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March 3, 2006
vol 17, no. 49

Some Thoughts for Women on Woman

    The ideal for women, which should be the Blessed Virgin Mary - the second Eve and her fiat, has been twisted by the Revolution to revert back to the first Eve and to listen to the serpent. That is the crux of the problem with society today. Defiance has surfaced and woman has abandoned her role in the natural order and, as a result, unnatural things are happening and there is no one Voice, as the Roman Catholic Church used to rightly be, to stop the plunging that has sent God's concept of woman and the family unit - the very idea of populating Heaven - hurtling into the vortex of darkness in the midst of flames. Satan is tossing these most delicate creatures into the abyss because of their failure to emulate thee Woman who was the Living Tabernacle and Vessel of Honor.
    Father James F. Wathen

      "Feminism creates discontent and jealousy and conflict, even hatred and psychological aberrations, whereby women hate men, and hate all the conventions and institutions of society which the Christian order of things has erected. It instills a hatred of the Church, dominated by its male clergy, which through the centuries has propounded the divine order of things, natural and supernatural. Feminism is never about equality for women, instead of subordination; it is about dominance for women, but much more. In some women, it breeds a positive hatred of God and conflict with the rest of mankind."

    Someone quoted a priest as having warned his congregation of the pernicious effects which would follow from the "feminist movement." In those days of the nineteen sixties and seventies, the Liberals tried to get the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) into the Constitution. They almost succeeded, but did not. No matter. The government proceeded to implement it as if the Amendment had been adopted, and continued the policy ever after. That stroke was only a feather in the wind. Under the titles of feminism, the Emancipation of Woman, Equal Opportunity for Women, Equal Rights, and a host of other terms, just as the priest warned, the entire order of things has been to no small extent disrupted. Added to the equation was women in the "work place," with all the attendant evils, which began in earnest during Rooseveltís War. During the latter half of the twentieth century came single parent homes, which resulted from children born out of wedlock, divorced mothers, abandoned wives with children, homes in which stepfathers were unaccepted by the motherís children. With welfarism came an outpouring of money for mothers without husbands, which made it profitable to have babies without husbands, just male "callers." Since the nineteen sixties also, women have been saturated with feminist propaganda, which has filled some of them with resentment over an imaginary condition of oppression by the male of the species.

    The World Revolution, under the guidance of Satan, dares to oppose God at every level, and to cause men to contravene all laws, all customs, all established conventions, not excluding the laws of nature. Nothing is spared, nothing is inviolable, because Satan would see men destroy themselves and all that God has established. Crucial in Satanís program has been the destruction of marriage, which is the cornerstone of human society. Beginning with the Reformation which encouraged divorce, as the centuries moved on, marriage was under ceaseless attack, all the norms and manners, which the Catholic people of Europe developed from the days of the Apostles into the modern age (which began in the 1400s), were gradually uprooted. The Christian ideal produced not only good people who sought to save their souls, but a whole great culture with art and architecture, science and philosophy, theology and music, craftsmanship and social order. Because men were still sinners, and evil men achieved power in the Church and in governments; perfection was never to be expected.

    Later generations of nonbelievers have been able to typify the Catholic centuries by their failures, and downplay or ignore their achievements. Yet, it was during these centuries that were raised the institutions which Satan has taught men to hate and tear apart on the promise of untrammeled liberty, perfect equality, and Utopian fraternity. Instead, there has been ever greater repression, political injustice, murderous factionalism, and no end of wars. Falsehood (falsehood about everything, the whole past and the whole present), murder (the ruthless murder of anyone for whatever pragmatic purpose), and wars (wars for the wholesale liquidation and displacement of national populations, for the destruction of people and their countries out of pure hatefulness, wars to disrupt the lives and morals of everyone).

