igNOMinious gNOMe AWARDS (may5gno.htm)

May 5, 2005
vol 16, no. 125

Presenting the Second Annual
IgNOMinious gNOMe
    Part One

  The igNOMinious gNOMe Awards are our way of exposing the charlatans who have veered so far from the path Holy Mother Church has always traveled in conveying to the faithful flocks why shepherds are so vital in being guided to eternal salvation. That salvation today, contrary to what was taught for 2000 years, no longer requires the Catholic Faith or the fulness of the sacraments to be attained. At least that is the thinking of those who we acknowledge igNOMiniously today. the capital NOM stands, of course for the synthetic, man-made concoction issued by Paul VI that dared to usurp the divinely deigned Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of Tradition said in the Mother Tongue of the Church - Latin. Today that benchmark of stability and sense has given way to novelty and innovation, with ecumenism raising its ugly head while the Mass of Tradition is consigned to the medieval bin.

   We've had the Ugly with the UGLIES awards presented on the Feast of Saint Peter Canisius, Wednesday, April 27. Next Friday on the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine and the 88th Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima and the historical Feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament we will present the Good with the few, but well-deserved Tower of Trent Trophies. That leaves us today with the "Bad" and that is the IgNOMinious gNOMe Awards, which acknowledges the bad Catholic ecclesiastics you've voted for and, in shaming them, we can only offer prayerful hope they'll wake up from their ecumania and repent. You'll note to the left of each award is a bishop depicted like the famous gnome who is going doddy-bonkers leaning to the left. You might call him the "Roamin' Roman GNOME" for he's gone whoopsie-daisy with the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

   We have chosen this day May 5th, for this year it is the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord and thus, Pope Saint Pius V misses out this year liturgically-wise. So as not to forget this great and holy Pope who codified Trent, we especially honor him with announcing the numerous and notorious on his feast. Appropriately this year that Christ's Ascension falls on the same day for since Christ and His Vicar St. Pius V are the Ones Whom the bishops today have been disobeying so blatantly is it not appropriate they be exposed on this day?

  This year, because we feel they need to be recognized for their lukewarmness and shameful, spineless shepherding, we have expanded the list to include those who received at least 50 votes each.There are 27 in all plus a "Roamin' Gnome" Award to one organization. It's kind of our little dig at collegiality since they believe the more the merrier, we'll see how merry they are after they find themselves on this igNOMinious list. Therefore, without further adieu, we present the first half of your choices for the igNOMinious gNOMe Awards:

The bishop of New Ulm, a notorious liberal hotbed, got a plethora of votes after Michael Matt revealed that John NIENSTEDT refused to allow a Requiem Latin Mass be said for 88-year-old Traditional Catholic Allen Cain. Readers were outraged that this modernist, who claims to have been weaned on the Latin Mass, is lying through his teeth when he says Paul VI banned the True Mass because, one he had no power to change a divinely ordained rite, and two, it has been confirmed the Latin Mass was never outlawed - though people like Nienstedt would like it to be and therefore to him and practically every other bishop - it is. Don't fall back on the equally atrocious Ecclesia Dei because that doesn't hold water either. Face it, Nienstedt is caught in his own lie that whatever masses he has approved are not Catholic nor is the church he is a member of - that would be the church of Vatican II. If he were truly weaned on the Truths and Traditions, then what happened? Time to go back to Trent 101 but for now get thee to the Hall of Shame and do not pass go, and take your igNOMinious gNOMe with you. Do you really want to die and not have a true priest say a Requiem Mass for you? That would be tragic and what is more tragic is that you could not grant a loyal Catholic his last wish. Shame on you, John Nienstedt.

San Francisco's archbishop William LEVADA rightly made the list for his absolute silence in the onslaught of the Faith in his see beginning with the ever-advancing sodomite agenda in Sodom by the Bay. Most notably his failure to censor pro-abort politicians, and especially pro-sodomite politicians who dare call themselves 'Catholic.' The fact he remained so silent while Frisco mayor Gavin Newsom (deserved recipient of the UGLIES this year) run roughshod over the Commandments and Virtue by publicly promoting and condoning the 6th Commandment, manifesting himself as a persistent public heretic. He should have been reprimanded from the get-go and at least silenced, but Levada, in order to get along with mammon, remained absolutely hushed thereby giving his consent to the very same anathemas through his silence. Thus he is most deserving of this dishonor of receiving the igNOMinious gNOMe this year and escorted into the Hall of Shame.

The bishop of Albany came under a lot of scrutiny this year what with a murder in his diocese and he being highly suspect of having complicity in the death of a priest who knew too much. The mammon-mongers may think they're getting away with murder, but our readers responded by saying throw the book at Howard HUBBARD and the rot that exists in his see. There were a few editorial comments submitted such as "lock him up and throw away the key," and "Hubbard's cupboard is bare and that isn't the only thing being bared!"Whatever espionage and intrigue resides within the walls of the Albany Diocese, Hubbard has to know nothing will be hidden from God. Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful, armed with evidence and suspicion, traveled to confront him and he ran and hid. Typical of these spineless, yellow-livered prelates of the New Order. For your management and mismanagement of the Mauve Mafia, we present the igNOMinious gNOMe and an entrance pass into the Hall of Shame. No cement shoes or horse heads allowed!

