GABRIEL'S CLARION (mar8gab.htm)
March 8, 2006
vol 17, no. 54
The Vice Squad: Partners in Crime

Part Five of Virtue & Vice:
The Nine Ways We Participate in the Sins of Others

    Too many like to rationalize that they are not responsible for others and yet by their own counsel, command, consent, participation, silence, provocation, flattery, concealment, or defense of a sin are just as guilty before God. No excuses please. Excuses and alibis come from the venomous serpent of hell who is the lord of rationalization; God doesn't cater to excuses.
      "Obviously, we may give others advice which leads them to sin. If I tell my friend to get revenge against a wrongdoer or suggest that he go to a strip club to relax, I have aided and abetted in his resulting sin. This participation suggests that we respect, appreciate, and guard the power of our suggestions and advice. We not only serve God through what we say and do, but also by what we say to others. There is no middle ground here. Either we serve as a tool for Christ or a tool for the devil."

    According to the teaching of The Catholic Church, sin is not just an isolated event but a result of many variables allowed to stray from God. "No Man is an Island" includes the reality that we rarely sin on our own. In addition to our own sins, we become accomplices in the sins of others in nine ways according to traditional Church teaching. These additional sources of sin should provide us with pause as we approach The Crucified Christ Who hangs as Compensation for our sins.

1. By Counsel

    Obviously, we may give others advice which leads them to sin. If I tell my friend to get revenge against a wrongdoer or suggest that he go to a strip club to relax, I have aided and abetted in his resulting sin. This participation suggests that we respect, appreciate, and guard the power of our suggestions and advice. We not only serve God through what we say and do, but also by what we say to others. There is no middle ground here. Either we serve as a tool for Christ or a tool for the devil.

    In this context we may see how so-called experts and organizations that pretend to be helping people become better or happier but actually advocate, defend, support, and even promote sinful behavior are guilty of great sin. The therapist who tells a patient that a sodomite relationship is healthy and the psychiatric group that declares such conduct perfectly normal cannot wash their hands of this sin. The abortion nurse who advises an abortion or the receptionist who welcomes a mother to be, are parties to murder.

2. By Command

    Beyond suggesting sin, we can order or force people to sin as well. While such an act may relieve the sinner somewhat through reduced voluntary action, it may actually increase the sin of the one commanding the sin since it implies a greater force toward that sin. The captain who orders his men to kill innocent civilians and the politician who forces his aides to help him or her cover up fraud would be examples of this. Here we must keep in mind that one has a duty to refuse such immoral and sinful orders at whatever cost, for God is the only Master that one should be concerned about. When school districts force their schools to teach abominations and perversion, those districts and their leaders are complicit in this sin.

    A judge who orders the killing of innocent preborns under the presumption of the illegal law of abortion is guilty as well, as is the bishop who orders parishioners to send their children to unCatholic sexually explicit sex education courses such as the Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis has done, they are guilty by command.

3. By Consent

    We help others sin when we agree or allow them to sin with us or before our presence. The judge, politician or bishop who goes along with something that goes against God's laws is consenting and this consent usually, especially in the case of politicians and prelates, comes through rationalization and political correctness to conceal the fact that those who know better don't do anything to correct the sinner/s. The New Order church's leaders are especially guilty of this way of participating in the sins of others through the cover-up of the terrible sex-scandals riddled with sodomy at all levels of the church of modern times and modernism.

    When we laugh at a dirty joke or don't attempt to correct the teller of the joke, or remain silent when someone is gossiping, or when we go along with something that is definitely wrong but we feel we'll lose their respect and friendship if we rebuke their actions or walk away, we consent to the sin.

4. By Partaking

    Also, if we take part in sinful conduct or otherwise participate in sinful ritual, we are just as guilty of sin as those actually engaging in the sinful acts. Participating in non-Catholic services, no matter what the modern Vatican might say, is wrong and we are sinning when we take part because we are then denying our Catholicism. That is exactly what the conciliar popes have done in joining non-Catholic worships, even non-Christian worships, worshipping false gods and pagan gods. There is manifest documentation in word and photos for this with the late John Paul II and so many cardinals, past and present in the arid post-conciliar era.

    Politicians who go along with illegal laws and sinful acts against God for "the good of the people" sin when they participate in promoting abortion or same-sex partnerships for those are both sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

5. By Silence

    If we remain silent when a sin is obviously being committed, we are implying that we consent or at least condone such actions and therefore we are actually encouraging the sin itself; oft times the saying "silence is consent" definitely applies here and more sins are multiplied because those who could stop it or alert the public to the wrongs, stay silent for fear of losing respect with mammon. Suppose two divorced people without annulments get married and we attend that wedding. We are partaking, encouraging, and consenting to their actions by attending as guests. Some say that it is ok if one only attends but does not applaud or cheer. Would they say the same thing if a crowd merely watched in silence as a girl was gang raped? I mean, it's not like anyone is cheering or applauding right? Obviously, the rape situation clearly points out that silent presence alone is participation and partaking in sin and should be avoided. People who sin publicly want public approval of their sin for their own comfort. We sin to the extent that we provide that comfort, that public approval. While such people might still sin if nobody showed up at their display, at least then nobody would be participating in their sin!

