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First Saturday
March 5, 2005
vol 16, no. 64

From Mental Disorder To Legal Disorder!

Part Four
on the insidious and satanic
Selling of Sodomy
to Society and Souls

    Dr. Jeffrey Satinover's findings expose the enemy's epidermis covering the rotting exoskeletal of the sodomite agenda.

      "No matter what homosexual activists say, once their lifestyle is viewed as comparable to race, no institution will be allowed to justify or permit any perceived intolerance in word or action against homosexuals. In other words, civil authority will sooner or later and to varying degrees confront religious authority over this matter, thereby invading the very religious institutions that they argue have no right to invade civil life. Eventually, they will arrest you if you even dare to tell your own children that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong."

    By now we have all been well exposed to the arguments and controversies surrounding homosexual rights, homosexual marriage, and any other homosexual discrimination claims. These arguments are all based on the premise that homosexuality is an inherent, unchanging, genetic trait like race and therefore it is patently unfair and unjust to limit anyone's rights based on this inborn, stable trait. The entire cornerstone of the homosexual rights movement is the idea that homosexuality is no different than race and therefore the same protections that have been erected against racial discrimination should be available to homosexuals as well. Jeffrey Satinover, psychiatrist, law professor, holder of degrees from MIT, Harvard, and Yale, and author of Homosexuality and The Politics of Truth ( Baker Books, 1996) and other books, argues confidently and forcefully that this lynchpin of the homosexual rights movement is a fraud hoisted on the medical and legal world by those seeking to imbed homosexuality deeply into this society and this world.

What Disorder?

    According to Satinover, the efforts of UCLA psychiatrist Judd Marmor and experimental psychologist Evelyn Hooker led to the creation of a "mental health panel" that began the process of defining homosexuality as being normal sexual behavior and having no connection to psychopathology. Based on Hooker's bogus work, the already well-known trash data put out by Alfred Kinsey, political pressures, and civil rights arguments, homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic Manual of APA Disorders in the 1970's. Satinover asserts that studies clearly show that homosexuality is indeed closely tied to psychopathology, either through intrinsic, stress, social stigma, or other unknown and complex factors. Despite clear scientific evidence to the contrary, however, the notion that homosexuality was a perfectly normal trait not unlike race was established via bogus science easily defeated by anyone without a pre-existing agenda. Once established, this false notion has been reinforced through repetition by those reporting the false science rather than actually investigating its flimsy basis. The media and liberal groups, of course, also promote this notion since it conforms to their agenda. In this way what is clearly psychopathology has been redefined as perfectly normal yet greatly victimized. This redefinition has led the way to the second stage of this process.

We Shall Overcome...

    Once homosexuality was promoted and established as an inherent trait like race, it was relatively easy to then argue that the same protections and arguments afforded to race should be applied to homosexuality as well. The Supreme Court decisions in Romer and Lawrence plus the recent Massachusetts decision in Goodrich have all approached homosexuality from a civil rights point of view. Dr. Satinover notes that a two-fold distortion occurs at the court level. First, since the myth that homosexuality is a normal, inherent trait has already been somewhat entrenched in society by the fraud described above, most judges enter the courtroom familiar with and comfortable with such notions. Second, once these judges hear mental health experts argue that homosexuality is inherent, unchanging, stable, and normal, it is simple to see how they are persuaded to see homosexuality and race as similar traits. Just as one cannot be African-American on Monday and White on Tuesday, so too once a homosexual always a homosexual, or so the argument goes.

    According to Satinover, the legal system's entire approach toward homosexuality is built on this civil rights argument. A "suspect class" is a clearly defined group that is subject to discrimination and differential treatment on the basis of their characteristics. Since those traits are inherent, stable, and clearly define that group, it is wrong to treat such groups differently on the basis of those traits. However, a University of Chicago study in 1994 clearly showed that "it is patently false that homosexuality is a uniform attribute across individuals, that it is stable over time, and that it can be easily measured…you have absolutely no basis whatsoever to build a suspect class out of it."

    While it may be quite inspirational for homosexual advocates to envision themselves marching and chanting civil rights hymns in the same way that African-Americans did in the past, this entire argument is a sham perpetrated upon society and the world by the acceptance of false science by legal, political, and social forces not exactly searching to discredit those findings in the first place. Either through their own biases and agendas or through passive acceptance of bogus science, these forces have allowed this myth to become ingrained in the fiber of this society to the extent that many otherwise innocent people have been led to accept this myth as fact as well.

