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May 6, 2006
vol 17, no. 113
Blasphemous Filth Proves Satan is Desperate!

The rotten and poisonous fruit of the vile play "Mary, Like a Virgin", playing during Our Lady's Month in the Big Apple, is more evidence of society's complicity with the devil in staging another vile depiction that shows so clearly just how agitated and base the devil is in mocking the Woman, the very Immaculate one who will crush his head.

    Off-Broadway the crowds gather to see filth and blasphemy as the path to hell grows wider by the day. In this Month of Mary, those who have sold their souls seek to mock the Most Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary by participating in, by their attendance or by failing to protest, a scurrilous, flippant, sacrilegious play which portrays Our Lady as a modernist woman in the vile portrayal of Mary by a perverted drag-queen. Nothing like making God madder! Over 500 Traditional Catholics showed up on May 4th and stood strongly against this blasphemous play with an Act of Reparation Rosary Rally while the rest of the world blithely continues to laugh it all off in their lukewarm state of infernal ennui, blindness and denial of eternal Truth.
      "Given its vile content and the twisted background of the fool who portrays Mary, the only thing that we should read into this rubbish is that we have yet another sign that the devil is truly grasping for straws now. When The Queen of Heaven is mocked by a drag queen, can the wrath of God be far behind against those doing the mockery, those supporting it, and the city from which this foul display spews? Already a cesspool of abortion and libertine living, The Big Apple seems aptly named because it is increasingly not unlike the big apple that seduced Adam and Eve into their fall. In both cases the apple is rotten and its fruits are merely sin, death and perdition; indeed, a most poisonous apple."


    I remember a former coach of mine once telling me that you can sense desperation in an opponent when they resort to increasingly low tactics. When an opponent begins to inflict blatant and despicable fouls, know full well that he is scratching from the depths of defeat. What is true in the soccer field is true in the field of life and in the field of this lost society. No better example of this is needed than in the case of the despicable, blasphemous and abominable trash propped up as entertainment called "Mary, Like a Virgin".

    Only a relatively small contingent of true Catholics felt it important enough to turn out in front of the seedy off-Broadway Dillon's Lounge between 8th and Broadway in the 254th block pf West 54th Street on Thursday night May 4th to protest this vile blasphemy with the kind of weapon lost on most Catholics today: An Act of Reparation and Rosary Rally as atonement for the extreme blasphemies performed on stage against The Mother of God. Except for a noble turn-out of well-over 500 Traditional Catholics, led by Father Gerardo Zendejas of the Society of Saint Pius X, three other Traditional priests in surplice and cassock, and parishioners from St. Ignatius Retreat House, St. Christopher's Mission, St. Jude's Chapel, St. Michael the Archangel Chapel, St. Anthony of Padua Mission, and several other Traditional communities in the New York area, the rest of civilization from the "Big Apple" - as New York City is known - and a fast-becoming Godless nation, which has ascribed to abortion, perversion and every other kind of sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, ignored this sacrilegious display of anti-Catholicism in typical "so what" fashion with even the media taking a holiday. Such is the state of the lukewarm souls today. Were this a gathering of ten sodomites protesting, all major networks would have been there! Need I say more?

    Anyone who loves and honors The Blessed Mother should have no doubt that She has been and will continue to be a Prime Target of Satan in his pathetic attempt to snare salvation from countless souls. Tragically, I do not say "pathetic" because such efforts will be entirely unsuccessful since indeed many will fall. Rather, I use the word "pathetic" because ultimately the devil will lose the war even though he has claimed several battles.

The Sewage

    What is this sacrilegious act that has received no media coverage for its utter blasphemy? An hour and a half one-person play that has many clueless theater-goers and reviewers giddy with humorous, sadistic delight. Satan has a way of saturating souls into believing Christianity is a superstition and the more it is mocked, the better those scorners will feel. Remember my last column about Lukewarm Sewage and the fact misery loves company?

