igNOMinious gNOMe AWARDS (jun22nom.htm)

June 22, 2006
vol 17, no. 160

Presenting the
Third Annual

  We continue with the Countdown of the 2006 igNOMinious gNOMe Awards which is one way of exposing the charlatans who have veered so far from the path Holy Mother Church has always traveled in conveying to the faithful flocks why shepherds are so vital in being guided to eternal salvation. That salvation today, contrary to what was taught for nearly 2000 years, no longer requires the Catholic Faith or the fulness of the sacraments to be attained. At least that is the thinking of those who we acknowledge igNOMiniously today. The capital NOM stands, of course for the synthetic, man-made concoction Novus Ordo Missae issued by Paul VI that dared to usurp the divinely ordained Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Traditional Latin Mass. Today that benchmark of stability and sense has given way to novelty and innovation, with ecumenism raising its ugly head while the Mass of Tradition is consigned to the medieval bin and badmouthed. Modernism reigns in the conciliar church, founded in 1964.

   Because of various factors we had been delayed in providing this year's Hall of Shame, but appropriately since this was the hottest category of the three "Good, Bad, and Uglies" this year what better day than the first day of Summer in the sixth month of the year 2006 to begin the Countdown for this year's igNOMinious gNOMe Awards and enshrinement into the HALL OF SHAME. We received well over 30,000 e-mails with multiple votes so it is time consuming, especially taking it off e-mail to tally the votes. Another reason for the delay. In the future we are hoping to streamline the process and computerize the votes so they can be automatically added up and limit voters to one vote for fairness sake. Needless to say, it clogged the e-mail system for a few months as well and we apologize to those who may have written expecting replies. It is just not feasibly possible to do so. Hopefully you will understand and forgive us for not acknowledging you. Add to this the spam that pours through daily and you can begin to visualize the headache we, in fact, created with these awards.

    For this Third Annual Selection we basically had most of the same Usual Suspects and thus, for expediency sake, we decided to expand the eligibility requirements from last year's 50 votes to 200 this year or we would, quite possibly, have had to list over two-thirds of the bishops in the United States. We simply do not have the time or the resources to profile each of these rogues and rascals who have so forsaken the souls they were entrusted with. As it is there were 40 who garnered at least 200 this year which is quite an expansion from our original six in 2004. Thus we continue to break this up into a countdown in which we presented yesterday those enshrined into the HALL OF SHAME from 40 to 31. Today we reveal those 30 to 21. Tomorrow those 20 to 11, and Saturday the top ten losers. And now for those chosen by the voters who rank 30th to 21st:

30. Across the pond many Brits registered once again their vote for England's red-hat cardinal Cormac MURPHY-O'CONNOR. The biggest reason for his votes which just beat out Fitzgerald with 589 continues to be his his relentless ecumaniacal bent, especially schmoozing with Rowan Williams, the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury. The bottom line is that Cormac has tried to be the big MAC to all, serving all kinds of mumbo-jumbo to everyone and forgetting Christ's charge to convert not compromise or dialogue to death. No wonder the Muslim muzzle is now choking England and will soon gain revenge against Richard the Lion-Hearted and the Crusades, for, in truth the battlefield is now, not only on the mainland of Europe but in the British Isles and the conciliar church is akin to the yellow-spined bishops who apostasized their faith in favor of an earthly king. As we said last year, O'Connor is complicit in going against what Saint Thomas More, St. John Fisher and Edward Campion gave their very lives for. As O'Connor continues his ecumania the traditional movement grows stronger as the only answer to the madness and we repeat what we stated last year to him: Have a cup of tea and a scone, and enjoy your igNOMinious gNOMe for now you have bookends as you continue to implicitly condone by your silence the sins of the Royal Family of England.

29. Receiving 596 votes was San Jose's ordinary Patrick J. McGRATH who continues in his post regardless of the fact that he persists in heresy both as to his accepting the New Testament as the inerrant Word and not open to interpretation and that the Old Testament has been abrogated. That's not the thinking of this liberal prelate who, no doubt, was greatly influenced by his being tainted by the radical ideas of Archbishop John Quinn while an auxiliary under the latter in San Francisco as well as William Levada. That whole progressivist thinking has rubbed off on him where he dares not speak a word against the pro-aborts or the pro-sodomites as he continues to live the good life in one of the most expensive areas of the country, deceiving so many souls who, thanks to his emphasis on humanistic tolerance, have placed more of a priority on temporal than the spiritual at the expense of the fate of countless souls. The Golden Gate influence has overshadowed the Gates of Heaven which means one thing: the gates of hell are wide open and McGrath is responsible for those in his see who pass through there. Not a pretty sight.

