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Chair of Unity Octave
January 18-25

   Many are under the impression that the Week for Christian Unity which lasts from the Double Major Feast of St. Peter's Chair at Rome on January 18th until the Double Major Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul on January 25th is a concoction of the Vatican II church. Au contraire, for it had been in vogue prior to Vatican II for true ecumenism - conversion, if you will and the antiphon prayer below illustrates this for it does not call for dialogue but conversion to the True Faith by those outside the Faith. And, as we all know from the thrice-proclaimed dogma Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus - Outside the Church there is no salvation!

   The daily prayer for true Church Unity is also for the restoration of Traditional Catholicism throughout the world. Let us also pray that God will hear our prayer and give us a truly Catholic Pope and true shepherds to lead us out of the desert - away from the heresies and grave errors caused by the Second Vatican Council and those who have sought to continue the charade.

    (Official Octave Prayer)

    ANTIPHON: "That they all may be one, as Thou, Father, in Me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us; that the world may believe that Thou has sent Me." (John 17: 21)

      V. I say unto thee that thou art Peter
      R. And upon this Rock I will build My Church.

    Let us pray. O Lord Jesus Christ, Who saidst unto Thine Apostles: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you; regard not our sins, but the faith of Thy Church, and vouchsafe to grant unto Her that peace and unity which are agreeable to Thy Will. Who livest and reignest God forever and ever. Amen.

      An indulgence of 300 days during the octave of prayers for the unity of the Church, from the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter in Rome to the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. A Plenary Indulgence on the usual conditions at the end of the devout exercise.

Tuesday is Day Two of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

   This Novena honors an early 1600 visionary Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, a Spanish Conceptionist nun whose mission was Quito, Ecuador where she received prophecies for these time in which Our Lady warned of the dire crisis the Church is undergoing today. For more information we urge you to see Our Lady of Good Success.

For the Novena, see Novena to Our Lady of Good Success


   We are proud to be able to provide for our readers the full Ordinary and Proper of each day's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Immemorial Latin Mass in the Traditional Calendar.

  For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

    Because Pope Paul VI, when promulgating the New Mass, himself declared. "The rite ... by itself is NOT a dogmatic definition ..." (11/19/69)
So there you have the enabler of the synthetic service admitting that no one has to follow his 'wish' for it is NOT A DOGMATIC DEFINITION, but merely a pastoral recommendation - a very, ill-advised and , as we have seen over the past 35 years, fated and tragic direction, but nevertheless, holding no binding decree. Notice the difference here, folks? One, the Dogmatic infallible Council of Trent decrees demand that we adhere, whereas the pastoral-only documents and proclamations of and since Vatican II only make the suggestion. Which are you going to heed when it comes to your eternal salvation? One that is definite and absolute and carries with it the weight of the Holy Ghost and the wrath of God if disobeyed, or pleasing men just so everyone can get along in the spirit of the humanistic 'unity of community'? The answer is obvious but not to those blind ostriches who still have their stubborn heads stuck in the sands of the Novus Ordo. Wake up, my friends, before you are washed away in total apostasy. As we have been emphasizing over the past several years, Pope St. Pius V set in stone the everlasting celebret - a perpetual indult. No Bishop, no priest and no Pope can override that. PERIOD! To do so is to go against the Holy Catholic Church! We all know the Pope and the Bishops have done just that by denying the Traditional Latin Mass except on their terms and only if one accepts the synthetic New Order liturgy which has so defiled the true meaning of the Holy Sacrifice. Yet the church of Vatican II, the ecumaniacal hierarchy, like all in the curia including the one who appoints them - the Pope himself - are afraid to 'go public' with this vital truth so the people will know. Instead Catholics are told that a Latin Mass can only be said with the permission of the Bishop (Fat chance!) or a celebret from the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which, in fact, is illegal and unnecessary because of the perpetual celebret issued by St. Pius V that every priest for all time must say the unchangeable Mass of All Ages in the Mother tongue of the Church. The truth is the Pope and Bishops fear that were this knowledge acknowledged, there would be rightfully so a mass exodus from the Novus Ordo, not only by the laity but many priests. We can only pray that this will become more manifest as discussion continues over Gibson's film and his own beliefs which embrace all that was taught before Vatican II. This very coverup of the True Mass was outlined quite clearly by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (They Have Uncrowned Him and Open Letter to Confused Catholics), Atila Sinke Guimarães, (The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and II) Romano Amerio (Iota Unum), Fr. Ralph Wiltgen (The Rhine Flows into the Tiber) and Father James Wathen in his irrefutable masterpiece The Great Sacrilege. They all document that the Traditional Latin Mass alone provides the divinely ordained formula for true vertical worship of the Triune Divinity. Every Catholic has a moral obligation to abandon the new false religion and return to the True tenets and practices of the Church as practiced from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani and Cardinal Antonio Bacci back on September 25, 1969 could see this all coming and warned of this in The Ottaviani Intervention As we know no Pope since Pius XII has listened to the wisdom of Holy Mother Church and for this stubborn, prideful promotion of the church of Vatican II have indeed "incurred the wrath of God and the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul." This is the fifty-sixth of 62 reasons submitted by the Priests of Campos on Easter Sunday 1982 and endorsed by the late great Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer. Each day we will publish one of the 62 until they're all complete.
For other reasons to date see Fifty-six Reasons thus far.
Conversely, in the right column for the True Holy Mass of All Ages:

    In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass thou dost spiritually eat the flesh of Christ, and drink His blood.
This is the fifty-sixth of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII.

For the previous Graces, see Fifty-six Graces thus far.

Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica pinpoints the problem of the false oecumenism promoted by Modern Rome, carried out so shamelessly at Assisi and other holy Catholic sites, and how it conflicts with what was established by Christ in commanding His disciples to go out into the world and baptize every creature. He specifically pointed out that those who believe and were baptized would be saved, those who were not would be condemned. Strong words that have lost their perpetual flavor today in the accommodating humanistic church of Vatican II that has veered so far from what the True Church must stand for. Gabriel concludes that if we do not heed Christ's teachings and the Truths and Traditions handed down by His Holy Church, then we are, in effect Sauls who are persecuting Our Lord all over again. From the amount of souls who would rather please man rather than Almighty God, it's high time we all got knocked off our horses and get some sense - true sensus Catholicus - knocked into us! Gabriel explains in his column closing out the Church Unity Octave. How Ecumaniacs Distort Paul
Catholic PewPOINT
Dovetailing from Gabriel's article, Editor Michael Cain takes this pivotal day when it all began 46 years ago to refute the outrageous error being promulgated by Novus Ordophiles that "Quo Primum is no longer in effect." He fires back with a salvo of ammunition to prove the fallacy of such a statement in providing evidence that not only that statement is bogus but also in showing that the comment "we can't judge a pope" is meaningless for indeed we can't but Holy Mother Church can and has well before these men who would be popes were ever even a sparkle in their mothers' eyes. He furnishes an arsenel of truths in the infallible decrees of previous reliable pontiffs who stressed the true meaning of ut unum sint in uncompromisingly upholding the thrice-proclaimed dogma Extra Ecclesam Nulla Salus which today is under such assault by the usurpers who have sought to change Catholic doctrine to accommodate man, not God. Have any of these 'experts' read Paul's words in Galatians 1: 6-10? Cain provides the wake-up call in his candid editorial Quo Primum and Forever are synonymous!
Albany's Bishop Howard Hubbard Haunts the Helpless Parishioners with Threats of Church Closures
Why is it that the dioceses which are having the greatest problems in consolidating churches are the very same ones who have been so enmeshed in the sex scandals? Coincidence? We think not. The latest diocese where they need to close six churches is Albany, the very one headed by Howard Hubbard, the bishop who is believed to be strongly involved with the mauve mafia and the murder of a priest who had threatened to squeal. Roman Catholic Faithful's Stephen Brady called him on this and he blinked as most of these thin-skinned spineless prelates of the Novus Ordo do when push comes to shove. If only the bishops had the same kind of determination and faith those holding vigil at the churches threatened to be closed had. All these churches need are one traditional priest per parish and they'd be fine. But do you think Howard or any of the bishops of the New Order would allow such a Catholic idea? Not on your life because that would be for the good of the flocks and beneficial to souls. That, as we have seen over the past 40 years, is not part of their agenda. The Albany Times Union has posted a story showing the plight of those hoping against hope.

Terri Schiavo out in left field with Supreme Court decision
On the subject of hoping against hope, that is the predicament poor Terri Schiavo and her parents are in thanks to the system which condemns babies in the womb and now refuses to show any kind of justice for a woman who has been wronged by a philandering adulterer who has used the law to deprive his own wife of her life. Horray for the system! Not! Washington may be getting a major league baseball team this spring, but the Supreme Court has already struck out. With this pompous body of justices (Scalia and Thomas excepted), turning down the formal request to hear Terri's case, there really are no other alternatives left except to pray for a miracle...and that's what it will take to save Terri's life. Ninth inning, two out and the tying run not even at the plate. It will take a real rally. Interesting isn't it that the New Order bishops will speak out vociferously against a murderer on death row being executed but remain absolutely silent over Terri's case. Ah the politics of convenience. It will not be convenient for them when they have to make an accounting for their vocations to the Lord at their Particular Judgments. Pray they realize the error of their lukewarm ways before it is too late.

