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Summer Hiatus Issue
September 1 to 30, 2005
vol 16, no. 244

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

    Just as thousands along the Gulf Coast are hungering and thirsting for bread and water, so also millions of countless souls the world over are starving and parched because they do not have the Bread of Life and the Waters of the Font of Christ's Divine Mercy.

    With this issue, we begin our annual Summer Hiatus Issue. For those who have come to expect daily issues, we ask your forgiveness. We will continue to provide the news tickers that will keep you abreast on the latest news as well as the insightful, sometimes bizarre comments via AngelQueen which seems to be leaning ever more traditional every day. We also encourage you to reread the series on when and how modern Rome split from Eternal Rome as Griff Ruby has so brilliantly documented in his series "What is your picture?" which we have retitled Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: the Lumen Gentium Syndrome. In addition, Father James Wathen's insightful piece on The Value of Traditional Priests should re-instill in everyone the commitment to treat our dedicated Traditional, true priests with not only the utmost respect, but to provide for them in every way we can. Without them, we have no sacraments. Without the grace-providing sacraments we are as stranded as the poor souls displaced on the Gulf Coast from the "Big Easy" (which is anything but today) to the Florida pan-handle. With all that they are in need of today, from water, food and shelter to generators for being able to refrigerate milk and the basics, not to mention hooking up fans or air-conditioning in the stifling heat so prevalent this time of the year in the deep South, the one thing they need the most is grace; grace to see them through these terrible times of distress and the grace to accept these travails, these hardships, these crosses and offer them up for God's greater honor and glory. It is not for us to ask why this happened, but why not? Considering man's abandonment of God, His Laws, yay, His Church, should we be surprised? No, we should rather be on our knees asking for God's mercy on those poor souls. No water, no bread, no relief from the heat, no place to lay their head. Sound familiar? The very One Who had no place to lay His head knows their hearts, knows their sufferings, and will be merciful to those who offer their suffering in reparation for the sins of mankind, beginning with their own sins that contributed to Christ's crucifixion.

    As I have been watching Fox News and Shepherd Smith, himself a native of Mississippi, the people are wandering, not knowing where to go for relief, for a drink of water, some shade, for necessary natural functions, for things we have come to expect and to take for granted. They are wandering seemingly aimlessly for the communications have completely broken down. This is a microcosm of what has happened in society, in Holy Mother Church, wandering and lost in the desert of modernism masked as the "New Springtime." Tell these people there is a "New Springtime" and they'll just echo Our Lord's plea, "I thirst" (John 19: 28). So many have thirsted for over 40 years and have not been given sufficient nourishment of the soul. Jesus says in John 6: 35, "I am the bread of life: he that cometh to Me, shall not hunger: and he that believeth in Me, shall never thirst" and "If any man thirst, let him come to Me, and drink" (John 7: 37). As is the case in New Orleans as we enter the month of the Sorrowful Mother, water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

    Where are the priests? Where are the bishops? In their ivory towers bemoaning the human tragedy in humanistic terms, failing to understand the vital necessity of Christ's words in Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." That is why the state of souls is so paramount, especially at a time like this. God allows these catastrophes for good. I know that sounds crazy, especially to those afflicted, but just as the Jews returned to God only when visited by devastations, so also this is, sadly, the only way to wake people up in these times. For so many years we have imparted on these pages that God was sending a wake-up call with the storms, earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, even man-made disasters such as Oklahoma City and the Twin Towers. The major media never emphasized this fact, downplaying it and even denigrating those who said these were punishments from God. When will they truly wake up to realize this is but an inkling of His Divine Justice? It is necessary to bring souls back to Him. Only in such disasters do people turn back to God, turn to Him as their only hope. And in so doing, it is a golden opportunity to be vehicles for helping save souls. But it also takes grace to recognize this and to follow through.

    And it is truly grace and only grace that enables one to realize that only in the tenets taught from the time of Christ all the way through the pontificate of Pope Pius XII and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the immemorial propitiatory sacrifice that sustained our forefathers that provided the grace to make every sacrifice possible for His greater honor and glory for nearly two thousand years - that we must anchor ourselves to and send out lifeboats from there to rescue souls drifting in the murky waters, albeit infected waters of Vatican II.

