March 10, 2006
vol 17, no. 56

Homosexuality's Dirty Secret

    Like the devil lurking in the darkness, the sodomites lie in wait for their prey, taking advantage of the environment and political clout to pervert God's laws. While they are supposedly so "open" and "frank" about their "oppression" and try to prompt sympathy for their sin, they have a dark dirty secret they don't want the public to realize and the media has done a good job of cloaking it in the shadows Those who think they are "brave" by piggy-backing on the craftily manipulated Brokeback Mountain phenomena that is seducing sodomites to "come out" and condone their sin, better think again for God and His natural laws will not be mocked!

      "So, enters here the most crucial factor in the spread of homosexuality that there is, namely the 'recruiter.' 'Gays' are not born, but made. And they are made so by these recruiters who themselves are already totally enslaved to their perversion. Is this a deliberate and considered plan on their part? In many cases yes. Why do you think the homosexual lobby is so very keen on trying to get the Boy Scouts to permit gay Scoutmasters?"

    What is it that gives a person this problem? Is it their own fault, or did God make them so, or what? Over the last 50 years or so modern society has seen the march forward of what is still often called "civil rights." Certainly the earlier stages of the "civil rights movement" have been one of the very few positive events to have been taking place during this otherwise dark time. Who could dispute the evident good that blacks can vote and are no longer relegated to the back rows of life's bus, or that men and women enjoy all the same legal protections under the law, or that people of a variety of national, linguistic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds can be welcomed as equals under the law and presented with all the exact same opportunities to better themselves, become productive members of society, or with due diligence and thrift, even attain a genuine measure of material prosperity and communal respect?

    But now there exists a massive "gay lobby" consisting of "Gay Pride," the "Rainbow Association," and countless other similar such organized gangs of politically advocated perversion. So powerful have they become that they are already coming to be collectively referred to as a "pink mafia," for such indeed they are. Even as Roe versus Wade is finally beginning to go the way of its elder brother Dredd Scott versus Sanford, the new Leftist juggernaut, the homosexual agenda, is pushing ahead going full-throttle. And this is not only in the US but many other countries are already beginning to treat this unnatural perversion as though it were a "civil right" to be fought for and even legally defended and accorded rights. And by "rights" here, I refer to obligations placed on others to support such perverse unions, as for example for corporations to provide health insurance to "gay partners" of their employees as though they were lawful spouses. And we here in the US only narrowly escaped a "legal" obligation to "recognize" perverse unions as though they were "marriages." But they will be back to try that one again, and this time with only all the more power, money, political clout, and allies in high places

    Even the controllers of language are pushing the use of the word "orientation" as though it were a simple matter of a simple alternative of being "gay" or "straight," no different than being "male" or "female," or "black" or "white." But how many of us know that perversion takes on as many forms as there are perverts? If a man can marry another man, doesn't it also necessarily follow that a man can also marry his dog, his pet rock, or his mother's pair of high-healed shoes? How about equal rights for child-molesters, or equal rights for axe murderers?

    Is "Gay Rights" just yet another logical step in the whole civil rights progression? There certainly seems to be no shortage of unthinking, jingoistic politicians who seem only all too eager to mow down the poor, helpless, and huddled masses of those of us of principle that draw the line in the sand and say "No further!" In Canada, it is already considered a crime for any preacher of religion to quote Bible verses from the pulpit that categorically condemn homosexuality and all other perversions. And for what? Do these preachers tell their congregations to "go out and clobber the nearest fag with a baseball bat?" No, all they do is warn those unfortunate persons that their god-forsaken path can only lead them in a Hellward direction, a fact no one would dare dispute.

    Even the Homosexuals themselves. For they already have among themselves a saying "Nobody wants an old queer." Age accumulates and bone structure fades and wrinkles set in. It is said that each of us bears two faces, the one we are born with, and the one we make for ourselves over the course of our lives. Who can fail to be horrified at the face of a decrepit sixty-somethingish old queer with long eyelashes and lipstick on his grotesquely lined face? And this is what they have to look forward to, no matter how much they can persuade themselves to ignore that ominous fact. Perhaps to many it would be practically a relief to die of AIDS before reaching such a point.

