Miters that Matter (mar22mit.htm)

March 22, 2006
vol 17, no. 68

"The Dogma of Faith"

Bishop Richard Williamson

    The very semantics of Our Lady's words at Fatima tell volumes of what is truly contained within the Third Secret, which is still shielded from the eyes of the faithful because of the deception carried out by the very ones the Blessed Mother was warning her children of. Yes, indeed, a new religion, forged in forgery, has brought Our Lady's words true, even though only a few know those true words. And those who do, are covering it up for reasons that go against all Heaven wills.
      Editor's Note: The following was sent by the Trad List and issued this month by His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, and is most timely, considering the rumors flying around about the speculation of tomorrow's meeting of Benedict, his curia and his cardinals in Rome, and the speculation that a compromise with the SSPX might be on the docket. Here's betting Bishop Williamson will not go along with such a deal.

    Doesn’t the expression “the dogma of faith” sound a little strange? Yet it was used by Our Lady, and it goes straight to the heart of the crisis of the Church, which is due to afflict us for a while yet!

    The expression seems strange, because the Catholic Faith contains a number of dogmas, and not just one. In our normal way of talking, all articles of the faith constitute dogmas and each solemn definition of the Church fixes another. Then how can we talk of “the dogma of faith” in the singular?

    The context in which Our Lady used the expression is highly significant. It was in Fatima in 1917 that she said to Sister Lucy in between the second and third parts of the Secret: “In Portugal the dogma of faith will always be kept”. The second part of the Secret everybody knows. That is where Our Lady warned the world that Russia would have to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, and reparation would have to be made by means of Communion on the first Saturdays of the month, otherwise the world would undergo severe punishments.

    On the contrary the third part of the Secret of Fatima, usually known as the Third Secret, which the whole Catholic world was expecting to be made known by the Church in the year appointed by Our Lady for that purpose, 1960, has never been revealed (the supposed “Third Secret” made public by Rome in 2000 is surely not the same as the text awaited in 1960). But the most reliable of Fatima scholars consider that the words “In Portugal the dogma of faith will always be kept” are in fact the opening words of the true Third Secret, because when Sister was once writing out the text of the Second Secret, she added “…will always be kept, etc.”, as though she meant to indicate by the “etc.” that that was where the text of the Third Secret followed on.

    All of this seems highly likely, and that is why the slightly strange expression of Our Lady is so interesting. For, say these scholars, if the true Third Secret has never been made known by Rome, is that not because it denounced in advance the crisis of the Church let loose — not to say, planned — by the innovators of Vatican II, who did not care to be condemned beforehand by the Mother of God? So they kept her Secret quiet in 1960, to be able to go ahead with their Council in 1962. For indeed does not saying that in Portugal will always be kept the dogma of the Faith suggest that elsewhere it will be lost?

    So Our Lady may have chosen the words “dogma of faith” to express the very heart of the crisis of these last 40 years in the desert of Vatican II. Such seems to be the case!

    For what characterizes this crisis and makes it the worst in all Church history is that a great number of Catholics, while they may not yet have lost the Faith — God knows — have certainly lost all sense of the dogmatic character of the Faith. They may still believe in every article of the Faith as such, but they no longer believe that these articles and this Faith condemn whatever contradicts them, in other words all the errors of all the other false religions of the world. Then can the condition of such Catholics be better summed up than by saying that they have lost “the dogma of the Faith”?

    The crisis is appalling precisely because Catholics in this condition can re-assure themselves that by accepting as they do every particular dogma of the Catholic Faith, they are unquestionably Catholic, especially if they are with the Pope! But in reality their Catholicity is becoming highly questionable, because from the moment that they believe, with Vatican II, that every man has a civil right, i.e. a right, to his own belief, they are undermining in general every single dogma that they believe they hold in particular. Whether they realize it or not, they are replacing the religion of God’s truth with the religion of man’s liberty, because religious liberty is the underpinning of their beliefs. It may not appear so, buy in reality they are putting man in the place of God.

    That is why, when Cardinal Castrillón so kindly invited the SSPX bishops to lunch with him in Rome on August 11, 2000, I said to him, “Your Eminence, we belong to two different religions”. A little later he replied — true to type — “But you and I believe in the same Jesus Christ, the same Holy Eucharist, the same Church!”

    "Your Eminence, we do and we don’t, mainly we don’t!" I always resort to the same example: — if one mathematician believes that two and two can make four or five, while another believes they can only make four and nothing other than four, do they have the same arithmetic in their heads? Surely not! The arithmetic of the first mathematician may not exclude the truth (just as his Eminence does not exclude the Holy Eucharist, etc.), but what use is that if it excludes no error either? True arithmetic on the contrary excludes any and every error that is out of line with reality.

    Similarly, the true Catholic Faith excludes every error of every other religion, especially the error of religious liberty which undermines all objective truth in order to set up the religion of man.

    Your Eminence, we do belong to two different religions. The true Catholic religion has always given birth to martyrs for the truth, because true Catholicism condemns the errors of the world. On the contrary the religion of religious liberty, which only seems Catholic, has given birth to no such martyrs because it is at peace with the world and its errors.

    Queen of Martyrs, pray for us!

Most Rev. Richard Williamson
    March 22, 2006
    vol 17, no. 68
    Miters that Matter