    The scheme of the Revolution for the destruction of the family was to get the women out of the home and out of her true role as the residing queen. This disruption would, on the one hand, destroy her humility and, on the other, double her burden. She must be thrust into the world where she would be tempted, and would be a temptation to others. Her indispensable, motherly talents were to be subordinated to the production of goods and the making of money, and she was to be put into competition with men. For her to be in competition with men would make her the ultimate loser, because her own nature, her personality, and her place in Godís scheme of things, would be sacrificed. The tactic of the Revolution has always been: to divide and conquer. As Karl Marx said, "We must teach men to hate." To divide the human race into combatants over any issue, real or imaginary. To organize "front" groups whose only purpose was to agitate all differences, to pit the employee against his employer, the races against each other, to split religious denominations, to pit Christian countries against Christian countries in war, to embitter women against men, children against their parents, and children against their society.

    Now that the Revolutionists have had their way, we are able to see that it was all a ruse and a trick. Human society in the throes of rebellion from God suffers more greatly in every way. The greater number of people on the bottom of the economic ladder suffer most, are more oppressed, have less voice, and no defense. The men are sent off to one war after another, none of which nets anything good for anybody. One has only to survey the twentieth century just passed to observe the ravages which the Revolt against Christ and His Kingship have brought on the world, particularly on ordinary people, who had the right to live their lives reasonably protected by their government, and to be left at peace in order to work out their salvation. Instead, wars, inspired by the lust for world domination and personal ambition, brought about the deaths of millions upon millions, with the consequent unspeakable sorrow and hardship for their survivors. The history of World Revolution, which is by no means over, is one of nothing but tragedy and death and imprisonment of the innocent, and violation of basic rights and uninterrupted deceit and exploitation. Indeed, it is the worst thing to befall mankind, since the crucifixion of its King and Savior.

    These considerations are prompted by the visible fact that, even though there are many families, there are vastly too many families which are not integral. In other words, the revolt against Godís laws is quite general. With each generation, there are fewer integral families, because the momentum of society is against the order established by almighty God, against all the Commandments, especially the Sixth, against monogamy, against the inviolability of the family, and really indifferent to children, who are defenseless victims. (How often I have seen female flight attendants ooh and aah over cute little babies, or boys and girls in the economy class cabins, and later, by chance, overheard them mention their own little one(s) at home. If they really cared about their own, they would not be up here, 30,000 ft. off the ground, hundreds or thousands of miles away from them.)

    More specifically, there are few truly Christian families. Most families are pagan. More and more families have one or both parents who have other living spouses. The world makes nothing of this; the churches, including the modern Catholic Church, is unconcerned. But all this is gravely offensive to almighty God, and it puts such families in the camp of Satan, against the Kingship of the most Blessed One.

    The propaganda insists to all who listen: You do not have to obey Godís Ten Commandments; and you do not have to keep the laws that concern marriage and the family. The laws that nature and the Church teach are rejected, and all the manners and customs and fashions, which these laws inspired in God-fearing people have been cast aside. The human race continues despite all, and men live following no established norm of human conduct, which means that they tend toward ever greater immorality and depravity. The primary victims are the children, those who are the weakest and most defenseless and dependent. Modern society is fruitful with substitutes and auxiliaries and "quick fixes," for children--daycare centers, Big Brothers and Big Sisters; detention centers, foster homes, psychiatrists, and counseling services. All are shattered monuments to the claim that we do not need the Church, nor anyone else to tell us what to do, how to live, and that something is a sin.

    It is a remarkable fact that only in the post-Christian world, which very much includes those who claim to be Catholic, do women have such a difficult time being women. It is only in that part of the world which was Christian and Catholic for centuries, that divorce is so common and widespread. This is not to say that the people of other places are happy, or pure, or pious. Still, only in the post-Christian world, where Liberal (im)morality is in vogue, is woman so out of character, and so victimized because of it. Apparently, regardless of how it looks in the West, the women of the rest of the world marry, stay with their husbands (who take care of their wives and children), have babies, and accept their role as wives and mothers. Its includes practically all the rest of the world, except American and Europe. Divorce is not common anywhere else.

    Feminism creates discontent and jealousy and conflict, even hatred and psychological aberrations, whereby women hate men, and hate all the conventions and institutions of society which the Christian order of things has erected. It instills a hatred of the Church, dominated by its male clergy, which through the centuries has propounded the divine order of things, natural and supernatural. Feminism is never about equality for women, instead of subordination; it is about dominance for women, but much more. In some women, it breeds a positive hatred of God and conflict with the rest of mankind.

