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February 6, 2006
vol 17, no. 24

The Boiling Point!

          Not everything turns out as advertised. The Super Bowl was not exactly super, the commercials mediocre at best, and the promise of Modern Rome shedding its scaly apostate skin and returning to the absolutes of Eternal Rome is a pipe dream that the Society of St. Pius X should never believe. Once invited into the conciliar schismatic swamp, beware of the lying lizards lying in wait. They've got their fingers on the knobs and may just turn the heat up more. Why not? The frog is already desensitized and can't feel a thing.
      "Haven't we all been 'frogs' in the swamp of secularism and conciliarism? You better believe it. And yet, oblivious to the fact that the water is considerably hotter today than it was even ten years ago, we still haven't got a clue that our values, our cultures, our morals, our beliefs and our very souls are being boiled alive.

    The hype is history. The Super Bowl is over. I don't know about you but if I never hear John Madden again it won't be too soon. There really was nothing super about it, more like dull and mediocre. Today the buzz going on in offices could be both the game and the commercials. Though, in all honesty it was one of the most boring NFL Championship games I've ever seen and I've been watching since 1955. I am not a fan of either team, but how many saw a late-flag bias against Seattle. The Seahawks had two sure touchdowns called back by phantom penalties. Both were terrible calls that haven't been called all year by NFL refs. In the first quarter Seahawk Wide Receiver Darrell Jackson had already caught the ball in the endzone and raised it in victory when the ref pulled his flag out of his pocket. Gotta help the Steelers. Then a holding was called when Matt Hasselbeck drove the NFC Champs 97 yards to the one yard line with a definite possibility of taking the lead early in the fourth quarter when again a flag was found on the field. Holding. Gotta rescue the Steelers. Replays proved, as did the announcers, that there was no holding. Can you say robbed and jobbed?! But to keep things balanced, the Hawks' play-calling at the end of the first half and fourth quarter was at best questionable. Give the men in black and gold credit, they scored two long TD's and that was the difference. They deserved to celebrate "one for the thumb." The Seattle bunch didn't take advantage of missed opportunities. No use crying over spilled latté.

    But, I'm happy for the folks along the Monongahela. Hopefully it will make the late winter more palatable. Here in our region of Eastern Washington I suspect folks will be downcast for a while until the next Zags game and then they'll forget when cage star Adam Morrison does the incredible on the hardwood. West of the Cascades, well, they've always got their Starbucks to drown their sorrows in. And speaking of sorrows, I can't remember a more sorrowful array of commercials. I think the networks peeked several years ago and this year ABC got skunked. I counted roughly 24 ABC promos which is at least $15 to 20 million that the network didn't collect because they've priced themselves right out of the market. Add to that the promo spots as fill-ins such as :15 and :30 spots of the thoughts of various players wanting to win the Vince Lombardi silver Super Bowl Trophy and you have another $8 million down the drain. Keep in mind that anytime you see multi promo spots, those are commercial times that didn't sell. Advertisers, other than the main ones like Budweiser, Ford, Dodge and Gillette, basically said thanks but no thanks. There weren't even a few memorable spots which usually you can count on at least five clever ads that would grab attention around the water cooler for a few days. There were several which were offensive and obnoxious led by Ameriquest and the Hummer spot. Oh, and did I mention the raunchy, racy and ridiculous commercials for Desperate Housewives, Sons & Daughters and Dancing with the Stars? I think ABC summed it up best with another series they've been touting: Lost!

