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April 1, 2006
vol 17, no. 78

The Great Hoax Continues

    If you know your Faith you won't be fooled by the con-artists and flim-flam men posing as prelates of the conciliar church, trying to sell tolerance of sodomy and universal salvation for the sake of man. If you know your Faith, you're not going to get stuck with worthless swampland where the serpent is so at home slithering about from diocese to diocese, from chancery to curia, from cartel to casbah, all to cash in his marks. If there is anything to remember on this April Fools Day, it is the foolishness of believing the conciliarists. To do so is pure folly!

    It was one year ago today that I heard on four different networks and various web sources that John Paul II had passed on. It was 2:20 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, April 1. That would make it 11:20 p.m. on April 1, in Rome. This was the assumption for a good thirty minutes or so until a correction was issued. He hadn't died...yet. Of course not, Angelo Sodano and Joseph Ratzinger and Karol Wojtyla's own Polish attaché, croupier and valet Stanislaw Dziwisz kept him propped up for another 28 hours so they could say he officially died on "Divine Mercy Sunday," which JP2 had personally fashioned.

    How fitting for the conciliarists to spin it thus, the same ones who have been caught in numerous lies over the years. Aren't we supposed to be able to trust the shepherds? One would think so, but when we're constantly played for the fool, well at some point nearly everyone should wise up. As I pointed out here on these pages in Only Heaven Knows, I believe we were lied to about Sister Lucia and question whether that was really her who died. The same skepticism arose last year, for I will forever believe that it was a corpse whose soul had left his body that was laying in that bed in the Papal Apartments on late Friday night, April 1, 2005. There were just too many unanswered questions and illogical summations to believe the ensuing tripe that was funneled to the media the next day. The way "those who were present" flaunted that "the Pope hung on until Divine Mercy Sunday" just lends more credibility to the whole uncredibility the modern Vatican has built up over the past 48 years. Some of the stories about the various movements and 'pronouncements' of John Paul II on April 2nd bring to mind the dead corpse Aunt Edna (played by the consummate comedienne Imogene Cocoa of Your Show of Shows 1950's fame) in National Lampoon's "Vacation" where hilarity ensued once Clark Griswold and family propped her dead body on top of their station wagon in their cross country trip to Wally World. Wally World was closed, of course, and the true Church has been closed as well over the past 40 plus years while the conciliar comics go through all kinds of pratfalls and slapstick to hoodwink the populace. It's older than burlesque, the old soft-shoe shuffle and con game. After all, wasn't it another con man by the name of P. T. Barnum who said "a sucker is born every minute." Today those numbers reach near one billion who have been fleeced and still believe the lies.

    For yours truly, any trust in what the modern Vatican said went out the window in 2000 when the supposed 'Third Secret of Fatima" was released by two of the enablers of the Vatican II cover-up Sodano and Ratzinger. One had to think had Ratzinger contracted Alzheimer's disease since he himself, along with the man he served Karol Wojtyla, had both acknowledged they had read the Third Secret and shuddered at its content. What was released early in the summer of 2000 would leave no one shivering in fear, but rather elevating John Paul II for being shot. All hail the martyr who was not, and put away those Santo Subito signs, Chiara Lubich. Your extemporaneous display in St. Peter's Square exposed the pre-planning propaganda intended. Remember the old saying, if it is from God nothing will stop it, if it is of man, it will fade away. Those santo subito signs are now in a rubble. Need I say more?

    And so is the church of Vatican II. Their credibility is totally null. Could it be they've cried wolf too many times? Let's look at some examples: Oh, say, like that October day in 1959 when white smoke poured from the Sistine chimney pipe; or that Angelo Roncalli was speaking extemporaneously and from the Holy Ghost when he announced, as though it were an instant inspiration, that he would convene a Council; this after Pius XII had previously considered and consulted and nixed the idea. Or could it be the denial of any agreement with the Communists by Roncalli even while the ink was still wet from the hideous Pact of Metz that sold out millions of Catholics behind the Iron Curtain and paved the way for abortion to become a billion dollar industry and forge the way for the "abomination of desolation" and the saturation of sodomy and the socialist bent of the New World as Europe would, because of modern Rome's abandonment of truth, drop her guard and let the perfidious Jew and infamous infidel of Islam overrun her culture and dictate the destruction of Catholic Europe.

    Want more? How about the deception that Vatican II was a good thing and that the "New Mass" of Paul VI would purge the old rite of unnecessary prayers and rituals that had obscured what Jesus really wanted? Talk about lies! Who do you think would have accepted the Novus Ordo sight unseen if they had not been blinded by the blind obedience factor and lied to that this was formulated by "Catholic experts." We know now it was all fabricated for the "Pauline Missal" was concocted by a 33rd degree Freemason intent on destroying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, an avowed Marxist Jesuit soaking in Liberation Theology who had no intention of preserving the sacred, and six Protestant ministers whose intent was to Protestantize it in every respect while still trying to fool Catholics. Madison Avenue should have hired them, considering their sales job of such an aberration. Talk about being jobbed!

