November 22, 2005
volume 16, no. 296

Taking Sanctuary Only Where He is Present

    Just as Our Lady foretold over 300 years ago, the Sanctuary Lamps would be extinguished in these times, so they have and yet so few realize this, just as they fail to understand Our Lord's clear words from this past Sunday's Gospel. Let him who hears and sees, understand.

      "The Mother of God spoke at great length to Mother Mariana about the weighty role of priests and the crisis in the clergy in our time. She imparted to Mother Mariana that in our time many priests would come to lead only a superficial life of the soul, and would be too greatly attached to family and wealth. These misguided priests would falsely think that they could reach sanctity by the practice of one or two virtues, without constructing their spiritual lives upon the solid foundation of a profound humility. Without humility, all virtue ceases to exist in the soul. No wonder there are no fruits today from the church of Vatican II."

My dear Roman Catholic brethren in Christ,

    It was so wonderful to have heard from several readers after my last article. I hold you in my heart and offer my prayers and sufferings for each of you in all of your needs, every day, and particularly at Holy Mass and Holy Communion. Since so many were touched by my sharing what Our Lady imparted to Mother Mariana de Jesus, I will continue in that vein. But before I commence with that regarding the prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success, I want to share something with you.

    Over the last few years, I've had some serious illness, and also have had a series of TIAs (small strokes, although the last one was a bigger, more severe one that has left me weaker). This has also left me with very little, if any, short term memory, and has made it nearly impossible for me to compose a simple letter, much less write an article. So, when our Blessed Mother asked me to write on her prophecies to Mother Mariana in the later 1500's through 1634, I prayed very hard, asking for Heaven's help to do what she asked of me. And Heaven has provided. The article you read last month, as well as this one, bear the crux of what Our Lady asks me to convey, but the article is shaped and formed by an archangel that the Good Lord has given me. How grateful I am for the gift of this wonderful archangel, who takes my poor words, and without losing what Our Lady wishes to impart, makes the article readable for all. I would ask each of you to pray for this archangel, who's got a tough job with my poor writing skills. Yet, how good God is. He always provides what is needed, if we are humble and little and ask with confidence those things that are pleasing to Him. So the by-line should properly read "Cyndi Cain and her beloved archangel."

    Also, today is a special day for not only is it our oldest son's 23rd birthday, but it is the feast of Saint Cecilia, that beloved virgin martyr of the early Church who is also the patron saint of music. This column is titled "Symphony of Suffering" for it is in offering up our sufferings for the poor souls in Purgatory, so forgotten in these times, and for reparation of sinners everywhere beginning with myself. That is why suffering is so vital in the mission of saving souls and helping move souls into Heaven. The more who offer their sufferings in union with our divine Savior Jesus' unbelievable, ultimate offering of Himself on the cross for us, the more souls have a chance to be saved. A symphony can never be one, it must be many in full concert with a conductor. In this symphony of suffering, if we all take our cue from the Divine Director what a beautiful melody we can offer Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Oh, to have more contribute so that souls will be eternally safe and sound. And, oh, what a sound to Heaven's ears!

    When Mother Mariana received the great prophecy concerning the crisis in the Church, in the True Faith, in 1634, Our Lady explained to her the five reasons for the extinguishing of the Sanctuary Lamp. Think first about what it means when the sanctuary lamp is not lit: What does this represent to a true Catholic who believes all that has been infallibly defined down through the centuries, ending with Pope Pius XII? It would mean that the Most Blessed Sacrament is not present in the tabernacle! And, my dear people, if Our Lord is not residing in the Tabernacle, it is because there are no consecrated hosts there. Without a validly ordained priest, and without the proper words of consecration, and without the proper substance of wine and bread, unleavened, transubstantiation does NOT take place, and the faithful are deceived into believing that they are receiving Our Lord Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, when they are receiving what Protestants get-- merely bread and wine.

    If you have been following The Daily Catholic over the past few years, you'll realize there are grave, very grave doubts whether anyone ordained after 1968 are valid priests for more than one reason. First, Paul VI changed the sacrament of Holy Orders; secondly, he also changed the rite of consecrating a bishop, making it more akin to the Anglican rite which was determined ex cathedra by Pope Leo XIII as invalid. Thus, those created bishops in the Novus Ordo church after 1968 would not be bishops either. That means that the man who resides in Rome and was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was definitely a priest, for he was ordained before 1968; but if he was consecrated a bishop using Paul VI's rite, then he would not be a bishop, let alone cardinal, let alone...well, you know the rest. Now multiply that by tens of thousands who are supposed to be the guardians of souls and the good shepherds we had always thought we could put our trust in. Can you see the grave, very grave predicament Catholics are in today?