    There were ten movies promoted; few even worth noting other than Pixar's cartoon film called Cars. I thought the two best out of such a mediocre lot was Jackie Chan in a spot for Diet Pepsi in which he "co-starred" in a kung-fu movie with a Pepsi can, but used a Diet Coke can as a stunt double when a foe's heel crushed it. You had to be there. The best was simple but a reminder of a series that didn't feature weapons but ingenuity and that was Richard Anderson of MacGyver fame. The spot was for Master Card showing the resourcefulness MacGyver would use in escaping a tight spot in a recurring episode. Other than a few Bud spots that were new, including a stadium where everyone held cards that accordioned from one section to the next to unravel the image of a gigantic bottle of bud pouring through the stadium as a wave to the other side of the field where it emptied into a glass which was then emptied. Clever and quite inoffensive. Then there was the "Magic Refrigerator" in the rotating wall that was a bit humorous. Other than that, the rest of the fair was morbid and miserable, and I'm not even talking about the half time 'entertainment' which I can assure you I did not check out for I have never been an aficianados of the miserable satanic Stones or any of that noise they called music back in the late sixties and seventies. In fact for the half-time, I checked out so I could start writing this commentary.

    I should have known it would be a flop when the first commercial out of the box once the game started was for Burger King's Broadway fiasco version of females dressed as dancing/acrobatic vegetables, bread, meat and condiments that all flopped onto each other in a grand finale. Plop, plop, fizzle. Yuk. When it comes to commercials, I am reminded of a commercial campaign that debuted several Roman Numerals ago this week in the late 90's, and that was the Frankie and Louie commercials for Bud-Lite. They were quirky, funny and, at least compared to most brew spots, not offensive - except to Frankie and Louie, the lovable lizards living in the swamp who always were somehow foiled by the Bud-Weis-Er frogs.

    And that is really the gist of this editorial today. Haven't we all been 'frogs' in the swamp of secularism and conciliarism? You better believe it. And yet, oblivious to the fact that the water is considerably hotter today than it was even ten years ago, we still haven't got a clue that our values, our cultures, our morals, our beliefs and our very souls are being boiled alive.

    Never mind that billions of dollars were spent on mindless matters this past week. Where are the so-called bishops calling for restraint toward worldly things? The answer is easy: doing all they can to preserve and protect their own temporal treasures. Oh, what sad shepherds who abandon their flocks to store up treasures that are all for naught. It's all about priorities and they are lost on a society being led to the slaughter. In an upcoming column, John Gregory and Joe Maurer will delve deeper into the causes of this malaise in respect to the mad miters minding the store.

    Speaking of malaise and mayonnaise, I don't want to hear about how beer will make a person more attractive, how a condiment on my steak or burger will take my taste buds to paradise, how a deodorant can make one not only smell better but attract a covey of sex-starved vixens, or how a car can make one strive to live above their means, and, well, you get the idea. Commercials are all about enticing one to expend more than one has, to become indebted to the devil. After watching the commercials that accompany, nay have become an additional attraction - or should I say 'distraction' all to its own at Super Bowl time, one has to wonder what is the difference between the Islamic false promise of 72 virgins and the Masonic false promise of untold riches and carnal delights? I know, you'll say 'but the Muslims premise is based on murdering people.' Okay, is not killing the soul murder? You better believe it is. How quickly we forget our Lord's sobering words in Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that can kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell."

    Yes, they are killing us softly, so subliminally over the past 50 years and, like the boiled frog we haven't got a clue. We've sweated through it over several decades, being told not to sweat the small stuff. But it was the small stuff that has done the undermining in our homes, workplaces, schools, courthouses, and churches. Especially the churches!

    Father Louis Campbell's sermon yesterday The Good, the Bad, and the Bland pointed to this very fact, identifying one very "small stuff" instrument that has been the bane of civilization: television. So here you have this editor talking about a program yesterday on that very tabernacle of satan. Go figure. But then, I doubt many missed the game. And think of the lost opportunity to reach so many about what truly encompasses the best adjectives ever used by advertising geniuses. Think of it, with all the commercials that aired at over a million dollars for a 30 second spot, if only someone had both the money and courage to have put together a 30 second spot reasserting the Social Kingship of Christ as the answer to all our woes; where the guarantee of salvation can only be assured in the remnant Church founded by Christ and now in eclipse.