    What about parties? Are there not many times occasions of sins at these gatherings that can range from mild to bizarre? If we attend these, we have a moral duty to either say something against the actions or, by our leaving the party, show our disapproval. We may not be able to control the actions of others, but we will be responsible for how we act and follow through in standing for truth and decency.

6. By Provocation

    We participate in the sin of others to the extent that we provoke, entice, or lure them into that sin. Making pornographic movies and photos, posing nude, or communicating sinful and lustful messages is spiritual entrapment seeking to not only ensnare others in sin but to profit from that trap. Given this, the person who poses nude participates in thousands of sins and the actors and creators who present sinful movies participate in thousands and maybe millions of sins themselves!! The people behind Brokeback Mountain, The DaVinci Code and publications such as Playboy should take note. We are all weak creatures easily lured and tempted, especially by those trained in such enticements. We will often fall into to these traps, but those who set the traps are participants in our fall and will also be held accountable. Yet we cannot use this as an excuse for we are responsible for our actions and at our Particular Judgment, God will take no excuses.

7. By Praise or Flattery

    Everyone knows that vanity is a vice and leads to sin, but we must also remember that excess praise or flattery leads others to that vanity in the first place. Much sin results from a desire for popularity and praise, so that if that praise and adulation was more restrained and less excessive, much sin could be avoided. There is nothing wrong with praising a job well done or a fine accomplishment, but when that praise becomes excessive it will lead to vanity and sin.

    The whole hero worship of temporal idols such as movie celebrities, sports and singing personalities is totally out of whack and we have placed very fallible people, even very sinful people as our ideal while turning our backs on the ideals that matter such as the holy saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary. If that is not flattery and false praise, I don't know what is and we all know who benefits the most from this. His name is lucifer.

8. By Concealment

    Sin seeks darkness and avoids the light of truth. As soldiers for Christ we must shed light on sin and be thirsty for truth. We cannot, therefore, conceal sin or allow those who engage in sin to fly under the spiritual and social radar screen. This is why speaking the truth and speaking out against evil and sin are merely fulfilling one's duty as a true follower of Him Who did this very well during His ministry. Concealment also means rationalization and justification because attempting to hide sin under the trash of excuses or helping others do so is just another sin in itself.

    The act of concealment is rampant today in almost every diocese with the cover-up of predator presbyters who the bishops know are a danger to souls and still allow them to prey rather than pray. There are also less scandalous but serious matters in everyday business by concealing something or someone who has sinned or continues to sin. If one knows a person is having an affair in the office, snickering or saying "it is none of my business" won't hold any weight with God.

9. By Defense of the Ill Done

    Lastly, to the extent that we attempt to defend evil and sin, we engage in such evil and sin ourselves. It is our duty to speak out against sin and not get mired in the mud of imbecilic claims that it is wrong to judge others. Such talk is a distortion of having mercy and compassion by twisting such compassion into blind tolerance and diluted, lukewarm gibberish. Simply put, there is no defense for an evil such as abortion, and any attempt to even justify such a despicable and vile practice is a sin in and of itself!

    The same holds true for the acceptance of sodomy as an equal right or to be tolerant of; one cannot be tolerant of sin, period! And such a vile sin as that which caused God to destroy two entire cities should wake up the masses that God will not be mocked! But when we defend tolerance and diversity at the expense of God's natural laws and common sense, then we are no better than those citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that is frightening to say the least.

    Finally, Traditional Catholics are often persecuted and calumnated because they have spoken out against sins against the Faith, many of which have occurred by those placed in charge of the New Order church in the last 40 years. The more those, who are guilty, try to twist the truth and cast blame on those Catholics striving to remain faithful to the Sacred Deposit of Faith, the more they are defending the ill done and further indicting themselves before God. In the Act of Faith we say, "I believe these and all the truths which the holy Catholic Church teaches because Thou has revealed them, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." Because we are being deceived by the deceivers it stands to reason who the deceivers really are and we must speak out against sin or become no better than the one committing the sin. Yes, it takes guts to speak out, it takes courage that can only come from a strong commitment for Christ and the Faith He established on the Rock of Peter.


    As we approach The Cross, we must realize that many participated in the sin of murdering Our Lord, ourselves included. Sin, like any weapon of mass destruction, both affects and is impacted by many others, and so we must consider the ways that we help others sin. Isn't it time we stop being cooperators of the devil and enablers for God? The nine ways listed here should provide us with greater pause in reviewing the state of our soul and our true contrition. We must make sure that we are carriers of Christ and not transmitters of sin. We must realize pleasing man will only get us a free ticket to hell, but pleasing God no matter the cost will help book our passport to Heaven. Lent is a perfect time to start tracking where we stand before God, before it's too late!

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    March 8, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 54