March 21, 2006
vol 17, no. 67

Homosexuality's Dirty Secret

    Our Lady warned us at La Salette and Fatima; Our Lord foretold it in Matthew 24; Former Communist Agents have admitted it, and it all makes perfect sense in the great charade played out within the conciliar church and its cozy, convenient Pact of Metz which, in effect, said 'hands off' the Reds, get your hands in the beds of young boys. Sick? Yes, and that is exactly what sodomy is and how it could very well have infiltrated the Church over the last century and caused the rot we are left with today.

      "Figure, from the standpoint of those conspirators and KGB leads who want to undermine the Church, and who also need to train these agents and keep them loyal to their twisted cause. What better way than to recruit their young men, not only as Communist agents and infiltrators, but also as homosexuals? See how this works out: To be a homosexual is to have God opposed to your pleasure, and with that, resentment of, and hatred towards, God is easily bred and sustained. No matter how much the Kingdom of God might appeal to one, there is no room in it for the practicing homosexual. This would well indeed sustain a fundamental core of alienation in the hearts of these agents from the very Church they will have lived and breathed all their lives. It is also something which, kept secret and "in the closet" goes unaddressed, unattended, and unfought, and so stays with a person throughout their life, so that even when they are old they will continue to seek and desire the same impossibility of a fulfilling homosexual relationship."

    Long time readers of my articles here on The Daily Catholic, or of my book, The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church, should realize that so far I have consistently eschewed discussions of the latest conspiracy theory or prophetic messages. While grudgingly acknowledging that there are conspiracies, and that certain messages, such as Fatima, are indeed worth learning about, I have up to this point left discussion of these issues up to others, utterly staying out of it myself.

    One might misconstrue from my silence about such things that I would have no thoughts on those matters. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that there is so very much other material out there dealing with these topics, much of it consisting of, at best, reasonable speculations, and at worst, some of it is outright crap. The last thing I want to do is add to it all, hence my virtual personal moratorium on discussing such things. Anyway, most of what I know about these things I would not consider very interesting, and even less of it even the least bit original. I would only be repeating the things that others have already said, and in some cases, have already said far better than I ever could. What of value could I add to that?

    Anyway, when it comes to conspiracies, I remind the reader of yet another of my reasons for not finding the study of conspiracy theories interesting, as it is not a conspiracy which lies at the root of the present ecclesiastical situation. Picture a henhouse, kept for generations, surrounded by foxes throughout all that time, but the door is locked and so none of the foxes ever get in and the hens are safe and that is all there is to it. But then suddenly one day, the door is unlocked and open and the next fox to come along just walks right in and eats all the hens. That last fox is no different from the many foxes that have prowled around the henhouse from the beginning, and absolutely no more interesting. I have instead preferred to focus on what is by far the more interesting mystery (and its simple, if almost plain and mundane, solution) of how it is that the door came to be unlocked and open. Those who have read my previous works discussing the nature of the present situation would have to know that what it amounts to is that the henhouse was sold and the hens that truly belong to the owner were moved to another henhouse where they remain as safe as always. The new owner of the old henhouse however is not very cautious and thus through neglect left the door open and so the fox got in. Simple question, simple answer, but not what people want to hear.

    So why do I bring up all of this now? Because the time has come for me to suspend that moratorium for the extent of this one article. I have never done so before, and I foresee no reason why I should ever do so again, but as it happens I do now have something original to offer here. I would have to categorize what I have to present here as being under the category of "reasonable speculation." That is, I don't have much in the way of good hard facts to support the claim I am making, but rather I invite the reader to weigh the thinking and see for oneself whether the theory I put forth seems credible or not. After all, it would explain a number of interesting particular characteristics that the present morass has taken, and some of the particular problems that beset the Vatican institution of today. So for once, instead of further examining the unlocked henhouse door, I am going to present some interesting observations I have made about the particular fox that happened to get in.

    It is correctly stated that "Communism is a Capitalist plot." It is also known that our Lady warned the Fatima children about Russia "spreading her errors" around the whole world, if not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart (which it wasn't, so obviously the "errors" have been thus spread). My first encountering with any of this was a book I found in a school library all about Communism (specifically the Communism of Soviet Russia) and how agents trained by its KGB (or some other Soviet spy training agency, but I shall henceforth simply refer to it as the KGB in this article) were infiltrating all manner of industry, politics, academia, the media, and religion, with individual chapters devoted to each. I do not know what book this was, nor even which school library I found it in (public or Novus Ordo), but the detailed account of the KGB training men to enter seminaries and become ordained clergy, only to then find subtle ways to subvert the Gospel by planting doubts about the reality of God, the inerrancy of Scripture, and authority of the Church, and so forth even while pretending to be ministers of religion, preaching doubt as it were, in the name of faith.

