know about you but I am not sure if this is something the new kid on the block should be spouting off right from the get-go. In my opinion the last thing a Novus Ordo priest should do is talk about controversial topics that he doesnít understand himself but he does this same thing with private individuals as was the case with my friend who, when he asked him if he was ordained in the true Rite, after replying in the affirmative, worked in these following sentiments: First of all he took him to be suspect of sedevacantism and he is guilty as charged but then he started lecturing him saying he was only a layman (sound familiar?) and that it was not his state in life to understand theology and that he should just leave that up to the priests and just stop reading and do what the priests say. (It sounds like I'm making this up doesn't it? I have come to find, over and over again that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.)

    Hmm. "Stop reading and do what the priests say" sight unseen? That doesnít sound so swift to me. Isnít that the precise "advice" that got us in this mess in the first place? Thank you, Vatican 2! Satan is proud of your cavalier attitude.

    In his latest Sermon he mentioned how Ratzinger, Vatican 2 and the Church arenít perfect and then added "so what" to his claim.

    So what!?!

    Father, please allow me to tell you so what. The Pope and the Church are infallible and indefectible when it comes to matters of faith and moral teaching;

  • but the false "pope" and counterfeit church "teach" that the Church of Christ is not only the Roman Catholic Church ruling but "subsists in" other churches;
  • but the false "pope" and counterfeit church "rule" that heretics my receive Communion and are sanctified;
  • but the false "pope" and counterfeit church "sanctify" by inventing a liturgy that is a complete break with Tradition and that purposely avoids sounding too Catholic and call it a "Mass" while abolishing the sacrificial aspects of propitiation and the alter Christus of the true Mass, and then eventually concede to allow some compromised versions of the same Mass to lure the pockets (with money in them) of the Traditionalists back in to the web of conciliarism as they accustom these (unsuspecting?) traditionalists to accepting change after change after change again in the liturgy. Long live novelty. Not!

    Iím not sure, Father, but "infallible" and "indefectible" sound kind of like words that mean "perfect" to me. How "perfect" is your "pope" that "teaches", "rules" and "sanctifies" in your "church"? Rather, how infallible is your pope and how indefectible is your church; Answer that for me please, Father, if you can and be prepared to refute true Popes like Popes Paul IV, St. Pius V, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII as well as the vast majority who preceded them way back to St. Peter.

    Of course, as you can see, this priest and so many of his peers, who have been brainwashed by the garbage that diversity is good and we must be tolerant of sin and heresy, get out of this conundrum by claiming that not being "perfect" is no big deal. It is interesting how the words Ďinfallibleí and Ďindefectibleí did not enter in to the topic of his sermon. We could nullify the significance of the actual facts by using this tactic for any reason. Suppose someone brutally rapes and murders your grandma. Well, nobody is perfect. Father Ratzinger is brutally raping and murdering countless souls! Well, so what, nobody is perfect. Iíve had it with your "so what" and have filed it away in the circular file along with my dusty old throw-away novus ordo missal. That modernist way of thinking must be abolished from my mind along with the novus ordo that infused it in there in the first place.

    So what!?!

    Souls are being led into hell by the millions by your imperfect/fallible and defective "popes" and "church". THAT is so what! Do you really think what Christ commanded in the Gospels is "so what"? By going along with all the heresies of Ratzinger and the counterfeit church that's what you are saying, Father. Think about it. Jesus said you can't serve two masters. Either you'll love one and hate the other or, well you know the scriptures. You're a priest aren't you? So also is Ratzinger and his so-called "bishops". They know what's right, but they've chosen to defy God and do it their way, the Vatican 2 way that has basically destroyed millions of souls. Do you think, really think, God is going to say "so what" and welcome those who know better into His eternal embrace? If you think that, then you're a danger not only to yourself but your flock. Get the book on the sermons of St. John Vianney and read those to your congregation and quit winging it with your "opinions". Because it's your errant opinions that are leading the lukewarm into further stagnant waters that seem to be boiling hotter as the days pass. Just remember what the Lord said in the Book of the Apocalypse in Chapter 3, verse 15-16, "Because thou art lukewarm I will vomit thee out of My mouth."

