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TUESDAY      March 15, 2005      Volume 16, no. 74
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With Passiontide upon us, we reprise Father Lawrence Smith's series of poetic reflections of the Way of the Cross which he composed for readers of The Daily Catholic last year in order to enhance our meditation along with a pertinent scriptural reading to read and contemplate in making Passion Week and the ensuing Holy Week leading to the Paschal Triduum ever more meaningful with Via Crucis - Poetic Reflections


   We are proud to be able to provide for our readers the full Ordinary and Proper of each day's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Immemorial Latin Mass in the Traditional Calendar.

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The Church Law of Fast and Abstinence for the US

(Adopted by the hierarchy of the United States, November 1958)

On Abstinence:

  Everyone over 7 years of age is bound to observe the law of abstinence. Complete abstinence is to be observed on Fridays, Ash Wednesday, Holy Saturday and the Vigils of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas. On days of complete abstinence, meat and soup or gravy made from meat may not be used at all. Partial abstinence is to be observed on Ember Wednesdays and Saturdays and the vigil of Pentecost. On days of partial abstinence meat and soup or gravy made from meat may be taken only once a day at the principal meal.

On Fast:

   Everyone over 21 and under 59 years of age is bound to observe the law of fast. The days of fast are all the days in Lent, except Sundays. On days of fast only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength may be taken according to each one's need, but together they should not equal another full meal. Meat may be taken at the principal meal on a day of fast except on days of complete abstinence. Eating between meals is not permitted but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, the law does not oblige. In doubt concerning fast or abstinence, a parish priest or confessor should be consulted.