    This sacrilegious spectacle proposes to be a true confession by Our Blessed Mother telling the audience Her true feelings about such things as Her relationship with God ("girlfriend"), the birth of Christ, her relationship with St. Joseph ("Joey"), and what happened after Christ's death. During this rubbish the character playing The Virgin Mary sings parodies, plays with a chalice, details a life in show business and reveals having an eating disorder!

    Making its debut on April 27, apparently, this garbage is to be presented every Thursday until May 18th at Dillon's Lounge in New York City. It is ironic that this filth is presented on a day when Our Lord instituted The Eucharist and The Sacred Mass, when He was betrayed, and when He was seized by evil men. Clearly the devil is versed in irony and mockery for he is the lowest proponent of same.

    From what I have painfully read, this vile filth is simply a 90-minute mockery, defamation and defilement of Our Heavenly Mother. It is a blatant and blasphemous hit job on The Incarnation. It manages to shower disrespect at so much of what is central to The Catholic Faith that one wonders if the devil himself directed the trash. Given what this waste is about and how it mocks at the heart of our Catholic faith, it is clear that Satan is the director, producer, technical assistant and gleeful ticket agent. At the center of this slime is the character who plays Mary, and nothing needs to be said beyond what is described below.

The Servant of Satan

    Our Blessed Mother is played by a transvestite homosexual named Braden Chapman, a 23-year old described as "an emerging drag artist." It turns out that Chapman has been working and performing this piece of garbage for two years, which critics call a "journey by playwright/performer Braden Chapman." A little research revealed that Chapman became homeless after the divorce of his parents and lived in the street for some time. He was eventually taken in and raised by two lesbians. He is obviously interested in performance of all types, and there is no doubt that he is aiming for a long run in hell.

    From what I can tell, Our Blessed Mother is not portrayed as a transvestite but, more accurately given Chapman's notoriety, by a transvestite. Certainly, this distinction does not matter in the midst of the sordid sea of sacrilegious sewage that sweeps across the stage suggesting semblance to anything sacred.

    I consider Chapman nothing but a servant of Satan, an underling clown carrying out the work of the devil. In a society that raises all manner of foul trash to the heights of talent, novelty and genius, this trivial fool is simply doing an audition for one of the open positions of jester of hell for which, sadly, there will be many spots.

    Everything about this young perverted man indicates that he is one of those people whose "talent" could only have seen the light of day during pagan times or in the present age of twisted and deformed morality and taste. He is but a mere clueless victim of the devil's influence, carrying out a mob hit on The Most Blessed Mother of Christ. I feel more sorrow than anger at this sordid imbecile for he is a product of a morbidly perverted society that is so morally deformed as to create space for such utter trash. Considering this was staged on the feast of Saint Monica who prayed for her son Augustine to turn from his evil ways and apply his talents for God's greater honor and glory, perhaps we could all pray for Chapman that he will awake from his perditious ways and apply his talents for the same. Indeed, hope can spring eternal.

The Selective Slander

    Anyone with any sense of the devil's methods should know that he aims most furiously precisely at that which he considers most sacred. In this context, it makes satanic sense that the Incarnation, which is the ultimate touch of God's love for mankind, should therefore be the target of the forces of hell.

    Beyond the obvious blasphemy of this garbage, however, one sees the hypocrisy of this lost society. Imagine a similar play mocking Mohammed. Mr. Chapman's life much less his so-called artistic career would close before reviews were in. In fact, such a thing would never get off the ground since the media and liberal forces would be scandalized by the offense to Moslems. Attack our Divine Faith, however, and you get reviews and a run longer than a few minutes.

    Moving beyond the sacred, imagine a similar play mocking Betty Friedan or Hillary Clinton, for example, and you would see a great backlash and a sorry ending. Mock The Mother of God, however, and you have so-called art as we saw in The Brooklyn Museum's dung depiction of Mary.

