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March 25, 2006
vol 17, no. 71

Silence of the Lambs 2006-style!

    As the wolves wile away the weekend primping and propping each other up in modern Rome, the lambs continue to scatter because the doctrines have been altered, the Voice of Truth and Tradition muted and the true shepherds demeaned as the coersion into abandoning the flocks and joining the wolves in apostasy. We warn once again: Stay clear of the wolves!

    On this joyous Double of the First Class Feast of the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY we begin a series on a redux of what we wrote four years ago and wanted to update on the Sorrowful Mysteries and how they approximate these very times.

    No doubt you have seen the hype coming from modern Rome of the consistory of 15 more crimson birettas to swell the number of scarlet-clad conciliar prelates to an all-time high of over 180. Ah, yes, collegiality. And speaking of collegiality, majority rules in today's church of Vatican II compared to what prefaced it from Peter through Pope Pius XII when Truth ruled. The scandal of men like William Levada and Sean O'Malley wearing the scarlet letter of "C" is enough to realize the apostasy that His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay expressed in writing to every one of the cardinals in attendance at the consistory this week. He wrote in 2004 a piece which was sent to every cardinal. It was crystal clear and entitled From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy: 25 Years of Pontificate Two years and nearly a month later has it registered with a single conciliar potentate in red? Not on your life. You would think that were these men truly sincere, were they truly intelligent, were they truly seeking sanctity, were they truly Catholic, they would have investigated Bishop Fellay's claims and documentation and realized he wasn't just making up what he sent to them, but could be backed up solidly in Catholic Truth. Their response has been silence as they, the wolves, continue to prey on souls who are scattering with increased fright and confusion. Can you blame them? It is not like those, who are a heartbeat away from being chosen the next conciliar pope, didn't know. Bishop Fellay took care of that. So what is the agenda then?

    The agenda is to lure Fellay into their lair with false promises and rewards that, as has been proven with Campos and the FSSP, will crumble and disintegrate under the powerful hammer and sickle and masonic weight of the Zionist guilt-trip potentates of modern Rome, who are in a fog on what to do with the Muslims. Hint: Take Saint Anthony's advice: Convert them! Yesterday we saw their priority on this: Dialogue! Ah, yes, the catchall for conciliarists. But strangely, when it comes to Traditional Catholics who seek to dialogue about the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, the vaticantwoarians are silent as can be. We again convey our advice, for what it's worth, to His Excellency in Econe: Run, don't walk AWAY from those wolves. They seek to devour you! That is evident in the latest report from yesterday's ZENIT: "According to several Italian newspapers today, some of the cardinals on Thursday requested that for reconciliation to take place, the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre must publicly accept Vatican II." Get that? they must "Publicly" accept Vatican II. Talk about penance! This may be Lent but that's taking it too far! You'll note there was no one proffering that Benedict XVI publicly accept the very Oath he violated for he did take, ladies and gentlemen, the Oath Against Modernism. Quite a few of the old guard did as well. Will they publicly accept that Oath? Will Joseph Ratzinger publicly repent of his heresy of substistit in which he was responsible for in Lumen Gentium? Will he publicly take the Pontifical Oath which his predecessor didn't deem necessary since he had already violated it? Will he publicly read to the cardinals or mandate that they read Father James F. Wathen's The Great Sacrilege. Hey, even go ahead and ask them to prove Father Wathen wrong. That should be interesting since no one for the past 35 years has been able to refute his absolute documentation.

    And while we're at publicly professing, let's get Mahony, Law, O'Malley, McCarrick, Egan, Keeler, Maida and Levada on the stand and let them publicly recant their heresies and raping of churches, children and the Faith. Will they do that? How about this: Bishop Fellay and the SSPX will agree to accepting that Vatican II actually took place if all the current cardinals agree to retire to traditional monasteries still available in this world, to make amends for their grievous sins. Bishop Fellay will agree to accept that Vatican II was held in St. Peter's Basilica if they disband all bishops conferences beginning with the USCCB. And, Bishop Fellay will even be so gracious as to accept that Vatican II took place from 1962 to 1965 if Ratzinger appoints as new bishops of each diocese the most persecuted orthodox priests of each diocese as the immediate successor of the outgoing bishops who will all then be required to resign by, oh, say Palm Sunday! The first order of these new bishops will be to properly re-ordain those worthy of the consecrated life. Now, right there is a way to weed out the sodomites. The next order would be to get in touch with a good stone-mason (not to be confused with Freemason here) to rebuild the altars, consecrate them, and cast the abominable tables into the furnace. Then, to keep those fires churning, follow with the aberrant books issued since Vatican II and be sure to include those horrid hymnals, the new Catechisms and all encyclicals over the past 47 years. Once that is accomplished, then we can truly talk.

