January 18, 2006
volume 17, no. 5

The Pearl of Priceless Treasure

    Because of Free Will we can choose between Peril or the Pearl of Great Price - a Priceless Treasure. Only a dolt or fool would choose the former. Yet there are so many who do not recognize the priceless treasure they have in their Faith and will cast these pearls to swine by accepting the horrific, sacrilegious Novus Ordo while ignoring, even demeaning the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven; that which best honors the Holy Trinity: the infrangible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

      "Before making your travel plans, ask yourself if you are willing to help your fellow travelers along this journey, safeguarding him or her from the pitfalls satan lays before us daily. Are you of such good will that you would give your life so another can keep moving forward on this path to salvation? Are you willing to give your all to Him Who shed the last drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem you and lead you to Heaven? That is the essence of the Pearl of Priceless Treasure."

My beloved Roman Catholic brethren in Christ,

    We have arrived at that meaningful feast of the Chair of Saint Peter which, as the Saint Andrew Daily Missal says, is "The manifestation of the divinity of Jesus, which characterizes the Season after Epiphany, demanding of us the recognition of His Kingship over our souls. A few days after our nation has honored a mere mortal named King, let us focus all our attention on the only King - Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. As this past Christmas season unfolded, I prayed for myself, my family, and each of you that you would be able to put aside the frightful, even evil distractions of the world, so as to absorb your thoughts in the sublime Mysteries of our precious Faith.

    Oh! what a precious Faith God has granted us out of His Infinite Mercy. The Pearl of Priceless Treasure - a Pearl of Great Price. But we must contend with every type of insidious evil that bombards our senses day and night, frightening news reports, wars, natural and man-made disasters. We are so tied to the world via instant communication. No longer do we feel the need, nor the great privilege we had, some decades ago, when life centered on God through the Roman Catholic Faith, when Sundays were welcomed as a time to worship God at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with the remainder of the day given to family, friends, spiritual reading, meditation walks, the gathering for family meals and prayers. Radio, TV, movies and other "entertainment" - most of it passive, have taken the active place of God's real purpose for making the Sabbath day holy.

    We let down our guard and slid easily into the concept that after six days of laboring, we had earned the right to be entertained! Where does it say in Genesis: "And He entertained on the seventh day"?No, it says

    "So the heavens and earth were finished, and all the furniture of them. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made: and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. And He blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made" (Genesis 2: 1-3).

    Note the words in the Douay-Rheims version, "all the furniture." The Haydock Commentary for the DR explains: "Furniture, ornaments or militia, whether we understand the Angels, or the stars, which observe a regular order and obey God." Ah yes, obeying God. No wonder the regular order is so off kilter. We no longer obey God. To show you how depraved we have become, because of Michael's life-long love for sports, our alarm clock radio is set to ESPN radio in the morning. I have to admit, up until just recently at least I could count on there not being anything offensive from sports talk other than the incessant repetition and cliches. But Mike enjoys listening to the ESPN simulcast "Mike and Mike in the Morning" show to catch up on all the scores, inside scoops, and highlights. I said 'recently' because even on ESPN satan has infiltrated with an insidious commercial for watching bowling on television. Needless to say the annoying, irreverent and blasphemous ad directly demeans God and what Sunday should be. Blatantly, an effeminate announcer panders listeners to shuck tradition with the words: "Every week men across America are given a gift called Sunday. Sadly, this gift is often wasted on yard work, paper work and loved ones. But that's not what Sunday is about." I don't think so. Wasted? Without family we are lost; without our faith we are at a dead-end. What is wasted are the minds and souls influenced by this terrible tripe. That is just one among many tragic examples of how our faith and faith culture are undermined daily, hourly, by the minute.