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Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain equates the situation of these times, this month, this very day with the fall of the mighty Caesar 2049 years ago. Caesar and so many emperors before and after him, empires, kingdom and nations before and after have come and gone, but only one Ruler and one institution He established continues after two millennia. That would be Christ and His Mystical Bride which has been ravaged and raped by the enemies of the Church who come in all sizes and shapes of togas, all the better to conceal their daggered agendas until the time to strike from within and without in attempting to inflict the mortal wound to His holy Church. Though they have flailed and failed, they have still weakened the Church and society by not standing strong against the hideous crimes of today's society. Cain emphasizes the futility and folly in placing trust in man while neglecting what God wills, all because of political correctness and man's determined agenda to expunge God from the equation. The mighty Caesar is still referenced to this day, perpetuated in Sacred Scripture by Our Lord's words which tripped up the Scribes and Pharisees who sought to trap Christ. Today man is trapped because he has betrayed his Savior yet still expects to be saved. What pride! What gall! Cain explains in his editorial for the Ides of March "Beware the 'Hideous' of March!"
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica sounds the clarion of a dangerous substance that is deceiving the masses and turning our youth into hypochondriacs and worse. It is the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal and Gabriel points out how it has anesthetized the masses into believing it is helping. It is all part of the triangle of terror and, the sad part is that Thimerosal is just the tip of this iceberg that has contributed to the demise of America's health both physically and morally. Big business, government and lobbies are the suffocating triumverate that is plunging America into the abyss by positing evil as good through the horrendous sins of control through drugs, abortion and euthanasia. Gabriel hammers home the point in his column Mercury, Morals, and Murder
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
After an extended hiatus, we are delighted that Kevin Tierney has resumed his weekly comparisons of the Propers of the Traditional Latin Mass within the long-standing one-year liturgical calendar and the please-everyone tolerant three-year cycle of the New Order. Because most of the time they do not correlate with each other, Kevin has quite a chore comparing the two. Therefore, he takes a different tack for Passion Sunday and it works beautifully for the Gospel for the Traditional Rite on Passion Sunday focuses on Christ revealing Who He truly is and the Jews refusing to believe Him. Pride and arrogance are powerful allies in preventing the light from shining through. Indeed, the visible purple folds that cover the crucifix and statues illustrate how faith is hidden from today's world for the world, the flesh and the devil have enshrouded the truth, refusing to believe the truths of the Faith Christ established and seeking to deceive just as the Scribes and Pharisees did. Kevin illustrates in his column how the treasure of the Traditional Rite so fully reveals the Hidden Treasure
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Passion Sunday, he emphasizes that there is only one High Priest: Jesus Christ. He always was, is and ever shall be and no amount of modern thought can change that fact. Father points out that there is only one sacrifice that appeases the Father and that is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Blood of the Lamb of God for when Christ came He abolished the Old Law and all animal sacrifices are no longer worthy. They are, as Father asserts "dead works" because they are lacking the faith. He assimilates the humanitarian bent of today's society and the modern post-conciliar church's yearning to please everyone but God. There is only one 'thing' which pleases the Almighty and that is the Sacrifice He deigned as worthy, for man by himself has nothing that could be recognized as fulfilling the price of that ultimate Sacrifice Our Lord offered for us and continues to offer through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for Roman Catholics only in the True Latin Mass. Father cites Sacred Scripture and reason in showing the fallacy of those who crusade for rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. That is the antithesis of the Social Kingship of Christ for that abomination will recognize globally the Antichrist. No one in their right mind wants to be part of that. So wake up, folks, and heed what Father is saying for it is what Holy Mother Church has taught for nearly 2000 years before the infiltration of the modernists as Father explains in Jesus Christ, Son of David, our Great High Priest
Living in Tradition
What better day than this Double Feast of Pope Saint Gregory the Great to introduce a new series which will seek to share with you edifying traditional sites and/or parishes and/or stories of conversions to Traditional Catholicism to enhance your faith. Tomorrow we begin Passiontide and we want to share a site that will complement what you are receiving here on The Daily Catholic liturgically as well as helping you discover further treasures of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith for it offers a wealth of devotions and spirituality in its simplicity in announcing the infrangible truths of Christ and His Church. Also in this inaugural installment of this new series simply called "Living in Tradition", editor Michael Cain shares the fruits of how The Daily Catholic has grown and why the internet has become a cornucopia of information for discovering the undeniable Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Basic Tradition in Black and White
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica follows up his serious eight-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" with a piece about something that didn't sell - the animated aberration Father of the Pride which thrived on vulgar humor and insults. Thank God the public still had some sense of pride left to not watch this 'den of iniquity' in their own dens. For Dreamworks, their own pride forced Pride on the masses and this rot was summarily rejected turning Dreamworks into Nightmaresville. He points out that though it didn't sell, the pride of its producers was so arrogant that they still wasted millions and, in the process, helped NBC land in the cellar in the almighty Nielsen ratings. That translates to dollars to industry wags so gripped by the world, the flesh and the devil. Though the devil is most pleased by the sleaze they've produced, even mammon is not happy with the results. Gabriel notes the hypocrisy of those behind this garbage animation for they comprise three of the biggest names in the industry, all three of whom attacked The Passion of The Christ for its violence and supposed anti-Semitism. No matter that the three are staunch Zionists who wouldn't accept a Christian-theme if it bit them on their hide. And that's what they should do: hide, embarrassed by the miserable fare they tried to foist on the public and embarrassed because their judgment wrings of hypocrisy. As Gabriel points out, whoever sired this swill at Dreamworks was a Father Without Pride