Weapon Against Religion

    Once the idea that homosexuality is a viable, legitimate trait worthy of civil rights protection is accepted and established, then any institution or belief that is perceived as differentiating treatment or perception of people based on their homosexuality will of course be portrayed as a dangerous, divisive, and unjust enemy. Suppose a religion or institution treated African-Americans differently solely on the basis of their race. Would it be reasonable to assume that such a religion or institution would be roundly attacked by the media, political, social, and other forces? Would not anyone in that group who attempted to argue that there was a moral basis for treating African-Americans differently sound very much like a Nazi justifying his crimes? This is the basis on which any religion that dares to oppose homosexuality or confront its progress is portrayed based on the myth that homosexuality and race are similar traits.

    Homosexual activists argue that in seeking their rights and same sex marriage they are only dealing in civil matters and not telling religions or institutions how to run their affairs, but such an argument is absurd given the reality that everyday more and more groups are subject to penalties, protest, violence, and media bashing on the basis of any perceived civil rights violations that they may accept or promote. The recent Philadelphia outdoor homosexual rally wherein a group of Christians praying and holding banners with Bible verses were deemed to be promoting "hate speech" is a clear example that once homosexuality is accepted as an inherent, stable trait like race and the subsequent civil rights argument takes hold, the homosexual lifestyle will not just be protected, but enforced and promoted vigorously by civil authorities. When two so-called Catholic legislators were honored for defending homosexual marriage at the state house in Massachusetts (see Massachusetts Mania!), police forcefully ejected anyone protesting that honor. There are numerous court cases where towns and other communities have defined any protest against the homosexual lifestyle as "hate speech" that can be censored and punished. How many remember Matthew Shepherd and how he was lionized as a hero? The facts are in and he was not killed because of his sodomy lifestyle. That was coincidence, but the militant lobby used that to detonize the time bombs which, because of mesmerized consciences geared towards humanism rather than true Christian charity,made it like shooting ducks on a pond or, to use another metaphor they were like putty in the hands of the manipulators.

    No matter what homosexual activists say, once their lifestyle is viewed as comparable to race, no institution will be allowed to justify or permit any perceived intolerance in word or action against homosexuals. In other words, civil authority will sooner or later and to varying degrees confront religious authority over this matter, thereby invading the very religious institutions that they argue have no right to invade civil life. Eventually, they will arrest you if you even dare to tell your own children that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong.

The Race Card

    Do we not see how homosexuality and race are already spoken of in comparable terms? Remember when "diversity" meant different races and cultures enriching a society? Well, now that "diversity" argument is used to promote presenting the homosexual lifestyle in the media and in various institutions. Remember when you first heard about Black History Month and the great contributions of African-Americans to our society? Well, now do we not have an entire month devoted to homosexual rights? Remember when parks, various institutions, and even sports teams would have numerous cultural theme weeks wherein the public was exposed to a given culture? Well, now we have Disney World having such a theme week. Remember when television stations would have various theme weeks based on cultural, racial, national, or historic groups? Well, now we have PBS stations presenting programming on homosexual lifestyles, history, and "contributions" to society, and even a cable station geared to the sodomite high-life. Puh-lease!!! Yes, painting homosexuality as similar to race has been very profitable to the sodomite agenda and their liberal counterparts. Instead of honoring the strides of the civil rights movement, this manipulation by homosexual forces of that movement is an insult and affront to the basis, efforts, and strides of that civil rights effort which was based on legitimate and moral principles.

The Final Insult

    One would have hoped that despite all of the deceptions, distortions, and manipulations described above, Catholics would have been able to stand up for the principles and doctrines of their faith and speak against evil as our past heroes so courageously did. However, this is the final tragedy in this sordid tale of sin and lies. Rather than stand against this lifestyle, many clueless Catholics and too many prelates who are too ignorant, too passive, or too defiant to defend the true doctrines and principles of their faith have sided with those who would tear down those doctrines and beliefs. Too many clerics and prelates, especially those in scarlet piping, are themselves either too tolerant or closet homosexuals themselves. Too dumbed-down or lazy to defend the truth, these common church-goers are comfortable in their lukewarmness and thus are easy game to swallow the entire civil rights sham and so easily propagandized by the sodomite lobby that they'll even stand on the front lines in defense of the homosexual agenda. People like the two legislative fools in Massachusetts and every false Catholic politician who defends the murder of innocent children likewise defend the sodomite lifestyle. Their defense usually stands on any of three pathetic grounds.