    Homosexuals are people with a problem, sort of like alcoholics or cancer victims. They are not people to bash or people to make fun of, but people who need our help. And not the "help" they would want to have to gain all manner of legal recognition for their supposed "right" to their perversion and to be accepted by society as such, but rather the help they truly need to be assisted out of such a condition. For all the legal support and recognition in the world could never erase the unpleasant fact that it is the unnaturalness of their life and its intrinsically disordered state that inescapably dooms them to a life of despair, despondency, ruin, and the ultimate desolation that is eternal damnation

    So whence all this political momentum? Why are so many of them so committed to staying in their condition and gaining "rights" as such instead of the far more constructive tack of learning how to overcome their unfortunate condition and to discover the opposite sex as they were meant to do, ultimately marrying and raising families? There are two parts to the answer to this question. The first is simply that it is easier. Personal change never comes easy, particularly in the direction towards the better and more virtuous. How convenient it would be if only some magical tooth fairy could come along, wave a magic wand, and make everything wonderful in our lives without our having to make any difficult changes in our life or abandoning any of our cherished fantasies, no matter how patently unrealistic! for Christ intended us to earn our way to Heaven through the crosses we embrace. However, it is the second part I wish to address here in this article.

    The second part of the answer to that question comes under the heading of bad science. And even here it is not so much the science itself but the spin put on it by those owned by their distorted sin of lust and choosing against personal change, not only for themselves but others as well. Attempts have been made to find a supposed "gay gene."

    They have not been successful, apart from very slight statistical variances that could easily be attributed to statistical noise or error, or even just a propensity to be less inhibited and therefore slightly more amenable to the kind of sexual experimentation that leads to any and all manner of perversion, including homosexuality. And altogether ignored by those who seek to make a cause out of it is the fact that many persons who may well have the so-called "gay gene" yet live perfectly normal, straight, lives.

    So, it is not nature that gives them their condition. Is it their choice, then? Who, in a position to make such a choice, could ever look to such a dismal future of ultimately becoming a lonely old queer that nobody wants, and say to themselves, "Yes, that's for me! That's what I want for my life." Extremely few if any homosexuals ever particularly remember ever making any such a choice. So were they somehow born that way after all? It is an easy lie to believe, especially when there are those with scientific letters after their name who are willing to debase science by claiming that it's all the fault of their "gay gene."

    What is the real cause? Let every homosexual look back in their own life, to a time when puberty was just beginning to strike and curiosity about sexual matters was passing from that purely academic curiosity about it that small children have to that sexually-charged and lustful curiosity that so monopolizes the thought life of practically every teenager. It would generally be at, or very close to this time, that they (as they think of it) "discovered" that they are "gay."

    And how did this discovery take place? Perhaps in some few instances it could have been with some childhood friend their own age, with a lot of unsupervised idle time on their hands, and perhaps beginning by comparing notes as to whose is bigger and so forth. But most commonly there was someone else, someone they looked up to in a way. A youth counselor or leader, the guy down the street who often takes his guy friends for rides in his snazzy sports car, a teacher at school, a parent of one's friend, some adult skilled in child-molesting, who knows how to win their trust and affection before introducing this sordid manner of existence.

    "Well, surely if I weren't already born gay, such an encounter would have had no appeal for me, would have brought me no pleasure." Not true! Unless a person has been specifically warned about such things, such an invitation coming from someone they like and trust and admire would be hard to refuse and impossible to forget. "Well, there must have been something in me that they saw, anyways I always felt 'different' from the other children." But all they saw was someone inexperienced, trusting, and willing to be led. And everyone "feels" different from other people; such is simply the human condition. To be young, naïve, inexperienced, uninformed, and impressionable is to be open to finding pleasure in pleasure, as introduced by these "characters."

    Does anyone but me remember a psychologist by the name of B. F. Skinner? He was the inventor of the so-called "Skinner Box." A laboratory rat in a skinner box would be trained to press a lever to get a food pellet or to escape an electric shock or be provided a mate or experience an electronic jolt in the pleasure centers of its brain. For that last, when the rat was presented with a lever for food, a mate, a comfortably warm place to rest, and a second lever that stimulates the pleasure centers of its brain, it will continually press that second lever to the exclusion of all other possible activities until it quite literally starves to death. All sorts of behaviors could be taught to such a laboratory rat using these means.

    Or recall Pavlov's famous dogs: Ring the bell and provide the food. Before long if the bell is rung the dog salivates though no food is present. So it is with Junior and that "nice man" down the street who gives him candy and rides in his sports car and before long introduces him to what seems to Junior as "just yet another fun and pleasurable thing to do," but is in fact immoral and unnatural. The possibility of such things is exactly why parents are supposed to warn their small children about accepting rides or candy from strangers. It's all nothing but the pleasure principle at work. Whatever a person finds pleasurable they will want to experience again (and again and again and again…).