    The SSPX, the SSPV, the CMRI, and every independent chapel will then gladly and with full cooperation of all the traditional faithful be the first to give allegiance to a man who would be showing that he was serious about being a servant of servants - a man who would, through repentance and reparation, be, by the grace of God, a true Vicar of Christ, who, through his good will, would recover redemption for himself and, who could possibly go down as a great Pontiff. But that is only if he follows through. I know this is what Bishop Fellay really wants, as well as Father Franz Schmidberger of the Society, but they're going about it the wrong way. Don't trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em until they SHOW they're sincere. Their track record is fruitless over the past 45 years so why should anyone trust them now?

    They are like the hard-hearted and stubborn Jews who were told for centuries about the coming of the Messias Jesus Christ, and yet, when push came to shove they rejected Him, lock, stock and barrel, and still do to this day. For four centuries they didn't learn their lesson before the arrival of our Lord and Savior. Approximate this with the four decades when the modern conciliarists have not learned their lesson, but rather, sink deeper into apostasy, such as the announcement also in yesterday's Zenit that "Dialogue with Islam is an obligation of the Church." No it is not, conversion is, pure and simple! But, you see, it is very evident that conversion is no longer a priority because how can non-Catholics convert non-Catholics? What is needed are Catholics to do the bidding of the saints, sheep and Popes over the centuries who rallied the Church Miltant to fight the devil and pagan religions, first with the love of God and to, as Saint Paul says in 2 Timothy 4: 2, "Preach the word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove, entreat, rebuke with all patience and doctrine." Notice, that word "doctrine"? One has to realize, if they have any intelligence, even an iota of Faith, that you never, ever dialogue with the devil!

    This time of Lent is a reminder of that. We began the season on the First Sunday of Lent with Christ's sure words "Vade, Satanas!" - "Begone, Satan!" Now we are just past the midway point. These few days of joy in the midst of a time of penance and self-denial, sacrifice, is a brief reprieve Holy Mother Church grants with the feast yesterday of the Archangel Gabriel, today's feast of the Annunciation, and tomorrow's Laetare Sunday before we head towards the more grueling days of Lent leading to Passion Sunday and Passion Week before we enter Holy Week and the Easter Triduum.

    The forty plus days of Lent also assimilates Our Lord's 40 days and nights in the desert before His public ministry. It could also be equated with the 40 plus years the lambs have wondered and wandered in the desert of confusion fostered by Vatican II which has forsaken the Faith and the solid traditions, beginning with Latin as the Mother tongue for her liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Instead we are given the vulgar and coerced into complying as baahing robot sheep, with today's modern standards at the expense of our souls. No thanks!

    How and why Latin was ever abandoned, especially the richness and religious resonance of such a beautiful, precise language is beyond me. Why is this brilliant tongue so sadly lacking in the mindset of the modernists liturgists? Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, English scholars, and even Super Bowls utilize Latin, but not the new liturgy - definitely not the new order mess It is as if Latin is a dirty word! And yet, over half of our English language get their derivatives from the Latin tongue, which is the root of the Romance languages for Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. That is one reason we try to bring you the etimology of the VerbumQUO each day so you can see the value of Latin in our language today. Keep in mind the Gauls did not speak French, but were greatly influenced by the Romans. The richness of Latin comes from the Greek, two languages Saint Jerome knew so well. Any scholar who seeks to thoroughly master English needs Latin to better understand the native tongue. Yet so many call it a 'dead language.' Please, who came up with that phrase?