    Finally, I never cease to be amused by the incessant claims of radical homosexuals that they are the victims and targets of bias, mockery, hatred, disrespect and abuse. Yet these same people have no problems mocking, disrespecting and spitting upon what others call sacred. It is precisely this kind of hypocrisy that allows Chapman to spread his drivel unto sacred ground while he most likely has a book to write about being disrespected.


    The devil is nothing if not ironic and the fact that the blasphemous filth called "Mary, Like a Virgin" in which a transvestite in revealing clothing mocks The Blessed Mother, The Incarnation, and piles blasphemy upon blasphemy upon our Faith should run into May, the month of The Heavenly Mother, is no exception to this satanic irony.

    Given its vile content and the twisted background of the fool who portrays Mary, the only thing that we should read into this rubbish is that we have yet another sign that the devil is truly grasping for straws now. When The Queen of Heaven is mocked by a drag queen, can the wrath of God be far behind against those doing the mockery, those supporting it, and the city from which this foul display spews? Already a cesspool of abortion and libertine living, The Big Apple seems aptly named because it is increasingly not unlike the big apple that seduced Adam and Eve into their fall. In both cases the apple is rotten and its fruits are merely sin, death and perdition; indeed, a most poisonous apple.

    Yes, the dragon is losing and he very well knows it as shown by this latest swipe at Heaven. Well, the only review that matters is in and this show, like the trivial imbecile performing it, will close its run. Braden Chapman, the aforementioned imbecile, was once seen tearing outside another theatre disaster, Rosie O'Donnell's "Taboo" starring Boy George. O'Donnell sank 10 million dollars into this losing catastrophe but Chapman, described as wearing heavy mascara and rhinestone earrings declared that he had seen the show three times. Clearly, given the pathetic ticket sales of "Taboo" and the seemingly small group of actual fans of that show, one wonders if even the small amount of tickets sold were not purchased by an even smaller group of repeat morons like Chapman.

    Out of the mouths of babes and imbeciles comes more truth than requires elaboration. Asked what he liked about O'Donnell's disaster, Chapman told reporters, "The affirmation it gives to people that it is OK to be weird." Well, consistent with that theme, Chapman's was apparently so inspired by O'Donnell's trash that he decided to create some of his own and, sure enough, his filth likewise provides an apparent affirmation to people that it is OK to go to hell as well! Satan is indeed desperate!

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Living on the western time zone, we offered our Rosaries in concert with the Traditional Catholics gathering for the Act of Reparation Rosary Rally Thursday night. This editor, incensed as much as Gabriel and other Traditional Catholics, researched a little more and found the following review that shows the mindset of so many theater-goers today and why they'll flock to see The Da Vinci Code and be sucked in by the outright lies and blasphemy against Christianity and all we hold sacred. Following is the review by a person called Eva Sandoval for L Magazine and, following that, my curt parody of a review on her values:
      Mary, Like a Virgin: A Divine Musical Experience By Eva Sandoval

         The spangly blue and white robes of her “Salvation Armani dress” plunge to showcase her bosom and are cut high at the thigh to reveal shapely gams; she belts popular song parodies, quaffs from a sacramental cup in between wry jokes and stores half-eaten snacks in a basket holding Jesus’ childhood artwork. This is the Virgin Mary — brought to you by drag artist “Mimi Imfurst” Braden Chapman for a lounge act “confession.” Sound just warped enough to work? Well, it certainly is warped, if the aforementioned bosom didn’t clue you in (for those who like their Mary praised in novenas and crowned with May flowers, you’ve been warned). But is it divine? Yes and no. The show’s concept is the star here, long on tantalizing premise but a little short on substance. The parodies range from the expected take on ‘Like a Virgin’ (the choruses punctuated by self-satisfied ‘Pop!’s) to a play on ‘Hey Ya’ (‘Shake it like a Passover Seder’), numbers which were sometimes funny, but I like a little more from my blasphemy; I’d hoped for more lyrical wit, more energy, more of the revelations hinted at in the press release. The tell-all feels incomplete, touching on a lust for fame and food but focusing mainly on Mary’s pact with God and love for “Joey” when there’s potentially much more Virgin to explore (a Jewish mother’s rage against the Pharisees, perhaps?). Still, this is a fun show — light, twisted and sometimes inspired. The lounge’s bar can only help make it sweeter.