    Consider then that our Blessed Mother was referring to the present crisis in the Novus Ordo which cannot be valid, and therefore not a "Mass", for it lacks any reference to a propitiatory sacrifice, and the words of consecration over the wine have been altered. If one of the properties (here we're referring to the wine since the words have been changed contrary to Trent's infallible directive carried out by Pope St. Pius V) are not properly confected, the other is also not confected! Thus, within the false "conciliar catholic church", there is no transubstantion that takes place, no sacramental grace given, and the poor people in the pew, who are blinded to the truth for whatever reason, are receiving nothing. All would do well, and possibly save their souls, were they to abandon the Novus Ordo immediately, and stay home and pray the Rosary! Then, the Holy Ghost could possibly enlighten these blinded sheep of the fold, and lead them back to the True Fold, in the True Roman Catholic Church. If they truly realized this they would clamor for the Traditional Latin Mass and orthodoxy to be preached from the rooftops and throw the false prophets out. This past Sunday's Gospel brought this fact home so clearly. Our Lord foretold of these times and Our Lady has been reminding us since the 1600's and still man doesn't seem to get it. So quite possibly these words will fall on deaf ears as well, but I will continue so that I can go to Our Lady and her Divine Son and say I did my best, but they refused to listen. As Michael keeps reminding me, 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' No, that's true, but hopefully somehow and someway I can convey the idea of how refreshing that water is and how thirsty they really are.

    The Mother of God spoke at great length to Mother Mariana about the weighty role of priests and the crisis in the clergy in our time. She imparted to Mother Mariana that in our time many priests would come to lead only a superficial life of the soul, and would be too greatly attached to family and wealth. These misguided priests would falsely think that they could reach sanctity by the practice of one or two virtues, without constructing their spiritual lives upon the solid foundation of a profound humility. Without humility, all virtue ceases to exist in the soul. No wonder there are no fruits today from the church of Vatican II.

    Consider how the "conciliar catholic church" has eliminated all reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament, how the sanctuary, once reserved only for the priest and the acolytes, is now crowded with lay people who are busy doing what? Leading a social gathering where man is God and God is lowered to the level of a mere creature, whom He created, and no one genuflects, bows their head at the sound of the name of Jesus, nor do they fold their hands, wear decent clothing worthy of being in the presence of God Himself. To further dull memories of these acts of respect, today's Catholics, who are subjected to the Novus Ordo messes, are kept so busy with singing and other perfidious novelties, that they have no sense of being at "Holy Mass" because they are not. Since these presbyters posing as priests are very probably not validly ordained, it makes the entire Novus Ordo mess a farce, and far worse, an abomination before the Lord - the "abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place; (he that readeth, let him understand)" (Matthew 24: 15). Our Lord has said it so clearly and yet I know those Catholics still attending Novus Ordo services read those words. Yet, they still don't understand. What will it take? The answer to that is, of course, our prayers, penance and reparation, and continue to proselytize uncompromisingly the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church.

    Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother are so hurt when one of their chosen souls (I am speaking of those whom Jesus Himself selects from among millions of people to be a priest or religious) turn their backs upon their divine vocation and leave Jesus alone, or worse, ignore him so completely that the God of the Universe is reduced to a mere footnote, because the tabernacle is no longer front and center on the altar. How could it be front and center, when there is no altar, but only a table?

    As Mother Mariana's life drew to a close, Our Lord appeared to her showing Mother Mariana how His Most Sacred Heart was riddled with small, piercing throns that stung Him cruelly. Jesus said to her:

    "Understand that these are the serious as well as slight faults of My priests, secular and religious, whom I deliver from the world to bring to the cloisters. It is their ingratitude and indifference that so cruelly wounds My Heart"

This quote and all others in this article are taken from "Our Lady of Good Success - Prophecies for Our Times-" by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. Tradition in Action,pages 56-62, second edition 2000. Jesus went on as Mother Mariana contemplated His Most Sacred Heart so cruelly wounded. Jesus also told her:

    "The time will come, when doctrine will be commonly known among the learned and the ignorant... But the practice of the virtues and of these doctrines will be found in only a few souls; for this reason, saints will become rare."