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the fifth part of "What is your picture" as he completes his series in retracing where Modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome with Lumen Gentium and its imminent impact that has resounded with the echo of heresy over the past 40 years, causing a dire time of emergency in the Church like no other ever experienced. In this issue he shows how the laws would apply if one were, for example, in the state of Kansas. One would have to adhere to the laws of that state. But, as Griff masterfully delineates on how Lumen Gentium dissolved the borders and opened the doors allowing a crisis in the Church, for indeed "you are not in Kansas anymore, Toto." Catholics everywhere have been caught up in the swirling tornadic troubles wrought by modernism. Clicking our heels and wishing that Modernists at the Vatican would anathematize Vatican II won't do it either. Traditional Catholics need the courage, heart and wisdom to be able to travel the narrow yellow brick road to Heaven amidst the gauntlet of obstacles the wizards and warlocks of the NO, who so freely accept the world, the flesh and the devil, throw at them. If Traditional Catholics are loyal to their baptismal vows and their particular Traditional Catholic clergy and bishops in union with all Holy Mother Church has taught and handed down from Peter through Pius XII, then great graces will flow and many fruits grow while the holy water of baptismal grace will melt the wicked ones who seek to deceive. Nowhere is that deception so manifest than in Lumen Gentium, which, as Griff points out, has backfired big time on them and has played right into the Traditionalists' hands if we only follow his sage advice in his fifth installment Exploring the ramifications of Lumen Gentium as to authority in the Church
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica completes his multi-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" in this issue in which he has, over the past week, rightly exposed the insidious agenda underfoot to corrupt America and the world, and ultimately souls, depriving them of Heaven because of their depravity. Gabriel wraps it up by expressing the five senses which can either bring us closer to Heaven or to perdition. It is our choice, basically making us pro-choice in the sense that we can choose good or evil. Speaking of evil it goes without saying that sodomy is evil. It, along with abortion, is one of the vile sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance. It must be stopped at all costs for the life and soul of civilization depends on it. Gabriel helps bring all to their senses in his closing installment Common Sense Means Using Our God-given Senses
Deprogramming Diabolic Disorientation
On the heels of Gabriel's 8-part series we wanted to bring you a sense of what is going on north of the border. Father Jean Violette, SSPX District Superior of Canada implores the faithful to wake up to the real agenda behind the "equal rights" issue. It has nothing to do with that, but everything to do with special privileges and condoning of sin by hindering those who see it for what it is: sin! Father points out how insidiously they are sneaking it past Canadians. To use a bit of slang: They're being hosed big-time. Father urges all not to cave to pressure but put on the pressure by letting Canadian voices be heard to preserve traditional family values and speak out against sin. He explains in his letter we've titled The "Equal Rights" Canard of Canada
Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, presents a treatise this week on the Gospel of St. John, chapter 8 on the Pharisees and the Adulterous Woman. Father shows so brilliantly how the Sanhedrin wanted to trap Christ and thought they had a failsafe way to paint Him into a corner and discredit Him publicly, such are the schemes of those wedded to satan. But Our Lord turned the tables, basically putting a mystical mirror before them to see their hideous selves in the presence of the very people they had themselves deceived. Jesus' penetrating eyes saw into their very souls and they knew it. They say there is no greater wrath than a woman scorned, but the Pharisees tried to scorn the woman publicly and it backfired big time on them. Thus the new wrath towards the Messias burnt even deeper and hotter in their black coal-sooted souls and they would do all in their power to gain revenge. Yet Our Lord's message spurned revenge and offered forgiveness to all. But never was Our Lord tolerant of the sin, only merciful to the sinner. Father Father explains in his brief commentary sent by Maria Hughes. The Woman Taken in Adultery
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica nears the completion of his multi-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" wherein he rightly exposes the insidious agenda underfoot to corrupt America and the world, ultimately souls, depriving them of Heaven because of their depravity. Gabriel brings to the fore today an excellent example of how they foist their contrivance on the public through public television. He offers the case of a supposedly innocent vehicle that reaches countless kids - Postcards from Buster to see how the sodomite agenda is being pushed on young, impressionistic minds. When they are called on the carpet for the obvious, they spew forth the party line of the need for tolerance and diversity, the buzz words of the homosexual movement. Gabriel exposes the hypocrisy and deviousness of those trying to defend the indefensible in his seventh installment of his hard-hitting series with the facitious question Why Stop Now?
Fiat Voluntas Dei
Timothy Duff, who has taught Traditional Catholicism for decades and is the author of the work The Church is not above Christ, is also a consummate expert on Venerable Mary Agreda's masterful work Mystical City of God and ties that in so beautifully with the healing effect of sincere tears. He completes in this issue his essay on Holy Tears with part two. In part one he conveyed the efficacious tears shed by Jesus and His Blessed Mother for us and how we have prompted those tears through our sins. In his second part, Tim illustrates how the importance of the tears of the saints and, yes, the innocent. Tears are a language all their own... From the most helpless child to the exalted Mother of God tears express desires and touch hearts in a way words cannot. What we may not obtain through ordinary means may often be obtained through tears. Tim explains in part two of Holy Tears
