December 1, 2006
vol 17, no. 323

Litany of December Saints


Litany of December Saints
    Editor's Note: Need a little extra devotional prayer to add to your daily Rosary during this month of Advent leading into Christmastide? Need some impetus to prepare for the Coming of Emmanuel? What follows is a litany to all of the saints whose feast days are celebrated in the month of December. Many of these saints are little-known and often are not, for that reason, invoked in our prayers.

       If you add this short litany to your daily Rosary, you will have the benefit of invoking the prayers of some of these lesser-known saints for December.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy, Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.
Jesus Christ, King of glory, born in Bethlehem of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, have mercy on us
Holy Mary, pray for us.
St. Edmund Campion, Holy Martyr and Priestly Patron of the Press *
St. Florence *
St. Eligius * St. Bibiana, Virgin and Holy Martyr *
St. Francis Xavier, Holy Confessor and Missionary *
St. Peter Chrysologos, Holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church *
St. Barbara, Virgin and Holy Martyr *
St. Sabbas, Holy Abbot *
St. Gerald, Holy Bishop *
St. Nicholas, Holy Bishop and Patron of Children *
St. Ambrose, Holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church *
Holy Mary, Immaculate Ark of the Covenant *
Pope St. Melchiades, Successor of Peter and Holy Martyr *
St. Romaric, Holy Abbot *
Holy Mary, Our Lady of Loretto *
Pope St. Damasus I, Holy Successor of Peter *
Holy Mary, Queen of the Angels *
Holy Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe *
St. Odilia, Holy Virgin and Patron invoked against blindness *
St. Lucy, Virgin and Holy Martyr and Patroness of the blind *
St. Nicasius, Holy Archbishop *
St. Eutropia *
St. Venantius Fortunatus, Holy Bishop *
St. Christiana, Holy Virgin *
St. Eusabius of Vercelli, Bishop and Holy Martyr *
St. Adelaide, Holy Queen of Italy *
Sts. Ananias, Azarius & Misael, Companions of Daniel *
St. Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead *
St. Olympias, Holy Widow *
St. Gatian, Holy Bishop *
Blessed Urban V, Holy Sovereign Pontiff *
Sts. Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, Old Covenant Patriarchs *
St. Dominic of Silos, Abbot and Patron of Captives *
St. Thomas, Holy Apostle who baptized the Magi *
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin and Religious, Patron of Immigrants *
Sts. Chaeremon & Ischyrion, Holy Martyrs *
St. Servulus, Holy Beggar *
St. Yvo of Chartres, Holy Bishop *
Sts. Adam and Eve, First Parents *
St. Adele, Holy Widow *
St. Chrysogonus, Martyr *
St. Anastasia, Holy Martyr *
St. Stephen, Holy Protomartyr and Patron of Stonemasons *
St. John the Evangelist, Holy Apostle *
Holy Innocents, Blessed Martyrs *
St. Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury and Holy Martyr *
St. David, Holy King of the Old Testament *
St. Sabinus, Bishop and Holy Martyr *
St. Anysius, Holy Bishop of Thessalonica *
Pope St. Sylvester I, Holy Successor of Peter *
All you holy saints and angels, pray for us.

* pray for us

St. Thomas the Apostle
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
Vigil of Christmas
St. Stephen St. John the Evangelist
Pope St. Martin I

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