This past year has shoved Minneapolis-St. Paul archbishop Harry FLYNN into the spotlight and he has plenty of glitz and swagger to accompany him with so much sodomite support that (with apologies to Mahony who really has all categories locked up) Flynn walks away with the "Queer Eye for Deviating from the Faith" category. So much so, that he was one of the few to not only open the doors wide to the Rainbow Sash movement which is a blatant homosexual group that insist on receiving sacraments but have no intention of altering their unnatural lifestyle. Not only did he accommodate them, but ran interference against those who sought to reinstate orthodoxy and order. He also has provided a haven for the sinners of sodomy to practice their own religion at St. Joan of Arc in South Minneapolis while at the same time being so stingy with any kind of Latin Mass that Minneapolis, one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the nation, has NO Latin Mass. Yes, for your sell-out of the Faith and the faithful, you richly deserve the igNOMinious gNOMe and you can ask your friends at St. Joan's what apparel goes best with it when you stand in the Hall of Shame.

One of the neo-Catholics' darlings made the list and deservedly so: archbishop Raymond BURKE. While conservatives are praising to the hilt the Archbishop of St. Louis for what he is doing, that praise is surely not coming from parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kosta in the Gateway City. That is because, despite a century-long agreement that the parish is not owned by the diocese, Burke not only tried to strong-arm them into handing over the parish and assets worth almost nine million dollars, but used threats to try to coerce them, withdrawing a priest and the sacraments and threatening excommunication. The parish voted and resoundingly said no to this New Order prelate with a 299-5 vote to not cave to Burke's unlawful demands. So far as we know no one has been excommunicated yet because, as the Novus Ordinarians are always want to do, they talk a good game but when push comes to shove they never act accordingly. Thus, Ray Burke has earned the igNOMinious gNOMe Award for 2005 and admittance into the Hall of Shame. Hopefully while there he will realize the company he keeps when professing to stand by the new religion of Vatican II and will bolt the New Order by returning to Tradition.

Voters are still asking how could Wilton GREGORY be promoted to archbishop of Atlanta when he had not only failed the flock in Belleville so, but also was the head man of the USCCB during its lowest point in history and did nothing to change that. Of course, one only needs to look at Bernard Law and the man who approved those promotions - the late John Paul II - to realize the twisted logic of the VaticanTwoArians. Nevertheless as the point man he deservedly came under criticism for his back-pedaling and double-speak. Therefore, it is no surprise that he landed on the list this year with several votes 51 to be exact and therefore can retire to Terra and sip his mint juleps on the veranda while he looks at his igNOMinious gNOMe and says, "Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a ---" well you know. Welcome to the Hall of Shame. You have company because Ted Turner has an UGLIES from last year so you can make bookends.

Across the pond many wrote to register their vote for England's red-hat cardinal Cormac MURPHY-O'CONNOR. The biggest reason for his votes has been his relentless ecumaniacal bent, especially schmoozing with Rowan Williams, the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury who also received votes. The bottom line is that Cormac has tried to be the big MAC to all, serving all kinds of mumbo-jumbo to everyone and forgetting Christ's charge to convert not compromise or dialogue to death. But this thoroughly Vatican Twoized prelate is committed to giving away the store as those such as Saint Thomas More, St. John Fisher and Edward Campion must be shuddering on the clouds watching the wreckovation that has taken place in jolly old England where the traditional movement is making great strides because of the likes of Murphy-O'Connor. Thus, have a cup of tea and a scone, and enjoy your igNOMinious gNOMe and go right on congratulating the Prince for his adultery and illicit marriage while you stalk the floors of the Hall of Shame.

Tucson readers were quick to cast their votes for the man who plunged the diocese into bankruptcy and corruption, the disgraced bishop Manuel MORENO. Thanks to Moreno Tucson was the first diocese to declare bankruptcy, thus beginning the domino effect that only threatens to get worse. Arizona has been plundered by corruption from hit-and-run Thomas O'Brien in Phoenix to Moreno's philandering. Another reason Phoenix is growing in numbers for the traditional movement because Catholics have had enough and not only want their faith and sacraments back, but want some honesty. That is something rarely found in the conciLIAR church as we have seen so clearly and so regularly. One good thing: If they keep lying more will get caught in the web and realize there is only one way to extract the deceivers, cut and run to your nearest traditional chapel. In your retirement, enjoy your igNOMinious gNOMe and welcome to the Hall of Shame, but no cactus plants allowed.