Think how many "saints" have been elevated to this status by the conciliar church, when Our Lord Himself said that true saints would be very rare in our day. Jesus continued,

    "And precisely for this reason, My priests and My religious will fall into a fatal indifference. Their coldness will extinguish the fire of divine love, afflicting My Loving Heart with these small thorns that you see... Know, moreover, that Divine Justice releases terrible chastisements on entire nations, not only for the sins of the people, but especially for those of priests and religious persons. For the latter are called, by the perfection of their state, to be the salt of the earth, the masters of truth and the deflectors of divine wrath. Straying from their divine mission, they degrade themselves in such a way that, before the eyes of God, they quicken the rigor of the punishments."

    Our Lady of Good Success further explained to Mother Mariana that this terrible crisis in the clergy would result in a true calamity, for the number of vocations would be reduced to practically nothing, and the few just and true priests would be slandered and persecuted by their own brother priests, and that great scandal would be given to the true Catholics, and the enemies of the True Church would have much fodder with which to feed more hatred for the One True Faith.

    "During this time, the secular clergy clearly will leave much to be desired because priests will become careless in their sacred duties. Lacking the divine compass, they will stray from the road traced by God for the priestly ministry, and they will become attached to wealth and riches, which they will unduly strive to obtain. How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a prelate and father to guide them with paternal love, gentleness, strength, wisdom and prudence, many priests will lose their spirit, placing their souls in great danger"

    Further, the Mother of God lamented to Mother Mariana that during this time in which we are living, the priests would neglect the sacraments, and because of relaxations made in the doctrine and laws of the church, there would be many children born who would not receive Baptism, and thus be incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ, an absolute necessity for salvation. She further wept over the fact that the Sacrament of Penance would practically become extinct, for the priests who have lost their way would consider this Sacrament a waste of time, a nuisance, and many souls would go to perdition because they did not have access to this sacrament, nor would the priests consider it necessary to administer Extreme Unction to those whose final hour had arrived. Our Lady wept, telling Mother Mariana that many people in this time would die without this most wonderful and efficacious sacrament of Extreme Unction, which when received with true contrition, takes away all temporal punishment due to our sins in this life, and leaves us with the assurance of having saved our soul for all eternity.

    Thus, it follows that the number of saints would be very little, while the number of souls that will be lost in these times will steadily increase. Think of how many people die each day, and the members of their families do not even think to call a priest, and if they belong to the novus ordo mess, calling a priest (who is doubtfully ordained), would do little, as the changes made to this most vital sacrament are such as to bring no remission of temporal punishment due to our sins, but is a "feel good" action that slaps God in the face, and reduces to a joke the infinite merits Jesus Christ gained for us through His Passion and Death. A person is about to die, and to be judged, and the family, having forgotten the True Faith and believing the serpent's lie that all go to Heaven and there is no such thing as sin, will lie lovingly to the dying relative, telling them that they are going to get well, there's nothing to worry about. Oh, my dear brethren, there is much to worry about, much to be concerned about.

    What should we do? What can we do in the face of this unprecedented crisis? Above all, do not despair, nor give up. On the contrary, we, who by the mercy of God have found the One True Faith and cling to it and love it as the pearl of great price, must become apostles, just as Our Lord commissioned the first apostles to begin His One True Church. We must pray incessantly for priests that are validly ordained, that adhere to the One True Faith without deviating one iota from the divinely-revealed dogmas and doctrines handed down from Christ through the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. We must pray for vocations to the true priesthood, and the true religious life. We must make sacrifices, mortify ourselves, and resolve to work in the vineyard of Our Lord for the restoration of the one True Faith, even if it means giving up everything we have in our temporal goods, even if it means standing up and speaking out against the heresies of the conciliar church that dares call itself "catholic.' We must make sacrifices to see to it that vocations to the priesthood, to the True priesthood, have sufficient money to pay the tuition of their education; for religious life, that the person being called to this life has the proper dowry, and that we place at the disposal of Almighty God, all of our alms, helping in every way that we can and should, to assist those who have been given a specific mission in the restoration of the one true Faith.

    In this way, we are doing our part also in restoring the True Faith, and for this God has promised us a special place in Heaven, provided we do all that we can and never think about the cost. We can help relight the Sanctuary Lamps that have gone out in the novus ordo churches. I assure you they are burning bright in Traditional chapels, though they be few and far between, they shine to those who enter those hallowed, holy places.