    This very metaphor is being played out so realistically and hauntingly on every television station as I write this on the very last day of August for the poor people of the Gulf Coast are in dire straits, stranded in the floods and devastation that Katrina left. We knew several friends in our travels from that area, friends who were so generous and hospitable who most very likely are now in need of not only like-generosity and help, but need it to survive. With no communication other than prayer, we intensify our prayers for them and all the other victims of this terrible natural disaster. But there is, believe it or not, a greater disaster and Gary L. Morella puts that in perspective when he writes:

      "You want to know why we are in the mess we are? The answer is very simple. The world has not acknowledged the social reign of Jesus Christ the King as witnessed by the Church that He founded.

       What has happened in New Orleans, and what will be happening worldwide is evidence of the fact that God Almighty will not be mocked indefinitely by those without, and within His Church who are Catholic in name only.

       We live in a world whose prince has been crowned king, and he is not Jesus Christ. Can we honestly expect anything else other than the chastisements happening to this country and the world when we export and accept Mortal Sin as a matter of course due to the contraceptive mentality of the age promoting sexual promiscuity in the extreme, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, the entirety of a culture-of-eternal death?

       God is concerned about the supernatural, not the natural. The Godless media miss this point because they mourn the destruction of casinos, the decadent material, more than the loss of souls due to their existence. God will bring the world to the stone-age in a heartbeat for eternity's sake.

       New Orleans Louisiana and much of the Gulf Coast, for all practical purposes, no longer exists. There is much tragedy, and the survivors need our prayer and whatever other help can be provided. But the world needs something much more. It needs the realization that Almighty God has much bigger considerations than the material rebuilding of cities. God's priorities are rebuilding lost souls in danger of eternal perdition. And if the world does not soon get this message, then what happened on the U.S. Gulf Coast will be miniscule in comparison to what will happen in order to bring the world to its spiritual senses!"

    But these are physical needs and in these terrible times so many forget the spiritual needs of these lost souls and I do mean lost. Our Lord says in Luke 12:48, "An unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more." While we are quick to attribute this to our leaders, all of us who have received the grace to clearly see that the church formed from the rib of Vatican II is no longer Catholic, to those who realize this we have been given much - that grace, and therefore much will be required of us to share this with others through our prayers, our charity, our temporal and spiritual resources in catechizing; not to mention our total moral and temporal support of our Traditional Catholic communities, organizations, priests and religious who are so few in number and have done so much for so many in striving to be Christ-like and obey His mandate in Mark 16: 15-16. And though grace sustains them, they cannot pay their bills, feed their flocks or care for them without the grace of those whose very responsibility it is to help support them as their necessary purpose as members of the Church Militant.

    A disaster like this reminds me of Jesus' parable of the pounds in Luke 19 in which He relates the story of the nobleman master and wicked servant in which the servant basically kept his money under a bushel basket and did not help others, keeping it selfishly for the master in order to primarily gain favor with him, but in actuality from his own lips he has indicted himself because he hoarded and did not share. So also so many who could help the Traditional cause have hoarded their temporal wealth and not shared with those who, with some financial help, could do so much more. Christ summarized it in Luke 19: 26, "But I say to you, that to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall abound: and from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken from him." There are several in the Gulf area whose homes are no doubt either in rubble today, or possibly leveled from Katrina. We pray especially for those who ceased their support of us when we broke from the chains of the Novus Ordo and turned back to the Traditional Latin Mass. I pray this is not a punishment for their lack of help, but rather a final wake-up call that He alone has the bread of salvation and it is not found in the conciLiar church but in the catacomb church that Eternal Rome has once again become, forced into the hinterlands of traditional chapels under the scorn and ridicule of the haughty, hypocritical pharisees of the diocesan sanhedrins and the mainstream 'Catholic' press who refer to the Society of St. Pius X as 'heretics' and its bishops as 'renegades.' And yet, to the SSPX, they treat the CMRI and SSPV, even independent chapels in like manner. So many sit in judgment of others and foster distrust and division, and in that disunity we are prey to the great divider - the prince of the world who sows dissension.

