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November 1, 2005
vol 16, no. 275

The 5% Solution!

    The conciliar church is trying to inflict the Alzheimer syndrome on the faithful so they only have short term memory and won't remember the good times, the right times, the times of truth and tradition. It seems like eons ago but it was there in its golden age, healthy and thriving a mere 55 years ago today.

    Today marks the 55th Anniversary of the very last time a Sovereign Roman Pontiff has spoken ex cathedra - the very last time a Successor of Peter ever spoke infallibly. I am, of course, referring to His Holiness Pope Pius XII's Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus in proclaiming the Dogma of the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven.

The Good Old Days

    And speaking of glorious, on that November 1, 1950 the Church in America was in its golden era. Catholic schools were flourishing in every city, supported by generous and faithful Catholics who filled the pews every Sunday. On weekdays businessmen and grandmothers made a point of beginning their day at Holy Mass where the entire student body was usually in attendance during the school year with the good holy sisters maintaining the children's reverence at all times. Oh, once in a while there was a snicker or two, but most of the time one look from Sister was enough to hear a pin drop for the rest of the Mass. Oh, and did I mention there were usually more than one Mass a day? Why? Because there were at least two or more priests in every parish and each priest was not only obliged to say Holy Mass every day, but also to say the entire Daily Office in Latin. Many a devoted sacerdote stayed up late to finish his prayers; many an impressed altar boy saw in their priests the ideal Christ demands and would be groomed for the seminary with the full support of his parents and parish. Weekends were a flurry of activity for body and soul. "Bingo!" rang out loud and often in the parish halls on Friday nights, bringing parishioners together to work and play and pay, as every parishioner mother, father, boys and girls, grandma and grandpa pitched in to participate giving of their time, talent and treasure to keep the parish thriving. Every parish was the lifeblood of culture in the 50's. No CCD lay teachers, no liberal groups or any kind of dissent. It simply wasn't permitted or even conceived because, well, these people were Catholic and followed the disciplines and doctrines of the Faith to a tee.

    Oh, there were times they didn't. Human nature can do that. But consciences were such that they knew right from wrong and they were sincerely sorry for veering from the path towards holiness. This was evident on Saturdays when the confessional lines were long as the dedicated pastor and his assistant pastors spent hours in those claustrophobic cubicles listening to every offense against God and absolving sins. That was also before the devil unleashed the wave of psychologists on the masses. Had a problem, you made an appointment with a priest. We didn't need no stinkin' head-shrinkers because the priests back then were well equipped through solid, orthodox moral theology to counsel each sinner in body, mind and soul. If one was not in the state of Sanctifying Grace one never approached the Communion rail. If one had taken even a sip of water after midnight, one knew they had broken their fast and would have to abstain from receiving the Body of Christ even if they were in the state of Sanctifying Grace.

    Yes, things were quite strict back then, but I know growing up, save for a few rebellious teens, one never heard even a peep of dissent. The pastor said it, that was good enough for us because we could be sure that our pastor was guided by our bishop who was surely guided by Pope Pius XII. The hierarchy was at its perfection. Parishes were overflowing; so much so that bishops were buying up property in the suburbs to establish new parishes. You see back then parishioners trusted their pastors, trusted their bishops to spend wisely and so they gave from their hearts for they were assured the money would pour back into their parish coffers to help support the holy nuns who parents entrusted with their little ones' lives without a worry in the world, hoping Sister would get tough on Junior if he goofed off or sloughed on his homework.

    Ah, and there's another point that has been lost on so many. 55 years ago the parents complimented the work of the order of nuns at each parish because the Sisters reinforced what the students' parents were trying to instill. Father fortified the faithful's faith every Sunday in his sermons, the way he conducted himself with parishioners and in his edification at prayer. The Priest was truly the hub of the parish and all spokes - from the Holy Name Society to the Christian Mothers to Sodalities and Guilds all meshed perfectly with the daily purpose of being a Catholic, of living our Faith to the fullest.

    The term "Traditional Catholic" was a redundancy. Wherever you lived you belonged to your parish and it was your family. While lay parents and grandparents filled key positions in the parish such as auditor or maintenance or helping out wherever they could, what Father said, went. His was the final word. There was no such animal as a "parish council." It wasn't necessary. Father was in charge and that was it. One wouldn't dare question or contradict a man of God. Parishes took on the personality of their pastors and that was not necessarily a bad thing. While there were always politics and cliques within every parish, everyone worked together, prayed together, and played together. Hmm, you might say "unity of community" without even mentioning it. It was the Catholic culture and we were proud to be Catholic, proud of our pastor, our parish, our neighborhood, our parents. Yes, we were taught respect. Remember? From kindergarten through High School every student stood at attention whenever a priest entered the room. Every Catholic bowed their head visibly in reverence at the name of Jesus and a slightly less bob of the head at the name of His holy Mother Mary.