    Instead of giving its daughters proper instruction, the conciliar church, abandoning all the lessons of the Scriptures, and the laws and traditional wisdom of history, has thrown itself full force into the "emancipation of women," without any regard for their spiritual welfare, or anyone elseís. Women do everything the priest used to do with the exception of being the celebrant at the New Mass (which they have been known to do in some convents). They administer parishes, give sermons, sit on marriage tribunals, teach theology, and "plan the liturgy." The result is that women have lost all sense of their place in the plan of God, and do not want to hear it. Those who disapprove of this revolution are "sexist," and "chauvinist." The Leftist clergy has encouraged all this to the point of fanaticism.

    Few seem to give any thought to how ruinous feminine careerism is. The enemies of God and Men used a perfectly obvious principle as a tool for the subversion of womenís thinking. The principle is that "a womanís place in the home." This simple saying was twisted to suggest that it was an expression of exclusion. Women who were ordinary wives and mothers were portrayed as inferior The work place, the business world, the professional world, were presented as more interesting, exciting, challenging, open to those women who were bright and ambitious enough to take part in them As time has passed, it was seen that the work place is no place of liberation for women. They are doubly burdened. Only a single woman, who is free of normal physical needs and maternal instincts, properly fits into such a place. As it is, women are women, whose natural place is in the home, taking care of her husband and rearing their children, as many as God might give them. So strong is the maternal instinct, that women, against all logic and practicality, will want to have children even when they know that their work will keep them from being proper mothers to them. No woman who must work an eight-hour day can do justice to her husband and children.

    Nor may we overlook the fact that the program of socialist governments calls for the ever increasing cost of the government to require that both the father and the mother work to make ends meet. This is no accident, for the program of the Revolution calls for the people gradually to be reduced to ever deeper poverty.

    Another consequence of feminism is the corruption of women through the destruction of their humility, as well as their natural personalities. The former is more serious, because, in the case of countless women, it will mean their eternal loss. As they will not humble themselves in the world, neither will they humble themselves before God. They object to the fact that the Creator and Ruler of the world is referred to as He. (They insist that God is neither gender, and therefore can just as easily be referred to and addressed as She! God has never referred to Himself in this fashion, but feminists and their male collaborators mean to change that--and have done so in certain of the new translations of the Bible!) How can a person have a spirituality who is obsessed with an idea of this sort? She cannot, of course. Women who allow themselves to be seduced into in such a mode of thinking easily lose all faith. Some have been known to go into lesbianism, some into Witchcraft. This spirit is one of unbridled resentment, made all the more uncontrollable by the fact that they hear no cautionary voice that they will listen to. Here also the modern Church is in total default.

    Logic dictates that someone has to be in charge in the family. If men are not going to rule, women will; there will be no more sharing of authority than there has always been in the traditional arrangement of things, no matter how much talk there is about it. What is undeniable is that, by now, women are dominant in so many homes that we must recognize that, to no small extent, this is a matriarchal society. In many homes, there is no father to be found; in others, he is subject to his wife; he was given his instructions sometime around their wedding, but he was slow to realize their full import. The effects have followed, one, in the social order, the other in the moral order.

    In the social order, women have assumed authority, and their husbands, if they are on the scene, have learned their proper role, that of an overgrown child. One of the conspicuous results of this is the explosion of homosexuality. Boys grow up in a female dominated environment. They have contempt for their father and hate their own gender, or they become like their mothers, she being their only exemplar. The World Corrupters have taught their mouthpieces to say that " Ďgaysí (to use their euphemism for sexual perverts) are born, not raised"; that some males are physically attracted to males instead of females; that it is natureís way. It is not unnatural, they say, merely happenstantial. If it is not unnatural, then sodomy is not a sin, an unnatural act, contrary to all logic, physiology, and the divine-positive law. In thoroughly "patriarchal societies," like those of the American Indians and Eskimos, homosexuality was unknown, except, perhaps, in theory. The reason the vice is mentioned in the Leviticus is that during certain periods of its history, Israel became thoroughly pagan. The laws calling it an unspeakable "abomination" were written to direct how it would be rooted out, once fidelity to the Law had been restored.

