GABRIEL'S CLARION (oct29gab.htm)
October 29, 2005
vol 16, no. 272
The Scariest Scenario

        Where there's smoke there's fire, especially if it's the smoke of satan which fans the flames of hate and discord, igniting deceit and contradictions that turn things topsy-turvy into a bonfire of vanities that consumes souls in the everlasting furnace.

      "Let us move from the smoke of cigarettes to the fire of perdition and sin. Let us shift our focus from the cancer instilled by such smoke to the eternal cancer planted by sin. While the smoking habit begins its destructive cycle with fire, how much more harmful a habit that ends its destructive cycle in eternal fire? While the media can transform a stigma into a symbol of liberation and freedom, just who would dare to sell sin to women and children under the slogan "you've come a long way, baby"? How much worse is a fire that can eternally burn the soul than one that merely burns the lungs?"

    As many have recently written and observed, including myself, sodomy is on its way to ultra-protected status. This abomination has not come about by accident or due to some odd configuration of the planets. Rather, it is clearly the fruit of a tree planted for some time and nurtured by many seeking its crop. It is part and parcel of the bad tree Our Lord refers to in Matthew 7: 15-20 which will shrivel and be cast into the eternal fire. Yet, just as cell phones and iPods are marketed into necessity and critical roles in life, so too the sin of sodomy has been sold to a society too blind, foolish, or lazy to see the train heading for its target.

    In the same analogy, let us take smoking for example. We know that smokers are a clear minority in this world and that their habit is dangerous and harmful to both their health and public health in general. We also know that ardent smokers defiantly decry and denounce attempts to limit or abolish their activity on personal freedom grounds. We are also aware that those seeking to push smoking will stop at nothing to expose, glorify, promote, and protect smoking in an attempt to infect the young with this habit, and enslave them for life in its harm and influence. Finally, most if not all of us are aware of how legal authorities and legislatures have acted to stamp out smoking from many areas of life while the media has partnered in ripping this nasty habit from the imagination of young, impressionable minds. Yes, people of all ages still smoke, but they do so in spite of and not because of the law and the media, not under it!

A Scary Tale

    Once upon a time there was a minority of smokers who decided to push the smoking agenda and habit on society despite public opposition to their lifestyle. They used the media and courts to slowly overthrow public and private opposition to their habit. They infiltrated the schools and promoted smoking as a unique and cool lifestyle and those against smoking as foolish, arrogant hypocrites and radicals out to destroy happiness. They overturned laws and procedures in order to ultra-protect smoking and allow it to fester and grow. Finally, those who stood against smoking and demonstrated its harm were branded as dividers not unifiers and narrow-minded fools not enlightened minds. In order to prop smoking as an acceptable and desirable habit, these people began a large-scale campaign in entertainment and even religions to push smoking to all corners of the world. While smoking is a bad and harmful habit, I do not think that anyone will go to hell for smoking!

    Imagine and suppose now that we replace smoking with sodomy and ask yourselves if the outrageousness and absurdity of the above moves help or hinder moral conduct. Imagine a group going from school to school promoting smoking as a virtue or another suing in court to force others to accept or at least condone homosexuality. Would not such situations clearly point to the similarity between promoting smoking and promoting sodomy? Despite clear evidence that sodomy is far worse for health than smoking is, we see a huge number of groups fighting to defend and promote sodomy and far fewer if any people fighting to defend and promote smoking.

Nicotine and Nico-sin!

    If the true evil of smoking is that it cunningly enslaves and destroys lives while pretending to be a calming escape, then how much more cunning and evil is a habit and lifestyle that likewise can destroy lives, families, and health? If those promoting smoking can hypnotize our youth and society into embracing that destructive habit, how much worse is the promotion of a habit that can also hypnotize and enslave eternity? If cigarette chemicals can dull the brain and doom the lungs, then how much worse can the chemicals of sin and perdition dull the conscience and doom the soul?

    Let us move from the smoke of cigarettes to the fire of perdition and sin. Let us shift our focus from the cancer instilled by such smoke to the eternal cancer planted by sin. While the smoking habit begins its destructive cycle with fire, how much more harmful a habit that ends its destructive cycle in eternal fire? While the media can transform a stigma into a symbol of liberation and freedom, just who would dare to sell sin to women and children under the slogan "you've come a long way, baby"? How much worse is a fire that can eternally burn the soul than one that merely burns the lungs?