    Prayer, and adhering to the True Roman Catholic Faith is absolutely essential in relighting the lamps. Making sacrifices, doing penance, willingly suffering for the restoration of the True Faith, and giving alms to all who are working for the restoration of the True Faith is absolutely necessary if we are going to save our souls, and aid in saving countless souls that are being led to perdition by the conciliar church which is a fraud invented by satan and foisted upon the faithful through blind obedience.

    As Michael and I continue to do all we have been asked to do to assist in the restoration of Holy Mother Church, and going beyond that to doing all that we should, we are going to launch, as Advent beings, a "Pledge Drive". This has become absolutely necessary, for the work that lays ahead for all of us is mighty, and it cannot be done without the support of the faithful. My dear brethren, are we going to allow satan and his pagan church which mocks the True Roman Catholic Church to go on, leading souls into hell? We see where protestant evangelists are raising unbelievable sums for TV time to spread the "word of Christ." Are we going to be silent while protestant ministers and televangelists draw in millions of souls, and are well-supported financially by their viewers, so that their half-truths can be seen and heard via TV and radio at phenomenal rates? While on the surface what they are doing might sound commendable, realize that what they are giving is only a band-aid for they say all one needs to do is to be born again by saying, "Jesus, I believe." Whereas we know there is only one way to be saved and that is Baptism and the ensuing sacraments that afford Sanctifying Grace. Though they may not realize it, they are leading many souls to perdition, for they do not possess the absolutes that God gave to His One True Church. That is why the one sector which should be shouting it from the rooftops and are not because no one has the funds, are Traditional Catholics. They alone have the truth of Christ's words as passed down from the Church He established - the Only True Church. While we don't have the infrastructure to compete on television with these televangelists - though prayerfully someday there will be such a valuable ministry to do so - we continue to work with what we have been given and that, for us, is The Daily Catholic and SANCTUS.

    It is time for all of us who are committed to the One True Faith to make a vow, a pledge, that we will spend ourselves, allow God to pour us out as libations, that the hour of the miraculous intervention of Our Blessed Mother, which she announced to Mother Marianna centuries ago, and in the last century at Fatima where Our Lady confirmed why so many go to hell, may be advanced, to shorten this most awful time of darkness and loss of souls. To save but one soul is to save your own soul. Will you pray on this? Will you think of the most wondrous gift and grace God has given you by giving you the True Faith, and then think of the billions of souls that lack the True Faith because satan has established his 'conciliar' church to mock Christ's True Church. What can you do? Pray, and when we start our "Pledge Drive" in Advent, do not hesitate to sign up. Whether you can pledge little or much, each pledge is a potential soul saved, a means for The Daily Catholic and SANCTUS to reach out further into the world and reach more souls through the unadulterated truth of Christ and His Church, preserving the True Faith uncompromisingly in whatever way we can, with your financial help.

    If we all work together, we can save the sacramentals that are being sold or tossed out, and if we truly give our all, we can even purchase the churches that were built prior to Vatican II, and hold them in trust until the True Faith is restored. Dare we allow these false bishops to tear down, or sell off these once blessed churches, so they can pay out hush money, or lawsuit money for the sins of the priests who have deserted the sure way, and have harmed many souls, leading many to perdition.

    Let us save all things that are truly Roman Catholic, in preparation for the restoration of the True Faith, to beg God to allow His Mother's miraculous intervention to come very soon, and that our Love is so great, we will give Him everything, for we owe all to Him Who has given us His Only Begotten Son, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings. Let us work to establish the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, and if we do this together, we will see from Heaven a world in which the future generations will live in a glorious age when the One True Faith is shining from one end of the earth to the other. For that...for countless souls, I'd give my last drop of blood if Jesus gives me the opportunity. Or I will continue to suffer in hidden silence, for it is known to God what is in our hearts. Let us prepare our hearts now, and pledge to do ALL we can and should to help advance the hour of Our Blessed Mother's miraculous intervention, lest one more soul be claimed by satan! In the meantime let us work with all our hearts in concert with all Holy Mother Church asks to have the tainted churches reconsecrated so the Sanctuary Lamps can be relit to welcome Christ, truly Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, back into His House where He belongs.

    I wish you all a blessed and fruitful Thanksgiving and a grace-filled Advent. God bless and keep all of you securely in the One True Faith.

Your very little sister in Christ,


    TuesdayNovember 22, 2005
    volume 16, no. 296