Hope on the Horizon
Doug Giles has some no-nonsense common sense to wake up Christians everywhere, especially those who are whining and moaning that God doesn't answer their prayers. Maybe, he indicates, just maybe we haven't toughed it out enough. He offers examples of the grizzled veterans of the Old Testament and next to these giants of Holy Writ, the "Nuevo Saint of the New Millennium" can't hold a candle. Nobody said it would be a cakewalk and as Sunday's Gospel indicated, we're playing by God's rules, not ours. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we might begin to see results. Doug offers hope on the horizon by giving more of a Catholic perspective than most bishops today on why Christianity is in such sad straits because there are too many lukewarm lugs laying around expecting God to do everything. It is another reminder of heeding what St. Augustine advised, "Pray as if everything depended on God, and work as if everything depended on you."With that kind of balance, we won't run into the problem of Misinterpreting the Hand of God

On this day when yet another pro-life assembly on the commons in Washington D.C. gets scant attention, the very day that marks the 12th anniversary of the death of one of the enablers of Roe v. Wade - Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Thomas Droleskey laments that the conciliar church has abandoned the wisdom of past reliable Pontiffs such as Popes Leo XIII, St. Pius X, and Pius XI. As Tom writes, 'Another January 22 is upon us. As President Bush exalts the mythic powers of American freedom, Holy Mother Church refuses to present herself as the only champion of authentic liberty: that which is found in the Cross of Our Divine Redeemer, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The slaughter of the unborn continues, both by surgical and chemical means, because of the triumph of the spirit of Modernity in the world and Modernism in the Church.' The map above represents the population of the states in black adding up to the total murders of the unborn in the womb. Truly tragic and it will only grow worse unless someone wises up and heeds what Holy Mother Church always taught before the compromises wrought by the conciliar church of Vatican II. Tom points out the clear teaching of the Church and warns of how many have been fooled by the current leaders who have lulled so many souls into a false sense of security. Nothing is secure if we do not follow Christ's teachings. Tom explains in his article Modernity in the World, Modernism in the Church
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Septuagesima Sunday, he alerts all how much the Church has forfeited by compromising with mammon. Do not go looking for any conciliar document or 'authority' to find the clear words that identify the solution. It will never be found in those false documents, but rather in the wise and inspired words of past holy and reliable Pontiffs and Our Lord's words Himself. Unfortunately, those pearls of wisdom are ignored today and the masses dumbed down by the charlatans who have foisted a new one world religion model on them through the synthetic, syncretic man-made memorial of the supper. which can in no way ever - ever - replace the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from Apostolic times on. We can take refuge in Jesus' words in today's Gospel, "Many are called, few chosen." Because we have not listened to the warnings of past greats nor learned from history, we are destined to fail if we rely on humanistic means. Yet true Catholics can take immense comfort in the fact that by being loyal to Christ and His True Church, we will be spiritually protected from the fall-out that is most definitely coming because modern civilization has abandoned the fact that there is only One Institution we must be loyal to - only One Institution sanctioned by Christ and empowered through His Spirit in sacramental grace. There is only One Lighthouse on the rock we can look to in order to illuminate our way to safe harbor. That Rock is Holy Mother Church; that Lighthouse the Truth of Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church: The Church, Teacher of All Nations
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica completes his series against the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance in this week as we arrive at the 32nd anniversary of the despicable decision foisted on the public by a horrendous supreme court in 1973. The judges have the opportunity to make amends just as the original 'Roe' - Norma McCorvey - has repented and trying to make reparation for setting in motion the entire nightmare. But there is one who is furious and will not allow his twisted sacrifice to be diminished. Goading on the pro-aborts already solidly in his dark and nefarious camp, satan will do whatever he can to prevent the truth from coming to the fore for his greatest achievement was convincing the world he didn't exist. Once that was accomplished, he could blaspheme all the more with his mockery of the sacrifice of blood and the piercing of the womb with the same pitchfork pitch he hissed to Eve. Because of the lust for power and lust, he has been successful in pruning the world of the innocent lives of the unborn and the raping the souls of so many pro-aborts, all part of Satan's Twisted Sacrifice
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica continues with his series against the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance in this week leading up to the 32nd anniversary of the horrendous supreme court decision to legalize the murder of innocents in the womb. He follows up his column yesterday on the analogy of amoral salmon swimming upstream with another critter - a slimy, slithering one which is as old as dirt; namely satan himself as the salacious serpent who tempted our first parents. Gabriel points out that the rationale which lucifer used on Adam and Eve is the same employed today for the abominable sin of abortion. He explains in his fifth installment, The New Serpent of Eden