    Still not convinced? How about the snow job pulled on the faithful that 33-days-on-the-papal throne Albino Luciani - nee John Paul I - died of a heart attack - you know, natural causes? Why should we believe such a lie when it is a fact that no autopsy was conducted, his body already in the process of being enbalmed at the order of the culprit Jean-Marie Villot, the devilish Secretary of State under Paul VI who did all he could to cover up the Masonic infiltration and the Vatican Bank scandal, proving deception, mistrust and the devil. And speaking of the devil, we have Giovanni Montini's own affirmation that satan had entered the Vatican with his "the smoke of satan has penetrated the sanctuary" statement in 1972.

    We are now 34 years past that time. Pray tell, please list the ways or means that would indicate in the least that there has been any eradication of the father of lies from the Vatican. No one can and therein lies the proof of the pudding. Consider John Paul II, whose election in the 78 conclave was manufactured by Frans Josef Koenig - the Austrian red-hat who was forced to resign in disgrace for his rampant promotion of homosexuality and his own complicity. From this sorry beginning, JP2 made formal invitation to the beast by pandering to satanic rock groups and singers (sic), lasciviously clad performers and entertainers, all the while curtailing the true rite of Exorcism where, when push came to shove, he himself was powerless in 2002 to drive the devil out of a woman in a much-publicized exorcism-gone-wrong in St. Peter's Square. So much for "Begone, Satan!" John Paul II did nothing to hinder the sodomite prelates from Joseph Bernardin and his boys to Roger Mahony and the Lavender Mafia of Camarillo, California which numbers among its grads some of the most offensive potentates alive today, men who have sold their souls for the bargain with the devil and, in true Masonic form, protect and promote their own while continuing to annihilate Catholic doctrine and practice, closing magnificent sacred edifices and building savage, stark monstrosities that resemble the very synagogue of satan.

    For 29 years Wojtyla had the opportunity to turn things around, to right the wrongs, to clean house, to restate and re-establish the power of the Primacy of Peter and what did he do? Nothing! He cowered and caved to collegiality, to the intimidation of the Zionists, and to the cajoling of the Communists by partnering with the committed anti-Catholic Mikhail Gorbachev who was responsible for the spread of abortion and the killings of so many orthodox Catholics behind the Iron Curtain. He caved to altar girls, groveled at the tents of pagans, and rewarded a known accomplice to the sexual-abuse scandal by promoting Bernard Law to a prestigious position he never deserved. Wojtyla got shot on the 64th anniversary of our Lady's first apparition at Fatima and repaid her by further denuding her Divine Son's Church, but sacking the holy Psalter by adding a Masonic decade to the Rosary. No way to honor Christ or His holy Mother! Yet, his PR department did a magnificent job of selling the world the idea that he was "Mary's pope"! Talk about snow jobs! During his watch vocations dropped off the charts, sexual abuse skyrocketed along with liturgical abuse while attendance dropped to an all-time low; heresy and anathema echoed across every diocese and not one anathema sit was pronounced except to censure and exile a handful of loyal Catholic prelates who stood fast to Tradition. The rest have been recruited into the new world religion where universal salvation is the buzz word of tolerance and diversity, where men posing as Catholic Pontiffs dare to condone the infidels by stating that "Jew and Muslim worship the same God" - an anathema soundly condemned by Trent. Almost 30 years in Rome and what did Wojtyla do? NOTHING! For this people want to call him great? Ah, yes, the logic of conciliarism.

    And what of the man who succeeded him in the conciliar church of Vatican II? That would be Benedict XVI, who has followed form considering he is out to protect the very territory he fashioned as a key periti of the Council thanks to Cardinal Joseph Frings . Despite his consistent carrot dangled to traditionalists to keep indultarians and followers of Bishop Bernard Fellay on the leash, his actions defy his words. Consider that he elevated to the post he used to head - and one of the most powerful positions today - one of the worst predators of the American potentates, the progressive William Levada who had ruled over Sodom by the Bay as it sunk deeper in the saline solution of sin in preparation for the salt rock that will one day cover the city named after the holy, humble saint of Assisi.

