GABRIEL'S CLARION (oct15gab.htm)
October 15, 2005
vol 16, no. 258
Pilot Lite

    The analogy of pilots and priests reveals the flight plan necessary for reaching Heaven, but the ecclesiastical FAA has scratched that and grounded good priests. Why? Because the good pilots of souls want to make sure their passengers are safe and cared for by assuring their own vehicles are orthodox in every way. Whereas the eccesiastical airlines want to cut corners, cut back, and cut out because they don't have the spiritual welfare of their passengers as priority. Which plane would you rather fly in?

      "Just as an unqualified pilot can destroy many lives, so too an unqualified priest can destroy many souls. In this context, "unqualified" would mean not conforming to and fulfilling the intended purpose, training, role, and duties of a given vocation. God Almighty intended priests to be male, celibate, unmarried, non-sodomite, moral, conscientious, obedient, and traditional models and guides for the general public. They were to be pilots carrying us toward God, not "yes" men or rebels drop-shipping us toward hell."

    Presently the debates are raging in Rome during the Synod of Bishops over the priest shortage and few of the New Order bishops truly understand the problem. Most, influenced by their own agendas and their special interest lobbies back home, point in a number of directions toward "solutions" while ignoring the only solution necessary. I do not understand how and why these so-called solutions are given the light of day since they ultimately make no sense in light of Church teaching and God's Will and Word. The idea of admitting homosexual-oriented individuals to the priesthood is abominable. So also the foolishness of priests being married as if the Anglicans don't have their hands full with their 'experiment' thanks to Henry VIII. In actuality, at the end of the day, the reason these foolish solutions are given the light of day is precisely because they are not considered in the light of Church teaching and God Almighty's dictates but rather New Order thinking and man's dictates. In order to point out the foolishness of these so-called solutions, I wish to use a parallel example.

Pilot Shortage

    Suppose there was a great pilot shortage such that airlines could not find any qualified pilots to fly their jets. Imagine that, on top of already existing problems, these airlines were now faced with having nobody to fly the fewer and fewer flights already being made due to fuel and economic issues. While it would seem that having less pilots would not only provide a great excuse to have less flights and would even save money on salaries, suppose that this pilot shortage was so great that it was actually dragging down airline operations much below even the level that these airlines wanted. The central agency - let us say, for example, the Federal Agency of Aviation (FAA) realized the problem but for forty some years had done very little about it, allowing pilots to do as they please and to write their own flight plans, to fly when they wanted but only with the approval of their particular airlines. Only through that permission could they fly into the others' airspaces, but once there all bets were off as to how they conducted themselves. Yet they were relatively sure their airline 'company' would protect them and, if a problem arose, they would just be shuffled off to another airline with none the wiser. No matter their morals, it was morale that was important.

    But now it has all caught up with them. Fuel costs, labor costs, long hours, self-sacrifice, terrorist warnings, all these have contributed to fewer wanting to be committed pilots.

Imbeciles to the Rescue

    Now, let us apply the rationale used by modernists, secularists, radical liberals, feminists, sodomites, and every other enemy of The Church as a "solution" to the priest shortage to this imaginary pilot shortage.

  • Extend the pilot duties and positions to groups previously shut out from said posts

    After an extensive review of all groups previously unable to fill pilot positions, with the approval of the FAA the airlines would decide to give blind people, children, sodomite pedophiles, terrorists, and mentally unstable people the chance to fill those vacant pilot positions. In fact, a "pilot" program would match children and pedophiles so they could train and fly together whenever possible. Why there is even the chance there would be celebrity pilots for wouldn't you imagine Michael Jackson would be the first to sign up?

  • In order to demystify the perception that pilots are somehow special people, airlines would allow the elderly, teens, and terrorists to get into cockpits before, during, and after flights so they could handle and play with all of the switches, buttons, levers, and equipment and get used to these things.

    The fastest way to create a gap between someone with a certain job or duty and the general public is to separate the public or distance it from the duties and equipment of that job. By turning the cockpit into something that everybody can handle and play with, airlines would make pilots and their duties accessible and attainable to everyone!