    Come to think of it, who came up with a lot of these phrases we hear today? Does everything have to have a 'new' preceding it in the conciliar church? New "Mass", new springtime, new evangelization, etc. In reality, it's getting old! Yet, as we have seen consistently over these last four decades, the conciliar church continues to forge more new innovations on the sheep, steering away from the true Barque of Peter and into the apostate waters that are swamping the lambs who no longer know how to swim. The question is, who hasn't the pc church 'dialogued' with lately? We know that the heretic Walter Kasper has worn a path between modern Rome and Moscow in schmoozing the Russian Orthodox operatives with compromises galore including the public announcement that the conciliar church will no longer proselytize. Right, that sure sounds Catholic! What this, in effect, has done is just open two more paths - one to communist China to accept another abomination - the Chinese Patriotic church and widen the the other path - the one that leads to the abyss where so many sheep are heading. These countries are communist, right? Well, pardon me, but considering the Judas-like Pact of Metz which John XXIII fashioned, and the concessions from the conciliarists, they've given away everything. In other words: "Ya, let's do lunch. Have your people call our people. We'll talk. You name it, it's yours. Want the Madonna's icon of Kazan? You got it. Want us to keep a muzzle on our missionaries? You got it. Want us to indoctrinate more that communism is not so bad? Want us to apologize for the Great Eastern Schism? You got it. After all this regime has apologized for everything else. No problem. Don't worry, we wouldn't dream of saying anything against your ideology of communism. Ya, let us just work together for the good of the brotherhood of man." Ah, yes, one big happy family is the objective; globalization for the welfare of mankind. Universal salvation - another heresy that has silenced so many. Be careful, we can't judge, can't accuse anyone of heresy as the wolves devour the lambs. Mustn't upset the apple cart, mustn't criticize the obvious. Go along in order to get along is their mantra and, frankly, count me out! And count out every Traditional Catholic who can see the house of cards which the conciliar church is. It will soon collapse, that's inevitable. And yet there is sorrow at how many have been deceived, duped into waving palm branches at false messiahs while the True Messias is scorned and scourged, alas, crucified.

    These are indeed sorrowful times. In fact, we are in those times when we stand on Calvary with Christ, mocked and spat upon by those who just a few days before hailed Him so triumphantly. Ah, the fickleness of people continues from 33 A.D. to 2006 A.D. One of the blessings of this apostolate is connecting with old friends. One such person was Dave Fritz, a very loyal Catholic from my childhood days before Vatican II. He sent me back in 2002 an analogy to the Sorrowful Mysteries and I wanted to reprise it with our readers in updating this series. He pointed out that in the Passion of Our Lord, Peter denied Our Lord three times before the Crucifixion. The comparisons have been made by others that those three 'Peters' who have denied Christ are John XXIII, Paul VI, and now John Paul II. Sounds harsh, but the facts speak for themselves. Now comes Benedict. So where do we place him? From his actions thus far, Judas comes to mind, but if he would repent and reconvert, then John the Evangelist would be a good comparison. But only if.

    It is interesting to note that, since Holy Mother Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, it must imitate His life, and has been doing so, now mirroring His Passion. Consider if you will the Sorrowful Mysteries and the historic course the Church has been on over the past 500 years.

  • The Agony in the Garden: The Protestant Reformation to Vatican II.

  • The Scourging at the Pillar: The Second Vatican Council.

  • The Crowning of Thorns: The New "Mass" of Paul VI.

  • The Carrying of the Cross: The modernists' reforms since Vatican II

  • The Crucifixion: The apostasy and schism of Rome, and the equation of the La Salette and Fatima prophesies, as well as the prophesies of Our Lady of Good Success.

The Agony in the Garden: The Protestant Reformation to Vatican II

    Today I'm going to focus on the first sorrowful mystery, keying on the parallelisms of the sorrowful mysteries. Just as Christ, while kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane and weeping tears of blood, saw for all time every person who would betray Him, how much more the sadness in seeing those who vowed to uphold His teachings turn their backs on His Holy Will? He saw the laxity and immorality of one of His Own Vicars - Pope Alexander VI and pontiffs of that era that let down the lambs, thus paving the way for all-out revolution by Martin Luther et al.

    Consider, if you will, those Christians during that time - from the lowliest of peasants to Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher, who all had to have the very foundations of their Faith shaken with the exodus of so many of their neighbors. Think about it. Most of them were not learned in the Faith to the degree Catholics should be today. Monks were the major means of imparting the Truths and Traditions to the masses and in their monasteries were kept the written revelations and traditions. The spoken word was the major vehicle for evangelization. Books were not available, save for a few bibles from the Gutenberg press. While many are under the assumption that there were bibles everywhere with the invention of the printing press, keep in mind that those primitive presses were very limited in production. Yes, more had access, but not as many as we might be led to believe, for also keep in mind, that the vast majority could not read. Only the aristocrats had the opportunities to drink in the classics. I might add that many bishops also had that opportunity, but even though knowing their Faith, they still abandoned the One True Church. That included the majority of prelates in England who placed man above God, choosing an earthly ruler King Henry VIII over the august office that represented the Heavenly King in Pope Clement VII. Despite his weaknesses, his shortcomings, his carousings, and simony, he did not preach error in faith and morals, he was still the Sovereign Pontiff for he, unlike today, had not denied any article of Faith. Thus, the faithful could not disavow him in favor of an earthly king or rabble-rousing minister.

