May 27, 2005
vol 16, no. 147

Not just Safe, but Sure Harbor!

    As part of The Daily Catholic's upgraded ship-logs, it is time to cast out into the deep and raise the billowing sails higher and wider with affordable advertising for clients seeking a special target audience. Though the Faith will always sustain us, ad revenue will provide the funds to fuel us further in our quest for souls.

    The origins of the The Daily Catholic began on the Solemnity of the Assumption back in 1990 in a truly conservative mindframe, albeit Novus Ordo. Yet, from the beginning we have staunchly questioned the legitimacy and logic of Vatican II. It wasn't until discovering irrefutable proof that Vatican II was not from the Holy Ghost but another 'spirit,' that made it definitely manifest that true Catholics must totally reject Vatican II and all its non-Catholic innovations which are anathema sit. As we have detailed here numerous times on our Journey to Tradition, this certainty did not happen overnight. Rather it took several years, for with each step we checked the path ahead carefully to make sure there were no depth charges in the way, so to speak, for the devil is known to lay these traps so insidiously, so craftily. That is one reason we graduated slowly to a full realization that Traditional Catholicism and the exclusive embrace of the Tried and True Latin Mass, though a lonely path, is the only path.

    Those who have accused us in the past of carrying out this apostolate as a get-rich gimmick and scam don't know us and they sure don't know what a true Traditional Catholic is. As mentioned above, the Traditional Catholic has to be one of the loneliest persons in the world. Yet, he or she is also one of the happiest in the sense of peace of mind because they know wherein the truth lies and they're aware of the lies that flood out of those trying to defend the indefensible, and those who don't want to know the truth or can't take the truth. They know who they are, both Authentic Roman Catholics and those who go along to get along. Needless to say, the latter are in no way Catholic. And yet, by their Baptism, they are for they are the lost sheep Christ so wants to gather, to return to the fold. He implored Peter and his successors to "Feed My sheep...Feed My lambs."

    Had those who succeeded Peter followed Peter and heeded our Lord's words, we would have priests galore today. Had the modern successors of the Apostles adhered to what was passed down in the evangelic constituted traditions, nuns would be flourishing in every single parish school. There would be many living saints today and large, happy, and productive families where divorce would be unheard of and leaders would by and large be good and virtuous for they would have been weaned on grace. Vocations would be plentiful. Abortion would be a footnote; sodomy still spoken only amongst a few deficient beings in the shadows for it would remain the shameful sin it always has been; stem cell research would be reserved for amoebas and the animal species; pornography would still be prevalent in the underground on postcards and calendars, but not on television, on the streets, or in the home. I doubt very much whether political correctness would ever have seen the light of day. It is also highly likely all the mental disabilities that have rendered generations dependent on drugs would not have gained entrance had our shepherds been more vigilant and kept the Faith.

    Because the shepherds have not kept the Faith, better than three generations do not truly know the Faith. That is evident in the numbers that show a steady decline in vocations and conversions. In yesterday's news it was announced that there were only nine priests ordained out of all of Ireland for this year. Only nine! That right there should tell you all you need to know. There are no fruits just as Jesus affirmed in Matthew 7: 15-20. The scattered branches that have broken off the True Tree are withering, ready for the thrasher and the inevitable unquenchable eternal fire. But it is not too late to graft back to the True Tree of the Church and the only way to do that successfully is to walk away from the Novus Ordo establishment and embrace with all your heart the Church and Faith of your Fathers - the Faith and Traditions upheld and preserved from Peter through Pope Pius XII.

    That is the purpose of The Daily Catholic and will continue to be in striving to do our small part in obedience to our Lord's charge in Matthew 28: 17-20 and Mark 16: 15-16. Were the shepherds and priests faithful to their vows in every way, there would be no need for apostolates such as ours. But because of the reality of the situation, we must do all in our part to make up for that deficiency, just as many other excellent Traditional web sites strive to do. We're all in this together, and yet, by circumstances, we are each in our own boat trying to row alongside the Barque of Peter. The visible Barque has been lost in the fog. Oh, there is a ghost ship that bears all the trappings of the Barque, but it is not the true Barque. Therefore, the only means of navigating for Authentic Roman Catholics today is the compass of the infrangible fullness of the truths of Trent and the two pillars on the horizon envisioned by St. John Bosco for these times.

