GABRIEL'S CLARION (nov5gab.htm)
November 5, 2005
vol 16, no. 279
Tip of the Viceberg
Part One

The House of the Loretto Sisters is a House of Cards

    Every day more shocking things unravel with the conciliar church as the Bishops continue to skirt the real issue and refuse to warn their flocks of the vicebergs that lurk everywhere. Beneath one collides with perdition. And yet these media examples are merely the tip of the viceberg!

      "Considering that just 90 miles to the west the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled recently that parents have no rights as to say in what is taught in public school curriculums. Can you say communism? What else is it as big brother dumbs us down both in the classroom and in the pews? Bishop Wiegand had the strength to demand Bain's removal but now, like every other prelate of the New Order, backs off and claims his "hands are tied" as far as reinstalling Katelyn Sills. Whatever happened to staunch, holy bishops?"

    I have written many pieces on a range of topics, but none has made me as angry and disgusted as this one. This disgust does not exist because of surprise for, sadly, the facts contained herein should come as no surprise to any true Catholic with eyes, ears, and half a brain. Neither does this disgust result from the cunning treachery and heresy of the evil inflicted on young minds detailed herein for, sadly, such despicable wrongs are quite consistent with the devil's modus operandi in this increasingly lost society and pathetically clueless American 'Catholic' environment. No, this disgust wells up within me because of the audacity and arrogance of the evil perpetuated by these betrayers of Christ inflicted precisely on the young so impressionable and innocent. Proper words cannot adequately express my outrage and repugnance toward what these people have done and continue to do to young minds under the banner of Catholic education. Although ten such articles would probably not cover the many things I want to say here, I will confine my views to this one piece for now.

Sacramento Might Be Ground "Zero"

    A brave and exemplary young Catholic girl named Katelyn Sills was recently expelled from Loretto High School in Sacramento and her family banned from that school. Why was she thrown out of this so-called "Catholic" institution? Let the facts speak for themselves. It seems that Katelyn and her mother, ardent pro-life advocates and frequent protestors at a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, recognized and photographed one of the escorts helping women into the clinic as a member of the Loretto faculty, a Marie Bain. They sent that photo and made this fact available to the administrators of the school, a Sister Helen Timothy, President, and a Sister Barbara Nelson, Principal. Katelyn and her mother rightly felt that this information made Bain an unacceptable faculty member in a school that calls itself Catholic. Since these women did nothing, the photo and facts were sent to William Weigand, the local Bishop, who rightly told the administrators to fire Bain. It seems that this order of Loretto is only answerable to the Holy See with regard to anything except questions of faith and morals under canon law, where the Bishop could act. It also seems that these administrators did not want to fire Bain, and actually, by their own words, felt that she was "exceptional", "passionate", and very popular with the students. This sentiment appears to be held by many of the school's faculty as well, as their comments in various papers indicate that they feel that so-called academic freedom and mature faith require exposing students to all views on topics and expressing tolerance toward all ideas and opinions.

    Clearly then, this school has instilled and fostered an environment based on liberation theology which stresses social justice over strict moral adherence and teaching. Bain, a non-Catholic, was likely hired with either no regard to her views on key Catholic doctrines or in actual knowledge of her rejection and disagreement of such doctrines. Her employment contract apparently did not include provisions requiring that employees respect such doctrine in their employment duties and public life, opening up the danger of a potential discrimination lawsuit by Bain. It is obvious that Timothy and Nelson did not want to fire this woman, and were forced to by the pressure of the Bishop's order. They clearly believed that Bain was an outstanding role model for their students despite her very public rejection of key Catholic doctrine regarding the sanctity of life. Common sense would dictate that Timothy and Nelson likely felt resentment toward Sills and her family for forcing them to do something they never wanted to do. Furthermore, the actions of Sills and her mother indirectly exposed the school to the ridicule, criticism, mockery, and outcry that it deserved given its absurd dissidence and disobedience from central Catholic doctrine.