    How could this erosion of values, morals and the faith happen over such a relatively short span of time? Where else can one look than to that albatross called Vatican 2? It is all too obvious and yet to so many - too many - it is obviously not obvious. Are they really that blind and deaf? It would seem satan has placed blinders and strong earplugs on their eyes and ears respectively. But upon closer look, there is another sense that has been blocked: the sense of soul. The arteries of grace have hardened and so many have failed the Commandments - the first, second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth. The fifth is violated every time we do not stand up uncompromisingly against abortion, or to call it what it really is: infanticide. Outright murder of the innocent, the helpless, the hopeless for without baptism there is no hope for eternal life. Holy Mother Church has always taught that children not baptized go to Limbo where they can never see God but are not condemned to hell. Now, in yet another effort to please man and reject God, the conciliar church is dead set on eliminating this Catholic belief. Do you think that will prompt a mass exodus from the false church and back to the true Church? I would love to think so, but from past behavior, we know that the vast majority will just yawn and slip even further into the devil's grasp.

    God is insulted by the shameless show of luciferian pride that has eclipsed the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church and instead propped up a man-made religion, pagan in practice and expression, passing itself off as "Catholic." Families are broken, divorce rampant, children murdered in the womb (did I mention that?) and those children born are seldom baptized into the One Mystical Body of Christ. Now they are 'initiated' and programmed to be tolerant to the sinner and his sin. No more love the sinner but hate the sin. Now it's you had better accept the sin and make no judgment or you'll be called a bigot, a homophobe or worse.

    That's what has become of society. We all know the signs. When evil becomes acceptable and good is looked upon as wrong, definitely not 'politically correct.' Do these people realize what they have thrown away? The Pearl of Priceless Treasure! They've discarded it as yesterday's newspaper, not realizing the treasure lost. They say old habits die hard, but after forty years most of those good habits have expired unless you have the blessing of being in a traditional parish or mission chapel. Prayers before and after meals have long been forgotten. Are we so ashamed of our Catholicism that we are afraid to bless ourselves in public and give thanks to God for our sustenance? Fasting, abstinence, penance, self-mortification? 'What are those?' the conciliar 'people of God' say. Virtues, especially profound humility of heart and understanding, along with the practice of virtues topped by seraphic charity are outlawed and demeaned as medieval. They are scoffed at and satan mocks true charity with a diabolical false sentiment that embraces sin and the sinner. Our consciences have been dulled. No longer do we tremble with a proper Fear of the Lord. Instead of working out our salvation in fear and trembling as Saint Paul entreats, we make excuses and hide behind the incompetence of shepherds in wolves' clothing. We seldom give thought to the Last Four Things. If we do, you can be sure satan and his legions will quietly and deftly guide your thoughts to worldly pleasures or overwhelm you with despair that you could not be worthy of such a Pearl of Priceless Treasure.

    God has chosen each of us to live in these most criminal, tenebrous times when modern Rome has lost the True Faith and slips deeper into sacrilege, apostasy, and heresy with nearly every utterance that issues forth from the twisted tongues of a hierarchy pushing a pagan faith. And, my dear friends, the vast majority of us still lap up the spin syllables spoken by the house organs for the New One World Order, not realizing we are still blinded and deaf to the True Faith by force of the the evil serpent's lies that drew Eve into his lair.

    The principles of Christ's Incarnation laid out a lesson that never grows old. Saint Joseph went on pure faith in God, obedient no matter the cost. Blessed Mary kept all things in her heart. The shepherds remained impervious to the practical impact of our Lord's birth but through the heavenly messengers, they understood in their hearts the meaning of this event. The wise men of the Epiphany were not Jewish nor were they Christians for such had not been established yet. But they were men of good will, kings of good will. This good will, this openness of heart caused the august Trinity to guide them - not by words but by a shining star. These kings could have sent vassals to follow this star, see where it led, and to whom, and why before they'd bother to journey forth. The quest for the Pearl of Priceless Treasure spurred them onward. Their good will brought them a very long way to the tiny town of Bethlehem. Their good will allowed their hearts, their souls to expand as they hungered for the Truth, Who is Christ our Lord.

