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May 27, 2006
vol 17, no. 134

Pomp and Circumstances that have Consequences

    From one Tommy to another: Wise up!

    As an alumnus of the College of St. Thomas Aquinas high above the banks of the Mississippi in St. Paul, this editor felt it necessary to write an open letter to Mr. Tommy 2006. While many, including the editor of Catholic World News Domenico Bettinelli, applauded Benjamin Kessler for preaching the gospel at commencement exercises last Saturday, we listened to a tape of his commencement address and found reference to the Gospel of Christ totally missing. Rather it was the gospel of humanism Ben was preaching and his words only muddled the works; all the more reason for clarity and truth to be expressed when the gods of political correctness demand apologies be made to the intolerant at the altar of tolerance and diversity. Sadly, Ben was only feeding the frenzy known as Masonic modernism. One has to ask, is this any way to prepare priests?

    From one Tommy to another Tommy - Mr. Tommy no less - you blew it! This is an open letter to Benjamin Kessler, selected as Mr. Tommy for 2006 by his classmates and faculty of St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota and thus duly chosen to give the commencement address one week ago at the campus football stadium. This reply comes from a fellow St. Thomas alumnus 41 years prior when College of St. Thomas or STC, as it was called then, was still Catholic in many ways. Today, whether it is called College of St. Thomas or St. Thomas University or University of St. Thomas it is anything but Catholic, and yet it is no different than all other so-called 'Catholic' colleges. Sadly, there is not one truly Catholic College anywhere in the United States today other than the liberal arts program at the Society of St. Pius X's St. Mary's College in Kansas and their traditional seminary courses in Winona and the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen's major seminary in Omaha, to name a few of the more notable ones, and, of course, the correspondence courses of Christ the King College. Other than that: nada!

    Let me say first of all, Ben, congratulations on the honor of being selected Mr. Tommy. It is the ultimate scholastic honor at St. Thomas Aquinas. I didn't come close four decades or so ago. That honor went to senior Tom Raih back in 1965. He wasn't on the football team as you were, but he was captain of the basketball Tigers and was instrumental in the rebuilding phase that helped the cagers win 8 straight. But that's college life then. Back then St. Thomas wasn't co-ed yet. Just hard-studying heterosexual fellows intent on getting an education and establishing a career. For social activities we all looked to St. Catherine's down the street from Summit and Cretin. Many good wives came out of heavily-chaperoned St. Kate's as well as many "lemons". True Tommies will understand that phrase. But true Tommies would both applaud you and rebuke you, Ben, for your comments at the commencement exercises on Saturday afternoon May 20, 2006. Many would applaud you for having the courage of your convictions to speak out against selfishness which is embodied in the heresies and anathemas spewed today, the very sins of modern society. Should you be surprised at the boos, catcalls and curses? Didn't our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forewarn us this would happen?

    And while, as the Pioneer Press slanted, the year 2006 has been filled with controversy it really was no different from 1965 when the president of the College Monsignor James P. Shannon was elevated to the bishopric by Archbishop Leo Binz and then promptly left with his secretary for the "good life", leaving Monsignor Terrence J. Murphy to pick up the pieces as the next prez. Do you think, in retrospect, Shannon regrets that temporal temptation today? I would think he does from either his perch in Purgatory or his permanent residence in hell. And years from now do you think, in retrospect, you'll regret, after your speech, for apologizing at the altar of tolerance and diversity to the intolerant ones?

    You say you want to be a priest. That is laudable, but if you are truly sincere, then you'll want to be a true priest and that is not possible in the seminary you are planning to attend in Madison, Wisconsin. Nor is it possible in the Archdiocese of the Twin Cities nor anywhere else in any diocese under the jurisdiction of modern Rome. That is because, like the Anglicans, the order of ordination has been invalid for the past 38 years. See Sacramentum Ordinis if you don't believe me. Blame it on a fellow named Giovanni Montini who dared to alter a divinely-ordained sacrament. No pope has that power and while he was altering the sacraments, he also altered the altar - right out of existence with the Protestant table that now takes front-and-center in every Novus Ordo lodge that passes as a modern 'Catholic' community today where is celebrated the Protestant notion of the Eucharistic Banquet and sacrifice is totally abandoned. No, Ben, that is definitely not Catholic and that is why community is stressed so.

