March 15, 2005
vol 16, no. 74

"Beware the 'Hideous' of  March!"

      The mighty Caesar is still referenced to this day, perpetuated in Sacred Scripture by Our Lord's words which tripped up the Scribes and Pharisees who sought to trap Christ. Today man is trapped because he has betrayed his Savior yet still expects to be saved. What pride! What gall!

    "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" These exact words of Our Lord are found in the Gospels of three of the Evangelists - Matthew 22: 21, Mark 12: 17, and Luke 20: 25. It is one of the few passages in Sacred Scripture where Christ's wording is exact in all three accounts.

    Today is the famous, or should we say for the sake of the historic Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, the infamous 2049th anniversary of his death - better known as the Ides of March. This has become known as an omen; a warning: beware. Never has this been more evident than this year when the things that are God's are slowly but surely evaporating into oblivion thanks to the godless state of society today.

    Consider the corruption and implosion of institutions that previously were the beacons of morality, right and rights: the Church, the Judicial system, the government. Thanks to the enlightenment of the 1700's and 1800's, liberalism rose its ugly head and revolted against monarchies and a total end to even the pretense of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. France was warned, but the kings who succeeded the holy Saint Louis IX refused Heaven's omens. They have paid dearly for that neglect over the centuries. And so has the rest of the world. Yet, today we will focus on America for it represents the new "Caesar," or, as is evident from the snow job being perpetrated on Terri Schiavo and in the courts, the new "Hitler."

    Caesar was warned not to go to the Senate on that fateful day. Yet, like so many since, he threw caution to the wind because he placed his trust in man. We all know what happened to that trust as Caesar stammered in disbelief, dismay and shock: Et tu, Bruté?. The man he thought he could trust the most Brutus betrayed him, plunging the first of many daggers into Caesar's mortal body. It proved one thing to all. He was no god. He was human just like every other person the Almighty Creator ever created. There are no gods. There is only One God - Three Persons in One God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That is the basic dogmatic creed of Christianity. Yet so few realize this and give venue and belief to the blasphemous heresy from no less than John Paul II who publicly expresses that Muslims and Jews worship the same God!?! This is the price of rendering to Caesar much more than he deserves.

    What bothers this editor greatly is the thought-process of so many who publicly express "according to the pope" this or that is permitted or this or that should not be allowed despite the fact that the "pope's opinions" contradict what Holy Mother Church has always taught. Thus, to an adoring world sunk in immorality and political correctness, and blinded by the evil one, the pope is above Christ and His Saints. As an example, I caught an episode of that notorious Protestant evangelist Jack Van Impe the other night and was shocked at what he said. He truly believes that Christ, when He comes again, will establish His kingdom on earth and it will be forever on earth for this planet will be everlasting. Why? Because, to him, Christ said "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" (Matthew 5: 10). He misinterprets that totally, as well as his false assumption that Christ will return and rule from Jerusalem. Thus, Van Impe is leading the crusade to empower the Zionists to rebuild the temple in today's Israel and condemning all those who hold to the truths of Sacred Scripture that God ended His covenant with the Jews and established the New Jerusalem - His Holy Church. Van Impe has gone so far as to accuse the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Augustine of "perpetuating the myth that the Jews rejected Christ and that the holy temple in Jerusalem would never be rebuilt on earth." Van Impe pits Augustine against, you guessed it, John Paul II! He twists it to place Karol Wojtyla's opinions as dogma. They are not. They are merely the opinions of a known modernist who's influence by heretical theologians from Teilhard de Chardin to Karl Rahner to Edward Schelebeeck and his empathy for the Jews has blurred his understanding of what St. Paul asserted so firmly in Hebrews and which Father Louis Campbell has so brilliantly identified in this past Sunday's Sermon. Yet charismatic preachers with an impressive reach media-wise like Van Impe perpetuate the real myth that the present "Pope is Catholic."

    This is what happens when one places their trust in man above God. We know what is God's Will for He has revealed it in Holy Writ and in the constituted evangelic traditions handed down and preserved up until the infiltration of the enemy at Vatican II. We are not naive enough to believe it had not been simmering beneath the surface for several decades, even a century or two before, but it is a known fact that the Roman Pontiffs did all in their power to curtail the threat, to sternly condemn such actions as is evident by Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors, Pope Leo XIII's Immortale Dei and Satis Cognitum, Pope Saint Pius X's Pascendi domenici gregis and his uncompromising supposedly failsafe vow against the impending threat with his mandatory Oath Against Modernism along with Lamentabili sane and, of course, Pope Pius XI's Mortalium animos and Quam primas to name just a few certain decrees that illustrated only too well the threat existed and how the Holy Fathers were dealing with it. Since the death of Pope Pius XII this has not been the case.