    The Magi found Him! They were filled by the Holy Ghost and recognized this little Babe as the Son of God, the Savior of the World Who represented the Pearl of Priceless Treasure. That is why they laid expensive and symbolic gifts at His manger: gold, frankincense and myrhh. Expensive gifts that paled compared to the Pearl of Priceless Treasure for the greatest gift they brought and left at His adorable, innocent feet were Faith, Hope, and above all, Charity. It was Infinite Love which called each of them to travel over rough roads void of any comfort. Their quest is our quest. To find the Infant Jesus and lay at His innocent feet our whole heart, mind, soul and strength; not just during Christmastide, but also in this Time After Epiphany and also in Septuagesima, Lent, Passiontide, Paschaltide, continuing through the Time After Pentecost into Advent. You see it is not a "seasonal thing" but a full-time commitment. It is a rough, often lonely road to the manger, for it is a road of humility, of perseverance, of upright heart, and a profound longing to behold the Absolute Truth, God made man in the ever virginal womb of Mary Most Holy. It is a road that spans from the wood of the manger to the wood of the cross. There is no other way.

    Just as Joseph and Mary presented the Son of the Most High God to the wise men in charity and total humility, so also do they present Him to us each and every day. Scripture does not tell us all that took place. Yet, if we are willing to set out on our personal, individual journey to find the Infant Savior through the guidelines of Holy Mother Church, we will not only be filled with humility and seraphic charity, but will have a greater appreciation for the virtues exemplified by holy Joseph and Blessed Mary, and the simplicity of the shepherds and the perseverance of the Magi. If we understand this, we shall find Him and love Him all the more for we can never lose Him if our hearts are of good will.

    How willing are we to make this journey? Are you willing to pay the price of a rough, narrow road strewn with stumbling blocks, thorns and a thousand humiliations, disappointments, sorrows, travails and tears, to assure the Pearl of Priceless Treasure? He Whom our souls should long for with such good will that the cost of the trip will be counted a great blessing, so that at the end of the journey, we, like the wise kings, can behold our God face to face in unimagined, unspeakable, never-ending peace and joy that the human mind can never comprehend the majesty and awe of the Beatific Vision.

    Before making your travel plans, ask yourself if you are willing to help your fellow travelers along this journey, safeguarding him or her from the pitfalls satan lays before us daily. Are you of such good will that you would give your life so another can keep moving forward on this path to salvation? Are you willing to give your all to Him Who shed the last drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem you and lead you to Heaven? That is the essence of the Pearl of Priceless Treasure.

    I ask myself these questions and many more every day of my life. I weep because I have sinned and caused the Infant Savior to suffer - He Who is the innocent One, the Man of Sorrows. I weep to see our separated brethren both outside and inside the Mystical Body of Christ taking the front-page headlines, preaching half truths that deceive millions every time these false preachers speak via TV, Radio, Video, DVD, countless erroneous books, press releases, Zenit news and on the USCCB website and other conciliar web organs. Why are their audiences so blinded to the truth of the rough road traveled by men of good will. To these ecumanania aficianodos it not "men of good will" but "good will to men" regardless of their commitment to Christ. No we are not saved by just saying it. Words are cheap as we have seen throughout the past 40 years of failure and cover-up by those who did and continue to try to make the faithful imbibe the infected, albeit poisonous Vatican II swamp water. By now we should all be able to see the rancid scum crusting over the pond scum. Certainly those who have drunk from the muck of modernism can taste the bitterness compared to the soothing, healing honey of Catholic truth. They are totally different and cannot be mixed. Ever! When will we realize we can be fooled, have been fooled, can fool some, but can never fool all and will never, ever fool God one iota? He is absolute truth. How can one who devoutly says the Act of Faith accord any credibility to those who have sacked the True Mass and bastardized catechetical teaching? Do you not believe the words we say?

    "Oh my God, I firmly believe that Thou art one God in three divine Persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I believe that Thy divine Son became man, and died for our sins, and that He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the holy Catholic Church teaches because Thou has revealed them Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived."