    Equality Argument…Here the Catholic fraud will argue that God made everyone in His image and that we are all equal in His eyes and therefore worthy of equal treatment no matter what. While this argument is powerful in terms of race, it is weak in many other areas and for too many reasons to discuss here. Suffice it to say that God did make us in His image and likeness but our varying sin has distorted that initial quality and equality. No person in his right mind would argue that a criminal should be treated the same as an innocent person. Likewise, it is absurd to think that God will treat those to His left equally to those to His right on judgment day. Yes, in His infinite justice He will judge them equally, but the result of that judgment will not be equal in proportion to their sin.

    Civil Rights Argument…We have already seen above how this claim does not hold water just in the face of temporal science much less the infinite and supreme justice of God Almighty. Fraud, distortion, bogus science, political and social pressure, and liberal protests may influence high courts in this world, but they have no impact on the eternal court of God Almighty.

    Social Morality Argument…Last seen in the recent elections, this claim paints Christ as the ultimate Good Samaritan who stops and helps anyone in need, be they poor, rejected, or homosexual. These fools argue that poverty is mentioned thousands of more times in the Bible than homosexuality and abortion and therefore Catholics should worry more about stopping poverty than stopping homosexuality and abortion. What these moral imbeciles fail to recognize is that the sanctity of life, of creation, of sexuality, and of the family far outweigh poverty in importance because they are found at the core of our true faith and are not one of the secondary areas in which our faith applies those core beliefs. Because we value life and creation we help the poor. Feeding the poor while killing the unborn, playing God, or embracing homosexuality is moral inversion of the highest order!


    Jeffrey Satinover presents us with strong and viable arguments tracing the evolution of a fraud. He explains how evil forces reshaped sin and illness into virtue and normalcy. He further explains how manipulation, distortion, and social pressures injected this myth into our legal system and through that system into our society. This fraud cannot exist without being toxic to our values, our morals, our families, and the very fabric of our society, yet it is promoted and defended because those values, morals, families, and fabric have been handed over to evil as Christ was handed over for silver pieces.

    Above and beyond all the rhetoric, hype, and lies we must recall two things. Homosexuality is clearly an abomination in the eyes of God and, secondly, Christ showed us how to forgive the sinner but not the sin. After defending the prostitute against the ultimate discrimination of murder, Christ did not tell her to keep being a prostitute, but to "sin no more". Only in the depths of the devil's wicked irony can a society, which allows the discrimination of innocent unborn children, openly and proudly turn around and forcefully protest any other discrimination, much less perceived inequality against sin.

    While homosexuals are promoted as a "suspect group subject to grave injustice" the very clear and obvious suspect group of unborn children is subjected to death at the whim of authority and selfish interest. By the way, the same agenda is in vogue to push the euthanasia platform into the legal stratus with Judge George Greer's eagerness to deny motion after motion so he can snuff out the life of Terri Schiavo. This is a test case and both attorney George Felos and Greer are well aware of that, already having sold out as has the 'bishop' of St. Petersburg, Robert Lynch, who by his strangely worded pronouncements is definitely more of a pansy than a prelate.

    But that is another column later on. Back to the subject matter at hand, and that is that Dr. Satinover argues that the whole myth of homosexuality is based on seeing that lifestyle as an inherent, stable trait like race over which people have no control and which is not subject to environmental factors. After all, being African or Asian-American is not based on environment and does not change from time to time, as Satinover argues and the Chicago Study shows homosexuality does. Based on Dr. Satinover's profound and persuasive arguments, homosexuality should be defended and protected the day after people start changing their race every five years. Until that momentous day, remember that Christ asked the prostitute who was a Jew to change her lifestyle and "sin no more." Though she changed her ways, she remained Jewish in origin. One she could change, the other was impossible. But it is the satanic sodomite lobbyists who are asking society to accept the impossible.

Gabriel Garnica

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Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    March 5, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 64