    We repeat here what we have said for many years, if you have access to the Traditional Latin Mass, do not be concerned so much about whether it is 'approved' by this group or that organization; rather, if it is the Holy Mass approved by Pope St. Pius V's infallible decree Quo Primum that permits and mandates every valid priest to offer the True Mass "in perpetuity" without any permission from the local ordinary, then bloom where you are planted so that you can be nourished in the True Bread of Life, transubstantiated in the True Mass so that It will be fuel to empower you to help others by your not being afraid to stand up for the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and to help those striving to do so with your time, talents and treasures. Some have been given much treasure, not to hoard, but to share so that it will be used for the purpose God intended - not to ever make one person or group rich and powerful, but to sustain them in carrying on the work passed down by Christ to His Apostles.

    Because of the shortage of true priests today, the laity, such as our apostolate, seeks to help fill the gaps we can through evangelizing and providing the tenets of the Faith so, as has been the main motto of The Daily Catholic, that the faithful may "Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith"! I would venture to say that the ranks of Tradition are growing, thanks largely to the information and documentation of how the Faith has been so eroded by Vatican II. This fact has only been available to the masses via the internet over the last decade. Before that, very few realized the devastation and deceit. It gives me pause to have great admiration for those who stuck with the True Faith and True Mass even when everyone else was bailing out and there were no documentations as there are today that they were right.

    Where we attend Daily Mass now there are many who have never attended a Novus Ordo service. How blessed and sure they are and were. Never have we attended a more reverent, truly Catholic Mass than that offered by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. Yet, in their narrow thinking, some will condemn the CMRI and us for attending Holy Mass, Holy Hour, the Rosary and Confessions. I invite one and all to attend one Mass at Mt. St. Michael's. I invite you to realize the total Catholicity of scores of reverent nuns gliding on grace up to the Communion rail or setting the example of modesty to the students they are entrusted with as we see children being raised exactly as their grandparents were, and what Cyndi and I were weaned on. If it was right for nearly 2000 years, it is still right. If it is right (and it is) then what will it take for those who cling to blind obedience in following their 'bishops' to the precipice? Educating them to where they are really being led. Thanks to the information highway this documentation is available to prove whereof we speak and we make much of that available on our Credo and Features and Devotions pages. It gives me cause to hope and believe that there are many, many more that, with just a little more convincing and a lot of prayer, will abandon the Novus Ordo lodges for the Traditional Catholic chapels.

    From tragedies, hope and recovery rise. The problem exists that there are so few chapels available. That is a tragedy, and yet there is hope. In every diocese where the Society has established a parish, you can bet within a mile or nearer the local 'bishop' has established an indult not to provide for the spiritual needs of souls, but rather to starve the SSPX out by slandering them and releasing the lie that the indult provides the same as the SSPX offers. The latter is offered uncompromisingly in a church or area where the Novus Ordo is not celebrated. The former is most always offered where the Novus Ordo sacrilege is performed, thus creating the very possibility that with one tabernacle, the True consecrated hosts will be mixed in with the illicit unconsecrated hosts of the conciliar rite. With such doubt, one should avoid the indult when one can attend a true Tridentine Mass. When one cannot find a Latin Mass in their area, MOVE! Realistically, this isn't possible though we would hope and pray that many from Louisiana and Mississippi who have been displaced, will relocate to an area that offers the Traditional Latin Mass.

    Where the Latin Mass is not available, you are strongly urged not to attend the sacrilegious syncretic pagan-masonic 'eucharistic celebration' of the newchurch, but stay home and devote an hour to praying the Propers of the Mass and the Ordinary of the Mass along with the Holy Rosary and make a spiritual Act of Communion. This brings far more grace than stubbornly sticking with something that does not even resemble Catholicism but is far more familiar to Protestants. That is why, as the only site in the world to offer in both Latin and English the full Propers of the Mass for each day of the True Church's Liturgical Year, we provide a service to those who do not have the old Daily Missals printed before 1958. However, if 'home aloners' have a Latin Mass available with a valid priest and choose to stay home rather than assisting at Holy Mass for whatever reasons or prejudices they might conjure up, they are passing on the graces available and, like the steward in the parable above, will have that grace taken from them.