    I can remember wondering at the time why in the world the KGB would devote such time on what was obviously a totally useless project, but it had statistics, talked about where these men actually trained, how many (perhaps around at least 2,000, of which 1,100 were specifically allocated to become Catholic priests and the remainder, ministers of the various other Christian sects), and for how long, how they obtained "references" needed to enter seminaries outside Russia, and so forth. It was quite detailed, but I don't remember if it had any footnotes to point to as any basis for all this detail.

    Later on I had the privilege of meeting and hearing the testimony of a man by the name of Richard Wurmbrand who also had some rather considerable experiences to recount from his Communist imprisonment of 14 years and the blatantly satanic outlook of Karl Marx (which he also wrote up in a book entitled "Was Karl Marx a Satanist?"). His first-hand accounts of the ways of the Communists made it also quite clear their methods and goals, and while not directly bearing on this question nevertheless show the depths of their depravity and the things they are capable of just to win over even so much as a single soul to their twisted cause.

    Years later that, as I was just beginning to learn about traditional Catholicism, I encountered my next book developing this theme, namely AA-1025 (published by TAN Books and Publishers), the story (actually a kind of diary) of one such agent, giving some (but obviously not all, which may have either been not written or else filtered out by the nun who found this manuscript) of the details of his interior life and why he was fighting the Church and God, and what he was working towards.

    It is only years later still that I finally encountered the testimony of one Bella Dodd who had been a communist, deeply involved with many such plots, and who had left all that behind, confessed, and come clean with all the sordid details of how the Communists were working to subvert society at large and create general disorder. It is with that I can reasonably regard the account as presented in that book I read so long ago as having been validated, at least in all its most basic and essential respects.

    So, putting it all together, the "errors" of Russia to be spread around the world are these men, these KGB agents. That is to say, these men are, themselves personally, the "errors" of Russia spoken of by our Lady. She came to the Fatima children in 1917 since that was when Russia was first gaining its errors. Czarist Russia had no such particular interest in spreading theological error, but Communist Russia wasted no time in forming training camps for their spies and infiltrators. These 1,100 men were trained in a KGB camp to go to other countries and infiltrate the Catholic seminaries and ultimately gain a place in the pulpits from where they could subtly plant doubts against all serious religion on the part of their congregations.

    This much one can regard as having been sufficiently documented as to be beyond any doubt. As to other conspiracies above the Communists, it is also a documented fact that the so-called "Red Russians" (who defeated the "White Russians" in 1917) were not even Russians at all but street thugs recruited and trained in the slums of New York City, put on a boat, and sent to St. Petersburg along with a lot of gold to finance their operations there. The whole Russian revolution was planned, organized, and financed by certain non-Russian business concerns, bankers and others (that is to say, certain particular rich persons and groups who got rich in the first place from capitalism and who now found a way to get yet richer by taking over Russia and making it Communist) who found it cheaper to conquer Russia this way than to buy it outright. As late as 1964 these business concerns were still clearly in charge of Soviet Russia and demonstrated that by "firing" Khrushchev like a common employee. But again, this is not the direction I am focusing on in this article.

    What I want to look at is the frightful and horrific interior life of these 1,100 men (and who knows how many more may have come after them) whose job it was to infiltrate the Church and ultimately subvert it. In their darkened little hearts the Mystery of Iniquity reigned supreme, and there have been very few individuals in all of human history more corrupt than they. Let me start with a rather painful thought exercise:

    Imagine yourself one of these men. A good life, surrounded by friends and family and people you love and interesting and worthwhile pursuits is going to be altogether ditched in favor of a life that will be squandered in pretending to be something that you hate and detest and utterly don't believe in. You will not be married; you will not have children. You don't believe in God, nor indeed in anything greater than your own pleasures (except maybe Mother Russia, but that's more abstract than practical), and even those pleassures are going to be sacrificed in pursuit of a life that has no known or possible compensations. You must give up your all, not for some high and noble and worthy cause, but to be a mere patsy of someone else's selfish gain and ease and comfort and sadistic pleasures.