    Monogamy dictates that the man be dominant, that the wife be his spouse and helpmate, and the children obey them both; that the parents want the same things for their children; and that they both command and forbid and teach the same thing. It dictates that the man wield his authority in his home for the sake of his family, but before all else, in the place of the childrenís true Father in Heaven and in subservience Him.

    Anything that goes contrary to monogamy, is against nature, and nature will eventually demonstrate its ascendancy, no matter who tries to ignore the fact. The first victims will be the women, who are violating their own natures. They become slaves in the business world, whatever their work, in factories or as lawyers. Their own happiness and feminine natures are sacrificed. If they have any children, (seldom more than two), they, no matter how the truth is worded, are an encumbrance to their motherís other work schedule. People are simply not honest. Nothing is more unnatural and impractical than for a woman with children to have to hold a job away from home. The women are mothers, but they are not able to give their children what they desperately need, the attention and love and time and guidance of a stable home, with the mother as its heart. Nothing is more cruel and more inexcusable than to act as if a motherless home is normal for children of any age. That there are so many homes in which the mother is not there is proof that something else is more important than the family and the children; in many cases, it is the need for, or the want of, more money; in others, the mother wants to be free of her domestic responsibilities; her ego is not satisfied with the role of a "stay-at-home-mom."

    When almighty God created Eve and gave her to Adam, He revealed the natural order of things. He said that the two shall be as one flesh, meaning that monogamy is the natural order of things and the natural law. The natural law is the most fundamental law of creation and must be treated as such. Nature must be obeyed. It is impossible to violate natureís laws with impunity, or to ignore, or to change them. Not only is this impossible, but it is foolhardy, because nature will always assert itself, and will always triumph. Let men trample its laws as they will; they may be stubborn and obtuse enough not to see the effects of their folly, but they and their offspring will suffer the inexorable consequences.

    When the family is Catholic, their family life has an additional, higher dimension, that of life in Christ; all are members of the Mystical Body, and adopted children of the Father. The natural law prescribes what makes for order in human society on earth. Christianity gives all the members of a family the promise of eternal rewards for obedience to the law of Christ, which law calls for the love of God in Christ as the highest and most worthy motivation for their life together

    The fact that the Christian ideal is built on and grows out of natural marriage means that it is founded on nature, and that it is congenial to man. The Christian ideal is possible only to true Christians, but its basis is what men are naturally inclined to. In tribal societies, however crude their mores, monogamy is presumed, common, usual, as is the dominance of the male. In fact, only in the sophisticated, post-Christian societies of the Western World is marriage so thoroughly violated. Nowhere else in the world is divorce so common, are children so abused by their selfish parents, and the social order so disrupted, with complete irresponsibility as to the consequences for all parties concerned, including society in general. All is done under the aegis of the civil law which operates in diametric opposition to the laws of nature and of God.

    In women, pride asserts itself in various ways: vanity, immodesty, egoism, jealousy, loquacity, contrariness, self-pity, hypersensitivity, and especially, libido dominandi, the compulsion to control others. This last is frequently to be found in wives, in grandmothers, in unmarried aunts, and mothers-in-law, and, of course, in the business place, in her lust to lord it over men.

    Women often do not see this need-to-control in themselves, even though it fills them with adrenaline and creativity. They often deceive themselves that others do not see what they are up to, when there is nothing subtle about it at all, especially to those who are being "supervised," and those who are being displaced and humiliated. Not infrequently, women who have been bitten by this bug are very capable, which is to say, they get very good at perceiving things that need to be done, and at manipulating people into doing them. They easily get the notion that others need their control, their foresight, their cleverness, their solutions, and that great mishaps will occur if they do not "pull the right strings" to save others from their inadequacies and incompetence. And they miss the fact that they are overreaching themselves, that their lives are being consumed by their feverish planning to cause things to turn out the way they think they should. They justify their hyperactivity with the idea that what they are doing is charity, thoughtfulness, considerateness, helping the weak and overburdened, etc.