    Ever since John XXIII gave free license to the fifth columnists the world has never been the same. He endeavored, for whatever humanitarian reasons in his own heart, to bring the Church more in line with the world - aggiornamento he called it, but "abandon ship" might be a better name for it. Ever since 1959 Caesar has gained greater power while God's influence has lessened; moreso every year. Paul VI sought to turn over moral responsibility to the satanic United Nations in his famous speech in New York. He sought to elevate the heresy that the Jews wait for the Messiah is not in vain by publicly wearing the Jewish ephod. There are countless examples and photos of symbols representing the 'mark of the beast' associated with this man who ruled in the sixties and ushered in the very event Our Lord had warned of in Matthew 24: 15, "When, therefore, you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel, the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand. Then let them that are in Judea flee to the mountains" (Matthew 24: 15-16) and "And when you shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not: let him that readeth, understand: then let them that are in Judea, flee to the mountains" (Mark 13: 14). That abomination was the man-made, synthetic Novus Ordo or New Order rite which dared to replace the divinely ordained rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Since Protestants do not recognize the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they will of course "interpret" this passage as yet to come and, like the likes of Van Impe, refer to this passage as the Antichrist standing in the temple, a person who will come out of the new Roman Empire - the European Union.

    They are right about the times, but not about the event. What is more of an abomination of desolation than replacing the only sacrifice pleasing to God (see Father Campbell's excellent sermon from Passion Sunday) with a crude, rude and Protestant-oriented attitude in the Novus Ordo? Were it a matter of merely allowing the Latin Mass to be said in the vernacular, as abhorrent as that sounds, it would not have changed the validity of the Holy Mass, though greatly leave it vulnerable to abuse. But, as we know so well, they denuded the Holy Mass, CHANGING the meaning and essence of the Holy Mass, depriving the faithful of the sacrificial propitiatory purpose and turning it into a love-fest of self and a celebration of all that Martin Luther, John Calvin and Thomas Cranmer called for and more. One peek in every Novus Ordo Lodge will prove this for where the holy tabernacle used to reside - dead center on the main altar, has now been replaced by a table where behind it stands the chair of man. Yes, man has replaced God. Is this a faith God blesses? Hardly. Modern Rome, as Griff Ruby pointed out so meticulously in his series on Lumen Gentium, became a separate church cut off from Eternal Rome by their own volition with the issuance of Lumen Gentium . From that time on it has become all too evident of that truth for Jesus affirmed how we would know in Matthew 7: 15-20, "By their fruits you shall know them" (Matthew 7: 16).

    Basically, if a good tree cannot yield bad fruit, then how come there have been nothing but bad fruits over the past 40 years? Conversely if a bad tree cannot yield good fruit, shouldn't that tell us clearly that the modern Vatican institution cannot in any way be a good tree and that it is destined to be cut down and cast into the eternal fire? Do you really want to be part of that withering branch that has severed itself from the true Vine? Any God-fearing person would say "no." But you see God isn't feared the way He used to be. No longer is He the all-powerful Judge Who will meet out justice. No, today He is the "God of love" Who loves all and is merciful to all. It's all part of the great house of cards called the "civilization of love" or "new springtime." Two problems with that. First, while God is all-loving and all-merciful, He is equally all-just and all-vengeful in the sense of "Revenge is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord" (Romans 12: 19). Secondly, while God entreats us to love the sinner, He demands that we hate the sin. Big difference. Today, sin is accepted in order to accommodate the sinner and empower him in his sin as social acceptance. We have seen it with divorce and adultery which became rampant in the "liberated sixties", then contraception and abortion found a loophole beginning with the "satanic seventies" and "enigmatic eighties" followed by the "naughty, nasty nineties" which ushered in a plethora of perverts in striving to justify and normalize sodomy. We can see just over the last two years how topsy-turvy our values system has become.

    Never mind that over sixteen states voted overwhelmingly, including California, to keep marriage between a man and a woman as God always intended exclusively heterosexual and monogamous. A California judge Richard A. Kramer in the notorious 9th Circuit Court of San Francisco (where else but?) has just ruled in favor of apostate mayor Gavin Newsom and the sodomites that the vox populi is "unconstitutional." Really? Who made him God? Satan, that's who and we had better wake up because these black-robed marauders on the bench are not only pillaging and plundering our nation into perversion and immorality, but in absolute defiance of man's God-given rights.