    Just by the fact that we have been deceived should tell you volumes about the fallacy of the church that strives to pass itself off as Catholic today. Modern Rome is not Catholic, cannot be. If it were, then all that preceded Vatican II was for naught and that includes Christ's incarnation, death and resurrection. If the conciliar popes are right, then the Mother of God is irrelevant and we should all become Jews. It's either or, dear friends. Either we are Catholic through and through and live as Catholics, or we admit we don't want to be Catholic and have the guts to be honest with ourselves and others. As for me, there is no greater Pearl of Priceless Treasure than my Faith. That Faith can never be smudged by half-truth, by ambiguity,or by compromise. How do I know that? Because her Founder never spoke half-truth, or ambiguously nor did He compromise. When the multitudes walked away because His words were too hard to hear, He didn't rush after them and seek to "dialogue." No, He merely turned to the man He chose to head His Church and said to Peter and the rest of His chosen Apostles:

    Will you also go away?" And Simon Peter answered Him: Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. And we have believed, and have known that Thou art the Christ, the Son of God" (John 6: 68-70).

    I would hope and pray that you too, with me, will echo those words every waking minute of your life. In this, my dear friends, let us make a firm resolution: Let us all give to God absolutely everything of our time, talent and treasure.

    Shall we let the false prophets, protestant preachers and anti-Catholics triumph on our watch as members of the church Militant? I shudder to think of your particular judgment when God shall ask why you, who have been given the pearl of priceless treasure - the one True Faith - could not defend a helpless Babe in the manger in Bethlehem or watch with Him in Gethsemane or weep at the foot of his ignominious cross on Golgotha. He will ask why we were not filled with humility and seraphic charity that we did not lay down our life that one soul might be saved.

    Please, for love of God and in total trust and confidence in His Infinite Providence, Love, Mercy, and Goodness, let this very day be the one where you lay at the foot of the cross to be washed in His Most Precious Blood all your worries, fears, anxieties and concerns, giving Him your all - emptying yourself as a humble vessel to be filled with His Divine Love and Mercy, purified through His Love and the ultimate sacrifice by which through His merits we can attain Heaven. He asks now through His loving, Blessed and Immaculate Mother our total surrender to the Divine Will so that we may decrease in order for Him to increase. That is the essence of living in the Divine Will; as simple as that. That is what it will take from each and everyone of us to expedite the restoration of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church so that she may emerge from the shadows of this terrible eclipse and shine brighter than ever.

    Jesus has said not to hide our light under a bushel basket. Therefore, let us sparkle with grace giving of all we possess in mind, body, heart and soul, our time and treasure so that through our meagre, humble effort we can illuminate the narrow path for others to see and, like the three wise men, take up the quest for the Pearl of Priceless Treasure no matter the physical cost to our temporality. The three kings, men of wealth, rulers of many people bowed before a baby! Should we do less?

    How my own heart grieves at my own sins, and the time I have wasted in vain pursuits in earlier years. I weep interiorly every day, and have but one burning desire: to obey the Divine Will, to trust Him without a trace of presumption, and to die a hidden martyr of love and penance, purified by suffering - that souls, countless ones chosen only by God's goodness, precious souls may behold the Christ Child and follow Him daily, taking up their crosses all the way to Calvary and beyond. Think of every soul being a brilliant light that better elucidates the way toward the True Light. Think how many souls will be saved from the everlasting darkness because of the ever brighter glow of millions of lights illuminating the path to Heaven.

    One light will fizzle out, overcome by darkness, but strength in numbers will assure a lasting glow that will open the eyes of those who were blind and blind those who insist on speaking untruths and deceiving the Good Shepherd's flocks into believing that the Catholic can be changed, improved or compromised. Never! Won't you help us in our efforts to disseminate this fact: to proclaim the uncompromising Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church.

    May Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost bless you and grant you the grace of good will, humility and seraphic charity in this first month of 2006 - a month traditional dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Today especially, on this feast of the Chair of Peter let us renew our commitment to seeking after that Pearl of Priceless Treasure and God will grant each of us our own Epiphany to brighten our resolve and give us plenty of kilowatts of grace to light up the way to Heaven.

Your very little sister in Christ,


    WednesdayJanuary 18, 2006
    volume 17, no. 5