"By their fruits you shall know them" (apr22btf.htm)

April 22, 2007
vol 18, no. 112

Institutionalized Idiocy

Erven E. Park

from his acclaimed "The Fruit Inspector Chronicles"

The Disordered "Politically Correct" and Their Kind

    The Verbal and Thought Engineers of Hades have dumbed down the masses and anesthetized their consciences through intimidation where those who take sides have grown timid and fearful of offending man's sensibilities without realizing that they have greatly offended God's sensibilities. It is truly amazing that so many have forgotten that for every action there are consequences. If we have any doubts, just look at the last 25 years how fast AIDS has spread via the perversion of sodomy. Look at the equally passionate effort to cover this up and place blame elsewhere. Look at how absolutes have been sacrificed in order to turn values and virtues upside down by making everything gray and, in the process, greatly incur the wrath of God. Do we really want to become the bile of Babel and Babylon as our Lord has warned in Apocalypse 3:16? If not, then what are we going to do about it?

      "Acquiescing does not mean our promulgating or approving debauchery but rather our affording its passage by our blameworthy and damnable silence. There is nothing new related in the above. We have all been exposed to the progression of this folly for years and there is absolutely no doubting as to the deadly degradation of our own society that holds forth today in numbing certainty. We plead personal exoneration in the convincing of ourselves that this degeneration has nothing of our responsibility. Why then, is General Honore's indignant response ('stuck on stupid') to those exhibiting asinine behavior so unique today when 40 years ago the majority of our citizenry would have reacted spontaneously in the same righteous manner for no other reason than such behavior trivialized right reason and simple logic (common sense)?"

    "STUCK ON STUPID!" A totally appropriate imagery coined by the no-nonsense straight talking Lt. General Russel Honore, who was put in charge of straightening out the chaotic New Orleans-Katrina hurricane rescue operations. This occurred in a national TV News interview while addressing certain reporters who were persistent in asking of him questions that were totally ridiculous (politically bent) and unrelated to his responsibilities at hand. Of such persons he announced that he considered them: "stuck on stupid," and thence refused to even respond to their absurd queries. The caustic wisdom made manifest by the general's brusque response; namely that idiocy deserves no recognition and needs to be called for what it is, literally brought down the house. It was the subject of talk shows for some days thereafter.

    I was privileged to have been a personal witness of that edifying news interview on TV and it struck me at the time that the good General had hit upon the perfect metaphor accurately describing the persons and acts of those who have cast off sound reasoning to parrot the mindless mouthing and vacuous ideologies of the so-called "politically correct."

    Indeed, it goes well beyond that. It accurately describes a collective psychosis that has come into being on a mass scale that has the very real potential of destroying a society. Please do not think this assertion as being shock therapy in order to get your attention. Let me ask this very logical question: What are the obvious consequences of inverting reality? By such acts you pass from the sphere of truth (actuality) to that of delusion 1 which is a factual form of mental derangement. (1 Delusion- al: Something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated; a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self.) In the crucial realm of ethics (governing right from wrong), such a mental disorder existing in many has no other potential than that of chaos.

    Now all societies do, and always have had, their populations of individuals and sects who are committed to truly irrational beliefs and assertions on any number of subjects, but their very irrationality served to steering normal and coherent persons into shunning such bizarre behavior. Indeed, to get yourself caught up in such foolishness amounted to being stuck on stupid!

    However, when such irrationality, which has come to be known as "political correctness," starts holding forth and asserting legitimacy in official societal institutions, such as that of Civil Government, the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Education, etc., then those possessing sanity had better start taking immediate and serious notice. In such a milieu you have the budding of no less than a state of anarchy (moral lawlessness). The reality of this Orwellian debacle has now openly surfaced in the United Kingdom and Canada. Specifically that is: People are now being civilly prosecuted for publicly pronouncing against evils, which have been known as such for centuries. This because certain vocally uncontested partisan ideologues arbitrarily postulate that which has always been known as evil is no longer such (?). These same absurd ideologues acquire the acquiescence of the degenerate, found in all stations of life, who see this compromising of evil as affording them greater licenses for their own immoral appetites. Never forget, those citizens who turn their heads on debauchery, for example, are themselves participants in those same transgressions in some form or another. This collective depravity referred to as "political correctness" is not a happenstance phenomenon. Indeed, immorality is a real force that no prudent person would ever disregard casually. Prideful men who have and do spend their lives and fortune devoted to efforts whose purpose is none other than that of justifying a harmful, if not devastating depravity that they have an addiction for and of which they have no inclination to purge themselves. 2 (2 "… Because the light is come into the world, and men loved darkness (sin) rather than the light: for their works were evil." John 3: 19) Their iniquity, of course, will never ever be alluded to by themselves in any of their external discourse.