Toronto's cardinal Aloysius AMBROZIC caught the ire of readers for his suspension of one of Mel Gibson's personally-chosen chaplains Father Stephen Somerville. All Fr. Stephen was doing was assisting the SSPX in bringing the Faith and Sacraments to a hungry faithful. Even though modern Rome has confirmed that SSPX Masses are totally legit (as if one needed their affirmation), ol' Ambrozic showed his true colors by singling Fr. Stephen out and trying to take away his faculties. Here there is such a priest shortage with so many starving for the sacraments and this pompous prelate chooses to punish rather than feed the sheep? That's exactly what he did just as so many other New Order clerics do in stubbornly resisting the one branch that is connected to the True Church, and embracing the scattered branches that have broken off from Eternal Rome. For his strongheadedness and stupidity, Ambrozic can add an igNOMinious gNOMe to his Maple Leaf collection and a ticket for the Hall of Shame. How's that sound, hey?

Not surprising that the one Novus Ordo prelate that many thought would be open to Tradition would be Denver's archbishop Charles CHAPUT. Guess again. This became evident last summer when he refused permission for the 50-mile Chartres-like pilgrimage to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the Shrine of St. Mother Cabrini. What would it hurt? Think of how many it would help. But Chaput showed his true colors by pulling the old "SSPX-is-in-schism" tired refrain while we all know who really is in schism. Our Lord said it best, "By their fruits you shall know them" and the voters know a phony when they see one, exposing Chaput for his anti-traditional stance. Sadly, he is not a friend to tradition as many had hoped. Because of this he earns this year's igNOMinious gNOMe Award and entrance into the Hall of Shame. Hopefully he will long for the higher altitude of orthodoxy and right and bolt from the New Order. We can only pray because he, above all the rest, showed so much potential and has so greatly dropped the ball.

Yes, as we said earlier, the archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams got enough votes to garner an igNOMinious gNOMe this year. But wait a minute, you're saying, he's not even Catholic. You're right, but neither are any of the other recipients either. Oh, they call themselves Catholic, but in many sees there are High Anglican churches that are more Catholic in culture than the local Novus Ordo. Regardless, if the words don't fit, you must quit and that is the formula for knowing if it is the True Mass and the True Faith or a hybrid counterfeit religion that has broken off from the True Church. The only difference is that William's church broke off 470 years ago, the rest who follow modern Rome broke off 40 years ago. Thus welcome to Williams. Considering the problems you are encountering in the Episcopal and Anglican quarters and your compromising with mammon by even allowing an openly homosexual in the clergy to lead, you should feel right at home with your Novus Ordo confreres in the Hall of Shame.

Some are asking who is bishop Kurt KREN, but our friends in Austria were quick to answer that with a slur of votes for this notorious prelate personally picked by John Paul II. Kren brought down his diocese that virtually shut down for a while the "pink palace" of Austria with a sodomite scandal that also affected the point man in Austria and a favorite son of the New Vatican cardinal Christopher Schoenborn who surprisingly did not receive enough votes to make this year's Hall of Shame. But the disgraced Kren did and that would be fitting for he was not a vigilant shepherd and let the wolves walk right in and nest, literally, in the seminaries which should be seed beds of sanctity and instead were seed beds of sodomy. Disgusting as is what he will experience doing time in our Hall of Shame. Velkommen.

Surprisingly Spokane's bishop William SKYLSTAD didn't receive as many votes as we thought he would. Oh, he received at least 64 and that made him eligible for the Hall of Shame this year, but many are not aware of this Novus Ordinarian prelate but they will be. Spokanites know all about him as they show you their empty pockets and then you wonder why his diocese had to declare bankruptcy because of the sex scandal on his watch. Normally you would think that the last thing you would do is promote someone who couldn't manage their own diocese. But, nooo, the clueless ones of the United States Conference of 'Catholic Bishops' actually awarded him by electing Skylstad head man of the conference. As unbelievable as that sounds, it's a fact and provides all the more evidence how looney the New Order is. It is also an interesting fact that Spokane has the largest traditional contingent in the United States with the traditional movement flourishing there and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass readily available on a daily basis at five chapels within a 30 mile radius. None of these are under Skylstad's thumb and that is evidence of why the traditional movement is growing so. They're free of him, but now he's the USCCB's problem. And we do mean problem. So show off your igNOMinious gNOMe to your fellow colleagues and invite them to tour the Hall of Shame. It's something they should all be most familiar with.

Though we have covered several prelates, we must offer a special Roamin' Gnome Award to the USCCB for their continued ineptitude and deception and baffle-gab they have managed to spew from their expert spokespersons who take the heat while their prelates and presbyters hide in their ivory towers, condoning all kinds of abuse. The only thing that raises them from their lukewarmness is any hint of orthodoxy and tradition. Then they become raving lunatics who must blot out any inkling of truth for fear their whole agenda will collapse as it eventually will for it is a house of cards built on the shaky foundations of the new religion established at Vatican II. For being only 40 years it does not, thankfully, show any signs of longevity or survivability for it is imploding within itself as you read this. If your bishop wasn't on the list and should have been, you have next year to vote. Vote early and often to expose these charlatans so that more will see who they really are - the false prophets Christ warned of in Sacred Scripture.

Tomorrow, the second half where we unveil the ones receiving the most votes

    2005 gNOMes
    May 5, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 125