    To show you how blinded and brainwashed novus ordo-oriented priests can be, this new priest also claimed in this sermon that Bishop Bernard Fellay is excommunicated. At this point I am wondering if he was not planted in our church by the Novus Ordo Masons. I mean, he tells us our Confirmation is illicit, that Limbo is merely a theory and that our bishops are excommunicated. How does he suppose any thinking person might react to such a claim? I have had to reassess my opinion on whether or not the majority of traditionalists Ė true Catholics - think and know their Catholic faith or do many in the pews sit there smiling and nodding their heads in the affirmative to the nonsense spilling out from this arrogant know-it-all? I don't know, but it concerns me for if he continues with no curbs to what he says he will either send them scurrying back to the barren, fruitless Novus Ordo or have them abandon religion all together. Either way there has to be a checks and balance system to monitor what he says. Better than that, and I am not being facetious, he needs to join, after being properly trained in the liturgy and theology, a contemplative traditional order where there no talk and all prayer so that the rotten fruit of conciliarism can be replaced in his mind with the fruit of authentic Catholicism.

    Again, you can appreciate my fears that he could be a plant when he is allowed to spew such idiocy from the pulpit. Catholics have always been taught to trust their shepherds because God has placed them there for the good of our spiritual welfare in helping us get to Heaven through their providing the sacraments that give grace and through their Catholic counsel. Prior to Vatican 2 that was the way it was and could very well have contributed to the vast majority of Catholics being caught broadsided by the liberal and heretical novelties of that pastoral council that has caused so much damage. It's a fact that very few lay people knew their faith thoroughly for they depended, possibly too much, on their priests to guide them. I quite suspect not a few in the pews with me at Mass may very well still have that mode of thinking since, as far as I could tell, I was the only one to personally object to what he was espousing.

    Again, I have to ask: What is that man doing at our church? Can he claim to be Catholic? He needs to go to a seminary and get unbrainwashed and then be taught Catholic Latin, philosophy, and theology among other things. He then needs to get the facts of our times straight or avoid addressing them.

    What I find interesting and ironic about all this is how anti-sedevacantism forces you into strange conundrums from which there is no escape unless you pull the sedevacantism lever. Otherwise there is no way to justify that Christ will always be with His Church. Christ cannot deceive. We are being deceived by the counterfeit church posturing as the Catholic Church today. Therefore it cannot be the Catholic Church that deceives but another entity. Therefore it must be another master they are serving.

    Satan is so crafty. For instance, taking the public anti-sedevacantist stance forces you to publicly proclaim the validity of the ordination of the priests and of the consecration of the bishops (why get conditionally re-ordained if this is the case as getting re-ordained after being validly ordained is a sacrilege that mocks the Sacrament); As no valid Pope could promulgate doubtful or invalid Sacraments let alone a "mass" that must be avoided because it is inherently flawed and in fact evil because it is not the true worship ordained by God Himself as fitful worship for the Almighty Deity. Right from the get-go this puts you in deep do-do. In Catholic theology a doubtful Sacrament is no Sacrament and having your salvation depend on invalid Sacraments conferred by invalid priests, consecrated by invalid bishops puts you in dangerous territory does it not? Not only that but now the legitimate bishops you depend on for legitimate priests and Sacraments are excommunicated? How in Godís good name can you hope to save your soul with THAT at your disposal?

    I mean if the only way to save your soul is at the hands of excommunicated Bishops, why not go back to the Novus Ordo "to be safe" and get the "sacraments" there? What is this priest trying to do? One can only guess. Iím "only a lay-person" but despite that hindrance I would be so bold to suggest he base his sermons on the readings of the day or encourage us to emulate the Saints.

    In this same sermon he also stated that Ratzinger reiterated what the Church has always taught on no salvation outside the Church in his latest document.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. Joseph Ratzinger in this document "that teaches what the Church always taught" rather reiterates "the fact" that there are "elements" of salvation outside the Catholic Church. I got to thinking about this and wondered if at my particular or at the Final Judgment I was unfortunate enough to find out that I was one of the following - a heretic, apostate, schismatic, protestant or buddhist, what element of my soul and body would be saved?

    The way I figured it, particular elements of my soul would correlate with particular elements of my body so that if I was a schismatic everything but my legs and that part of my soul that enlivens my legs would end up in Heaven and the elements of my body and soul which are called legs would end up in hell. If I were a heretic or protestant the elements of my body and soul which are called arms and legs would end up in hell but the elements of my body and soul which are called torso and head would end up in Heaven and if I were an apostate or buddhist all the elements of my body and soul except my torso would end up in hell and the elements of my body and soul which is called torso would end up in Heaven. That is about the best I can figure it anyhow. Ratzinger in his verbal engineering kind of throws a new twist on the Mystical Body does he not?