    That is why from its inception as a traditional publication, the nautical imagery has been used, incorporating into the masthead those very same pillars flanking the holy traditional altar as our Mission Statement details. At the top of our main page for the past nine years we have carried the cordial invitation "We invite you to set sail with The Daily Catholic." And set sail we have, reaching the shores of more than 165 countries worldwide. We have gone from a high of 500,000 hits a month during the late stages of our transition to over four and a half million hits last month. The Daily Catholic is growing and that is due to the Holy Ghost and word of mouth. In order to maintain this lifeboat, it takes means to do so. We cannot beg forever. We can't just continue to row with outmoded wooden oars. We need to repair the sails, tend to the keel, strengthen the mast and hull, try to streamline and upgrade the "ship" so we can accommodate more passengers while still staying on course with the pillars serving as the vital focus points in identifying the Beacon - Christ Himself through the haze, fog and smoke that has arisen since Vatican II.

    In short, folks, we must raise more money to keep The Daily Catholic afloat and functional. We have stayed above water thanks only to the grace of God and the generosity of the same few benefactors over these last three years or so. One family has been most generous in their loyalty and love and we can't express our gratitude in any better way than to remember them personally at every Holy Mass at the Memento for the Living in the Canon of the Mass before the Consecration. But it is not fair that only a few continue to sustain the ship while all others just stowaway without paying their fare.

    Therefore, short of a bonanza of donations and monthly pledges, which we still encourage and respectfully and humbly request, there really is only one solution in the long run. If we were to charge individuals for access to The Daily Catholic that time has well passed for since the early part of the new millennium, few publications still charge or require a password because the information highway will pass them by. So what then does The Daily Catholic offer that few others can offer? Outside of the unmitigated truth, Numbers! Numbers that for a small operation like we have maintained has produced manna aplenty. Numbers like over 80,000 hits a day!

    In the past we have been approached by some to inquire if we would carry their ad or highlight their book or tape, etc. Because we have never carried advertising on The Daily Catholic, we would just give them a plug and feature their book, while they were paying for that same space on other sites. The more we began looking around, the more we realized the inevitable: for The Daily Catholic to stay afloat and continue its excellence, we have to be able to accept paid advertising.

    Therefore, after praying on it and discussing it with The Daily Catholic Editorial Board, we have decided the time has come to accept advertising as long as what advertisers promote is in harmony with Traditional Catholicism. After research and checking ad rates of other sites we have determined that none of them have the circulation we have been enjoying and which is growing annually. Below you can see the figures that have been generated and deciphered by Webalizer, version 2.01 via our Server over the first quarter of 2005.

  • April 2005:                 Total Hits: 5,656,899    Total Files: 4,195,721    Total Pages 499,694
  • March 2005:              Total Hits: 3,331634     Total Files: 2,343825     Total Pages: 383,043
  • February 2005:         Total Hits: 2,923687     Total Files: 2,028,546    Total Pages: 364,178
  • January 2005:           Total Hits: 2,418,882    Total Files: 1,696,867    Total Pages: 375,423

    You'll note we are averaging well over 2.5 million hits per month with 14,330,200 impressions/hits through April 30. Since last May the one year totals show 30,614,751 in 168 different countries. That translates to a minimum of 83,875 impressions/hits per day!

    These numbers give the advertiser a fairly good idea of their target audience. The only thing The Daily Catholic cannot determine and, in truth few sites - even secular sites - truly can, is economic demographics. For that reason we don't believe it is fair or just to charge the going rate that other major secular sites demand for ad banners since those are in the thousands of dollars range per month.

    Other than (which was the first on the web) few other Catholic sites can match our numbers or amount of pages in archives (over 25,000). For instance, the standard ad rates in secular circles which has a less-focused target group charge the following:

    500,000 Impressions/hits; $4,800.00; $9.60 CPM* (cost per thousand impressions/hits)
    250,000 Impressions/hits; $2,800.00; $11.20 CPM
    100,000 Impressions/hits; $1,280.00; $12.80 CPM
       50,000 Impressions/hits;    $720.00; $14.40 CPM

   Considering the figures above and what The Daily Catholic has been able to generate consistently over the past 5 years solidly, gaining steadily each year, it would mean that The Daily Catholic could easily ask $720. per day with the 50,000 Impressions/hits rate since The Daily Catholic has averaged nearly 84,000 impressions/hits a day. But Traditional Catholics - other than Mel Gibson - can't afford those kind of rates.

    Therefore, the Board has decided the following very, very reasonable rates for The Daily Catholic rate card for the rest of 2005 as we launch into the seas of the unknown - carrying advertising for the first time ever. We have endeavored to create ad spaces that are affordable for the "little guy" as well as those organizations who have a designated ad budget. Note also, in order to make advertising on The Daily Catholic more affordable and gain maximum exposure over a period of time - since the principle of advertising is longevity and product recognition continuity - we offer a 3-month discount of 15% off, a 6-month discount of 30% off, and a 50% discount for a one year contract.

