igNOMinious gNOMe AWARDS (jun23nom.htm)

June 23, 2006
vol 17, no. 161

Presenting the
Third Annual

  We continue with the Countdown of the 2006 igNOMinious gNOMe Awards which is one way of exposing the charlatans who have veered so far from the path Holy Mother Church has always traveled in conveying to the faithful flocks why shepherds are so vital in being guided to eternal salvation. That salvation today, contrary to what was taught for nearly 2000 years, no longer requires the Catholic Faith or the fulness of the sacraments to be attained. At least that is the thinking of those who we acknowledge igNOMiniously today. The capital NOM stands, of course for the synthetic, man-made concoction Novus Ordo Missae issued by Paul VI that dared to usurp the divinely ordained Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Traditional Latin Mass. Today that benchmark of stability and sense has given way to novelty and innovation, with ecumenism raising its ugly head while the Mass of Tradition is consigned to the medieval bin and badmouthed. Modernism reigns in the conciliar church, founded in 1964.

   Because of various factors we had been delayed in providing this year's Hall of Shame, but appropriately since this was the hottest category of the three "Good, Bad, and Uglies" this year what better day than the first day of Summer in the sixth month of the year 2006 to begin the Countdown for this year's igNOMinious gNOMe Awards and enshrinement into the HALL OF SHAME. We received well over 30,000 e-mails with multiple votes so it is time consuming, especially taking it off e-mail to tally the votes. Another reason for the delay. In the future we are hoping to streamline the process and computerize the votes so they can be automatically added up and limit voters to one vote for fairness sake. Needless to say, it clogged the e-mail system for a few months as well and we apologize to those who may have written expecting replies. It is just not feasibly possible to do so. Hopefully you will understand and forgive us for not acknowledging you. Add to this the spam that pours through daily and you can begin to visualize the headache we, in fact, created with these awards.

    For this Third Annual Selection we basically had most of the same Usual Suspects and thus, for expediency sake, we decided to expand the eligibility requirements from last year's 50 votes to 200 this year or we would, quite possibly, have had to list over two-thirds of the bishops in the United States. We simply do not have the time or the resources to profile each of these rogues and rascals who have so forsaken the souls they were entrusted with. As it is there were 40 who garnered at least 200 this year which is quite an expansion from our original six in 2004. Thus we continue to break this up into a countdown in which we presented yesterday those 30 to 21 and the previous day 40 to 31. Today we reveal those 20 to 11 enshrined into the HALL OF SHAME and tomorrow the top ten worst as we countdown from 10 to 1 to fully reveal this year's 2006 40 enshrined into the HALL OF SHAME. And now for those chosen by the voters who rank 20th to 11th:

20. It was, to be honest, a surprise that 742 voted for the former bishop of Pittsburgh Donald WUERL. Many think Wuerl's installation yesterday as the new archbishop of Washington, D.C. is an improvement and considering who he's replacing - Ted McCarrick - almost anything is an improvement, but Wuerl is crafty and no doubt that is why he received so many surprising votes because those who know him have realized his ambitions. He has long been lobbying for a red-hat and now, once ensconced in the heartbeat of political correctness and mediocrity, not to mention corruption and double-cross and - oh, did we mention incompetency to go with graft and greed - it will be interesting to see if he is true to his word which is in total contrast to McCarrick's total apostasy from Catholic truth. Wuerl is quoted as saying: "All the bishops, in fact, have a duty to promote and defend the unity of faith and discipline common to the whole church." Well, now he is in a position to put those words into action. Let's see if he's a man of his word. Evidently those from the Steel City aren't too sure of this crafty career cardinal-to-be. Ah yes, the good ol' boys club of the cloth where ecumenism trumps the welfare of souls everytime.

19. Prior to being promoted from the salt flats of the Mormon hotbed of Salt Lake City to the high-profile Sodom-by-the-Bay where anything goes except for orthodox Catholicity, the new archbishop of San Francisco George NIEDERAUER flew under the radar. But 749 voters realized that it was just more of the same ol' same ol' and heavily influenced by, who else, good ol' Mad Roger himself. Should it surprise anyone that Niederauer is a perfect match for queer-friendly and controlled Frisco? Not when you realize Niederauer is favorable to the homosexual 'plight', fostered accommodating 'gays' while not admonishing them to remember what Christ said: "Go and sin no more" when in Salt Lake; not Not when you realize Niederauer was classmates at St. John's Seminary - yes, that Camarillo rainbow clique - with the notorious Mahony, Tod Brown and, yes, William Levada, the same who did nothing to speak out against the perverted sin of sodomy while ordinary of San Francisco and now is head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith! What faith? Surely not the Roman Catholic Faith! Yes, Niederauer has been hand-picked by the left coast powers referred by Frank Keating as a kind of Mafiosa. La Casa Nostra is alive and thriving on the west coast, and it would seem, inside the modern Vatican itself, so don't look for things to improve but only get worse. It's a trend the conciliar church is famous for.