    Pretending to be a "good seminarian," and then Catholic priest, you will have to act fully as though you believe in and reverence and adore a God you do not believe in, and Who stands for everything you hate. You dare not let down your guard at any point lest you be caught and rendered useless to the "cause" of infiltration. You will be exposed to the love of God, the logic and obvious truthfulness and rational soundness of authentic religion, permitted to examine and verify first hand miracles performed by God, and ultimately to enrich the lives of many people, to be able to help them. And yet in all of this some hardened inner core of your being must nevertheless remain altogether untouched and unmoved by any and all of this, while you must at the same time make a thoroughly convincing act of being so touched and moved to the innermost depths of your whole being. You will be required to demonstrate that you fully understand and appreciate what you have been taught, and manifest all the visible characteristics of a Catholic interior life and spirituality.

    In short, your whole life is going to consist of living a lie. In order to be able to attain a sufficient rank and position in the Church to sow your damage (for which you have been trained to do), you must "toe the party line" of the Church you hate perfectly, showing no trace of your real alliances and affiliation. You do this in the remote hope that you might therefore be promoted to positions of power, to be at least Bishop, possibly a Papal Nuncio to some minor country, or even a Cardinal if you are super-lucky. In the KGB training you will have received training on how to arrange things to make yourself a somewhat more likely candidate for promotion, but ultimately these things are only statistical and there remains a considerable chance you will nevertheless be passed over. And also, there is the question of whether you live long enough. Some debilitating disease or accident could cut you down just as they were finally about to make a Bishop out of you. You may even have to become a martyr for the very faith that you don't believe in.

    In your whole life you may be permitted to do no more than rise to some position in which your recommendations as to who to promote (so you can favor your fellow Communist agents) finally begin to bear some weight, and even then you still don't have absolute final say. In all that you have to teach others what you don't believe in yourself, advance the cause of the very thing you most hate, and in short be the most perfect priest, lest you be detected and permanently relegated to the lowest echelons where you would never be enabled to do much harm at all, or even outright dismissed and defrocked as the traitor you are. So much of the Faith will have to be inbibed into your faithless mind and spirit that your nights will be spent in dark doubts. What if it's all true? What if there really is a Hell? Who will there be to help me in my final hour of despair when all those I have wronged will understand what I have done to them? Perhaps the light of the next day will dispell these midnight fears, but what of the next night. And as your appointment with death draws near these questions can only become all the more germane.

    What compensations could a person find for doing this? Soldiers in the Russian Army can look forward to military retirement with rank (which brings its privileges) in the Party and live out a comfortable and reasonable life, but these infiltrators have nothing like to look forward to, as they are "lifers" in permanency of their assignment. Sorry, but I can't help but believe that Russian National Anthems and patriotic songs and speeches for Fatherland and Mother Russia are simply not enough. They can only sustain a person for yea long, and as the years accumulate and the despondent realization of a life utterly squandered sets in, there needs to be some other compensation in life to sustain one. What could that possibly be?

    Throughout most of the twentieth century, most seminaries did not favor older students, as there was a legitimate concern of how they had spent their lives before the seminary, and of whether they would accept to be humbly taught as those more youthful would more naturally accept. But these agents had to be solidly formed in their persistent and self-sacrificing eagerness to infiltrate and undermine the Church no matter what of value or interest they might also learn from the Church. Therefore the KGB would have had to start young, perhaps equally as young as the young boys that homosexual recruiters most effectively work with as discussed in part one, namely those entering puberty.

    Figure, from the standpoint of those conspirators and KGB leads who want to undermine the Church, and who also need to train these agents and keep them loyal to their twisted cause. What better way than to recruit their young men, not only as Communist agents and infiltrators, but also as homosexuals? See how this works out: To be a homosexual is to have God opposed to your pleasure, and with that, resentment of, and hatred towards, God is easily bred and sustained. No matter how much the Kingdom of God might appeal to one, there is no room in it for the committed and practicing homosexual. This would well indeed sustain a fundamental core of alienation in the hearts of these agents from the very Church they will have lived and breathed all their lives. It is also something which, kept secret and "in the closet" goes unaddressed, unattended, and unfought, and so stays with a person throughout their life, so that even when they are old they will continue to seek and desire the same impossibility of a fulfilling homosexual relationship.

