UGLIES AWARDS (may3ugly.htm)

May 3, 2004
vol 15, no. 124

  UGLIES is, of course, an acronym for Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiots Embracing Sin. Readers had their chance to vent and to nominate those who they wanted to see be given an UGLIES; in other words which secular fool you thought was the most Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiot Embracing Sin (UGLIES). The whole purpose of the UGLIES is to expose sin for what it is: UGLY, and to discredit those who tolerate it and seek to perpetuate tolerance by accepting what is unacceptable to God and therefore must be to us as well.

Senator John Kerry was the runaway winner here garnering 58% of the vote. No doubt his latest universalism where he'll receive communion wherever he pleases did not please our readers for he had been running neck and neck with ol' Ted Kennedy. At the beginning of the voting period Gavin Newsom started strong but tailed off terribly just as his agenda of promoting sodomite unions in San Francisco should. The Moron of the oxymoron 'Catholics for a Free Choice' came on strong at the end but not enough to catch Kerry or Kennedy and Frances Kissling ended up third. Therefore, to you, John Forbes Kerry, we present with great dishonor the UGLIES Award. May you realize how its ugliness mirrors an even greater ugliness - sin, and turn forever from your persistent sinful ways. Return to categories

Andy Rooney narrowly edged out Abe Foxman 43% to 40% to capture the UGLIES Award for the most obnoxious antagonizer of Mel Gibson and his masterpiece film 'The Passion of The Christ'. Rooney's remarks on 60 Minutes came back to haunt him and his follow-up comments that our American soldiers were not heroic cemented his dubious dishonor of an UGLIES in the closest of all the races for the UGLIES. Frank Rich, another thorn in Mel's side, garnered the third most votes with the Rabbis bringing up the rear and Boteach coming in third, no doubt for his idiotic statements on Joe Scarborough's Scarborough Country on MSNBC. And so, Mr. Andy Rooney, whenever you ever feel that everyone is laughting at you, just glance in the mirror under those bushy eyebrows and hug your UGLIES for you are now the proud owner of an UGLIES Award. Return to categories

George Carlin and his foul, blaspheming mouth was the runaway winner outdistancing equally offensive Bill Maher 29% better. The three other comedians nominated, Jay Leno, Dennis Miller and Conan O'Brien finished low on the totem pole of ex-Catholics who love to make fun of the Church in a mean-spirited way. Probably no one is more mean-spirited than Carlin who has made no bones how much he hates Catholicism. Were his remarks made against Jews or Blacks, or Homosexuals, there would be outrage, but it's open season on the Church; not that recent scandals do not warrant criticism and sarcasm, but Carlin has always crossed way over that line. Let us pray he wakes up before he won't be able to turn back and hell will be his only choice. And so Mr. George Carlin, we present you with this dubious dishonor of an UGLIES and remind you that you still have that choice to turn away from sin. If you choose not to, well it won't be a laughing matter to your Supreme Judge Return to categories

Howard Stern, that infamous shock jock who has run afoul many times of the FCC is in grave danger of running afoul of a much higher Authority. He may think that is irrelevant right now while he rides the rude wave of popularity among the dumbed down masses who are not shocked. That is the shock that so few are outraged over the total obscenities and degradations he spews forth, using his God-given talent to only feed the lusts and wishes of satan. The others on this list really didn't have a chance with long, tall Howard in the mix. Madonna came in a distant second andTed Turner, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were barely a blip on the radar screen. It was all Stern. And so Mr. Howard Stern, we present you with an UGLIES and pray for a miracle, that you will realize the fatal folly of your foolishness before you meet the really Stern Judge. Return to categories

Osama bin Laden may still be in hiding, but God knows where he is and will always know what is in his black heart. And yet, Christ asks us to love our enemies and there are few since Adolf Hitler as despicable as Osama. He easily outdistanced runner-up Ariel Sharon by 24% difference in gaining the dubious dishonor of being the world's most obvious terrorist. Kofi Annan gained some ground, especially when the food for Iraq scandal broke, but never enough to even catch Sharon. Since everyone loves French Fries Jacque Chirac was merely an afterthought when the going got rough, typical of the French. Likewise, with Yassir Arafat laying low and actually getting sympathy in some Traditional circles, he hardly scratched the surface as far as votes, only receiving 20 total votes, the lowest number of any candidate. And so it is Mr. Osama bin Laden who stands alone wherever he is standing or stooping in a cave somewhere. When he emerges, someone let him know before they put a bullet in his sorry hide for 9-11 that though someday soon he might be gone, he will not be forgotten for he lives on in the UGLIES Hall of Shame. Return to categories

The United Nations just nipped Planned Parenthood by one percentage point with NARAL and NAMBLA only one percentage point behind the latter in the closest of the voting of all categories. It is fitting that we have stated all would be dishonored with an UGLIES for each is deserving of their malignant role in inflicting the cancer into society today from the not-so-subtle agenda of a One World New Order and Globalization engineered by the UN and enthusiastically endorsed by Modern Rome where Eternal Rome would have condemned it for all its evilness; to the hideous abortion and sodomite agendas that cry out to Heaven for vengeance and promoted by NARAL, NAMBLA, N.O.W. and the Feminists, and the whole moral value bar has been so meticulously lowered that there are no more morals in civilization today. Anything goes except what God says. Hollywood and the Liberal Media are responsible for the manufacturing of fragmenting society and destroying morality and so they, too, deserve the dubious dishonor of an UGLIES. And, we've decided to award another UGLIES to another cesspool industry which are at this moment feeling the bitter results of what they have sown with the AIDS scare that is shutting down the Billion dollar Porn Industry. It couldn't happen to a more despicable group. Thus, while the UN won by popular vote the dubious dishonor, we must present UGLIES to all the rest as you see below. Father Louis Campbell's sermon Sunday All the King's Horses pointed out that the world is broken and nothing can fix it no matter how many go to desperate measures, including the Conciliar church to reject the truth by fabricating more lies. But the ecclesiastics will have their shot at dubious dishonors this Wednesday when we present the igNOMinious gNOMe Awards.

    May 3, 2004
    vol 15, no. 124