18. His continual flip-flopping that he didn't take part in concelebrating a Novus Ordo and then he did and then he didn't and then he did, but not in the way you think, but then he has to be obedient and then he can't...well, you get the picture on why 812 cast their votes for the Campos chameleon bishop Don Fernando RIFAN who was the perfect poster boy to dissuade many within the Society of St. Pius X of what happens when one submits to the heretics and why the majority of SSPX'ers could not subscribe to the optimism and concentrated 'cleansing' campaign and attacks against anyone who didn't agree launched by Bishop Bernard Fellay and Father Franz Schmidberger in white-washing the history of newChurch's sorry history. Rifan is a perfect example of why a Campos-like agreement with the Modernists is certain ruin. Even though Fellay and Schmidberger did all they could to spin that this time it would be different, and to prove it they went out of their way to castigate and calumniate any who disagreed, Rifan was a reminder of why any reconciliation with the apostates would be foolish, if not insane. Perhaps that is why Fellay, who is in the Tower of Trent Hall of Honor, almost had the dubious distinction of being in both Halls for he received a backlash of 167 votes, and Schmidberger came close to making the igNOMinious list with 188 votes. Thank God, SSPXers woke up before the nightmare would have become all too real. Sad that a former traditional bishop of Campos has made the list for the second straight year; manifest evidence of how one can so quickly be contaminated by the poison of Vatican II.

17. As bad as the rot is on the west coast, on the east coast we all know about Boston, but just as slime oozes down and expands the Miami archdiocese could very well be the cesspool of the entire sex scandal in the conciliar church and that is one reason the ordinary John FAVALORA received 837 votes. Little by little the knowledge that over 75% of the clergy in Miami would rather frequent the gay bars of South Beach or Fort Lauderdale and surrounding haunts than minister to the spiritual needs of their flocks. Several scandals have erupted from the disgraced Edward McCarthy to a priest who is ready to blow the whistle on the entire archdiocese and provide proof that Favalora, a product of New Orleans and the same who made St. Petersburg's Hughes a bishop, is responsible for not only covering up the rampant homosexuality in Miami, but fostering it. It is also a fact that this supposed shepherd of souls has personally bought 35,000 shares in a beverage company that promotes a sexually-stimulating drink called Yohimbe. So how do you think he got so much money on his own to invest in promoting sin? Good question that begs to be answered and will be for Miami Vice is not far from being fully exposed. It should be a hot summer and deservedly so for those who are not being faithful to their Roman collars. But, as we have noted before, don't look for this to be addressed by the modern Vatican, but rather the media will, as usual, uncover the snakes under the rocks.

16. There were 861 votes for the Ecclesia Dei darling Dario Castrillon HOYOS, the curia cardinal who specializes in being the smiling spider luring in the fly and then he's got 'em. It worked with Campos and he most likely was hoping it would work with the SSPX. We suspect that is the reason he received some 50 more votes than Rifan. SSPXers are not happy the way they've been played by both the Modernists in Rome and their own Superior General. Hoyos pandered to the press that it was a very good possibility there would be some kind of "reconciliation" as he spun his web cleverly, but thanks to Bishop Williamson's revelation of what was really going on, the arachnids did not get their prey - yet. Much depends on who is elected Superior General this summer for the Society, but Hoyos has shown his colors more than a few times and thus the standard holds: If there is no concession to true Catholicism stay as far away as possible for the spider's venom can be deadly. It is only more proof, that despite the hopes and insistence of many who have forgotten Ratzinger's liberal legacy, a leopard cannot change its spots and a spider has not enough silk to contain a big cat.

15. In the same vein as Hoyos, Francis ARINZE, the cardinal prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship - which considering he only promotes the man-made Novus Ordo is really a stretch in calling it "divine worship" - garnered 898 votes for his outspokenness against the Traditional Latin Mass. While some mistakenly take Arinze for a conservative, just as they view Ratzinger through those same distorted lenses, both are Modernists to the core and eschew the Latin Mass and the Council of Trent as medieval and out of touch, not appropriate to today's changing, enlightened world where "the Church must change as well." Really? Folks, that's heresy pure and simple. Arinze has been one of the chief PR wags for stubbornly pushing the Vatican II reforms despite its abject failure at every turn for the good of souls. But have we mentioned that the spiritual welfare of Catholic souls are not their main concern anymore. No, they're more concerned with not offending their non-Catholic brethren and so we don't dare mention the word conversion or it will be misinterpreted as hate speech. Does he realize how many missionaries gave their lives for Christ and the True Faith in his own Africa?