Up in smoke? One will be taken, one will be left

    We have all heard the popular account describing how we know not the hour of our deaths. Christ told us that two will be in the field and one will be taken and another will not. In this same way we will soon see how two men may mug two other men, and one mugger will receive greater punishment and one victim will receive greater protection. We will see how someone may ask you to do something contrary to your beliefs and you will be arrested or sued for refusing to conform to that request. We will see how you will be arrested or imprisoned for your thoughts alone or for what your past words are interpreted to mean. You will be crucified for speaking by those proclaiming freedom of speech and enslaved for believing by those enslaved for believing in evil. You will be told to hold your tongue by those holding the hand of the devil and quieted by those whose sins are loud. All of this will come about because the prince of hate now dictates hate while the Prince of Love is loved by few.

Hate Sneaks In Through the Smoke of Deceit

    Many nations such as Canada already have laws that protect sodomites over any other group. If someone writes or speaks against this sin, they will be threatened, sued, or imprisoned as evil, divisive and full of hate by those who are full of hatred against God. Suppose A hits B without knowing that B is a sodomite but A has spoken or written out against sodomy in the past, the courts will assume that A hit B because B is a sodomite and put A away for a long time. Suppose A steals from B and C and it turns out that C is a sodomite, then A's punishment for stealing from C will be greater than for stealing from B on the assumption that A stole from C because he is a sodomite. Suppose D, a sodomite, kills someone. Courts and attorneys will be cautious in dealing with D fearing someone will accuse them of pursuing D's conviction with more vigor because D is a sodomite. Suppose sodomites seek to teach your child that sodomy is normal and healthy and you protest. You will be branded as evil and divisive and your children will be isolated and targeted. At the end of the day, your ultimate earthly happiness will increasingly be tied to how well you speak of, accept, and even promote sodomy and sodomite rights. Dare to speak against them and you risk losing everything!

    There is no reason to doubt that such laws are on their way to this country as well, and will be here very soon. This is so because despite the fact that most Americans oppose sodomy and the sodomite lifestyle, what most Americans think does not account for a hill of beans in the new tyranny which is on its way to our front doors. We can see the harbingers of hate trying to sneak sexual orientation into so-called "hate crimes" bills and you can tell the agenda by who are pushing it: men like Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank and that ilk. Most people disfavor abortion, radical feminism, and other evils as well, yet this reality is drowned in media and liberal misinformation and lies. Why should sodomy and the sodomite lifestyle be any different? Beware and be vigilant for the militant sodomite lobby will go to any lengths, with the help of the ACLU, to turn America into one big unrestrained bathhouse of satan.

The Emperor's New Clothes

    Speaking of bathhouses, just as the people pretended to admire the emperor's new clothes while watching the naked emperor strut his stuff, so too this society will pretend that sodomy is acceptable and normal while watching this blatant evil fester and grow. Why? because popular opinion is increasingly a leaf in the winds of media and political propaganda, and the forces of evil have that propaganda all to themselves. Evil can only begin and grow in the darkness of fear, cowardice, silence, and conformity to seemingly invincible forces.

    Would you look to a balding man to discern hair restoration? Would you seek marital advice from one married ten times? Would you ask a thief to provide security? Would you ask an illiterate person to determine which books are best to read? Would you seek ways to lose weight from someone who is obese? The answers to the above situations are all, of course, a resounding no, yet are we not doing the same with respect to hate? As we sit idly by like sheep, the one who originated hate is increasingly being allowed to dictate what is and what is not hate. Not surprisingly, he is increasingly dictating hatred of God as acceptable freedom and hatred of sin as despicable evil. Allowing the forces of evil to tell us what evil is can only come from the imagination of the devil himself. Very soon we will be asked to comment on this society's new clothes. We can side with those who will admire the imaginary beauty of wretched abomination, or we can side with Christ and point out just how naked this society is of decency, divinity, and dignity.


    Few if any would dare to proclaim smoking a healthy and appropriate habit, to have festivals promoting and parades honoring smoking, and to push the government for "smokers pride months", a smoker's flag, and laws protecting smokers. This is so because smoking is a dangerous and harmful threat to the physical body and a person's future. This is so because the media and political forces have no problem attacking smoking as wrong. This is so because, despite its negative traits, smoking will never drag us from God and toward hell.

    It is a given that smoking can harm the body, but not necessarily the soul, yet it has been proven that sodomy will not only harm the body far worse, but destroy the soul for all eternity. Remember the words of Our Savior in Matthew 10: 28: "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. So I ask, which is more harmful? I know, that's an obvious no-brainer. Yet, we see exactly the opposite as sodomy is raised to the level of some divine right eternally preserved in the Constitution. If one can judge a society and its fate by those things which it holds sacred and protects, then this society's mindless and soulless protection and promotion of sodomy supports the notion that it's salvation may already be "up in smoke".

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    October 29, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 272