    Whereas Adam and Eve sought to lose themselves from God in the forest after rejecting His life-giving counsel, the modern day reprobate seeks to lose himself from God in the masses. "He who abandons the supernatural will inevitably fall into the unnatural!" G. K. Chesterton

    What is factually being uprooted with this "political correctness" gibberish then is TRUTH, without which reality dissolves and delusion emerges. No society or civilization will long survive where such insanity is allowed to give direction to its peoples. "Political correctness" is a polyglot term, which for the purpose of accuracy should be reduced to the more proper terminologies of: LYING for the purpose of DECEPTION. Persons who accommodate lying are habitually dishonest. Any practitioner of, or apologizer for falsehood, is by that act a dishonorable person as well as a subversive citizen in that they are destructive of the common good. For those who would exclaim: "who is to judge truth from falsehood," there is the fail-safe testimony known as CONSEQUENCES! Every truth and every falsehood has a consequence (good or evil) that always follows from its application - I REPEAT ALWAYS! To deny these consequences does not in the least deter from their coming about. "By their fruits you shall know them" St. Matthew 7: 16.

    Those of the self delusional will look to evil acts as a zero sum event, falsely reasoning that the acts and their consequences only accrue to the participants. A national example of this perfidious logic is exemplified by the popular Radio and TV commentator, Bill O'Reilly, claiming to be a Catholic, who on many occasions has publicly stated that he personally sees no wrong with the sodomite coupling of consenting parties nor in their being granted marital status. Such rationalizing, of course, is predicated on the premise that destructive consequences do not proceed beyond those directly involved in this "filthy" 3 activity. (3 Romans 1: 27) This, of course, flies in the face of all empirical facts recorded over centuries testifying to the exact opposite.

    Immoral acts violating the natural law are never contained by closed doors or so-called bedroom "privacy". They are societal violations that emerge from their lairs of iniquity and redound to that society as a whole. Moreover, the consequences are accumulative and the more God's laws are abused and debased the more lethal becomes the retribution that will be exacted from that society - read Sodom and Gomorrah and the lost civilizations whose only witness today is their catastrophic ruins! 4 (4 e.g. Pompeii and its sister city Herculaneum which were buried by the ash from the eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius (79 AD), were Roman cities given over to sexual licentiousness (homosexual and heterosexual), that were completely destroyed with very few individuals escaping.)

    One very explicit and horrifying example of the ripple~cascade effect of so-called private moral debauchery having very public consequences is the deadly venereal disease AIDS. To begin with, ALL venereal diseases have their origin, and are the direct consequence of immoral sexual activity. Science has posited that the deadly AIDS virus was initially formed and incubated in the anal tract of men engaging in sodomy (anal sex) one with the other. Indeed, when AIDS was first identified in 1981 it was given the designation: Gay Related Immunodeficiency Disease (GRID). All of those first identified with AID's were active sodomites beginning with Patient Zero, a French Canadian flight attendant by the name of Gaetan Dugas. Since many male homosexuals were intravenous drug users and frequent blood donors, the blood supply was quickly tainted. Suddenly hemophiliacs, totally innocent victims who needed Factor VIII which was extracted from the whole blood of thousands of donors, came down with the disease. July 1982 saw the first reports of AIDS among hemophiliacs and injection drug users (IDUs). In January 1983 the CDC reported the first case of heterosexual transmission. For those lecturing that AIDS had its origin with a species of monkeys' in Africa, their motives can only be that of premeditated immoral deception or ideological stupidity. AIDS is a venereal disease, and its origins stem directly from aberrant venereal activity.

    So what are the public consequences of the decadent activities of those demanding autonomy under the snake oil mantle of "privacy?" The suffering and death, physically and spiritually, that shall generate from this progeny of the buggerhood (AIDS) will parallel if not exceed those of the worst plagues ever visited upon mankind. This is to say nothing of the billions of dollars drained from national treasuries worldwide directly related to confronting the AIDS infestation. Like and kind horror stories are directly appended to other moral aberrations such as abortion, promiscuity, prostitution, euthanasia, no-fault divorce, pornography, on and on! What does that tell you about Mr. O'Reilly's no fault consequences?

To what extent do these lethal aberrations exist because of yours and my acquiescing to them?