    Sadly, Hollywood and Madison Avenue have already used Gregorian sound tracts and have in their wardrobes habits of several traditional orders of nuns, many cassocks and cinctures, even the full regalia of bishops and cardinal garments - all used to depict clerics and religious in film, video and commercials. Has anyone told the image-makers those ecclesial garments are hardly seen anywhere today in the real world of the New Order church. Yet, the public buys the image when depicted by the spinmeisters, especially when it shows the Church in a bad or mocking light. And there have been plenty of those! Traditional Catholics know that there are few Novus Ordo nuns today, if any, who wear the traditional full-length habits, coif and wimple with long veils. You'll find them in prayer or teaching - Ora et labora but not in social work as today's modern nun is depicted.

    While we're on the subject of television and nuns, not all depict these dedicated religious in traditional garb but overall most programming shows the depths Hollywood and the conciliar church will steep to. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a correspondent on the east coast to watch later that evening an episode of, gasp, Desperate Housewives. The person, who also never watched the show before was alerted by someone else and turned it on. He told me I wouldn't believe how they depicted a nun of the New Order. Since we're in the Pacific Time zone we're three hours behind. So I tuned in when the time came; I know, I know, but in the spirit of being a watchdog for decency my curiosity got the worst of me. I've seen caricatures, but this was off the charts. The "nun" - or so we were told she was - was a lithe 20-something, seductive blonde who mastered in simony. How do I know she was seductive? Does a see-through blouse answer that question? But that's not the worst of it. She was seducing a married man with the promise of an annulment, and the plot was about the wife and the "nun" trying to demean the other, ending with an all-out cat-fight in the chapel which, Novus Ordo as can be, was still a traditional-looking chapel! How dare they! I don't think I was as outraged about how the blonde was dressed then the mockery of God's House and the ease one could attain an annulment. Traditional Catholics know God is not truly present in the Novus Ordo lodges, so don't insult us by staging loud talk-fests and WWF wrestling matches on a set that looks like a church or defame our doctrines. Where is the reverence? Traditionalists realize it can only be found today in the catacombs and small chapels of the remnant Church.

    Think back to when television first came on the scene so innocently. It was touted as bringing the family together in the 50's. As I wrote in my editorial last week "The Day Tradition Died", if only we had known then what we know now. I know my parents would never have bought a television if they had known the truth. I quite suspect every other parent of the 50's would echo the same thing. What better way to keep a family together in one room sharing something than Uncle Miltie or Sid Caesar? How about everybody attending Holy Mass together! In truth, so many of our parents took for granted what we had. Daily Masses, solid catechesis, caring nuns and priests, where the Church and family were in lockstep with "the Way, The Truth, and the Life." How could we have gone wrong so fast?

    The boiled frog syndrome. It basically put us all in the waters of wanting a better life for our kids. That's the American dream that spurred on so many to compromise values that hitherto they had protected so prudently. America has always been a trusting company and we trusted our leaders to lead us right. We know from history that is a fable. The truth is we were being prepared for the slaughter. Like the fatted calf, the metaphor of frogs works better because we were all being enticed into the melting pot of a better way of living, the easy life with convenience at the forefront. Naturally, our parents wanting more for us were duped by the hidden persuaders into going into debt to provide for us. All of us tadpoles went right along with it, spoiling ourselves and setting the burner higher without realizing the temperature had increased. Heck, we had been programmed to trust our bishops and therein is the rub. They returned from Vatican II and, realizing they could continue to increase the knob on the stove, set about to establish whatever they wanted. Realize that 40 years ago, even 30 years ago the media reach was not as thorough or as instant as it is today. Remember the web back then was still something involving spiders or amphibian feet - like ducks and frogs. This communication works both ways. What Rome didn't know, wouldn't hurt them was their thinking and thus the corruption within the American hierarchy and simultaneously the international hierarchy, especially in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, in cahoots with the Masonic Lodges of Britain, Northern Europe and Italy, was set in place.