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica resumes his multi-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" wherein he rightly exposes the insidious agenda underfoot to corrupt America and the world, ultimately souls, depriving them of Heaven because of their depravity. Gabriel reminds us today that one way for the masses to blindly accept evil is the treacherous route of gender neutrality. He cites Canada's recent caving to this androgynous thinking as an excellent example of how the sodomite agenda is gaining with so few the wiser to their ways. What makes it all the more persuasive is the lies that are spread by the strange bedfellows of the sodomites and militant liberal feminists. Tolerance and diversity are the watchwords, two words absent from Sacred Scripture. Therefore, their contrivance is to strip the Bible of truth by eliminating masculine references and in so doing, eliminating the natural law which plays right into the sodomites connivance. And, as Canada has shown with their civil laws, why stop with the Bible, write it into law. The U.S. is next. Gabriel shows in his sixth installment what can really be found all over the agenda of "Gender Neutrality:" The Fingerprints of Satan
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica takes a one-day hiatus from his multi-part series on "The Selling of Sodomy" to honor one of Holy Mother Church and civilization's greatest intellects - the holy Angelic Doctor of the Church St. Thomas Aquinas whose fullness of knowledge encompassed practically every argument past, present and to come for it is based on everything proceeding from and for God in man's efforts to strive for union with his Divine Creator and to understand and adhere the Divine Will in all things. When man thinks he knows more than God, that is when the intellect goes awry and leads to false suppositions from evolution to communism to every other ism that has visited mankind over the centuries and which have culminated today in embracing the mother of all heresies - modernism. Gabriel illustrates how Thomistic Thinking has proved the test of time and all the arguments that liberals have droned on endlessly about, have already been proven false by a "dumb ox"centuries ago who possessed Holy and Sacred Intellect. With the progressivists' theses full of errors, wouldn't you think, if there is any intelligence in their craniums, that they would realize the only solution is to return to the solid, stable and fail-safe Thomistic Thinking? This applies not only for the secular sector, but especially in ecclesiastical environs where this holy Dominican has been basically banished and betrayed. Gabriel explains in his tribute to Humble Intellect
The Sanity of Sanctity
Click to enlarge
Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira, mentor of Atila Sinke Guimar„es, reinforces the virtue of humility which Gabriel pinpoints above, providing actual examples of St. Thomas' humility. The professor adds another virtue which His Holiness Pope Pius XI emphasized in his Encyclical Studiorum ducem in 1923. That virtue was chastity. Just as the Blessed Mother was a pure from conception in order to be the living Tabernacle for the Son of God, so also Thomas had to become a purified vessel in order to allow his heart, mind and soul to be a worthy receptacle for the infused knowledge awarded him from above. Thus he could be free of temptation with the mystical 'girdle of purity' to carry out his work for God and His Holy Church. The professor points out that Aquinas was so pure that in his work, "one does not feel any hint of the presence of the man. The only thing that appears is Catholic doctrine." Thanks to Tradition In Action, Atila provides readers the essence of this Angelic Doctor of the Church in St. Thomas Aquinas
Hope on the Horizon
Doug Giles' latest column in his Clashpoint series ties in nicely with today's saint for Doug speaks of what the rebels of the sixties have wrought - barren trees and godless agendas. While Doug is speaking here more on secular liberalism manifested through the cesspools of the public education system today and the propaganda machine of the leftist media in promoting atheism, nihilism and hedonism, we ask you to apply his points to the Church today and see what the offspring of the failed Vatican II agenda must do to turn away from the machine that has become the deceitful, monstrous and malevolent mammon. Those who caused the revolution of the sixties are in need of being overthrown, not just for the sake of society as Giles points out, but, when applying the crisis of modern Rome vs. Eternal Rome, it becomes paramount to rebel, to stop the monster machine - for the sake of souls. See if the following does not apply to the modern Vatican institution: "the machine has become so odious...that you can't take can't even passively take part, and you have got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels and the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you have got to make it stop." As Traditional Catholics we must be in the forefront of this movement to disable the mammoth mismanaged monstrosity of the apostate church that has engulfed so many souls since Vatican II. Put on your rebel caps and let's go hunting for the culprits responsible for the demise. The parallels fit well in Doug's column Rebels with a Cause
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Laetare Sunday - the Fourth Sunday of Lent, he shows how simple the source of salvation is and how complicated and confounded the modernists have made it. What the True Church has always taught is based on Divine Revelation, whereas what the conciliar church has taught over the past 40 years is based on 'opinions' as Father indicates in his words 'according to' John Paul II. Indirectly Father asks when did John Paul II become above Christ or His Apostles? Yet time after time doctrine and dogma are skewered in order to accommodate the 'opinions' of the conciliar popes, further eroding the One True Faith, so much so that the reason it is no longer recognizable as Catholic is because the Vatican II virus has fully taken hold. By its fruits, or lack thereof, we recognize the New Order church cannot be the true Faith, but a parallel church, a different religion that eschews the infrangible truths of Divine Revelation and the inspired wisdom of past reliable pontiffs, saints, fathers and doctors of the Church in favor of placating man and bringing a humanistic unity to the world. Father documents through scripture their grave error and shows how the simplicity of the faith taught in the pre-conciliar catechism had it right and so simple and why, simply stated, recognition of the Blessed Trinity and the True Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist is only possible in the Church He founded as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Since no others meet those criteria, there can be no other means of unlocking eternity as Father explains in The Key to Heaven

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His Eminence Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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