    Perhaps merely the part of my body and soul that accepts elements of truth will go to Heaven while the elements of my body and soul that are separated from the church will go to hell Ė for remember no one goes to Limbo as it no longer exists. If it no longer exists, then did it before? The Church Fathers and Doctors and Councils seem to think so. We know it existed from the time of Adam until Christ descended to free them during the time His body was in the tomb. Limbo, Abraham's Bosom, whatever you want to call it, existed. Did God make a mistake and decide it no longer was necessary so He imparted such divine wisdom to men who have mocked Him? First of all, God cannot err nor can His Church, His spotless Bride. With that established, then we have to determine that someone else is wrong. Gee, I wonder who that could be!?!

    If one thing can be said about the man who is Father Joseph Ratzinger it is the fact that he has not changed these past 50 years when everything else has. He was a "liberal" and, yes, already a heretic at "Vatican 2" and he is a heretic now. I have even heard that he backed off what he said about there being no salvation outside the Church but have not verified his exact words. But knowing his modus operandi, he'll always position it in the way he understands it which is in a way he knows is contrary to how it has always been infallibly taught, but he won't admit that and spins it with more of his Hegelian didactics of dialogue filled with dishonesty and deceit by posing as an authority of Christ's Church. Nothing Ratzinger does any more surprises me just as nothing that comes out of the mouths of any of the impostors in the Modernist Vatican Institution surprises me.

    What I found most curious about this sermon is how this priest mentioned two of Ratzingerís recent documents but failed to mention the document that tells the Chinese Catholics to stop being Catholic but to get along with the Communists. Not even this priest could spin that into somehow sounding Catholic I suppose. But then, I'm just a "lay man".

    Seriously, if this new priest were a truly balanced priest he would objectively talk about ALL the recent documents Father Joseph Ratzinger has recently come out with wouldnít he? But every time he opens his mouth he seems to be a resist and recognize type. He resists common sense and Catholic truth and recognizes heresy as acceptable. Now we cannot surmise what this priestís intentions might be for omitting the document to the underground Church in China but we can surmise that this priest could be a vessel to lead souls from a traditional community straight to hell. And this statement reminds me of what my dear wife said when I asked her to tell me what she remembered of his sermon which was the following:

    "You are right he also said he was hiding from his bishop and that he is not concerned about the motu mass and he could not implement it if he wanted to. That is pretty much it and he was laughing about it all. Which to me I hate to say it and out of no disrespect but laughing souls to hell is what he is doing."

    Amen! My adorable Angel. Amen indeed! Do you think this priest knows that's the impression he's left with so many? From his attitude he'd slough it off because it came from "lay people" who supposedly know nothing. We should be grateful that we have him and buy whatever he says sight unseen. Please, Father, though we are "lay people" we didn't just fall off the turnip truck!

    So to sum up this "traditional" "Catholic" priestís sermon:

He claimed that Ratzinger taught the truth on no salvation outside the Church "as has always been taught", while not mentioning his recanting of what he said on this subject. He failed to mention anything on Father Ratzingerís recent letter to the underground Church in China. He also suggested that the indult is just as good as any Mass in Latin. He proclaimed as well that we just accept things the way they are and that the Church is not meant to be perfect (if this be the case now it was always the case) suggesting in my mind that there is no real difference between the pre-conciliar Church and conciliar church and their popes - meaning popes always said and did and approved of unCatholic things in their official capacity as popes, and that we should not be concerned about any such thing.

    With all due respect Father, you will have to be concerned. In fact, be very concerned for the sake of your own soul. As a servant of servants, as a consecrated priest you have accepted a grave responsibility of caring for souls. Do you really want to hear God say "so what" to you when you try to make excuses? "But I said, 'Lord, Lord' and preached from the pulpit." And God will say "so what" which translates to "Not every one that saith to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven: but he that doth the will of My Father, Who is in Heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Many will say to Me in that day: Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name, and cast out devils in Thy name, and done many wonderful works in Thy name? And then will I profess unto them: I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity" (Matthew 7: 21-23).

    Think about that, Father, before cavalierly dismissing Catholic truth with a shrug and "so what."

John Gregory

        "Catholics who remain faithful to Tradition, even if they are reduced to but a handful, they are THE TRUE CHURCH"
        Saint Athanasius, "Apostle of Tradition" AD 373

    August 16, 2007
    vol 18, no. 228
    Faithful to Tradition