    While Jesus saw all the sins of mankind during His time on Olivet, He also saw as only the Divine can, all the good man does and will do - every one of us. No secrets can be kept from God. Many theologians believe that the only thing that sustained His humanity in the Garden was the buoyancy of seeing the good works, the warm hearts of His faithful among the flocks. Otherwise, the depression of the evil would have overwhelmed His human nature, just as it can overwhelm us in our total humanity if we do not have hope, encouragement and goodness in our hearts. Jesus could see those faithful lambs - many going on faith alone - who fought with every last ounce of their breath to preserve the True Faith in the face of physical persecution, ridicule, confrontation, confusion. Thanks to the "Counter-Reform" begun by Pope Paul III the outstanding, infallible Council of Trent opened vistas that would usher in an era of faithfulness, producing abundant fruits for centuries. You see, there is reward in suffering.

    And, oh how Christ suffered. No one can imagine the physical and psychological pain he endured. And why? For us? "Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15: 13). He loved us so much that through Him, and Him alone, merited for us eternal life and told all why in John 10: 10, "I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly." Yet how did so many respond? Jesus saw and wept at the rejection of the Faith He established by those operatives of the French Revolution. He saw the agenda of humanism in the emotional, Masonic cry of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" which He knew would only lead to "Turmoil" for His precious sheep. It formed an acronym - L.E.F.T. that would be the downfall of so many who, enlightened by human reason, thought they had a better idea. Much in the same manner the first rebel lucifer resisted with "non serviam", these misguided souls left Christ and His Holy Church. He could see how through erosion and infiltration they would invade His One True Church, like termites eating away at the foundation until the cornerstone itself was reached.

    Because of Our Lord's promise in Matthew 16: 18 that "the gates of hell will not prevail against it", the cornerstone still stands strong. Though eclipsed by the conciliar paint, it is still there and will remain there, passed down through Divine Revelation and the uninterrupted traditions of Holy Mother Church. While the cornerstone stands, the ceilings are giving way, the support beams crumbling, the stones that protected the walls of Christ's Church are disintegrating. Christ saw all this during that hour among the olive trees after the Last Supper. He also saw how the protective measures His Vicars like Pope Paul IV with his Cum ex Apostolatus Officio on validity of office, Pope Saint Pius V with De defectibus and Quo Primum on the validity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Pope Gregory XVI with Mirari Vos on the growing evil of Liberalism and the lukewarmness of the shepherds and sheep, Pope Pius IX with his Syllabus of Errors on the errors against the Faith, Pope Leo XIII with his composition of the necessary Prayer to Saint Michael and his encyhclicals Immortale Dei and Satis Cognitum on the need for Christ as the ruler of all and on the unity of the One True Church in the face of so much apostasy raising its ugly head. Our Lord looked into the 20th Century and was comforted by His Vicar Pope Saint Pius X with his mandatory Oath Against Modernism and two vital encyclicals Pascendi Dominici Gregis and "Lamentabili Sane" condemning the "Mother of all heresies:" Modernism, Pope Pius XI with his landmark encyclical Mortalium Animos that soundly identifies Ecumenism as adapted by the conciliar church as a grave heresy, and Pope Pius XII with Mediator Dei on true Catholic worship and Sacramentum Ordinis on the essential, mandatory rite of ordination and elevation to the episcopacy. All these were established not just for their pontificate, but for all time, for Christ cannot deceive nor be deceived. These previous reliable Roman Pontiffs established, through the grace of the Holy Ghost, these decrees to be in effect for all generations to come in protecting the Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    But satan never sleeps and our Lord also saw him agitating souls and infiltrating His Mystical Body during the time of those very Pontiffs above, but in the shadows. It was not until the mid point of the century that they came out of the shadows and blatantly went forward with the agenda to dismantle and pillage the Mystical Bride of Christ. No wonder He wept so bitterly, for He could see how many souls would be swept away by the 'aggiornamento' of John XXIII that would usher in the second of the sorrowful mysteries.

    In next week's commentary I will treat the second sorrowful mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar for, in truth, the pillar of the Holy See was the focal point for the Mystical Body of Christ to be scourged beyond recognition. This was accomplished because so many of the faithful - clergy and lay - let down their guard; so many refused to speak out, not realizing that all that had erupted was a result of the very agenda launched by Luther over 450 years earlier. The ill causes and effects of Vatican II have been heard echoing in the halls of Heaven and allowed to continue, not by God's ordaining will, but through His permitting will. No wonder He wept so bitterly in the Garden for He saw this day - the result of not only the timidity - as well as the temerity - of the shepherds, but also the deafening silence of the lambs 2006-style!

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

March 25, 2006
vol 16, no. 71
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