    Acquiescing does not mean our promulgating or approving debauchery but rather our affording its passage by our blameworthy and damnable silence. There is nothing new related in the above. We have all been exposed to the progression of this folly for years and there is absolutely no doubting as to the deadly degradation of our own society that holds forth today in numbing certainty. We plead personal exoneration in the convincing of ourselves that this degeneration has nothing of our responsibility. Why then, is General Honore's indignant response ("stuck on stupid") to those exhibiting asinine behavior so unique today when 40 years ago the majority of our citizenry would have reacted spontaneously in the same righteous manner for no other reason than such behavior trivialized right reason and simple logic (common sense)?

    Before addressing causes more in depth, it must be noted that the greatest menace confronting our civilization today is not the certified degenerates' hardened in their lusts by their bounteous self love (idolatry) which possess their beings. These reprobate persons become empowered only when the good citizenry allow it to happen via means of their inaction and irresponsible lack of concern.

    As is required of most reflections given to addressing and correcting error or misdirection, the first step should be that of a return to fundamentals. One of the curses of our age - the so-called "information age," - is to become hopelessly mired in the overload of slogans and sound bites, represented as reality, inundating us from every medium possible. We are goaded to sophisticating black and white to where it becomes an indistinguishable gray miasma. Indeed, most become habituated to this cerebral no-man's-land and it is the spawning ground of the Church's most lethal enemy - INDIFFERENCE! The Indifferent are those who are the most offensive to God for as Christ warned the Church of Laodicea: "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold, nor hot. I would thou wert cold, or hot. But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth" Apoc. 3: 15-16 DRV.

    As in so many things, the Bible is an unerring instrument in reigning in our intellectual wanderlust, and most importantly, retrieving us to TRUTH - another term for REALITY. BASICS: Good and Evil - Right from Wrong - Black and White. Can it be that simple? It is more than that, it is the Biblical standard!

    "Whoever is not with Me is against Me…" St. Luke 11: 23.
    "Let your 'Yes' mean 'Yes' and your "No' mean 'No.' Any more is from the evil one." St. Matthew 5: 37 NAB.

    Otherwise, evil is always evil and any "tolerance" given to it translates to an intolerance of good! If evil is not resisted, God shall see to it that that very evil shall come to subjugate the passive whose lukewarm deportment allowed for its advancement. "That they might know that by what things a man sinneth, by the same also he is tormented." Wisdom 11:17 DRV.

    Positioning yourself on the "yellow" line in the middle of the road is a very dangerous place indeed. You become offensive to God and at the same time an attraction of Satan and his demons. Double jeopardy at its most lethal.

    As to those who habitually seek refuge in pointing to Christ's turning His "other cheek" in the face of confrontation, we would remind them that Christ did so when He was taking on our own sins so that He may make restitution for them in the shedding of His Own blood. It was quite another thing when Christ employed His wrath in confronting the evil ones defiling His Father's temple or the public tongue lashing He inflicted upon those, such as the Pharisees' teaching falsely. Christ is anything but "lukewarm" on any subject - His "yes" means yes, and His "no" means no!

    Some will ask: "Just what qualifies one as the 'lukewarm' in the eyes of God?" It is we who do not take a stand, one way or the other, on good and evil. Indeed, Christ sees more hope in you if you take a stand for evil than if you take no position at all.

    Moreover, if the evil has surfaced in the public realm, it is our responsibility to publicly confront it. Very few of us have ready access to public forums but all of us can make our concerns known to those to whom we have discourse, or to mediums having jurisdictions and influence in the sphere of morals.

    Not only is this righteous activism necessary now more than ever, I am going to suggest we adopt General Honore's cuttingly incisive metaphor in combating the jargons of idiocy we are being showered with daily. Otherwise let us employ no hesitation in assertively informing the infernal mouthpieces of abominable error that they are STUCK ON STUPID! "Res ipsa loquitur" (the thing speaks for itself).

    As an aside, but entirely germane to the above discussion, there is one final observation I want to make. On the occasion of General Honore's appearance on TV, it was strikingly evident that not only was he the man in command, he was a man in the whole sense of the word. There is absolutely nothing "girly" about General Honore. I know I am speaking for legions of Catholics' when I relate that I am weary to death of being witness to girly bishops and girly clergy being wheeled before us with their girly mutilations and bogus run-arounds on ethics. Such is to generate within you the same response as that of Christ in His physical reactions to the comportment of the "lukewarm."

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    April 22, 2007
    vol 18, no. 112
    "By their fruits you shall know them"