GABRIEL'S CLARION (nov12gab.htm)
November 12, 2005
vol 16, no. 286

The Tip of the Viceberg Part Three

The Back of the Bus Is Now Reserved For Fetuses

    Over the course of the last 50 years a brief encounter occurred that, while rightly establishing moral order for the rights of all races, also became the anthem of groups not intent on moral order. Because notorious liberal drivers have been steering a runaway social bus out of control, the only ones relegated to the back of the bus today are God's innocent souls yet unborn. They have been shuffled there to be either forgotten or flung impersonally from the bus as road kill. This is all because the liberals have embraced the immoral route of selfishness, greed, lust and apathy. These radicals have denied safe-seating to the most important passengers for the future: unborn human beings to continue the population of Heaven. Someday society will realize, albeit possibly too late, the meaning of Our Lord's words, "The last shall be first, and the first shall be last."

      "If radical liberals are the bus drivers of our wayward social bus, then they are surely driving without a moral license. If we are sitting with this generation's Rosa Parks, the unborn, unwanted fetus, then surely God is seated with us, for this society has now begun to ask Him to sit at the back of the bus as well!"

    Much has been written about Rosa Parks and the events half a century ago on that bus, and many politicians and so-called civil rights leaders have waxed poetic about the events of how that day changed their lives forever and altered the course of their lives. Pretty soon we will hear Bill and Hillary Clinton tell us how they met while sitting in the back of such a bus to commemorate Rosa's action of public disobedience against what she believed to be an immoral law. Perhaps Jesse Jackson will soon show us a shirt stained with the tobacco juice from the bus driver which he will claim landed on him as he cradled Rosa from the angry passengers. Maybe Al Sharpton will inform us that Tawana Brawley was spat upon by a passenger intending to hit Rosa. Never mind that Brawley was not yet born at the time since facts and truth means little to the above quartet! While the cause of racial injustice is far from over, there are more than a handful of race baiters, poverty pushers, and liberal social justice hounds who never want that cash and power cow, er, cause to end.

    The sad reality is that at least the battle for racial justice has changed laws and minds amid media hype, political action, and social support. There is another cause by an even more silent group of victims that will never see media, political, or even most social suitors at its door. This group was dragged to the back of the social bus 32 years ago by the Roe v. Wade missive from hell and has been kept there ever since!

Staged Spontaneity

    There has been much written about just how spontaneous the whole Rosa Parks bus incident was. Some have argued that it was completely staged by the NAACP like some drama. Others argue that it came from the blue but reflected a prevailing mood and environment. Based upon what I have read, it is my opinion that it was staged in the sense that the exact same kind of thing had happened many times before without becoming a historical incident. There are reports that a few months before the Rosa Parks incident the same thing had happened to a young, single mother but that civil rights leaders did not feel that said woman was a good sympathy figure given her status. Other reports mention many cases where African-Americans refused to move and were beaten or thrown off the bus, so Rosa Parks was very brave yet certainly not a pioneer by her actions. This was not even the first time Rosa had refused to move. Apparently she had been thrown off a bus before. Many observers have noted that this famed incident was used as the spark because of the convergence of the right time, the right place, and the right person.

    That is why I use the analogy of Rosa Parks and the Unborn. In case the idea of legal, social, and political types staging a situation to trigger a social and legal plan sounds familiar, it might be because the whole Roe v. Wade affair was likewise set up as a catalyst for making abortion legal. Every radical liberal group from abortionists to feminists to sodomites has been quick to grab the Rosa Parks incident as its banner, claiming that they too, refuse to move to the back of the proverbial social bus. However, the greatest irony of all is that these liberals are more like the bus driver than Rosa in this liberal production of The Perdition Adventure.

What Was The Real Agenda?

    While many consider,in a way, Rosa Parks to be the Jackie Robinson of the civil rights movement - and this only gains in exaggeration with her recent death as the liberals fall all over themselves to praise this woman - there are a number of observers who feel that Parks had some ties to the Communist Party or at least was used as a pawn by dark forces such as these to further evils far beyond what she could have imagined. While this has not been sufficiently documented and remains strictly in the category of speculation, there is plausibility with accounts that have come to the surface over the last 40 years that verify how much of the civil rights movement was orchestrated by the fifth columnists and leftists fomenting civil rebellion. The purpose for this was to focus the nation's attention on other matters while the enemy ensconced themselves deeper into the fabric of America's political, legislative, media, societal and religious foundations. It was a time of rebellion. In other words, the dumbing-down had already begun and the Communists were at the forefront of infiltration, focusing on the youth of our country - both white and black. Senator Joe McCarthy was badly maligned by the press because he saw the severe and stealth symptoms of what the Communists were planning. Bella Dodd testified that thousands of Communists had wormed their way into Catholic seminaries. So the idea of Parks being a Communist infiltrator isn't as far-fetched as some might want to think.

    This article, however, is not about whether Parks was a plant, but the results of her actions several decades later. While definitely no saint, still it is possible Parks, just like Norma McCorvey as Jane Roe, was used, probably unwittingly, to further a much more insidious agenda unbeknownst to both Parks and McCorvey. We've seen that today with McCorvey's documented statements, pro-life conversion, and committed efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade. Often times those enticed to stand-up for something, which they do not know the full truth about, think they are honestly advancing a cause when in truth they are being set up themselves for the fall. Our Lord warns of this in Luke 16: 9 in describing why one should make friends of mammon now. Perhaps the world will never know the mindset of Rosa Parks, but her refusal to move stirred a nation, just as the lone Chinese peasant standing in front of the tank in Beijing Square caught the attention of the world - but only for a fleeting time - because the fruits have been bitter. This is evident from the massive number of unborn children slaughtered in the womb, the demoralization and immorality many in the black culture have adapted because of societal conditions, and a communist China that forces abortion on couples. Then and today so many cry "Freedom," but what they have really gained is incarceration by sin in satan's shackles for they have taken the wide path strewn with roses that leads to hell instead of the sure, narrow way that leads to eternal life. I bring this up because there is a link between what she did that day and standing up against abortion. So whether a tank or a bus, the wheels were set in motion to trample people's God-given rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Role Reversal

    If the bus represents society and the driver is represented by those who propose to steer society in a given direction, then anybody with eyes, ears, and a brain can see that these radical liberal groups are the ones at the wheel. Through media, political, and social manipulation, these people are guiding this society toward at least a dead end and most likely an eternal precipice. If our liberal friends are not Rosa, then, who is? Clearly, the Rosa Parks of this generation is the unborn fetus, which is being continually pushed, dragged, ripped, and exiled to the back of the social bus! This is done so on seven levels:

  • Media Bias……people were forced to the back of the bus so that they could be ignored, which is what the media does to the plight of the unborn, unwanted fetus
  • Power Trip……people were forced to the back of the bus as a show that they had no influence or power in society, which is the plight of that unwanted fetus
  • Imposed Silence…the back of the bus represented silent suffering, which is what the unborn fetus feels since liberals pretend that they do not even feel pain.
  • Twisted Priorities….the back of the bus represented a society more concerned with absurd racial prejudices than recognizing basic human dignity and rights, just as this society is more concerned with absurd claims of privacy and "choice" over the basic right of the fetus to be born and live.
  • Window Exit, Please…people were thrown off buses and physically harmed because others felt that they had no right to be on that bus, that it was inconvenient for society if they stayed. Are not unwanted fetuses treated exactly the same?
  • Euphemisms Fly….merchants of evil tried to rationalize and clean up what they were doing with all kinds of justifications, excuses, and noble sounding words, but it was still wrong. Do not merchants of murder do the same with abortion?
  • Legislated Selfishness…human beings were mistreated because selfish arrogance had been legalized and enforced. The parallel to abortion is too easy to ignore!

The Final Umbilical Cord

    The final connection between the Rosa Parks incident is imbedded in the nature of what happened that day. Regardless of how spontaneous or unique the event was or who Rosa Parks was, the fact remains that that day there was a rejection of man-made immorality and embrace of God's Will and Divine Law. It is at this key point that our liberal friends take a permanent seat at the wheel and not with Rosa Parks. As much as they would like us to believe that they are Rosa refusing to move, their actions represent a rejection of God's Will and Divine Law and embrace of man-made immorality, which is exactly the opposite of what Parks did. Conversely, those fighting abortion are, like Rosa, rejecting man-made immorality and embracing God's Will and Divine Law. The unborn, unwanted fetus is infinitely more innocent than Rosa Parks or any of us could ever be, and thus deserving of even more protection and defense!


    The death of Rosa Parks has sparked a renewal of meditation about what she has come to represent over the past half century. The details of who she was and how this whole incident came to be are not as important as the fact that her actions represented a rejection of man's legislated immorality and a subsequent embrace of God's Divine Law. In fact, members of Martin Luther King's family have used her death to call upon an end to abortion, not to embrace the actions of those who would murder as self-proclaimed moral martyrs.

    If radical liberals are the bus drivers of our wayward social bus, then they are surely driving without a moral license. If we are sitting with this generation's Rosa Parks, the unborn, unwanted fetus, then surely God is seated with us, for this society has now begun to ask Him to sit at the back of the bus as well!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    November 12, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 286