14. One will not be surprised that most of the 1,013 votes for the archbishop of Cincinnati Daniel PILARCZYK came from those living in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky for they have seen first hand the devastation rendered by one of Bernardin's boys. Twenty-four years as head of the Queen City has ensconced this man for too long in allowing the queens to suffocate parishes and turn a once-very Catholic city into a hotbed of liberal theology where humanism and feminism reign supreme. To add insult to injury, Pilarczyk hired a convicted felon to do background checks on his priests; almost as comical as Bishop Skylstad conducting an investigation on himself on an accusation which, of course, he absolved himself of by declaring there was no evidence. Of course not, these potentates bury or destroy it. Duh! This has been the legacy of Pilarczyk throughout his long tenure and more often than not he has consistently shown resentment rather than repentance for the sex abuse scandals, most of which he has endeavored to cover-up just as his comrades of the cloth across the USA have done. But the very fact that he was groomed by the notorious and suspected satan worshiper of Charleston Joseph Bernadin causes many to doubt any sincerity from this pompous prelate. Pilarczyk has become famous for blaming everyone but himself for the rot that reeks worse than the sewage emptying into the Ohio River. It should be no surprise that this, like Spokane, has become a hotbed of Traditional Catholicism for the faithful who know their Faith recognize a pharisee when they see one.

13. It was no surprise that voters would cast their ballot for the ordinary of St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese Harry FLYNN who grabbed an igNOMinious gNOMe last year for walking away with the "Queer Eye for Deviating from the Faith" award for his temidity in censuring rainbow sash-wearers who disrupted Novus Ordo cookie time. It is already a known fact that St. Joan of Arc in South Minneapolis is the most openly homosexual conciliar parish in the country - and considering the plethora of these - that's saying something. But we suspect the reason he received 1,049 votes was his banishing an orthodox priest - Fr. John Altier - from an orthodox parish in St. Paul to a rest home in south of the Twin Cities to hold hands with the elderly where he could not criticize the harmful sex-ed program Flynn had installed. Such also was the outrage over Flynn's coddling of the sodomites and pedophiles that an organization of victims was created to oppose Flynn. That's what is needed - more lay groups to call these Masonic potentates to task, but while they're at it, they might want to fully study their Faith and realize why it has disintegrated to this point: it is no longer Catholic and hasn't been for over 40 years! Welcome back to the HALL OF SHAME, it should be familiar territory to ol' Harry who himself should change places with Altier.

12. What can you say about the twelfth worse cleric chosen this year that hasn't already been said about the most liberal of them all? That would be good ol' apostate mouthpiece - who somehow has remained a priest in good standing at Notre Dame - Richard McBRIEN. No wonder those who think they are still Catholic think that way because they've bought the heresies espoused by McBrien whom the media have made the American 'pope' for his very opinionated progressive pronouncements that have totally skewered Catholic truth. Whenever anything Catholic is discussed in the secular media, more often than not the media call upon McBrien who is more than happy to bloviate to his heart's content against Traditional Catholicism and that is a major reason he received 1,114 votes. This man long ago apostasized from the True Faith and think of the souls he has tainted with his anathemas. Yet the former presidents of Notre Dame Fr. Theodore Hesburgh and Fr. Edward Malloy did nothing and the current one Fr. John Jenkins sees no problem with allowing the "V------- Monologues" to be staged on campus so you know McBrien is safe from any censures and remains a theology professor no less. This man teaching Catholic theology is akin to Osama bin Laden teaching safety tips to children. They're both terrorists in a sense for one seeks to destroy the body while McBrien seeks to destroy souls with his skimble-skamble he has been preaching to countless students and the masses thanks to the only-too-willing clueless media.

11. The wrath of the readers was felt towards the eleventh worst offender in Tod BROWN, the apostate ordinary of Orange County in Southern California who garnered 1,255 votes for his handling of St. Mary's by the Sea in Huntington Beach. After the retirement of Fr. Daniel Johnson who offered the Traditional Latin Mass there - albeit the Indult - for many years, Brown put in a man Martin Tran who can't even be called a priest but rather a facilitator of the false religion Brown encourages. Brown instructed Tran to rid the parish of all tradition, with Tran going so far as to lambast parishioners who would not march to his protestant tune by having the audacity to say that kneeling at communion time "is clearly rebellion, grave disobedience and mortal sin." It may be in the conciliar church which Brown has persistently professed, but not in the True Church. Evidently Brown and Tran have never heard Paul's words in Romans 14: 11 and Philippians 2: 10 about every knee shall bend. Of course they've heard it, but that's just more evidence of how these conciliarists are intent on erasing any semblance of true Catholicism and pushing for, as Brown's office states: "standing reflects our human dignity." Say, what?!? Hopefully the parishioners will rise up like those at St. Stanislaus Kostka in St. Louis and tell their bishop to either shape up or ship out but they're not going to heed his marching orders or obey the lackeys Brown sends in when Brown is obviously disobeying Christ and the tenets of the Church He founded and has plenty of headaches of his own with the sex-abuse scandal threatening to break open full force. Oh, and did we mention that Brown was part of that foursome at the Pink Palace - the seminary in Camarillo California - with classmates Niederhauer, Levada and, yes, Roger Mahony. Will the rot never end?

TOMORROW: Those enshrined into the igNOMinious gNOMes HALL OF SHAME from 10 to number 1.


    2006 gNOMes
    June 23, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 161