The Sanity of Sanctity
The late, great Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira provides gems from and on the saints and his treatise today focuses on that ultra brave and bold virgin of Rome Saint Agnes whose constitution and faith is truly the stuff legends are made of, definitely that saints are made of. He presents the contrasts of her martyrdom from the wisdom of holy saints' writings and Tradition In Action provides brilliant pictures of this great saint invoked in the Canon of the Mass at the Nobis quoque peccatoribus. This saint is one of the few in which the Church celebrates her feast twice. The second commemoration of this pure lamb is on the Octave Day of this feast next Friday when is remembered the Second Commemoration of St. Agnes on the Feast of St. Peter Nolasco. Saint Agnes
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica continues with his series against the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance in this week leading up to the 32nd anniversary of the horrendous supreme court decision to legalize the murder of innocents in the womb. He follows up his column yesterday on affirmative action with how the sodomites and pro-aborts twist this to flow with a stream that goes against the current of Christian conscience. It is an amoral stream feeding the frenzy of militant homosexual lobbies and the pro-abort mechanisms such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL that push the amoral salacious salmon upstream in the face of natural abhorrence to these filthy sins that they strive to force into law. They go against the natural law and in so doing, automatically go against the supernatural law which has dire consequences. Yet, as Gabriel explains in his fourth installment, this doesn't seem to faze the immoralists Swimming Upstream
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
Kevin Tierney continues his series on the Charismatic Movement with part five "Speaking in Tongues, Introductory Analysis" in which he points out the grave error charismatics make in their definition of tongues. The true meaning of "speaking in tongues" has no affiliation with blithering on unintelligibly, but rather a crisp language unknown to the one speaking but understood fully as from God, about God and for God by those hearing. That is the essence of the tongues of fire at Pentecost. All too often, the charismatic chameleons have slithered into the midst of the duped, and tongues slather in blather much like a reptile darting at air. Kevin identifies the signs in his fifth installment of his series Musings of the Charismatic Movement Part Five
In the latest ZENIT there is an astounding admission which greatly indicts Karol Wojtyla that he had already deviated from Catholicism when just a priest. Considering his track record over the past 25 years is it any surprise? What is somewhat surprising is the candid admission of such which goes against Our Lord's clear command in Matthew 28: 19-20, Mark 16: 15-16, John 21: 15-17, as well as Paul's words in 2 Corinthians 6: 15! Editor Michael Cain shows clearly that if one is to admit they are Catholic then they must adhere to the Papal decree issued for all time - "in perpetuity" by His Holiness Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio who succinctly said: "[by this Our Constitution, which is to remain valid in perpetuity We enact, determine, decree and define:] that if ever at any time it shall appear that any Bishop, even if he be acting as an Archbishop, Patriarch or Primate; or any Cardinal of the aforesaid Roman Church, or, as has already been mentioned, any legate, or even the Roman Pontiff, prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy: (i) the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been uncontested and by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless." What Zenit has published verifies that Wojtyla before his elevation deviated from the Catholic Faith; a drastic contrast to a previous holy Pope - Pius IX - who specifically emphasized the importance of baptizing Jews so that they would be saved. The difference is a stark illustration of Catholic on Pius' part, and a syncretic, non-Catholic act by the young Wojtyla who, by a reliable previous Pontiff in Paul IV (whose decree was deigned for all time hence), has exposed himself as a non-pope and incurred ipso facto automatic excommunication. Roma locutus est. Cain lays out Holy Mother Church's fail-safe stance in Waltzing Wojtyla
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica continues with his third article on the horrendous immolation in the Womb made shamefully legal by the Supreme Court thirty-two years ago this Saturday with the infamous Roe v. Wade decision which, just yesterday morning, the principal plaintiff - "Roe" who was actually Norma McCorvey (who has since repented and become a Catholic)- filed a motion that could legally overturn the 32-year license for murder. Gabriel shows today how the first wave of feminism that arose out of the discrimination of the Industrial Revolution, warned sternly against abortion if women were to retain any dignity. But the second wave shucked dignity in favor of convenience and utter selfishness in demanding that they had the right to do whatever they wanted with their body - even if that meant violating their reproductive organs and killing the living child within. The vile virus has viciously attacked every facet of society and left the victim helpless while the carrier has been diagnosed with a malignant cancer, evident by the ugly tumor of abortion on their souls. Gabriel explains in his third column leading up to Saturday's commemoration of the horrible judicial ruling in his column The Virus on the Cancer
