Gabriel Garnica

    Gabriel Garnica    Between his given name and the fact that he was born the day after Our Blessed Mother's birthday, Gabriel Garnica figures that he was destined to be a messenger for God Almighty. He holds a law degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. John's University in New York. He presently teaches business law at the university level. College courses in psychology, philosophy, and theology combined with his legal education and 20 years as an educator himself have given Gabriel a deep appreciation and respect for the power of thought and words in shaping human growth and potential. Gabriel believes that each of us has been given a mission by God Almighty, and that it is our divine duty to find that mission and use the gifts God has given us to fulfill that mission. "Unfortunately, many today either never seek their mission or use their talents to glorify themselves instead of their God."

        A cradle Catholic from birth, Gabriel quickly realized that the Catholic faith was becoming like Baskin-Robbins, with 31 flavors for all tastes. "Many Catholics are like wayward teenagers trying to push the envelope and rebelling against their Father." Like many people, Gabriel had tried some of these flavors, but he found that he likes his faith more traditional than most. One can always rely on the veritas of vanilla when it comes to the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and all those many novelty flavors that try to make our unique faith more like others only taints the palette of permanence and perseverance, causing everything to eventually sour within the soul. "We are letting our rich faith become stained with modernisim, feminism, humanism, New Ageism, homosexualism, and every -ism you can find, and that is both an abomination and a tragedy."

        Gabriel has written extensively on spirituality, education, scripture, morality, the media, family life, and our Blessed Mother, and he hopes to someday publish books on his thoughts. He describes his writing style as a combination of reflection, insight, comment, instruction, and reminder. His approach can be both hard-hitting and soft, depending on the topic. "I am so humbly thankful to my parents for naming me after such a noble messenger of God and hope to live up to the mission Almighty God has given me, though unworthy I might be, in trying my best to follow the example of the Blessed Mother's fiat. Many do not realize that the Archangel Gabriel brought both good and bad news, but always exhibited the power and love of God Who must always be heard."

        "God Almighty has blessed us with so much to be grateful for, and we are so fortunate to have Our Blessed Mother on our side. We must always stand up for and defend our God before an ungrateful world drunk in its own selfishness and delusions of grandeur."

        Gabriel is married with two daughters and lives in Long Island, New York. You can email him at with your thoughts and questions.