    Priests were known as "Father" - never by their first names. They weren't just one of the guys, but thee guy - our captain who was steering our ship in the great armada of the Church Militant all in part of the fleet behind the flagship Barque of Peter. Every Catholic genuflected and crossed himself with holy water whenever he or she entered the house of God. Back then it was always open and many visited often no matter the time of day. Not only that, but whenever passing by any Catholic Church anywhere one always made the Sign of the Cross out of respect for the Most Blessed Sacrament which one knew without a shadow of doubt that Christ was there residing Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Tabernacle upon the high altar. If we couldn't stop in and say 'hi' then the least we could do was acknowledge His Presence in passing.

    Back to the support system every parish provided. Everyone knew right from wrong because everyone was on the same page. There was the Catholic Legion of Decency which assured our souls would be safe by seeing certain films for entertainment

    Each parish had intramural sports for all the kids and for the more talented extramural leagues where the competition was hot and heavy but always in the best sportsmanship. I can remember the anticipation of my Assumption Saints going up against the St. Peter's Crusaders or Ascension Warriors. Parish-wide rivalry always heated up around Corpus Christi Sunday when every parish gathered for the annual Procession of the Blessed Sacrament outside the Cathedral, lining up for blocks long, and each parish tried to outdo the other by shear numbers of participants and banners. That, of course, is when banners were used exclusively for processions and not a replacement for statues in the sanctuary.

    All these attributes that contributed to conversions, thriving vocations, families and moral virtues seem like a thing of the past. So is Cain just waxing nostalgic? Not on your life for those who cherish the traditions realize those values are still there if we look for them and nourish them in our traditional parishes. Our parish we attend is a mirror image of parish life in 1950 as I described above. Thomas Wolfe was wrong. You can go home again. But you have to do your part in making it work and that takes Faith. Not only in having it, but knowing it and being able to impart it to others through your words and actions. What was that Christ said? Oh, yes, "And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved."

The Rebellious Reds, Rads and Reformers

    Yes, in 1950 parishes were thriving and we didn't comprehend Matthew 24 in the same way then as we realize today because its fulfillment has begun. Back then, times were, so to speak, happy and gay. Woe, you say, they were gay? Back then the word "gay" was usually bandied about to describe merriment, colorful and lively. That was my reference when the word meant something positive. But that was then, and even then, as my Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary (which is the 1954 revised edition which, now tattered and coverless, I have used ever since 1955) stated that gay also meant one "given to social pleasures or indulgence; hence, loose; licentious, as a gay life. There was no reference in my dictionary to homosexuality, only licentiousness. Of course, there also in my dictionary was Gay-Pay-Oo which referred to the Soviet secret service organization which succeeded the Cheka in 1922. Remember the Bolshevik Rebellion was in 1917 so five years later the Gay-Pay-Oo took over and, at least on the poor Russian people the "gay" life took on a different meaning as the blood-red hammer and sickle covered the land and the iron curtain came down on hopes everywhere. Remember also in 1917 a series of certain events in Portugal - Fatima by name - in which the Mother of God specifically warned that were Russia not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, then her errors would spread throughout the world.

    Ah, there's the rub in the 55-40 quotient. We've covered how things were 55 years ago. Communism hadn't even become a serious threat in the U.S. yet. Senator Joe McCarthy knew, but few others. In fact it was the Red sympathizers who lambasted McCarthy and made him the scapegoat so that if communism wasn't a threat to the masses, then communism could make great strides for we all know satan's greatest achievement was convincing the world he didn't exist. On the Red menace we have to ask what errors have spread. Abortion began in Russia. The expansion of pornography and pedophilia have been a stain originating with the Soviets. Now the avian bird flu is supposedly coming out of Russia. We can thank Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin and Nikita Kruschev for the so many ills, but we can also thank John XXIII who made sure the fifth columnists could have freer access to souls by authorizing the abominable Pact of Metz outside of Paris in 1962 just prior to the convening of Roncalli's pet project - the Second Vatican Council. It was, in truth, an accelerator for spreading Russia's errors. Not only that, but all the safeguards which previous reliable Pontiffs had set in place from Pope Leo XIII on in exposing the dangers of body, mind and soul of athiestic Communism were thrown out the window. In addition, millions were martyred by this betrayal. Names given, communist agents given episcopal positions. These betrayals were merely more of the causes and effects, the bitter fruits of Vatican II.