    Ah, yes, community. I could see from your nervous speech to your fellow students, faculty and guests that you had been properly brainwashed in that concept and it was sad because you had the stage, the perfect opportunity to state unequivocally Catholic truth without compromise or apology; to stand tall for upholding the Ten Commandments. You came close, but I didn't hear one word about those edicts from God. In fact, I didn't hear mention of God once. Is that part of the "New Evangelization" you've been taught? What I did hear was that humanistic hubris when you equated selflessness with Ghandi and Martin Luther King before ever mentioning the only totally selfless Person Who ever lived: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please don't place political correct icons like Ghandi, MLK or any other non-Catholic in the same vein as Christ or the saints who gave of themselves without regard for the feelings of the community or human respect. Do you think the Cure of Ars Saint John Marie Vianney cared what the "community" thought when he preached sternly against sin? Do you think Saint Athanasius cared about offending sinners when he preached against Arianism? Or Saint Teresa of Avila against the laxity among the religious in her crusade to reform the Carmelites? Or Saint Thomas More when faced with a choice of living high on the hog with full approval of the king or facing certain death by choosing the narrow path laid out by the only King? Every one of these saints feared offending God above all. By not speaking out against sin, one greatly offends the Almighty.

    You did mention Saint Thomas Aquinas, patron of the university, and you know he would have syllogized your argument right into the dust bin and has with his Summa Theologica. I would hope to God they still teach the Summa at St. Thomas, but then it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't considering the progressivist curriculum in higher institutions today. St. Thomas used to be an excellent Catholic Liberal Arts college. It was there that I attended daily Mass often offered by Father Robert Vashro, Dean of Students, while honing my journalistic skills as a student staff member of the daily paper The Aquin and the year book The Aquinas under the tutelage of Father James W. Whalen and Richard Conklin, and while minoring in history, most notably Church history, under Monsignor Nicholas Moelter and Dr. Herman J. Schauinger. Today, I doubt you'd find one priest as a professor and the aforementioned are most probably gone to their respective destinations determined on how they lived and died. It prompts one to pray for their souls since so many have forgotten the Church Suffering.

    And speaking of the Communion of Saints, you came so close to standing up for the Church Militant with the enemy in your midst booing. What did you expect them to do when you attacked their comfort zones, applaud you? No way. They'll fight to keep on sinning, but they don't consider it a sin for the very reason that your yellow-spined president 'Father' Dennis Dease expressed regret that the offenders were offended. Oh, God forbid that a sinner should be rebuked today. Dease's comments that your remarks were inappropriate says volumes about his loyalty to Christ. Consider his comments at released this past Monday, which, sadly, was in concert with your coerced apology:

    "I have shared my sentiments with Mr. Kessler that it was not appropriate for him to use the commencement exercises as a venue to express his opinions on several issues."

Spoken like a true politically correct modernist. Has anyone reminded Dennis Dease that Catholic dogma is not opinion, but truth that is not open to debate. Did not Christ say to speak the truth at all times? Do you see, Ben, the great contradiction and obvious evidence that Dease is not Catholic? Saint Paul entreats every Catholic in 2 Timothy 4: 2 to "Preach the word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove, entreat, rebuke with all patience and doctrine." It was appropriate for you to reprove, entreat and rebuke, if only you had pounced on the opportunity. Dease also said:

    "I had hoped that he would focus on the accomplishments of his fellow graduates and challenge them to continue their efforts 'to advance the common good,' as our mission statement urges."

Again, more visible proof that Dease and St. Thomas University is not providing Catholic truth. What does Dease want you to do, condone the sins of the your fellow graduates? How can there be any "accomplishments" when the foundation of faith has been undermined. If Dease and St. Thomas University insist they are teaching Catholicism, then you have a fraud law suit that will make you rich by demanding a refund and damages for four years of deceit. The great bugaboo that exposes every modernist and humanist, that reveals Masonic bent is "to advance the common good." Since when did our Lord or the Apostles or any saint or previous reliable Pope prior to Vatican II ever promote the advancement of common good over faith and morals? They did not. What Dease said in rote is the mantra of those who have apostasized from the True Church. But he's still not finished owning up to his own guilt:

    "I regret that the graduates and their families and guests were offended by Mr. Kessler's remarks. Again, I want to congratulate our graduates on their achievements, and I wish them the very best in all of their future endeavors."

Not one mention of God being offended, only man. More proof of the humanistic Masonic creed. And, pray tell, how can there be any real achievements from those who were offended by Catholic truth? The greatest boos came when you brought up the curse of birth control, Ben. I guarantee you those who booed have not achieved a thing except more curry with satan. Their degrees won't mean a thing when they have to account for their actions before the Supreme Judge.