    That means for a one year contract, an exclusive banner ad across the top of the main page will be seen in over 150 countries, be seen by those specifically looking for topics that are in tune with Traditional Catholicism and over a month's time, be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. The Daily Catholic can provide that kind of exposure for a fraction of what other advertisers charge. For instance, a banner ad at the top of our CREDO & CULTURE page per month is $400. per month. But if one took out a one-year contract, the cost is only $200. per month to reach over tens of thousands daily! Would you say that is fair and affordable? I sure would!

    Our preliminary RATECARD is now available to view.

    Again, we could charge higher, but it has never been our intention to use The Daily Catholic as a "business." That, we truly believe, is why it has grown so. We have let go and let God take it where it needs to go. Yes, the laborer is worth his labor and in today's marketplace too often that has been abused for greed at the expense of the little guy. With Christ as our Foreman and the Blessed Mother as our personnel manager, we seek to remain dedicated to the reaching the "little guy" - those who are hungering for the truth, whose hearts are open to realizing what they need to do. We are still very much open to donations, which are tax-deductible and if a tenth of our readers sent in $5 or $10 a month, advertising wouldn't be necessary. Let me use this paragraph as another plug that it is the widow's mite which is so appreciated by us, and more so by Our Lord and His Blessed Mother because "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 5: 3). Those whose hearts are hardened, well, we can continue to pray for them as we do, but we cannot be delayed by dialoguing with them incessantly while others are drowning. We must be at the bow searching for those flailing in the rough waves of confusion, ready to toss the lifesavers of tradition to them to cling to in today's turbulent seas teeming with the wickedness of these times as foretold in Sacred Scripture.

    Because we are a bonafide non-profit organization donations are tax-deductible; so also are the ads since funds are not earmarked for salaries but for maintaining and upgrading the apostolate. We ask that if you can find it in your heart to give what you can after you have tithed to your traditional parish or priest, we appreciate it. If you have been tithing to your Novus Ordo parish, please consider canceling giving to bad fruits, and transfer what you have earmarked to a true Catholic cause - either our apostolate or any of the other excellent ministries that strives to fulfill the Divine Will. You can help out The Daily Catholic through its parent non-profit organization SANCTUS, by clicking on the PayPal button below and we extend a heartfelt, grateful thank you in advance for your generosity and charity!

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or you can send a charitable donation (check, cash or M.0.) by mail to:

    The Daily Catholic
    P.O. Box 365, Mead, WA 99021

    Beginning June 1, 2005 we will begin accepting advertising for The Daily Catholic so we can benefit together in providing resources to save souls. Also, beginning June 1 we will feature for five days a salute to this year's five inductees into the Tower of Trent Hall of Honor. We had hoped by now to accumulate more material and information of the recipients, but have come up short on a few. Nevertheless, we will proceed so we can finish up in the same time frame as we did last year. Tradition has its precedence.

    Another tradition we would like to establish is something that parish bulletins used to provide and which we hope will help the little guy while driving more traffic to our Traditional Catholic Causes Page for our advertisers. Therefore, beginning June 1, 2005 we will accept FREE classified advertising. That's right, FREE! There will be no charge for a 20-30 word personal ad for individuals or Traditional Catholic parishes as long as they are not business ads, unethical or personal relationship ads. These personal want ads are intended to advertise homes, opportunities and parishes for Traditional Catholics. They will be placed in a special column on the Traditional Catholic Causes Page. Because they are free, it is the editor's perogative of when and where they run and how long. You may e-mail your free want-ads to CLASSIFIEDS. Please be sure to put classified in the subject line and, separate from your wording of the classified, who you are and your purpose for the Editorial Board's discernment.

    And speaking of free, with today's issue we complete the revised 2005 version of White Smoke, Black Fire!, the full novel which we have provided on line for our readers free of charge. But our ultimate goal is to publish it so it can get out into the mainstream, as well as take time during our upcoming summer-mode issues to begin the screen treatment for a possible mini-series down the road. After catching, regretfully, a couple episodes of Revelations on NBC a few weeks ago, we definitely have a much better vehicle that will convey the true Catholic perspective. Ad revenue will enable us to go forward on this project which actually began back in 1986 and now, as the times have dictated, is finally the right time - God's time - for print. Though Cyndi and I corroborated on writing it and rewriting, tweaking and updating, we have chosen the pen name M. C. Siena for publication. At a future time we can explain the rationale for that name which, to most, should be quite obvious who are familiar with our Journey to Tradition.

    In conclusion, as editor over these years of that Journey, I feel confident that the expanded direction The Daily Catholic is taking will ferry more passengers toward the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. That is our course, has always been our course and we shall not veer from it. If there are but a few on-board or if we are teeming with souls, we will continue to make room for more to come aboard where they will find not just safe, but sure harbor!

Michael Cain, editor

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    May 27, 2005
    vol 16, no. 147