    Another part of being at such a young and impressionable age is that one is suddenly going through all manner of strange and new feelings and desires, and if they are not careful, experiences as well. Who, in going from childhood to puberty and all the strange new feelings that come with it has never asked "what is wrong with me? I can't believe that I should feel this way." A big part of these new feelings is the "crush" which, at that age often follows no rational pattern. Crushes can be felt for father figures, mother figures, attractive celebrities, cartoon characters, heroes, heroines, and in short anything and anyone. When you have a crush on someone you want to be with them, you want to be like them, you want to be close to them, you want - well, you don't know or can't explain just exactly what it is that you want - but you want them. For however long it lasts (which could be minutes or weeks) whoever you have a crush on becomes something of a god to you.

    So, enters here the most crucial factor in the spread of homosexuality that there is, namely the "recruiter." 'Gays' are not born, but made. And they are made so by these recruiters who themselves are already totally enslaved to their perversion. Is this a deliberate and considered plan on their part? In many cases yes. Why do you think the homosexual lobby is so very keen on trying to get the Boy Scouts to permit gay Scoutmasters?

    But in many other cases the recruitment is not so much a conscious plan as simply the outworkings of the perversion. Homosexuality, especially among men, craves youth, for oneself, one's partners, an absurd desire for eternal youth and beauty. To be young and 'gay' is to be sought after, to be courted by other 'gays,' to have one's pick of partners. As one gets older, the ability to attract a youthful partner, so as to forget their own aging, makes one willing to seek out the young, and even the altogether uninitiated.

    It's almost like a truly Satanic aping of the family. Men and women are normally attracted to each other and tend to come together, get married, have children, and finally raise them. For some it is a matter of consciously and specifically deciding that they want children, while for others, it is purely a matter of romance and natural attraction, and the arrival of children is for them rather incidental, though nevertheless a responsibility accepted. But either way the result is basically the same. Homosexuals also seek to propagate their own kind as well. Since their perverse union is intrinsically infertile, their only way to propagate is to seduce the children of others. For some this is a specific choice to bring some "new blood" into the homosexual community (lesbianism, which has no comparable fascination with youth and beauty, is recruited almost exclusively on this basis), whereas for others it is simply a matter of young children being the most compellingly attractive partners. Again, either way the result is basically the same.

    This is therefore the "dirty secret" about homosexuality, namely that it primarily by far spreads through recruitment. This is a fact virtually never discussed in any of the public media, absolutely not even hinted at in any of the main major media outlets, and very very seldom discussed anywhere else. Take away all opportunities for such recruitment and the problem will naturally die out over time through simple attrition. It is a measure of the stranglehold that the pink mafia has on our media that this salient and crucial fact can be so systematically kept from public view as homosexuality in society gets presented as if it were just "one of those mysterious things that happens" and such media silence only gets filled with useless and idle speculations about the "gay gene" and so forth.

    What therefore can be done? There are three things parents can do to protect their children from such miserable conditions:

    1) See to it that they are properly catechized as to the necessity and means of bodily purity and chastity. This includes not only warnings about wrongful touches but also helping them to understand their new feelings as they enter puberty, what a crush is, and why it is natural, but why also it is not to be acted upon in any way.

    2) Protect them from any possible recruiters. Keep a most careful and watchful eye on adults who take an inordinate interest in them. Make sure that the children are specifically warned about what such adults might do and how sinful it is, and to report any unchaste touches (and not merely "touches that you don't like or that make you uncomfortable" as some public services warn in "protecting" children from child molestors, but which advice turns a blind eye towards the homosexual recruiter's "touches that you do like"), and to take such reports seriously.

    3) While recruitment is by far the primary means of the spread of homosexuality, that and other perversions and other habits of unchastity often form during extended periods of unsupervised idleness. You have heard the saying "Idleness is the Devil's workshop." This is one of the main reasons why this is true.

    Finally, for those who have this miserable condition, what is the way out? There are ministries that exist to help people with this condition. With enough effort and discipline one may overcome it and live a normal life, and even marry and raise a normal family. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice, but if you are unhappily among those who suffer from this condition, know that as you struggle to overcome this, all the angels and saints are with you, cheering you on, as you pull yourself out of a deep pit that could have engulfed you for eternity.

Griff L. Ruby

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    March 10, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 56