    In studying history and sociology, it's a given that something doesn't just happen. No, just like the boiled frog syndrome, it happens over a period of time: the breaking down of a system that had worked but had let down its guard and caved to the world, the flesh and the devil. It's nothing new: From Adam and Eve to the Tower of Babel to Sodom and Gomorrah, to the Babylon Exile it was the recurring theme. Everyone fawned over the miracle worker from Galilee. SRO crowds flocked to see and hear Him, but when push came to shove most walked away because they couldn't accept the truth, couldn't walk the walk. But they sure could talk the talk at His crucifixion, shouting their lungs out with "Crucify Him, Crucify Him!" Yet over these past 40 years we frogs have been conditioned to downplay the outright rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Redeemer by the Jews or else we'll be labeled anti-Semitic. No offense to true Jews (as if they still exist after 1500 years of extinction; note: Eastern Europe Huns do not have true blood lines to the House of Israel!) , but I would rather be anti-Semitic than deny my Lord and Savior! Yet that is what so many have done beginning with a man named Arius. Thank God not all the frogs had been boiled back then. Yes, Deo gratias for Saints Athanasius, Basil, John Chrysostom, Jerome, Augustine and several other holy men of that era.

    No sooner had Holy Mother Church recovered from the Arian heresy, than along came a fanatic called Mohammed who was as much of a divine prophet as any of us are likely to turn into a prince once we've been kissed, warts and all. Now, I'm not going to draw a cartoon of that misguided man no matter how much publicity it might procure, not to mention death threats. Facts are facts. Mohammed was not divine. He's deader than a door nail and it is also a fact that Mohammed did not worship the True God of the Holy Trinity. That fact also, by the way, would make a heretic out of the late John Paul the Least who, in pandering to the heretical concept of Universal Salvation, assured all that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. If you're Catholic you know that's a lot of hooey. But by the end of the 20th century most of the frogs didn't realize they were already at the sizzling point. Call it the numbing of minds strategy. It's hard to think on your own when your brain is fried. Of course, that is why those who realize the vulnerability of souls took advantage of the rest throughout the course of history. Take for example the radical Martin Luther who merely echoed what his master satan had dared to utter to the Almighty: "I will not serve." The Protestant Reformation (let's call it what it was: Revolution) spawned more revolutions, in chronological order the French, American and Bolshevik not to mention the Sixties, possibly the most cruel and ravaging revolution ever. That's when we were all tossed into the brew, assured that nothing would change the doctrines or our moral values. Boy, and we thought Barnum and Bailey were the only ones who knew how to find a sucker. What was that about a circus? The big top couldn't hold Vatican II's act. True to the devastation of the "roaring lion" identified by Saint Peter in 1 Peter 5: 8, lion tamers in three rings or in Eternal Rome couldn't keep the devil at bay.

    Because of that, a great majority of the frogs have been boiled today to such a point that they have largely forgotten who the architects of Vatican II were - especially the one who introduced the heretical clause "subsists in" - none other than a man who today goes by Benedict XVI. Yes, that Father Joseph Ratzinger! And it is here where we wonder have the boiled frogs been simmering too long in Econe? We ask because of all the skullduggery and scuttlebutt that has been flying beneath the radar the last week regarding a "reconciliation" with modern Rome. Do the frogs really want to swim with the lizards? I would hope to God they don't, but the Society of Saint Pius X is being led to the slaughter and it is the very heads of the SSPX who are coaxing them along. Bishop Bernard Fellay, the present Superior General, has sent his front man Father Franz Schmidberger, former Superior General to soften traditional tadpoles to the exact opposite of what parishioners of the SSPX had been told for years prior to a possible bargain going down.

    After the modern Vatican had pulled the rug out from under the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter - which was created in order to combat the influence of the Society founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre - with Protocol 1411 and then the sell-out of Campos, wouldn't you think Fellay and company would be wise to the wolves in shepherd's clothing by now? But no, Fellay for reasons unknown to many in the traditional community finagled a 30 minute audience with the very man he had previously been so leery of regarding modernism. This was all on the hush-hush, until it was leaked by Bishop Richard Williamson not because he was being a "whistle-blower" but because any negotiation dealing with the welfare of souls must be done in the open, not in the backrooms as the revised schemas were done. Thank God for His Excellency's candidness and honesty.