    These so-called nuns claim that they expelled Sills and banned her family because they had engaged in "public attacks, taunts, threats, and verbal abuse versus members of the school community and a mass emailing campaign slandering the school's reputation as a Catholic institution." The Sills family denies these accusations and it is clear that not only did they do their best to exercise restraint and respect in bringing this matter to the attention of administrators, but Katelyn is a model student involved in ten school activities. It appears that these nuns are simply spreading lies and slanderous accusations against the Sills family to cover up for their blatant retaliation against that family for "making waves" and exposing the doctrinally defiant nature of that school!

No "Catholic" School!

    Various reports indicate that Loretto High School promotes a feminist, pro-sodomite, and liberal agenda. Reports have been made that at a recent open school night parents saw a poster proclaiming OUR GIRLS CAN BE ANYTHING THEY WANT TO BE and showing a group of girls dressed as a coven of witches! The bookshelves are reported to display the books of notorious clerical dissenters. Another poster promotes an event sponsored by Planned Parenthood donor Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation without even mentioning that this organization sponsors abortion. The school was also reported to have had a class presentation on domestic abuse at which business cards called JUST IN CASE were distributed that included links to, which is Planned Parenthood's teen outreach site! All of this despite the fact that the school's own student handbook apparently states ANY STUDENT WHO PUBLICIZES OR ADVOCATES AN ABORTION EITHER PLANNED OR ALREADY OBTAINED WILL BE DISMISSED FROM LORETTO. What's good for the goose is good for the gander: not only pupil, but faculty as well!

    Loretto is described in many sites as a Catholic High School offering a rigorous academic program with an emphasis on social justice (emphasis mine) which seeks to instill Catholic values while pushing independent thinking and presenting all sides to an issue ( emphasis mine). Simply put, this school promotes exactly the kind of behavior that Bain was involved in and even lauds such actions, so it is absurd to think that Timothy and Nelson either did not know or cared if Bain was a pro-abortion worker. In fact, these fools argue that "we hire teachers for their talent and experience and she signed a contract with certain terms and conditions and was compliant." The obvious question arises as to why such a contract did not include a provision demanding that employees respect Church teaching by not publicly and openly flouting that teaching! The obvious answer is that the school itself does not respect such teaching, so why should it expect its employees to do so?

    Bain had written to a local paper opposing requiring teens to notify their parents of intended abortions, stating "like it or not, teens get pregnant and the most important issue is keeping them safe. Safe means access to reliable health care, not gut-wrenching red tape." Bain's actions and outspoken defiance of Church teaching clearly indicate that only an imbecile would believe that her pro-abortion advocacy was a private matter! Despite this plain fact, Gail Erlandson, a theology teacher at the school for 11 years who was involved in the domestic abuse disaster and retired partly due to that situation, expressed the kind of thinking that appears to pervade this school. Speaking to a local paper, Erlandson stated, "There are a handful of extremists in the affluent Catholic community that can make keeping the integrity of academic freedom very difficult…. there is a lot of fear among teachers. How far is this going to go?"

    A Ms. Mitterholzer, the dance instructor who replaced Bain, has stated, "I think that your personal life is your personal life and she complied with everything asked from the school in her contract." Again, it is painfully clear that not only does this school ignore pro-abortion activity, but it actually condones and even promotes its through its philosophy and teaching. Also, it is just as tragic that many, if not all, of its teachers have a clueless and distorted sense of the respect which so-called academic freedom must have toward Church teaching and doctrine. Furthermore, it is imbecilic to claim that Bain's actions were "private" when she openly and blatantly supported abortion!

    Based on this idiotic thinking by supposedly intelligent educators, if I publicly promote racial bias outside of school grounds or write racial attacks to local papers, then such conduct has no bearing on my status as an employee of a school because I did in on my own time. Good luck keeping your job in such a case! All of this simply reinforces the clear fact that Loretto High School in Sacramento preaches open defiance of Church teaching dressed up as thoughtful, open consideration of moral issues. This kind of thinking basically turns morality into a private matter not subject to absolute truths and natural or Divine Law.