  • Simplify Pilot Training to Encourage New Entrants

    Why offend people by making pilot training so difficult? Does this not offend those too ignorant, uncoordinated, lazy, and impatient to take full training? Is it not better to "reach out to the people" by turning pilot training into a one week home study or one month vacation retreat situation?

    As ridiculous as this sounds, consider some of the bishops' suggestions to shorten seminary training, relax rules of celibacy, not insist on taking Latin, etc.

  • Create "pilot assistants" To Help Out in the Cockpit

    To make a pilot's job easier, why not have pilot assistants who could be assigned certain parts of the cockpit thereby freeing the pilot to do other things? You could have a landing assistant, a take-off assistant, a navigating assistant, an extraordinary assistant, an announcement assistant, etc. In order to relieve overcrowding in the cockpit, a rotation system could be set up.

    After all, doesn't the Novus Ordo already employ this with deacons, female MC's, altar girls, eucharistic ministers, lectors, presenters, incompetent modernist catechism teachers, dance coordinators and what have you - all with the explicit permission of not only the priest, but the bishop and, yes, the Vatican?

    Create a "pilot for a day" Program
Again, to encourage people to see pilots as real people, why not let regular people be a "pilot for a day"? Airlines could have a monthly lottery to raise money and the winner would pilot a jet, one way or the other, somewhere and somehow without the passengers knowing that their flight was the lucky flight!

    Has this not already occurred in the New Order church with treating everyone with tolerance, no need for confession, approve men in their sins because they can't help it, teach ambiguity and forget the absolutes because that might offend non-Catholics. Rather than converting them through prayer, sacrifice and laboring in the missions, we can "just hope they'll become lucky and join our church."

    Create a More Inclusive Piloting Experience

    Finally, airlines would realize that paying passengers like to have a greater voice in the flight so they could have passengers vote on issues such as when the jet takes off, lands, serves food, what movie is shown, when seatbelts are required, and even where the jet will go. If the majority of passengers decide in the middle of the flight that they prefer to go to The Bahamas instead of Cleveland, then the flight would be diverted south.

    Is this not the same in the newchurch? What is most important to those assembling at the Novus Ordo masses? Is it the Holy Sacrifice? No. Is it for the salvation of souls? No. Is it for hearing the Word and applying it in our lives? Sadly, no. What is stressed today is "unity of the community." Majority rules. So if the majority are manipulated into placing the wants of man before the will of God, they are perfectly fine with that except a few who are drowned out as dissidents by those very ones who have dissented from the True Faith.

Obvious Solution Ignored

    Instead of the profound solutions suggested above, the airlines would perhaps realize that the best way to deal with the pilot shortage would be to upgrade and improve their training programs for future pilots, enhance the appeal to potential pilot hopefuls, prospective applicants and young people, and generally "get back to basics" and "roots" of why being a pilot is such a special and fulfilling ideal. In order to do all of these things, of course, each airline would have to actually know why pilots are so special and why not just anyone can be a pilot. This would also entail the FAA to set strict standards to not only assure the quality of those who aspire to be pilots, but to assure the 'passengers' that they can trust these pilots and the airlines they fly for. It means that each airline would have to balance the interests of passengers with their safety. Each airline would also have to remain loyal and committed to filling the ranks of pilots with people who would carry on the traditions and mission of effective and successful air travel. Instead of diluting or corrupting the pilot position, these airlines would actually enhance and fortify its integrity, uniqueness, and respect. In short, these companies would realize that you do not solve shortages in jobs by offering those jobs to just anyone or tearing down the special nature of those jobs. Instead, you solve shortages by battening down the hatches and reemphasizing how special and unique those careers are, demanding a high level of qualification for those positions, expecting people to meet those qualifications, and then helping them do so.

    Using this analogy, is it so difficult for the bishops to understand the corruption, indifference, pride, vanity, power grabs, greed, sloth, avarice, envy, covetousness, lust and the downright perversion and lack of commitment by these prelates themselves, not to mention the priests and religious they were entrusted with to provide the unadulterated Faith of our fathers? Evidently, from what I've read on Zenit and other publications recently and in the secular media over the last several years, I realize more every day that either they don't get it, or they not only get it, but really do think all men are fools.