    Talk about contradiction. And not only was this appointment a contradiction of Faith, but he heaped more dung upon Levada's appointment by choosing George Neiderhauer of Salt Lake City to replace him in Frisco. Ah, the salt! It surely has lost its savor (cf. Matthew 5: 13)! Should anyone be surprised that Neiderhauer, Levada and Mahony were all classmates? If you are loyal to the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church you must fall back on Pope Pius XII's Sacramentum ordinis, not to mention Pope Paul IV's Cum ex Apostolatus Officio and realize that these three men are not even priests, let alone bishops, or, God forbid, cardinals. As for Ratzinger, though a validly ordained priest, he isn't, by rights of the Roman Catholic Church, even a bishop. If one isn't a bishop, one could hardly be a cardinal or a pope. Think about it and read those documents referenced. To add insult to injury, Ratzinger has elevated two more non-ordained, non-bishops to the cardinalate in the persons of Sean O'Malley and Levada. In times past when Pius XI and Pius XII posed for pictures with converts, we have today the like of Levada schmoozing with avowed pro-abort, pro-sodomite politicians like Loretta Sanchez of California as pictured here.

    In one week there is supposed to be some announcements coming forth from modern Rome regarding the Traditional Latin Mass. Folks, if Ratzinger grants unfettered use of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition as codified by the holy Pope Saint Pius V with no strings attached to diocesan bishops and no conditions for accepting the Novus Ordo then I would be all for it and say it's a beginning of tradition. But we have been lied to so many times that I wouldn't trust Ratzinger or the rest of his ilk as far as I could throw the new Catechism of the Catholic church across the room - and I'm already on record for 37 feet, with the cover shorn off by the edge of the door. No loss, because I preserved the Catechism of Trent in pristine condition; other than being dog-eared from being referenced so often.

    Back on May 20 last year published a letter that predicted what will happen during BeneRatz' watch and so far they have been right on: Consider the six points listed and one can see the quatrain of beware:

  • (1) Benedict XVI will seek to destroy the traditional Catholic resistance not by attacking it, but by neutralizing it: he will seek to undermine its reason for being.

    Okay, can we see this prediction playing out right now with the Society of St. Pius X in the scope of the modernists' target? Ratzinger is trying his level best to neutralize the Catholic resistance by trying to divide it.

  • (2) As time goes on, Benedict XVI will bend over backwards to appear conservative, even traditional; he will do everything in his power to reconcile with and fully regularize the Society of St. Pius X and similar traditionalist groups. He will allow all Novus Ordo priests to say the traditional Mass and perhaps even command that the traditional Mass be said on a regular basis in every Novus Ordo parish. (This reintroduction of the traditional Mass in regular parish life will be absolutely essential.) He will lure good-willed but confused and battle-weary traditionalists by letting them voice their concerns concerning Vatican II and the New Mass and fully accept their reservations concerning these. He may even reform the New Mass into a more conservative liturgy. He will say that it is time to come to the aid and comfort of the one faction in the Church still marginalized and neglected for so long, namely, the traditionalists. He will pretend to have an open mind and heart for them and do everything in his power to regularize their status, with the ultimate goal of having all traditionalists be part of the New Church, under the tacit banner, however, of "unity in diversity."

    But it will still be under the mantra of "unity of the community" whereby traditionalists everywhere will be shamed into abandoning their exclusivity clause of the Traditional Latin Mass and share in the man-made, synthetic Pagan- Masonic-Protestant rite for the sake of showing strength in unity and by being guilt-ridden that the traditionalists have not given enough in the "bargain." We only need look at the FSSP and the Priests of Campos to see what has been lost when one compromises with the devil.

  • (3) After having regularized and fully accepted the formerly traditionalist priestly societies, and perhaps even erected Apostolic Administrations for them, Benedict XVI might even go so far as to ordain priests for those traditionalist groups. This will anger the ultra-modernists but at the same time be a great defeat for traditional Catholicism, for the ordinations will not be valid. They will not be valid because Benedict XVI is not a bishop. Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict's real name, was ordained a priest in 1951, but his consecration as "bishop" occurred in 1977 and took place in the new rite of consecration promulgated by Paul VI (in 1968), a rite that is clearly invalid because the words of episcopal consecration were changed so much that they no longer express that what is taking place is the consecration of a Catholic bishop. Against this, Pope Leo XIII has taught clearly and infallibly that a form that does not signify the grace it confers is unable to confect a sacrament: "That 'form' consequently cannot be considered apt or sufficient for the Sacrament which omits what it ought essentially to signify" (Bull Apostolicae Curae, 1896). Therefore, any and all ordinations "conferred" by Benedict XVI are invalid. Hence it will not matter how many "traditional priests" he will seem to ordain, for all the "Masses" they will ever say will be invalid. Yet none of the former traditionalists then reconciled to Rome will dare speak against this, for they will necessarily recognize Benedict as the Bishop of Rome, and it is absurd, of course, to acknowledge someone as the Bishop of Rome while at the same time maintaining that he is not a bishop. All this will happen while the last few surviving bishops appointed by Pope Pius XII are dying.