    And so, in these days of parched thirst, we take time to step away and refresh ourselves for a number of reasons. Each year we have taken this time to catch up, to rest, to refresh spiritually and mentally. Last year during our summer hiatus, albeit late summer, we used the time to pack and to relocate from Kimberling City, Missouri to Mead, Washington where, through the grace of God and the help of those He placed in our path, we were able to obtain a small one-bedroom single wide mobile home that was affordable with my limited fixed Social Security income. However, we had also been led to believe that the State of Washington offered medical facilities and help that was not affordable in Missouri. Little did we realize the bureaucratic nightmare we have encountered or the state of the medical profession here for the latter have been driven out of state due to litigation that have made lawyers rich at the expense of the medical infrastructure in Washington, especially northeastern Washington.

    Thus, in this special Summer Hiatus Issue my loving bride Cyndi has done something so difficult for her to do and that is making you aware of her medical needs in her rare "Symphony of Suffering" article Vale of Tears. It is not easy being mendicant. Yet for the last ten years we have depended on the mercy of God and the love of His faithful ones to keep us going, to help support our mission to continue this apostolate. We get so many e-mails of encouragement along with the few typical hate letters accusing us of spewing hate by publishing the truths of how the conciLiars have usurped Holy Mother Church. Even when documenting this, those who stubbornly insist on keeping their heads in the conciliar sands of Vatican II refuse to believe the evidence; even when the corrupt leaders are caught with their hands and other appendages in the kookie jar, the ostriches of Ostpolik refuse to acknowledge that the church of Vatican II is a bad tree destined for the eternal fire; even when the statistics prove that there are no fruits, they plod on obliviously and continue to pour money into the coffers that are covering up the massive scandal and allowing the scandalizers to continue living in comfort. These funds could build countless Traditional chapels, they could finance insurance for so many priests who would have the courage to walk away from their apostate 'bishops' and say flatly to the usurpers: "No dogma, no doctrine, no dollars!" But blindly they continue to pay into the slush funds set up by chanceries for one thing where in truth the monies are going to hush up the scandals. Sadly, any parishioner donating to a Novus Ordo parish deserves what they are getting if they continue to give to these criminals against the True Faith. Churches everywhere are being closed or sold in order to funnel money into these massive funds needed to pay for the sins of the bishops to greedy barristers. It is the classic example of 'making peace with mammon.'

    Meanwhile, God above is showing His visible disgust by allowing Katrina to be an instrument to separate the wheat from the chaff. Oh, there are many just who will suffer, perhaps lose everything, even their lives, but again Matthew 10: 28. In the days, the weeks, the months, yay even the years that will follow, let us pray that souls will be converted through these grievous trials and tribulations we have seen this week, and that their thirst will be satiated in the True Body and Blood of Christ confected only in the Traditional Latin Mass of All Ages. We ask your prayers during this our time of retreat from the world and the web. We pray for each of our readers and thank you in advance for your love, concern and generosity. Continue that generosity through your loyalty to Holy Mother Church and bloom where you are planted in whatever Traditional community you are in that offers the True Mass and heeds fully the Dogmas and Doctrines passed down and upheld from Peter through Pius XII. As we have said so many times, it is a lonely road, a very lonely one at times, but, and this is so important to realize, the only road.

    And speaking of roads, while they say all roads lead to Rome, the sad fact is that like New Orleans today, there are no roads in or out, and with so many Novus Ordinarians wandering aimlessly, they are stranded, thirsting for the truth. Let us be the 'water carriers' of pure, unadulterated doctrine and Christ-like love for not just in one city are we confronted with the fact there is water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink!

Michael Cain, editor

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    Summer Hiatus Issue
    September 1 to 30, 2005
    vol 16, no. 244
    Catholic PewPOINT