    Is there a bishop out there who will stand up and say that the problems of shortages stem from the problems at the top? Is there a cardinal who will acknowledge the problems are because the faith has not been kept faithfully? Is their a cardinal out there who will admit they have not been good shepherds, have not been tended to their flocks and have become lax? That is the problem along with all the Vatican II baggage contained in the hold that has bogged down the rest of the hull of the Church, not allowing it to soar to the heights God intended and carry passengers toward holiness. Because of that the 'passengers' have been left to fend for themselves and consequently keeping their hearts and minds on God and the things of God as Holy Mother Church as always taught are no longer priority They have been swept up by the world, the flesh and the devil and, truth be known, have crashed and burned. Now it's a matter of saving the survivors.

    Just the other day there was a newsconference in Rome reported by Zenit in which the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments Cardinal Francis Arinze was asked whether there was consideration to bring back the Tridentine Mass, which always was said reverently and provided an environment of striving to live as Catholics. Arinze responded matter of factly: "It is not a priority for the synod, as no one has spoken about it. The problem we have discussed is that many people don't go to Mass, and those that come don't understand -- they go to Communion but not to confession, as if they were immaculate." Hmmm, do you think that has anything to do with the idea that they don't go to Mass because it no longer is a Mass? Do you think they don't go to confession because they no longer believe in hell and therefore sin cannot condemn them? But to show how out of touch these bishops are, the very head of Divine Worship dismisses the idea of returning to the values and infinite merits of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it was said for centuries. Isn't that similar to airlines saying they are not interested in bringing back seatbelts, altimeters, landing gears, but they can't understand why people are bouncing all over and pilots have no idea how high or low they are and are afraid to land anywhere?

Typical New Order Thinking

    Just as public education has been watered down to the lazy, ungrateful, spoiled, and corrupt to appease them, the New Order always "plays down" to its audience instead of "pulling them up" to their best potential. Just as entertainment has been degraded down to the trash that sells best and most easily instead of upgraded to maintain and promote healthy living and enjoyment, so too the New Order cares more for practicality, ease, and easy profit than what is right, worthwhile, and constructive to the human spirit and mind.

    Just as the media has plummeted to new lows in becoming a propaganda piece for hell rather than a messenger of truth and fairness, so too the New Order is happy to break down into deception, bias, agendas, and vice through ambiguities and relativism rather than promoting genuine things as absolutes. In all of these things happen, it is because the New Order allows and wants them to happen. Why aim high when aiming low fits one's agenda? Why aim high when hell is down below? Especially when so many believe hell no longer exists. Hmmm. Where do you think it went? The disbelief in the devil leads to disbelief in the Sacred Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. This leads to the next step: Why drag the priesthood back up to where it should be when one's despicable and hellish agenda requires that it be dragged down to the depths of perdition carrying countless souls with it? If this all fits, then it is because the solutions proposed by the New Order for the priest shortage come from the devil's shoe store! But there is no devil, no hell they'll assuage us. As Padre Pio told an unbeliever, "You'll believe in hell when you get there."


    Just as an unqualified pilot can destroy many lives, so too an unqualified priest can destroy many souls. In this context, "unqualified" would mean not conforming to and fulfilling the intended purpose, training, role, and duties of a given vocation. God Almighty intended priests to be male, celibate, unmarried, non-sodomite, moral, conscientious, obedient, and traditional models and guides for the general public. They were to be pilots carrying us toward God, not "yes" men or rebels drop-shipping us toward hell.

    The solutions proposed by those of the New Order are rubbish lies from the depths of hell designed to destroy the priesthood. The devil must be very afraid of good priests, for he spends much of his time trying to abolish and destroy them. Just as pilots guide us safely to our destination, so too good priests guide us toward Heaven. Let us thank God for the few good priests left. Let us pray for all priests, and brush off the solutions of fools and ghouls more concerned with their pathetic agendas than the priesthood. Above all, let us remember that priests, like pilots, should be ahead of us looking toward the heavens rather than turning their backs on the destination we all seek!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    October 15, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 258