    That brings us to the latest assault on our senses - euthanasia. While it made noises during the Jack Kervorkian grandstanding, it is gaining a greater, more devastating foothold in the Terri Kathleen Schindler-Schiavo case where this poor woman can't get a break. More evidence that the innocent have no rights. And who holds the balance of Terri's life in his hands? Three men, and, according to them, God has no part of the equation. Those three men are all dead-set on seeing her dead. One, Judge George Greer is a stubborn SOB in the most vivid sense of the word as tossed around in the south. By his actions he has exhibited a penchant for being corrupt and proud, who will not budge one iota even though he has overstepped his boundaries and laws more than once. But, as Gabriel Garnica wrote yesterday in Mercury, Morality, and Murder pride has no limits. and it is these prideful men who seek to limit the innocent. Wo to them, says Christ, for the prideful do indeed cause scandal. Consider the scandal of "caring" estranged husband Michael Schiavo, the second man in this triumverate. He loves his wife so much that he has denied her medical care, prevented a priest from giving her communion or ministering to her spiritual welfare, not even allow her to go outside and has determined that he will not allow her to have a Catholic burial, but rather a quick cremation to cover his tracks before the authorities wake from their coma to realize an autopsy would reveal what the Schindlers have been attesting to for years. Schiavo, who has imprisoned his wife, is himself a violent wife-abuser and is getting away with it while murderers on death row are treated as victims who the ACLU and radicals will rally and stage protests to save. Oh, and did I mention this man has sired two children by another woman and is living with this woman in adultery since Terri's unfortunate "accident"? That in and of itself should be a scandal condemned by the bishops, but we all know the reaction of these spineless "shepherds" personified by the apostate Grand Master of St. Petersburg Robert Lynch who clamored against the death penalty but shows his hypocrisy by his skimble-skamble doublespeak regarding Terri Schiavo. This only empowers the euthanasia lobby and their lead man in the court George Felos who is the attorney representing Michael against Terri. His agenda is obvious: legalize euthanasia and that is becoming a realization with every minute Greer sits on the court stubbornly refusing to budge. This man should be impeached.

    If he had any ethics he would recuse himself. But it is obvious he does not, that he has a vendetta of some kind against Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schlindler. This couple has literally gone through hell to save their daughter ever since the mysterious event occurred that plunged her into her unfortunate state. At every turn they have been rejected with no rhyme nor reason except that Caesar has eclipsed God. The Schindlers could be the poster persons for the modern tale of Job. These Catholic parents have done all God has asked and more. They have stared satan in the face and not blinked. If their faith was centered solely in the Novus Ordo they would have despaired long ago considering the failed support of their New Order church. They would have surrendered to political correctness and kept quiet, accepting Terri's fate as a fait accompli and move on. But perseverance and love motivated them to continue the fight and in their ordeal great grace has been forthcoming.

    Is it not, as Gabriel acknowledged yesterday, a strange coincidence that Greer set the day of execution, if you will, for March 18? That happens to be in the Traditional calendar the Double Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our associate pastor, during our annual parish retreat this past weekend, centered the retreat on the seven sorrows of Our Lady. Father emphasized how Christ could not feel pain when the spear pierced His heart for He was already dead, but Mary felt the physical pain. Prior to that she felt the interior pain, but not the physical, only that of a mother in union with her son. I say this because Bob and Mary along with their son, Terri's brother Bobby Schindler, must feel the pain all the more when those they think they can trust betray them - from the court system to the diocese. Like Caesar they must feel the daggers of "tough luck" penetrating their hearts and minds, if not their very psyches. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty; they have entered the realm of possible sanctity through their faith and perseverance. Love knows no bounds and the Schindlers have proven that. This is documented at Terrisfight.org

    The problem remains that they have to trust in man for Terri's welfare. That has proven thus far ineffective because the system is corrupt in the civic and ecclesiastic realms. Where is the sanctuary for Terri? Fortunately, despite the bias of the liberal media, word has gotten out thanks to the internet. Through fiber optics it has created a backlash of outrage as countless Christians have rallied to her cause in praying for a favorable outcome. They are the kind of prayers Caesar could have used if only he had believed in the One True God. Currently in St. Petersburg, Florida are several Traditional Catholics praying and rallying to her cause, specifically Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey who travels this country more than Greyhound, and Christopher Ferrara who has lent his legal expertise to Terri's case. Though legally it's a dead-end because the mortal making the final decision has already corrupted his position and prejudiced the court, I ask why Terri cannot have a trial by jury instead of one man? Why have the Schindlers been hand-cuffed by one judge and his cronies at higher levels including the spurious Supreme Court who, like Pontius Pilate, wash their hands of any responsibility. If Terri dies, the blood of her death will be on every judge who sat by without doing anything, and upon every politician who did nothing or contributed in preventing the reopening of this case and investigation into her injuries, medical care and Michael Schiavo. It will also be on those cowards in cardinal and purple who speak with fork-tongues and best replicate the Scribes and Pharisees of Christ's time in every way. You'll note most will patronize Terri's cause but only in a generic sense, beating around the bush in ambiguous terms without calling a spade a spade. They've been notorious for that from Vatican II on. It's infused, but not from any heavenly spirit. The more I have uncovered, the more I'm convinced that when Paul VI stated that "the smoke of satan is now in the sanctuary" it was not a warning, but a boast as if in victory just as those boasted over the death of Caesar on the steps of the Senate in 44 B.C. So also today those fostering sin are boasting of victory in their sights for they have the worldly, corrupt judges on their side and a system which ties their hands at every turn. The ACLU is largely responsible for putting up these roadblocks. The American Civil Liberties Union is a misnomer and more appropriately should be called what Dr. Frank Joseph rightly labels them - The American Civil Luciferian Union.