Following is this editor's response to such cluelessness and infernal stupidity by parodying her review above:
    Review of "Sandoval, like a Sandbox" playing at Dillon's Lizard Lounge

       This play is about a clueless reviewer who thinks "fun" is mocking someone who, ever Immaculate, is dearly loved by millions upon millions of Catholics - not worshipped, but loved and venerated just as Christ loved and venerated His Blessed Mother. Just who thinks God will not mind that the very treasured human whom He created immaculate from all time and chose to be the living Tabernacle to house the Ark of the Covenant - the Son of God, Jesus Christ - won't mind being mocked? Were this a play about Jews, the doors would never have opened at Dillon's Lounge. Were this a play about Sodomites, all of Broadway would protest and twist it in the same manner as their perverted lifestyle serves them. Were this a play about blacks, Jesse Jackson would be on Dillon's doorstep. But this is a play about a Spanish immigrant whose first name is Eva which means Eve as in the Garden of Eden. She too was deceived by the wily, wicked serpent to betray God and coax another to sin. This modern Eva coaxes others to sin and to place their souls in jeopardy by taunting God in attending a production that is no divine musical experience, but something right out of Dante's Inferno. The black folds of Eva's "Damnation Dummy" dress plunge to reveal a dark soul lost in the glitz of temporal trash for she does not realize the fact that, to her Creator, there is nothing funny in what she perceives to be songs, parodies and satire that mock Him Who gave Eva the very air she breathes and the lungs to do so. Eva fails to realize any "confession" cannot be so without a sincere penitence as Christ said, "go and sin no more." Eva fails to remember that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity did not say, "go, have fun, sin all you want," but rather "SIN NO MORE!" Eva fails to realize what sin is. This production "Sandoval, like a Sandbox" falls far short because the author of this bilge forgot to apply the Ten Commandments of the Judaeo-Christian ethic which has sustained civilization for millennias. Is her production divine? Definitely not! Is it aided by the galleries of gehenna? Definitely! This is evident from the opening "spangly" patter and continues through to her debasement of "Joey", most likely because she has so much disregard for a chaste spouse such as Joseph - NOT "Joey" - who honors, out of his love for God, a chosen virgin's chastity and is so chivalrous and fatherly as to be the paternal guidance on earth for the Son of God. These honored saints believe something that has entirely escaped Eva: they believe there is an everlasting reward by fulfilling the divine Will. This is something that has been passed down to all but the clueless dupes who spent any of their hard-earned money on such rubbish as "Sandoval, like a Sandbox." This reviewer has heard that Eva has a penchant for drag-queens and thus elevates Braden Chapman but does she realize he is the devil in disguise or is she really the drug-queen so sedated by seditiousness? In her praise of such rubbish, she has pushed the envelope of perdition. Even for Eva it is not enough to save her from being the blasphemy she really relishes which says volumes about "Sandoval, like a Sandbox." Built on the sands of sediment and excrement, it sifts into oblivion. Twisted? yes! Light? Hardly! Inspired? By the demon himself. Thumbs down on "Sandoval, like a Sandbox" but then you already knew that it's time to change the litter. Here, kitty, kitty. Time to flush "Sandoval, like a Sandbox" down the commode into the bilgeous, rank sewer where it belongs. Oh, Eva, be sure to wash your hands, but more importantly, your soul...or should we say: Lava sus manos y alma!

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    Gabriel's Clarion
    May 6, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 113