    I realize you were nervous and the catcalls threw off your timing. I don't think any true Catholic has a problem with that, but we have a big problem with you caving to the apostate heretics, most notably Dease, and issuing an unnecessary apology. No doubt you were coerced to do it "to advance the common good." Not good! You blew it, Ben, when you said later:

    "I first would like to apologize to all offended by my words. As I stated in the opening line of my address, graduation is a time to look back and a time to look ahead. On Saturday, I looked back at some issues our university and our society have faced. I then looked ahead and tried to provide hope to all in attendance. Instead of providing hope to all, I offended some by my words and by my decision to speak those words at commencement. I sincerely apologize to each person I offended."

Ben, your backbone just imploded. Is this the way you're going to conduct your sermons by taking great strides not to offend any of your congregation? If that is the case, you're wasting your time even thinking of someday putting on the Roman collar. The problem is too many of those wearing the Roman collar today are afraid of their own shadow and don't want to offend anyone. In doing so, they offend Christ all the more. Do you really want to be a serious perpetual offender? You had nothing to apologize for. In retrospect you should have told Dease flatly what St. Paul exhorted: "For there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and will turn away indeed their hearing from the truth but will be turned to fables" (2 Timothy 4: 3-4). You should have turned the tables on the fables professed by Dease for it lacks all semblance of sound doctrine. If you still have doubts about Dease, his final word nails it that he is no friend of Jesus Christ when he says:

    "I accept Mr. Kessler's apology. I also want to state how important it is for all of us to treat one another with respect as we speak and as we listen, regardless of how controversial an issue may be. The St. Thomas culture has always been one that encourages respect and civility, and I sincerely hope that we can demonstrate that more consistently in the future."

Translated: We must be tolerant of all opinions except those that will expose us as frauds. The so-called tolerant attitude turns downright vicious when any traditional orthodox Catholic points out the errors of the false New Order church that was born at Vatican II and broke from the True Roman Catholic Church and the Successors of Peter through His Holiness Pope Pius XII. Remember when Christ asserted to the multitude in John 6 that unless one eats His flesh and drinks the blood of the Son of God, one cannot have life everlasting and those who walked away? Jesus didn't say "wait, we can dialogue about this, I didn't mean to offend you." No, He said simply to the Apostles in John 6: 68, "Will you also go away?" Peter answered as we should every day: "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life" (John 6: 69) That's what you, Ben, should have told the traitor Dease for he has proven St. Thomas University does not have a president with backbone, let alone any inkling of the Deposit of the Faith or any semblance of sensus Catholicus. He is like every other hierarch in the modern church that subscribes to Vatican II: they are all the hirelings our Lord warned of. They don't care about the sheep and will flee at the first inkling of turmoil. Do you still really want to join their ranks, Ben?

    Think about it. You said there are two kinds of people - the selfless and the selfish. You nailed that, but you missed badly on what the selfless are meant to do and what constitutes a selfless person. You said a selfless person gives of himself for the good of the community. Well, if that's the case, then the Christians should have caved and worshiped the pagan gods of Ancient Rome for that would have greatly enhanced the unity of the community. And were the early Doctors of the Church like Saints Athanasius, Ephrem, Cyril of Jerusalem, Hilary of Poitiers, Gregory Nazianzen, Ambrose, Jerome, John Chrysostom and Augustine truly emptying themselves for the good of the community by preaching firmly against Arianism even though 95% of the bishops had fallen into heresy? Oh, they were emptying themselves selflessly, giving of themselves - not to the community - but rather to God to do with what He wilt and therein strengthening the community against the wiles of the devil. Without God, man can do nothing; can't even begin to do anything. And yet, as I pointed out, during your commencement speech you never once mentioned God! How Masonic of you! Yes, you have been taught well by the neo-cons and the Masonic-Protestant-Pagan ideals of the French and American Revolution. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. But I have a secret for you, Ben, you will not find happiness by truly emptying yourself into the community no matter how much you give, and give, and give. Because without acknowledging the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as the Only Authority, you have played right into the enemy's hands.

    You stood up against birth control, contraception, the sin of instant gratification and yet, you blinked in more ways than one. You didn't come out and call these aggressions what they are: Sins! And as sins they are not only offensive to God, but prevent souls from ever achieving eternal life where is found true happiness; not on this earth. To think one can find "happiness" on this earth is an old-wives tale spun by the very enemies of Christ you have promoted in your humanistic agenda in praising the likes of Ghandi and MLK. If you are, as the Pioneer Press stated, "a devout Catholic" then surely you know about the thrice-defined dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus - "Outside the Church there is no salvation." And yet you contradicted that by equating the humanist idols with the Son of God! That, Ben, is blasphemy.