    On the negative side, such women are not infallible, and when they seriously miscalculate, they are very reluctant to blame themselves, to apologize, or to acknowledge the full extent of the damage they have caused, the pain, confusion, and conflict that have followed their do-goodism. Sometimes they are so immersed in fresh meddling that they have no time to notice or rue their past blunders. And, of course, such women, being human, put the best face on their havoc by finding some good that came from their busybodiness. Such women can have no interior quiet, because they are totally unrecollected. Their prayer is too distracted with plans and strategies, and other clever doings, which involve all their creative energies and juices.

    Women with this "managerial urge" choose their husbands very carefully, and make sure that they, the target males, think that they are weak, feminine little things, until the vows have been exchanged. By the time the honeymoon is over, he has received his orientation lectures in husband control. He gradually discovers that this course has many chapters, but no conclusory wrap-up, and no graduate degree. It is a lifelong course of studies, which calls for his daily application and instantaneous adaptation. He learns many useful things, such as the fact that the easiest thing is to surrender early, not to question, not to quarrel, and never to imagine that logic has anything to do with anything. He learns that his stubbornness and uncooperativeness is no match for hers; that that business about love was a mere phase, hardly more than a pose; that she has already given a lot of thought to many things and made many decisions without reference to him; and that her will is adamantine, to get which she is quite ready and able to inflict extreme suffering on him and anyone else who dares to get in the way.

    It is impossible to save a man from a woman like this, once she has made her choice He is dazzled by her good looks, her radiant smile (more radiant for him), her cute, little laugh, and everything else about her, especially her fragile femininity, which cries out with her need for his love and husbandly care. Until the marriage, she is totally incompetent, begging him for his guidance and advice in everything. Her dependence upon him is communicated in a high, "little girl" squeak, which drops an octave sometime during the wedding reception, never to be heard again. It is around that time, he later recalls, that she seems newly self-assured and noticeably imperious to the females in the wedding party. He also notices for the first time that her mother and father seem to stay clear of her, as if, for some reason, it is an injudicious thing to displease her.

    We can not hope to effect any turnaround, as this disruption of the family is only one area of general upheaval caused by the New World Order, the reign of Satan in the place of Christ, the organized opposition to the divinely established order. Our modest aim is simply to exhort women to recognize and accept their place in the divine scheme of things. Women must do this, not in order to reform the world, but in order to save their souls. We exhort them to pursue holiness and aspire to an ever greater love of Christ; to love what God has made them, because His will is perfect not only for all, but for each, of them; to flee all talk and all incitement and all examples of the modern, liberated women, who reek with pride and rancor, and unresolvable psychological conflicts. There is nothing unreasonable about urging women to find their true selves in the Sacred Heart, and in the Fatherís eternal plan. They should do what they were created to do, to recognize that it is God Who gives the true value and beauty to all human acts and achievements. They can hope to find happiness only in fulfilling the divine will, and to reject the false values and incitements of the rebellious world.

    Women must oppose in their minds the insidious propaganda that makes them inferior to men, It is not natural for women to compare themselves to men, any more than men compare themselves to women. Men do not feel inadequate, because they cannot do the things that women seem to do so effortlessly, such as run households, mind children, "home school" them, keep the necessary groceries in the pantry, and plan one meal after another, day in, day out, and only they know what else besides. Women must concentrate on being good women, instead of being quasi-men, mannish women, or better than men. Their goal must be moral beauty before being physically beautiful. What is important is their likeness to Christ and His Mother, their love of Christ; their constancy in the Faith, their love of purity and modesty, their fulfillment of their vocations and their life in Christ. The Devil wants to destroy our society by destroying women. To destroy them by confusing them, distracting them, filling them with rage and indignation.


    I am a total loss as to how to show suffiicient gratitude to everyone who has continued to pray for me and to maintain good confidence in my final return to health. Likewise, I cannot thank those who have send me frequent salutations, and contributions of money. These are works of mercy for which the Lord Jesus promises bountiful rewards. May those of my thoughtful friends be bountiful indeed. Encouraging everyone to unite with Jesus and Mary in the days of His suffering, I remain,

Yours very sincerely in Christ,

Father James Wathen

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    March 3, 2006
    vol 17, no. 49
    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus