igNOMinious gNOMe AWARDS (may6gno.htm)

May 6, 2005
vol 16, no. 126

Presenting the
IgNOMinious gNOMe
    Part Two

  The igNOMinious gNOMe Awards are our way of exposing the charlatans who have veered so far from the path Holy Mother Church has always traveled in conveying to the faithful flocks why shepherds are so vital in being guided to eternal salvation. That salvation today, contrary to what was taught for 2000 years, no longer requires the Catholic Faith or the fulness of the sacraments to be attained. At least that is the thinking of those who we acknowledge igNOMiniously today. the capital NOM stands, of course for the synthetic, man-made concoction issued by Paul VI that dared to usurp the divinely deigned Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of Tradition said in the Mother Tongue of the Church - Latin. Today that benchmark of stability and sense has given way to novelty and innovation, with ecumenism raising its ugly head while the Mass of Tradition is consigned to the medieval bin.

   We've had the Ugly with the UGLIES awards presented on the Feast of Saint Peter Canisius, Wednesday, April 27. A week from today on the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine and the 88th Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima and the historical Feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament we will present the Good with the few, but well-deserved Tower of Trent Trophies. That leaves us with the second half today in completing the "Bad" and that is the IgNOMinious gNOMe Awards, which acknowledges the bad Catholic ecclesiastics you've voted for and, in shaming them, we can only offer prayerful hope they'll wake up from their ecumania and repent. You'll note to the left of each award is a bishop depicted like the famous gnome who is going doddy-bonkers leaning to the left. You might call him the "Roamin' Roman GNOME" for he's gone whoopsie-daisy with the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

   We chose May 5th, for this year it was the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord and thus, Pope Saint Pius V missed out this year liturgically-wise. So as not to forget this great and holy Pope who codified Trent, we especially honored him with announcing the first half of the numerous and notorious on his feast. Appropriately this year that Christ's Ascension fell on the same day for since Christ and His Vicar St. Pius V are the Ones Whom the bishops today have been disobeying so blatantly was it not appropriate they begin to be exposed on this day?

  This year, because we feel they need to be recognized for their lukewarmness and shameful, spineless shepherding, we have expanded the list to include those who received at least 50 votes each.There are 26 in all plus a "Roamin' Gnome" Award to one organization. It's kind of our little dig at collegiality since they believe the more the merrier, we'll see how merry they are after they find themselves on this igNOMinious list. Therefore, without further adieu, we present the second half of your choices for the 2005 igNOMinious gNOMe Awards:

Two-time loser cardinal Roger MAHONY once again lapped all others garnering more votes than any others in any category of any voting to stand out as the absolute worst of all bishops, cardinals, any hierarch - and that is going some considering the notoriety of the rascals eligible. Because he was a runaway and we don't even have to go into why, we feel the others may feel left out so they deserve inclusion. Thus we list them below and, if they want to know why they're there, they could either look in a mirror or check the Council of Trent, Quo Primum, the Oath Against Modernism and a host of other documents as well as the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to realize they have been missing in action. Because of this laxity, we welcome them igNOMiniously to the igNOMinious Hall of Shame.

Archbishop Michael FITZGERALD even topped Walter Kasper this year. Blame it on the ecumaniacal agenda at Fatima in which this Vatican prelate joyfully applauded heresy and anathema and then joined in the denial even though the evidence was overwhelming that he was lying through his teeth. Try to fool us once, we'll be on our guard; try to fool us twice with the pagans clearly in the sanctuary and watch out. Maybe the cornerstone was laid, but it's still brick and mortar that will crumble for in the end, true to her word, Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph despite the ecumania championed by Fitzgerald. In your desire to destroy - animus delendi, we present you with the igNOMinious gNOMe. Shame on you. We hereby sentence you to the gNOMe Hall of Shame.

High on the list as usual is the "Friendly Ecumaniacal Ghost" cardinal Walter KASPER who continues to amaze us with Ambiguity 101. After Mahony, he received the most votes as head of the Pontifical Council for more novelties in deviating from the Charge of Christ in Mark 16: 15-16. His smiley face was everywhere on TV a few weeks ago and Protestants and Schismatic Orthodox are enamored with the man - evidently the only man the Russian Orthodox Alexii II will trust even though the late John Paul II gave away the farm to schmooze with in Moscow. Thus, for a second consecutive year we present Kasper the igNOMinious gNOMe and a second notch in the gNOMe Hall of Shame.

Gone but not forgotten - or, sadly, for many not forgiven is your friend and ours - cardinal Bernard LAW who was given a posh pit in Rome and head of St. Mary Majors there. Just another example how great John Paul II was. Reward those who cover up sin, enable it and cause great scandal. If JP2 had really been great he would have defrocked Law who had to resign in disgrace and would have committed him along with so many other offensive, scandal mongering prelates to live out their lives in penance and retribution in the monasteries. We quite expect many of the votes for Law came from Boston where churches there have been closed faster than the corner bars during Prohibition. There should be a prohibition that such men as Law not be allowed to continue as is. He should pay his just dues to man and God. Meanwhile, he can place his igNOMinious gNOMe on the balcony of his plush veranda and imagine what the Hall of Shame really means. After all, for Law it should be a law!

The Judas Iscariot of the traditional movement in Campos is bishop Fernando RIFAN who garnered quite a few votes for his betrayal of the Truths and Traditions, proving himself to be quite a liar when two years ago he assured when Campos caved to modern Rome that "nothing was changed and he would continue to say the Latin Mass exclusively." So much for promises for photos captured him "concelebrating" - impossible in Catholic worship - with his new Novus Ordinarian prelate peers. Though he denied it at first, when photos were provided he went into that typical Modernist Shuffle, the steps so well taught by the New Vatican. Just as had been predicted by many Traditional publications, the Campos Compromise is collapsing and Rifan gets the credit, or should we more rightly say "blame." Enjoy the company of mammon while you are still of use to them, Msgr. Rifan. You will soon learn the Modernists' promises are empty as will your heart be when you discover you've been had, along with so many souls you are responsible for. With regret we welcome you to the ranks of the igNOMinious with a gNOMe and usher you into the Hall of Shame.

Thanks to the skimble-skamble last summer when cardinal Theodore McCARRICK did the ol' American Politically Correct Shuffle at the USCCB Conference, even keeping his own peers in the dark and allowing Ratzinger to double-speak in trying to stay on the same page which God knows what that is with the Archbishop of Washington D.C., the voters nailed him as one of the most offensive and offending of prelates. Considering his See is responsible for Congress when they are in session, we're a bit surprized McCarrick didn't get the majority of the votes. But then there are so many offenses that the voters were way ahead of us in spreading around the guilt where it should be laid. Nevertheless, McCarrick is given an igNOMinious gNOMe which he can take with him to the neighborhood Georgetown Bars where he likes to evangelize and show it off. And don't forget to tell the students you're also in the gNOMe Hall of Shame.

From our friends in Great Britain and there are many, they voted often for Scotland's cardinal Keith O'BRIEN. So outraged have they been with what he recently said during Lent this year that he would not be opposed to active homosexuals teaching in Catholic schools. Why are we not surprised by such blatant pandering to the sodomite community whereas his predecessor Cardinal Winning was staunchly against sodomy and abortion and said so in no uncertain terms. Ah, yes, another of John Paul II's stunning choices to lead the poor flocks in Scotland. Where is William the Bruce when we need him for he would have raised his hind kilt to such scandal and heresy in condoning sin for expedience sake. Truly Keith O'Brien is no Braveheart. And for your cowardice in the line of duty, get thee to the Hall of Shame and take your igNOMinious gNOMe with you.

The fact that the voting coincided with the terrible trauma of Terri Schiavo's suffering prompted many to cast their despicable vote for bishop Robert LYNCH of St. Petersburg, Florida. What good shepherd tends to his flock by ignoring her plight, sides with the estranged, adulterous husband, and when push comes to shove is half-way around the world in Indonesia. Pardon us, but isn't he supposed to be the "shepherd of St. Petersburg" not the "diplomat to Indonesia and their plight"? He's got more than a few wires mixed up considering he also came under heavy fire when a few years ago he banned all eucharistic adoration in parishes. Ah, yes, isn't it great what wonderful Catholic bishops we have?! NOT! And because he has not been Catholic but a sniveling, spineless herder of 'yes' men in order to be politically correct, he has one more award he can stick on his mantle - the igNOMinious gNOMe and, the next time he's abroad doing busy work while ignoring his own at home, he can brag that he is a full-fledged member of the Hall of Shame.

If Law is guilty, archbishop Sean O'MALLEY is the one getting the heat and rightfully so as the votes indicated since it has been the same ol' in Bean Town. When parishioners try to talk to him - even corner him, he runs like a screaming teenager to his car to hide from his flock. Meanwhile he continues the wreckovation of churches in Boston and at the same time remains mum on the scandalous pro-abort actions of Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Business as usual, but then the Boston legacy can be laid at the feet or is that feat, of cardinal Cushing who was the first to utter those infamous words, "though personally I believe abortion is wrong, it is not for me to foist my beliefs on others." Then why are these guys clerics, let alone prelates? More of the insanity of Vatican II and bitter, bitter fruits - if one wants to call such desolation of souls and parishes "fruits." Thus, to O'Malley who inherited the mess left behind by Law and has done nothing to clean things up, inherit the igNOMinious gNOMe and live with acceptance into the Hall of Shame. Just don't cry!

The furious rush of votes for bishop Robert BROM of San Diego during the last week of voting pushed him near the top. The fury was over his first making it public that a known, blatant sodomite would not be afforded a funeral in any church in his see. That of course is the norm for persistent sinners who show no sign of repentance. But, he couldn't stay orthodox long. As soon as the homosexual lobbyists and community - and it is vicious in San Diego - started applying pressure, Brom caved faster than you can say "what is one of the sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance?" It was not so much his apology to the diseased offender's family, but his total retraction of his orthodox stance and pandering to the sodomites. What was gained by this? Nothing but scorn by any one who is truly Catholic and sadness that this man hasn't got a clue what Catholicism truly is. It has also gained him an igNOMinious gNOMe and entrance into the Hall of Shame. And in that we have something in common, if he wants to bring any of his homosexual friends into the Hall with him, they won't be banned - because that is where those who persist in sin and flaunt it in God's face belong if they will not repent.

What many surmised with so many votes for him is that cardinal Angelo SODANO is quite possibly the most powerful man in the new Vatican and one who influenced John Paul II greatly on the appointments of the sorry lot of bishops. Therefore Sodano received his fair share of votes. The fact he is still Secretary of State under Benedict XVI does not bode well for cleaning house. It is interesting in retrospect that the media made it out that Sodano and Ratzinger were at odds and in that respect perhaps there could be hope for Benedict, but not by approving your enemy in the same powerful post. Something is amiss and readers look to the rot as part of Sodano's doings, thus winning for him the notorious igNOMinious gNOMe and entrance into the Hall of Shame.

Some may be surprised to see one of the "conservative" bishops on this list, but they'll be even more surprised for two more follow. This one bishop John J. MYERS has become tainted after his time in Peoria. As the Archbishop of Newark he oversaw the takeover and pirating of St. Anthony's Traditional parish of which the respected Father Paul Wickens had built on blood, sweat and tears. It was on Myers' watch that he allowed the modernists to infiltrate and literally take that beautiful church and parish right out from under the faithful through a compromised and conniving board of directors who, in cahoots with the Indultarians, coerced Father on his death bed to hand over whatever they wanted while he was drugged up on morphine. Surely that cannot be legal in the face of what he said throughout his priesthood. But as we saw in the Terri Schiavo case, a person on his or her deathbed has no rights and that is what happened at St. Anthony's. Therefore Myers deserves the igNOMinious gNOMe and entrance into the Hall of Shame.

New York's cardinal Edward Egan received a backlash of votes for his heartless treatment of the parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Anne's which he mercilessly and cruelly went in and destroyed without a care in the world for their needs and especially destroying the Lord's House, turning it into a den of thieves with plans to sell it so New York can have another post office. Never mind souls, grab the cash so you can pay off sin money and cover for your own incompetence and petulance. Where do they get men like this and who ever would make him a cardinal? It boggles the mind, but speaking of boggling, remember the past 26 years? And they want to call the man who appointed Egan "great"?! Puh-lease! Egan, you can squeeze right into the Hall of Shame and there you can swing that wrecking ball to your heart's content for no one will hear it since it will echo as an empty cymbal among the symbols of simony and syncretism within that Hall.

For the complete list, see 2005 gNOMes

    2005 gNOMes
    May 6, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 126