28. From the land that idolizes Elvis Presley we get J. Terry Steib, ordinary of Memphis who garnered 602 votes from readers mainly because of his deviation from Catholic Faith by openly promoting and encouraging homosexuality and deviation of the natural law in his establishment of a "Catholic (sic) Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Persons" in which tolerance is encouraged while not a peep, not a peep, that sodomy is not only perverted, but one of the four sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance. But Steib instead calls this sin "a unique gift from God." Come again!? Yep, folks, that's the caliber of potentates running American dioceses these days, men who will twist the truth to fashion what they want in bowing to man, no matter how evil the perversions, they are no longer sins - but now gifts! Puh-lease! Sacred Scripture and Catholic teaching anathematize what Steib is doing, but then there's a national organization sponsored by the United Conference of Catholic (sic) Bishops (sic) called The National Association of Catholic (sic) Diocesan Ministries Lesbian and Gay Ministries. While Steib is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing, he is only following the marching orders of the conciliar manifesto.

27. There were 613 votes for the ordinary of Altoona-Johnstown Joseph ADAMEC who has left a sordid and criminal trail in his wake. The list is long but here are just a few examples of his legacy in encouraging his priests to not preach against homosexuality, knowing of such sins and crimes such as priests sleeping with their penitents, AIDS taking its toll from among several presbyters in the diocese, trysts with other priests and sodomites, beastiality, molestation of children, caught in compromising positions, youth suicides due to being molested by homosexual presbyters of his see, and rampant internet activity with sodomite porn sites among his presbyters...and yes the list goes on and on while modern Rome turns a blind eye and a deaf ear. Cover-up is Adamec's middle name. Meanwhile, Happy Valley has become Chagrin Valley as Penn State, without the correction of a Catholic prelate, continues to applaud and promote homosexuality, abortion and every other sin except those who speak against such aberrations. In truth, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown is a microcosm of practically every other diocese and Adamec is a prototype of the bad fruits spawned from Vatican II.

26. And speaking of leaving a trail of rot, that is what prompted 628 votes for the retiring potentate of Cleveland Anthony PILLA who, because he reached the age of 75, resigned in April this year. Hoping he would not get the same kid-glove treatment Law did, the voters placed his name often for he, like Adamec and so many others, was responsible for cover-up after cover-up, not to mention experimenting with novelty so much that the Novus Ordo in Cleveland doesn't even resemble a normal Novus Ordo mess for he has used novely after novelty, employing dance, sometimes immodest at that, to enhance this man-made rite that keeps getting worse the longer it is in existence. Add to this that long he shielded the divisive FutureChurch organization, even allowed them on Diocesan property and you can begin to realize how bad Cleveland had it. Good riddance to Pilla. The phrase "Cleveland rocks" can be taken literally when it comes to how Pilla pillaged the souls there and, sadly, there's not a lot of hope for them with the new ordinary BeneRatz appointed - Richard Lennon - for he comes from that hotbed of cover-ups: Boston and we can guarantee you he is no friend to tradition.

25. The bishop of Albany Howard HUBBARD is a repeat offender and we suspect the 647 votes he received from readers, most of them in New York no doubt, is a result of his continued cover for the very active Mauve Mafia in Albany and the unresolved situation of Hubbard's complicity in the murder of a priest who knew too much. Last year Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful, armed with evidence and suspicion, traveled to confront him and Hubbard ran and hid. Typical of these spineless, yellow-livered prelates of the New Order. As we wrote, the mammon-mongers may think they're getting away with murder, many believe he is guilty and want to throw the book at Howard HUBBARD and the rot that exists in his see. Whatever espionage and intrigue resides within the walls of the Albany Diocese, Hubbard has to know nothing will be hidden in Heaven. In other words, he might be able to hide from Brady and others, even the long arm of the law with high-priced attorneys, but he can never hide from God.