    "There was a judge in a certain city, who feared not God, nor regarded man. And there was a certain widow in that city, and she came to him, saying : Avenge me of my adversary. And he would not for a long time. But afterwards he said within himself: Although I fear not God, nor regard man, yet because this widow is troublesome to me, I will avenge her, lest continually coming, she weary me out. And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge saith: And will not God avenge his elect, who cry to Him day and night: and will He have patience in their regard? I say to you, He will quickly avenge them. But yet, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?" (Luke 18: 3-8).

    Judge Greer fits that unjust judge to a tee. We all need to be "troublesome" to him through our prayers and support of those massing in Florida to stage a mighty protest that will hopefully move mountains, if not authorities who can make a difference. Every stone is being overturned to save Terri and yet, as of March 15 there are less than 72 hours before Terri's sentencing, where not even a call from the governor can save her unlike someone on death row. If no mortal help is available it will be a turning point in all society. If Terri is sentenced to the fate of a cruel, painful, excruciating slow death through starvation, then God help all who were complicit in her death and all who follow for euthanasia will have established roots and they will run fast in a gnarled mass to effect every facet of society and every walk of life.

    If Greer succeeds in his stubborn evil, then would it not be fitting that Michael Schiavo, under guard, were forced to sit with his wife and experience what he has wrought.You can bet he won't be anywhere near when and if the tube were removed. He doesn't have the guts because he's a pitiful coward hiding behind his attorney. He is sawdust version of Charlie McCarthy to Felos' Edgar Bergen. The difference is, they're both dummies and no one is laughing.

    Consider another facet of satan's twisted logic that is in play with those pushing euthanasia. To show you the sinister way they will effect this, one can imagine that once Terri begins to show signs of visible torture from her starvation, the "noble" euthanasiasts will step in so "mercifully" and smirking so assuredly, offer the easy out to the Schindlers, proffering: "Why should she suffer so? Here take this and she'll be out of her misery." What parent would refuse that, seeing their child suffering so? A parent with faith and aware that every second of wrenching pain and agony is freeing countless souls from Purgatory. Only that dogged perseverance will prevent the euthanasia crowd from total victory. Were the Schindler's or whoever governs the fate of Terri's life to accept the quick, painless way, it would set the precedent and make legal murder all that much easier to foist on Americans already reeling from the Patriot Act. You ask what about the Bill of Rights which states "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and I say: What rights?

    Because we have not been vigilant over the past 40 years and not cut off these menaces to souls at the roots, they have grown into suffocating man-eating weeds that have devastated the vineyard of Christ's Church and consequently the fields of the world. Today only a remnant remains that remain faithful to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, only a few as Christ foretold when He asked rhetorically in Luke 18: 8, "shall He find, think you, faith on earth?"

    Will God save Terri? Only God knows. Numerous saints have been invoked to intercede on her behalf, including calling on those who are not saints but whose miracle of healing might expedite their cause in the now-devil-advocateless process of Modern Rome. How many find it interesting that the daily Epistles and Gospels over the last week have been full of miracles from both the Old and New Testaments. It will take a miracle of enormous proportions for Terri to come out of the static state she is in, but it is possible with prayer...if that is God's will. Could a miracle turn hearts? It is doubtful because as Scripture records Christ performed many miracles and, despite the oohs and ahs, the end result is that few came to His defense as He stood next to Pilate before the ravaging crowd shouting out "Crucify Him. Crucify Him." Even fewer followed Him to Calvary.

    If that is not a microcosm of today, I don't know what is. Those who put their trust in man have tried every venue to expel Christ from their daily life. Any reminders must also be expunged. That is why two atheists rule the roost in San Diego against the wishes of the majority of the population and the famous white cross towering above La Jolla on Mt. Soledad must go because the liver-lilyed City Council doesn't want the "troublesome" task of dealing with it. There, too, the citizens are marshaling against the usurpers. Stay tuned. Right now, Terri Schiavo should rightfully be given the spotlight so all America and the world can see the "legal murder" that is going to be carried out right before their very eyes. This folks, when historians record the events of these times - if the world lasts that long, will have greater impact than 9-11 for it was the day they legalized murder. The 5th Commandment be damned. March 18 will surpass March 15 as a day of infamy to henceforth be remembered by the axiom "Beware the 'Hideous' of March!"

Michael Cain, editor

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    March 15, 2005
    vol 16, no. 74