    Now look at something else. Throughout the twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties of the twentieth century during which the perpetrators of Vatican II were being KGB trained and inserted into the Church, the world at large was quite naïve about such things as homosexuality. A priest's conduct with the ladies was closely guarded, but a blind eye was turned towards what went on at the house or rectory where several priests lived. It was taken for granted that a group of men living together under a roof without any women would be chaste as there seemed to be nothing unchaste for them to do there.

    And as homosexuals, they could easily use the more standard recruitment methods to augment the secret kingdom of evil growing in the Church by seducing their altar boys (or at least such few as seem truly amenable to such recruitment), thus providing a kind of localized KGB training. After all, a mere 1,100 men can be spread quite thin when distributed throughout the whole world. And then even if they themselves never attain the needed rank, then perhaps at least some of their protégés might. Alternatively, where they might be closely watched and discretion is necessary, these agents could also take pleasurable refuge in each other, with no one else the wiser. Finally, should one or another truly repent and cease to be a Communist agent, they could be exposed and perhaps even defrocked, and thus rendered harmless to the Communists, or else kept in line for fear of these things happening (blackmail).

    I don't believe that their highest masters in the KGB and other conspiratorial circles share their perversion, at least not by and large. (For that matter, some may be slaves not necessarily to homosexuality, but to even baser forms of twisted sexuality.) One has to realize that the leaders of evil are slaves to a different evil than their followers. You don't see Osama bin Laden crashing a plane into a building or wearing a bomb on his person or indeed taking risks let alone sacrificing his own life. Only his followers are so stupid as he laughs at them from his secret seat of cowardly comfort. He asks of his followers an ultimate sacrifice that he, in his cowardliness, would never make himself. Likewise the topmost leaders are not homosexuals themselves, but see and use homosexuality (and perhaps things even worse) as a weapon with which to gain and keep control over their subordinates. And a powerful tool it is. The owners of the sin of homosexuality thereby control those who are owned by that sin.

    So now, looking at the priest-pedophile crisis of the past four years in this light, do we see in this a possible explanation for the consistent pattern of total protection that has been provided to these demented priests? For the real scandal was never that there might be some few priests here and there who happen to be homosexuals, or even that they practice it, or even that they seduce young altar boys in their practice of it, but rather the real scandal is that web of total protection that has been afforded to them. Instead of being carted off to some monastery where they will be prevented from all further such activities and live on crusts of stale bread and water in a small cell for the rest of their lives (as was the practice before Vatican II) they are now simply moved on to another parish where they can start again, and none of the costs in hush money, legal judgments, and legal fees are ever passed on to them. Bishops can all get together and mouth off about "zero-tolerance policies," all to no effect. It's all just publicity stunts and public relations and social posturing. Diocesan chanceries and offices and even whole dioceses themselves go bankrupt while the homosexual priests themselves get off scot-free and owing nothing as they move on to repeat their abominations elsewhere. Even if the secular arm of the law puts them in jail, these predators can still count on fundraising help to support their budding "prison ministry."

    Perhaps some individual bishops hate this and oppose it, but the homosexual agents are far too entrenched and powerful to be fought. And I think one can see in what I have given above not only the reasons for things to be this way, but also the reasons for there to have been so many such homosexual priest-predators, and even why so many of them have chosen to be predators of children instead of merely keeping to their adult "consenting partners."

    In the wake of this discovery of course comes the claim (false accusation) that the priesthood would in some way engender homosexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is only indulgence, never abstinence, which leads one to seeking the ever more and more bizarre, kinky, and outré. In point of fact, homosexuals were specifically excluded from the priesthood, but these agents would lie and dissimulate as needed to get past any screening for such and do so without compunction, for after all, they really don't believe in God or in any of it, no matter how much they simulate such faith. A sincere (non-KGB-trained) homosexual would be detected at once and excluded even before being admitted to any seminary.

    The priesthood is a call to something higher, nobler and more self-sacrificing than the call to hearth and home and wife and family and children. Yet how easily so many people have been fooled by those living, not a higher moral standard, but a lower one, indeed no moral standard at all. There are only two sorts of reasons a person spurns gaining a spouse and making children (along with the lawful pleasures and compensations that it entails). One is that higher one of seeking good to the whole community at large, to bless and to guide and inspire and make holy. The other is that base one that seeks only its own lazy selfish pleasure by every unlawful and unnatural means. It is like the difference between the child who sits still because of his heroic self-discipline while the other children squirm with boredom in their seats, versus the child who sits still merely because he is dead. Do not confuse the two.

Griff L. Ruby

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    March 21, 2006
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