The Sad Fruit of This Teaching

    Rebecca Williams, a freshman at The University of California at San Diego and a graduate of Loretto, unwittingly provides a pathetic witness to the great harm inflicted by this school and nuns to the moral philosophy of countless young women entrusted to their educational care by unknowing parents. Williams told a local paper, "The idea is to come to the right decision based on faith. That doesn't mean that you always have to agree with the Church but you have to always consider both sides… (I am disappointed that the bishop would )..align himself with someone who takes pictures of people walking into a clinic…what does that say about our Church as a compassionate organization?" The damaging effects of the school's brainwashing are sadly clear in Williams' comments. This young graduate of that school now adheres to the views expressed by dissident Catholics who sell the dribble that every form of vile evil is acceptable and justified if one has looked at all sides! A review of many attacks by other students of this school shows that many see nothing wrong with Bain's acts. Some argued that Bain was not promoting abortion but only "helping others". Still others stated, "so what if she was helping at Planned Parenthood.. that place merely provides counseling and options". Such talk causes tears to my eyes and foretells the upcoming doom of this Church. Satan has truly brainwashed our young at the hands of these Catholic frauds so ready to betray Christ!

Mixed Messages From Above

    Dom Puglisio, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Sacramento, has stated that parents have the right to expect that their students will be taught according to Catholic principles and allowing a teacher to publicly display contrary beliefs sends the wrong message. Puglisio rightly notes that people entering employment in Catholic schools should know going in that there are certain points which they must respect in their public acts. Meanwhile, Rev. Martin Connell, education professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, has implied that teaching and schools is increasingly viewed as a service industry like landscaping and haircutting and parents sometimes overpass their right to be involved in their children's education and "step on the toes of teachers and administrators." Weellll, excuuuuse me! It seems to me that Connell is implying that parents often overstep their rights when they start telling educators what they can and cannot teach their children. With this kind of mixed message from authorities, is there any doubt that the acts of these crafty nuns would be allowed to continue?

    Considering that just 90 miles to the west the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled just a few days ago that parents have no rights as to having a say in what is taught in public school curriculums. Can you say communism? What else is it as big brother dumbs us down both in the classroom and in the pews? Bishop Wiegand had the strength to demand Bain's removal but now, like every other prelate of the New Order, backs off and claims his "hands are tied" as far as reinstalling Katelyn Sills. Whatever happened to staunch, holy bishops?

There Should Be No Surprise Here!

    A review of The Order of Loretto in reveals many disturbing facts regarding this group of nuns. Its website appears to foster, in the words of Catholic Culture, "socialist politics and radical dissent". Catholic Culture goes on to say that the order's site indicates a mission of radical feminism, social engineering, political correctness, and total dissent from many of the Church's most fundamental teachings. Through its Loretto Women's Network and Loretto Earth Network, the order preaches radical feminism, socialist change, abortion rights, and sodomite rights as well as environmental pantheism. Furthermore, the site clearly supports female ordination as well. Nothing is said about the harm inflicted on women by abortion and contraception or the murder of millions of innocent unborn children.

    The order's site includes links to such other sites as SisterSite, a site promoting radical feminism on everything from women's ordination to the tolerance of lesbianism. Also sited are Pax Christi, which supports the sodomite and abortion lobby and defends such people as dissident sodomite supporter Sr. Jeannine Gramick. Finally, the order's site also has links to Sojourners, which is a mouthpiece for dissenters, and The National Catholic Reporter, which provides a regular barrage of dissident Catholic teaching. Simply put, the evidence that the Sisters of Loretto are a radical feminist, socialist, dissident splinter order which defies and rejects fundamental Church teaching is so overwhelming that absolutely nothing about The Loretto High School incident should surprise or shock anyone. What happened there was simply a clear extension and example of what this order is all about and why this order has no place educating any child whose parents even think of Catholic education. I do not know what is more absurd, what these nuns teach or the fact that they claim that questioning how Catholic their school really is can ever be slander!