   This is the very point we made above - the invalidity of ordination and consecration. They are not priests, but Protestant presbyters and not Successors of the Apostles, but successors of satan. Follow them at your own peril - the peril of your immortal soul.

  • (4) Benedict XVI will seem conservative and traditional not only in words but also in deeds. He will move to excommunicate the more obvious ultra-modernists in the Novus Ordo Church. He will strike down the left-wing dissidents against his Novus Ordo magisterium. He will not tolerate openly homosexual organizations that claim to be Catholic, such as "Dignity USA." He will perhaps provoke a schism with "Cardinal" Roger Mahony of Los Angeles to further make people believe that he, Benedict, is an orthodox anti-modernist, the "great Pope" to "save the Church," and that Mahony and his ilk are liberals and modernists. He will be uncompromisingly against abortion and euthanasia--and the death penalty.

    This is one that will be interesting in as much as this is contradicted with his promotion of Levada and Neiderhauer and silence on Mahony's muckraking and emergence not only as a poltical rabble-rouser but one of the antichrists in our midst.

    (5) Benedict XVI will be very successful in this endeavor. He will be successful mainly because many traditionalists are tired of fighting. They are worn out from the battle. They will welcome the illusion of a "traditional Pope" who will finally "restore the Church." Benedict will take advantage of this unique moment.

    If we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. Where have we heard that before. Also where have we heard the words "Put on the armor of God"? Ah, yes, Saint Paul's Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6: 11-19. If we are not girded in grace, we will stumble and be conquered by the enemies of Christ for, as the holy Apostle says, "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood: but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness: against the spirits of wickedness in the high places" (Ephesians 6: 12). If we drop our guard, we will fall into indifferentism and lukewarmness and we know what God says about that in Apocalypse 3: 16. Moreover, how can one follow one who is in anathema no matter how it is sugar-coated? I state as evidence Paul's undeniable words in Galatians 1: 8-10: "But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preached a Gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so I say now again: If any one preach to you a Gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be a servant of Christ."

    (6) But all of this will be facade. It will serve only one purpose: to lure the faithful Catholic remnant into the New Church and invalidate the last valid Latin-rite sacraments, all while the last Catholic bishops are dying. This tactic will reveal itself as extremely cunning and successful, for there is no better way to destroy traditionalism than by apparently acceding to its every demand. Thus they will succeed in deceiving everybody, except for the elect, which is impossible (see Matthew 24:24). The few faithful Catholic souls who will then still have refused to join the New Church will be easy to deal with, for their number will be small. They will be marginalized, ostracized, and persecuted in ways without precedent. They will be derogated as "extreme right-wing lunatics" and "rabid fundamentalists" who are "very uncharitable" and "can never be pleased." They will be denounced as enemies of the Catholic Church, even though they are but the enemies of the New Vatican II Church. They will be put on a par with the followers of the David Koresh cult. They will be denounced as left-overs from the Inquisition and witch-burning times. They will be denounced as anti-Semitic. Quite possibly, even publications formerly known as traditionalist will join in the bashing. Once this has succeeded, everything will be in place; the last stage of the Great Persecution of the Holy Catholic Church will have begun.

    We have already seen signs of this last prediction with "publications formerly known as traditionalist" joining in the bashing with a vicious onslaught launched this past summer by three traditional publications - Fatima Crusader, The Remnant and Catholic Family News (after NovusOrdoWatch's release of these predictions) - against any thought of questioning whethere the conciliar popes were truly Catholic. We have, in the spirit of balancing the scales and not getting into bitter in-fighting, published both sides in our two rounds. What amazed us was those attacking sedevacantism provided very little documentation to back up their attacks while, in effect, turning on their own. Divide and conquer. Ratzinger's trick seems to be working, but we must be wary and, as our Lord says in Matthew 10: 16, "Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and simple as doves."

    So we need to be on our guard against these swamp salesmen garbed in alligator shoes and snakeskin watchbands. Watch those con artists as they move the pea around at breakneck speed trying to sell us more swampland. Where is it? Who cares, it is the Truth they need to show us and for the past 47 years it has not been forthcoming. Just more swamp swill that stinks to high heavens! That is why we repeat again, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can be sure it's a duck! No matter what they tell you, be skeptical and trust in the Word and all the infallible, perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church taught up to the death of His Holiness Pius XII. Since then? Well, let's just say, if it smells like a swamp and squishes like a swamp, it must be a swamp, no matter the hype and spin put on it as was evident a year ago in the cover-up of the actual time of John Paul II's death. Yes, folks, on this April Fools Day of 2006, please remember that a fool and his faith are soon parted if he is not rooted in the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Also remember that coexistence is not possible for as long as the conciliar church exists, the great hoax continues!

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

April 1, 2006
vol 16, no. 78
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