    And that brings up the 40, for in that span of time since that ignominious council wrapped up their apostasy on December 8, 1965 over a billion Catholics have been wandering and wondering in a spiritual desert. Forty years ago several V2 documents were released. We've already seen the modern Romans falling all over themselves in placating Jews, Hindu and Buddhist, not to mention Muslim and Protestant with the ridiculous Nostrae aetate. Clearly the language, tone and content had veered greatly from what preceded the rain of the conciliar popes on souls. The Sovereign Reign itself had deviated from the Faith for John XXIII took the sacred Pontifical Oath and then proceeded to break his vow to God in record time. It was even worse under Paul VI and his three successors forsook even the impression they were Catholic by outwardly refusing to take the Solemn Papal Oath, refusing coronation as they deviated further and further away from Catholicism, embracing a pan-religion encompassing the world but leaving out one key Factor - the constituted evangelic traditions and the de fide know the sensus Catholicus.

    We've all heard the axiom, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. That's what happened in creating the 55-40 quotient. With Pius' death those who had been working behind Papa Pacelli's back (because they wouldn't dare do what they did in his presence or with his knowledge or ever his approval) laid in wait, ready to be sprung by the Lodge's man who had laid low while the insurgents worked behind the scenes to weaken the Church by stealing inside. That was the only way the one obstacle to satan's world domination could be overcome. Infiltrate. With Vatican II documentation proves this point. The deed had been done, the drifting begun and the destruction plotted. Diabolic disorientation and dementia took over. The nomadic Novus Ordo solidified this malady in what the Son of God described best in Matthew 15: 15 - "the abomination of desolation." It officially began on April 3, 1969 - the feast of Passover, promulgated by the chief priest who wore the ephod and as a cardinal was known as Montini. His partner in crime was Annibale Bugnini. Annibale is the Italian for Hannibal and, what he ravaged would not so much be equated to Hannibal of Carthage but more with the devastation of a Hannibal Lector engorging souls.

    While this time of year there has been and will continue to be a plethora of pathetic celebratory VaticanTwoArian self-congratulation on the 40-year anniversary of various Vatican II documents, and modern Rome's call to stay the course of disaster, those who remember Eternal Rome will recognize immediately the folly of such insanity and cast their line with the unsinkable Barque of Peter which has been taken over by the pan-religious pirates of protestantism who have pillaged the villages, and plundered tabernacles and altars everywhere in hoisting the jolly roger of reform, rebellion and rot. Vatican II buccaneers have never seen a document before 1962 they liked.

Staying in communion with the Communion of Saints

    And so it goes, for on this Double of the First Class Solemnity of All Saints we look back on the 55-40 quotient and take hope with the missing ingredient to this denominator. Why? Because we look to the small percentage that holds the key in maintaining the role of the Church Militant in the great balanced scale of the Communion of Saints. We invoke and celebrate the Church Triumphant while commemorating and interceding for the Church Suffering. Without our help the poor souls in Purgatory will languish interminably and, need we remind you, that includes not only those presently there but those who will pass through on their way to Heaven. Guess what? That includes those who will certainly die but not go straight to Heaven until they have made reparation for the sins committed in this life. That includes just about every Catholic in the state of Sanctifying Grace unless they die with no venial sin on their soul. We all have to go through the purification of our soul. You, me, everyone.

    Holy Mother Church has always provided the vehicle to help us help the Church Suffering with various indulgences, most specifically the Toties Quoties Indulgence which lasts from noon on November 1st until midnight November 2nd. Those specific 36 hours can be utilized in the most powerful way for a plenary indulgence can be gained exclusively for souls in Purgatory. All we - in doing our part as the Church Militant - need to do is visit a bonafide church (you know where you know without a shadow of a doubt that Christ is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament) and recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be six times for the intentions of Holy Mother Church for the souls of the dead. That's it. Then get up, genuflect, leave the church and reenter and say them again six times with the same intention. Each time one does so he or she gains a plenary indulgence for a soul in Purgatory. There is no reason we cannot be on our knees as often as possible during this special day and a half that begins at high noon today. Of course, for the plenary indulgence to be good one has to be in the state of Sanctifying Grace, have made a good confession within 8 days, received Holy Communion within the day before or up to a week following. Make your church a revolving door where you come and go and return often to say as many sets of sextet prayers.