24. The carry-over continued for San Diego's ordinary Robert BROM, whom Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful has documented as being caught in homosexual activity more than once. 651 votes were cast for Brom, no doubt in light of his inaction after the backlash from the sodomite community in America's Finest City last year when he played the pols and public opinion in compromising Catholic truth in favor of winning the approval of the growing sodomite power in Southern California where the City Council can practically all be dressed in pink. The problem of homosexuality in the San Diego clergy has long been a grave concern to faithful souls there and yet neither Brom or his predecessor Bishop Maher have done didly to clean house. Does that ring a bell with anyone as to why the rot continues in San Diego and why the ACLU loves this area? Because they can destroy a landmark memorial at Mt. Soledad while Brom worries more about protecting his own derriere; the heck with the sheep. For this he has deserved a second igNOMinious gNOMe.

23. The only potentate the Diocese of Arlington has ever had Paul LOVERDE made the list at number twenty-three with 658 votes as the cover-up continues in the shadow of the nation's capitol. It is well documented how he retaliated at a good priest Fr. James Haley a few years ago when the latter provided documentation of homosexual trysts between several priests. Rather than being the good shepherd, Loverde intimidated Haley and when that didn't work, calumniated him and made life a living hell for Haley until he just left, reminding all of the corruption that surges through nearly every see where the rot continues unabated and anyone daring to upset the applecart and apply Catholic truth and decency will be summarily dispatched one way or the other. Loverde is well-deserving of one thing: membership in the igNOMinious gNOMe HALL OF SHAME. What price do these modernist poobahs pay for surrendering to the Masonic agenda and abdicating their Catholic authority? That is a question they will be asked when they stand before the Supreme Judge on Judgment Day. Why can't they realize that truth? Oh, that's right, it's a "truth" and truth is no longer acknowledged as such, merely one opinion among many. Dogmas are thrown to the dogs. Such is the state of the episcopacy in Arlington and practically every other see.

22. The fall-out from last year carried over for St. Petersburg's ordinary Robert LYNCH over the Florida prelate's total negligence and actual opposition to helping save the life of Terri Schindler Schiavo, as well as his total silence in permitting her estranged husband, Michael Schiavo, who many consider a murderer, to marry in a supposedly 'Catholic' church his concubine with which he sired two children brought the wrath of 702 votes. When things get hairy, take a junket to avoid the heat. That's his motto. Add to this his fearless speaking out against the death penalty, but total silence on abortion and sodomy - for we have to be careful not to offend (yet Christ is gravely offended by that and his lack of reverence for the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament) and his piping up in joining the cry for better treatment of terrorists - never mind that they behead people - we need to wine and dine them in style and Gitanamo just wasn't up to the standards of the Ritz to these progressive politicians who are, in essence, in lockstep with satan. For this shepherd in wolves' clothing a second igNOMinious gNOMe...and we didn't even mention the homosexual network within his see, which he, like most of the bishops, continues to protect. Ever wonder why?

21. Receiving 739 votes was the man many had predicted would be gone by now but it took until this very day (June 22) for Benedict to appoint a successor to cardinal who has been the Secretary of State for 15 years Angelo SODANO. The truth is BeneRatz has continued the very same malaise that was fostered by John Paul II who, as stated last year when Sodano was inducted into the Hall of Shame, was greatly influenced by this man who was ensconced for far too long as one of the most powerful men in modern Rome. The fact that not much will change with the appointment of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as the new Secretary of State is because it was Bertone who, along with Ratzinger and Sodano, released the bogus Third Secret of Fatima in fabricating the very urgent warning the Mother of God had imparted. The facts are that regardless of the supposed rift between Ratzinger and Sodano that many neo-Catholics and semi-traditionalists predicted would happen when the "conservative" German finally came to the very power he long has sought out so cleverly from the time of his days as a periti at Vatican II control so he can mold the conciliar church in his Hegelian way. Meanwhile Sodano moves on...finally, but the damage has been done. Many suspect that the very secrets - which Sodano, Ratzinger and Bertone harbor - can be traced to why we even have the igNOMinious gNOMes since the truth of the matter is that for the past 15 years Sodano has been the man who controls this sorry lot of bishops. As we wrote last year, something is definitely amiss - as in rotten in Denmark and the modern Vatican - and readers look to the rot as part of Sodano's doings, thus winning for him a second notorious igNOMinious gNOMe.

TOMORROW: Those enshrined into the igNOMinious gNOMes HALL OF SHAME from 20 to 11.


    2006 gNOMes
    June 22, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 160