    Oh, and the kicker of all this is the founder of the Sisters of Loretto - a Mary Ward who is a cult figure with these feminists who dare call themselves the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What is little known about Mary Ward is that, as the IBVM website states:

    "The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, often called 'the Loreto Sisters,' was founded by the Englishwoman Mary Ward in 1609. Her dream was to begin a new kind of community of women religious - an independent, self-governing congregation patterned after the model of the Society of Jesus, free of the confines of the cloisters, and responding to the urgent needs of her time. Though Mary Ward was imprisoned by the Inquisition and initially condemned by the Church, miraculously her charism [???] lives on in the members of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout the world." (my emphasis)

    We can see from just the recent activities in Sacramento that this charism is not from the Holy Ghost and certainly does not relate to anything the Blessed Mother would want to be associated with for her beloved House of Loretto has been defiled.


    My dear friends and readers, we have reached the low point where a devout, brave, insightful, and committed 15 year old girl is more Catholic than a mob of fools with degrees and titles as Catholic educators. We have reached the point where a woman who claims to be a servant of Christ and has been honored as The Distinguished Catholic School Graduate by the Diocese of Sacramento finds an employee who promotes and supports the murder of the unborn "exceptional" in any way. We have reached the point where a school that claims to be Catholic rallies around an abortion supporter and rejects a devout Catholic family whose grave sin is expecting that a Catholic school actually reflect and respect Catholic doctrine. We have reached the point where a radical feminist religious order that condones and defends sodomite and abortion rights runs a school under the banner of Catholic and infects countless young minds with its venom from hell.

    We have reached the point where such an order even dares to include the Name of Our Blessed Mother in its title. We have reached the point where moral imbeciles dictate a morality based on social justice which trumps the very core of our faith. We have reached the point where academic freedom is waved above central Catholic doctrine in an institution claiming to be Catholic. We have reached the point where helping someone murder their unborn child is "helping people". We have reached the point where liberation theology means more than the sacredness of life. We have reached the point where a school claiming to be Catholic teaches its children that murdering children is sometimes an option. We have reached the point, my dear readers, where the devil is standing at the front of a class in a Catholic School, and he is smiling and winking and nodding in glee as Christ and The Almighty are mocked. If that teacher was photographed promoting racial intolerance, she would be fired by popular demand. If she were photographed holding an anti-sodomite banner, she would be history in the media. However, photographed assisting the murder of the most innocent, she becomes a victim of intolerance and outdated bigotry against women.

    Despite all of this, where does the blame really lie? One might say that teacher is not to blame for this sad incident. She was allowed to enter a place she should not have been granted access to. The other teachers of that school are not to blame either, for they have been employed in an institution that permits and even promotes such dissidence. The fired teacher's lawyer, who will soon likely file a lawsuit against the school and diocese, is not to blame for merely doing his job and defending his client. After all Catholics are fair game - the only entity it is permissible to take potshots at without retribution. The Bishop is not to blame for defending Catholic teaching and imposing canon law. After all, his hands are tied and he wouldn't dare assert his authority as a shepherd of souls. While Timothy and Nelson retaliated and would like to blame the expelled student and her family, they are not to blame but victims of a system gripped in vice. We know that the only true Catholic response was launched by Katelyn and her mother in bravely exposing evil and disrespect as well as the school's fraud in calling itself Catholic.

    What it all comes down to is that the real people to blame here are administrators from an order steeped in error merely serving as foot soldiers of heresy and perdition. The only people to blame here are the clerics and religious leaders who have allowed this order to fester and infect these young minds. This tragic tale would be absurd if it were not so sad, it would be a warning if it were not so despicable, and it would be a call to correction if it were not so much a banner of doom. When asked what the mission of her school was, Timothy stated that the school measures success not by scholarships or acceptances to prestigious colleges, but by whether or not its graduates have been given a sense of mission. "Did they know what the church is calling us to do?" is what Timothy claims is the school's goal. Given the fruit that Loretto High School has planted and reaped from its environment of radical disobedience for Church teaching masked as academic analysis, it appears that this school is being called to serve as a breeding ground for perdition, not by the Church, but by the devil himself through his friends at The Sisters of Loretto!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    November 5, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 279