    The souls will thank you more than you can imagine for a plenary indulgence remits ALL the temporal punishment due to our sins or the sins of a soul in Purgatory. Yes, you read right - your prayers during this special time of the year will spring a soul from Purgatory to Heaven. With that kind of encouragement, what are you waiting for. Hie thee over to the closest chapel and get to work. Now for those who cannot get to church today or for tomorrow's feast of the Holy Souls, the Church in her goodness has extended this same plenary indulgence from noon this coming Saturday until midnight Sunday night November 6th. This is only for those who cannot make it on the first and second of the month. So you see, Holy Mother Church is quite accommodating and there can be no excuse not to do your part.

    There are other indulgences that can be gained for those in Purgatory during the month of the holy souls. For instance - under the usual conditions described above - any Catholic, who visits a cemetery with the intention of true piety and devotion to pray for the dead, can gain a plenary indulgence on each day of the octave of All Souls Day. That means from November 2 through the 9th you will receive a plenary indulgence. Throughout the month there are special prayers for the dead such as the De Profundis Prayers that will be included on these pages each day. For those saying these prayers at least 15 times during the month, they can gain a plenary indulgence as well under the usual conditions outlined above. For each day one prays the De Profundis Prayers, one gains a 3 year indulgence for themself. It's important to realize the difference between a plenary indulgence that can be applied only to the souls in Purgatory and those that can be gained for ourself. Knowing this helps to understand Catholic teaching on indulgences.

Be the Spark!

    So if we do our part now, even against the tremendous odds we are up against with the vast majority of Catholics not realizing they have booked passage on the wrong ship, and if we stand fast to tradition in helping ballast the true Barque of Peter, then our achievements will forever be written in the Heavenly books. Rowing in unison with the Communion of Saints we can chart the course toward Heaven. It's called teamwork and it takes the Church Militant to pray for the Church Suffering to join the Church Triumphant so the latter can intercede for faithful souls on earth to intercede for the souls in Purgatory. It's one big circle of life leading to everlasting life. November is a good time to heave-ho for time is running out and we all have much to do before our own death stares us in the soul. So much has happened in the just 55 years, but it's really the last 40 that the damage has been done; so much so that we need to intensify our efforts to offset the enormous numbers that have fallen away from the True Faith as they are led down the primrose path to perdition by the conciliar ecclesiasts - the false prophets - who have proven to be ravenous wolves in sheeps' clothing just as the Good Shepherd says. Don't forget Matthew 7: 15-20 and the part about cast into the fire.

    The Second Vatican Valhalla needs to be ignited in a pyre of flames so the ashes can be discarded. That is why the conciliarists are so afraid of Traditional Catholics, why they won't "dialogue" with Traditionalists when they're only too happy to give away the farm to pagan and pantheist. They are afraid of the truth, afraid the tiny fraction of Traditional Catholics can spark the flames and can tip the scales greatly through what Our Lady has asked at Fatima - praying her holy Rosary, reparation for sins and doing penance. That is the Catholic way. That is the formula for conquering souls. Call us firelighters if you want, for we need to light a match under the vast majority of lukewarm Novus Ordinarians who are stowaways on the brigantine of ecumenism, humanism and modernism. They refuse to listen so lighting a fire by exposing the piracy of the true Church is the quickest way to get them off their duffs and off the false frigate. It's time to bail the flaming ship. (Take that anyway you want) We'll send the life boats in the person of dedicated, holy, traditional priests who are not afraid to mix it up with the modernists for they know Christ is with them as He promised in Matthew 28: 20.

    And so, on this glorious holy day of obligation, what better time to emphasize the obligatory part of saving souls as Christ commanded in Matthew 28: 19-20 and Mark 16: 15-16? We can't waste time talking about it. Dialogue is the devil's tool. If you recall Saint Michael the Archangel didn't talk, he acted. So too we must go into action, following his lead. The sea is bobbing with desperate souls. Don't be afraid to get wet. Dive in and help save them. If you do you will be reinforcing the salvific numeration that computes the 55-40 quotient. Add it up. In order to cover the 100%, it all depends on the willingness and perseverance of the Traditional Catholic Resistance. You might call it the 5% solution!

Michael Cain, editor

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    November 1, 2005
    vol 16, no. 275
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