    But that doesn't account for the sudden turning upon its own attitude and contradictions that flowed out of mouth organs like Fatima Crusader, Catholic Family News and The Remnant with Father Nicholas Gruner and Christopher Ferrara's vicious attacks late this past summer and early fall on those who don't necessarily accept that the conciliar popes are Catholics. You might say, the conciliar popes have done nothing to indicate that very fact. Yet strange allegiances were underway as 2005 came to an end. The Remnant had sent out to all its subscribers a copy of the Indult publication - The Latin Mass Magazine. The Society's flagship monthly publication The Angelus went to great lengths graphically and in words to recant all the arguments they had previously filed against the validity of Novus Ordo episcopal consecrations, spreading this out in two issues - December and January.

    Why the about face? So that Modern Rome would take notice and approve? Will they next no longer question Novus Ordo ordinations and accept any New Order presbyter 'ordained' after 1968? A month into the new year something's afoot. Following on the heels of a meeting in Flavigny, France last Wednesday to fill in various arms of the Society on just what might be going on, Bishop Fellay is calling together tomorrow and Wednesday in Menzingen, Switzerland the other three successors of the Apostles who were also consecrated by His Excellency Lefebvre, and which, incidentally, caused the whole Ecclesia Dei flap. By the way, Fr. Karol Wojtyla illegally set up something that was already in place since Pope St. Pius V: a universal celebret to offer the Immemorial Latin Mass of Tradition. So joining Fellay will be Bishops Williamson, Alfonso de Galarreta and Bernard Tissier de Mallerais. While Bishop Fellay and Fr. Schmidberger have poo-pooed any notion of waving the white flag or caving to the modernists and rationalize that this is normal because Fellay's term as Superior General expires this summer, more acute traditionalists suspect something is on the horizon - the near horizon. That was confirmed by Andrea Tornielli in Il Giornale last week that on Monday, February 13 Benedict will convene a coven - erh - council of his curia to "discuss ways to removing the excommunications." By their own admission, that is not a priority with the Society since how can one be excommunicated when canonical rules were not upheld, let alone invalid hierarchy carried it out? And yet, with hat in hand, Fellay and Schmidberger are now softening to accept what they sternly rejected publicly when the Campos Society of St. John Vianney caved and now they're stuck with compromiser Bishop Rifan. Guess the heat has reached the anesthetized stage for the boiled frogs in the Alps.

    If the rumors prove true that a deal is in the works, what are the vast majority of SSPX parishioners to do? You better believe there will be a split. As we and several other publications have said all along, we don't see Bishop Williamson ever going along with a compromise - even if it meant being a "company man." His own salvation is too important for him to backtrack. But we have doubts about Fellay and Schmidberger. The latter has been crafty in crafting a deal and some suspect he is looking to become a bishop. Others conjecture that there is a cardinal's hat in it for Bishop Fellay. But what chance would he have of winning the majority of red-birettas over at the next conclave? Slim and none. Many are duped by the vain hope that "we can only get something done by working within." Griff Ruby has debunked that thought many times in his columns and all frogs would be wise to hear him above the buzzing of the swamp flies. You never dance or dialogue with the devil and yet that is what Fellay has done and is doing. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly. From Fellay's own words and past writings, he has identified BeneRatz as an apostate arachnid, whose bite can be poisonous to souls. Now he wants everyone to forget what he cautioned against?

    What was that Saint Paul said in Galatians 1: 7-10? Oh, yes "...There are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach a gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so I say now again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be a servant of Christ." Are you listening, Bishop Fellay? Be careful what you are about to do. Who do you think has been controlling the burners on the stove? Do you really think the conciliarists are going to take the pot off the stove? If you do, then you've been boiling too long and that croaking you hear are the frogs realizing they've been cooked, quartered and betrayed. That's the consequence of desensitized toads turning on their fellow boiled frogs! Truly the frogs have reached the boiling point!

Michael Cain, editor

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    February 6, 2006
    vol 17, no. 24
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