    Unless one gives of himself totally and selflessly to God, the graces simply wont' be there. You can give and give and give all you want of yourself into your community whether that be the community of St. Thomas, or the Twin Cities, or the Diocese of Madison. It doesn't matter because missing from the equation is the one Component that makes all else possible: One True God as Three Persons in the Triune Divinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I didn't hear that professed? Some say you should have received a standing ovation. I'd say their standards really are low to give Masonic thought a rousing cheer. You came so close, Ben, but totally missed the boat. Are you going to continue to flail at rowboats and canoes as you yourself are capsizing in whatever community you have committed yourself to? You will if you pursue your goals of attending a modernist seminary. Because you have expressed traditional ideas without the framework of solid Catholic truth, you will be opposed by those who fear their own shadows and have so much to hide. You will be opposed by those who don't want to be reminded that sin is still sin and accountable before God. You will be opposed by True Catholics who can see through the veneer of Masonic thought you express even though you yourself may not even be aware of it, so thorough have you been brainwashed by the promoters of the revolution in Paris, Washington D.C. and the modern Vatican.

    Finally, Ben, you have a choice to make. You can continue on your course by taking I-94 into Madison and the seminary there, or you can shorten your path and lengthen your hopes for true selflessness and be more assured of everlasting happiness by putting off your trek east and head south to Winona on Highway 61 to talk with Father Yves LeRoux, Rector of a seminary there that provides what you are looking for but don't realize - an orthodox Catholic education at a seminary that might sound familiar: Saint Thomas Aquinas. Please do not confuse the name with the institution from which you just graduated. That has no semblance of Catholicism left, while the seminary in Winona has no semblance of anything but true Catholicism. Before you go, call him at 507-454-8000. And if you really want a Catholic seminary with none of the modern trappings or baggage whatsoever of any recognition of the modernists' abdicated authority, you might call Bishop Mark Pivarunas at Mary Immaculate Major Seminary in Omaha at (402) 571-4404. It's really not that far and freeway all the way: take I-35 to I-90 in Albert Lea, to Sioux Falls then south on I-29 into Omaha. The seminary is in the 7700 block of Military Avenue; how appropriate for a reminder that we are the Church Militant.

    So if you are truly serious about becoming a priest, a true priest, then you can see your choices. You wanted to give hope to your fellow students, we want to give hope to you - true hope that holy Mother Church expresses to those who are obedient to the infallible, perennial Living Magisterium of the Church as passed down and preserved from Peter through Pius XII. Choose wisely for your own salvation is not only at stake, but the souls of those you want to help. And sooner or later you're going to have to deal with the fact that the man you call a pope isn't even a valid bishop! You could blame it on Montini, but Joseph Ratzinger was in on the ground floor and is the very one who inserted subsists in into Lumen Gentium whereby the Vatican II church came into being and broke from the True Roman Catholic Church. You have a tough decision ahead of you: You can follow in the footsteps of Harry Flynn and his lavender Mafia or Madison's Robert Morlino and be badgered into towing the conciliar line. You've already raised the alarm with modernists that you're too orthodox for the liberals and they'll hound you and harass you until you either comply or walk. Look what they've done to a moderately orthodox priest in 'Father' John Altier. Flynn has exiled him to a nursing home for daring to speak out against the heretical and devious sex-ed program the Minnesota ordinary has employed. Do you really admire these modern potentates? There's no lasting happiness on that path and the more you give, the more they'll take. That's their modus operandi and documented as such over the last 40 years. Or you can take that step that will forever free you from the shackles of your modernist, Masonic thoughts and start you on the road towards holiness in the footsteps of countless saints who gave of themselves selflessly, emptying themselves completely to the will of God. Big difference between pleasing God and pleasing the community.

    If you truly want to live up to the saint who emblazons your parish church in Janesville and the Summit seminary you've been attending - St. John Marie Vianney - you'll wake up to what it really takes to be a priest: honesty and faith, possible only in realizing where the true priesthood lies and why there have been no fruits from the community of Vatican II (cf. Matthew 7: 15-20). If you choose Tradition, you'll see the truths and thank us later. If you choose to remain with the modernist church in apostasy, you'll rue your decision and be apologizing again later. Except you'll be apologizing to your Lord and Master at your particular judgment and there won't be anyone to stand with you. Oh, and you'll also have to account for every soul you influenced. Yes, it might be too late to wait. When it's put like that, the choice would seem rather obvious. But it's up to you, Ben. You have a free will. Choose wisely. At judgment time there may not be a lot of joy because you mistook what's really important for Pomp and Circumstances...circumstances that have consequences.

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

May 27, 2006
vol 16, no. 134
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