Gabriel's Clarion
Begun last week, Gabriel Garnica continues his series on the horrendous Holocaust in the Womb with the second of several articles focusing on the heinous supreme court decision made 32 years ago, known as the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. Throughout this week leading up to Saturday's 32nd anniversary of that hideous decision, Gabriel will be enlightening readers on how everything went awry. Today he features something that on the surface might have seemed good if it were in the right hands, but in the wrong hands it has turned into a deadly weapon against the innocent. That would be the Affirmative Action platform which Gabriel shows, in truth, has turned out to be against women and against life. He illustrates how things went downhill and how the militant feminists used it as a weapon to murder the unborn and put so many souls in jeopardy. Nothing affirmative there at all. Gabriel explains in his column Abortion: Affirmative Action Against Women
The Sanity of Sanctity
We continue our recent tradition of bringing you the Litany of Saints for the Saints and Feasts of each month. The original concept was submitted by Jacob Michael in September. Need some impetus to prepare for Lent just three weeks away? What we provide is a litany to all of the saints whose feast days are celebrated in the month of January. Many of these saints are little-known and often are not, for that reason, invoked in our prayers. While there are a few Time of Epiphany feria days in this month, almost each day is dedicated to one or more saints historically and acknowledged in the traditional calendars. If you add this short litany to your daily Rosary, you will have the benefit of invoking the prayers of some of these lesser-known saints for January and, as the Three Kings bowed in humility, better prepare yourself to keep your spiritual resolutions for 2005. Litany of the January Saints
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Second Sunday After Epiphany and the Gospel on the Wedding Feast of Cana, he points out the intrinsic role the Blessed Virgin Mary plays as Co-Redemptrix for her Divine Son recognizes His Mother as the Woman of Genesis in just a few words. Father explains this and reminds us of how she has continued her role and seeks to reiterate to every soul those same most important words to live by: "Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye." If only we would follow them, if only the past reliable Popes had consecrated Russia as she asked. The fact remains that Russia remains unconsecrated and therefore her errors have spread greatly throughout the entire world, penetrating most deadly into the Holy See itself. Because of that the natural and supernatural have been turned topsy-turvy and the seas are swelling with deadly obstacles that can prevent so many souls from gaining safe harbor in Heaven. That is why Father brings us the powerful, beautiful and meaningful prayer of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who, in addition to composing the Memorare, fashioned the Prayer to Mary, Star of the Sea - Stella Maris. Father relates it in his sermon. "Mother of All the Living"
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
Kevin Tierney resumes his weekly comparisons of the Propers of the Traditional Latin Mass within the long-standing one-year liturgical calendar and the please-everyone tolerant three-year cycle of the New Order. Because most of the time they do not correlate with each other, Kevin has quite a chore comparing the two. Often times it is like comparing apples and oranges. Today, falling back upon the Traditional Gospel on the Wedding Feast of Cana, the comparison is more like comparing the king of champagnes to the cheapest vino for the former represents the solid, tried and true Tridentine Rite whereas the latter, so watered down, barely passes as a vino. The branch of the vine is hanging precariously by just a twig that could snap anytime because it is no longer solidly grafted onto the Vine of Truth. In the Traditional Latin Mass we have the water turned into wine; in the Novus Ordo they have taken the wine of truth and turned it into water, which can never get stronger because they continue to water down so much. To change back to the wine of truth and keep that connection with the vine - well for Novus Ordinarians it will truly take a miracle! Kevin compares in his column The Wine of Truth
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica continues his series on the horrendous Holocaust in the Womb with a short primer on the more things change, the more they stay the same as in same ol', same ol'. The same sin, the same consequences, the same motivation. Too many have forgotten that these fleeting temporal times mean nothing in the overall scope of salvation. Yet they have placed all their dependence, importance and attention on a mere moment of linear time - a fleeting moment - and forgotten the unending calendar of eternity. There will be a reminder and Gabriel warns that the same crime that was Herod's is the pro-aborts today and they will pay dearly. 2000 years separate the murder scene, but the crime remains as hideous as ever, even more so, and there is no statute of limitations with God. In fact, it cries to Heaven for vengeance and Almighty God shall have His day and justice. Herod had his and it was fleeting, the pro-aborts today are having theirs, but the day is coming where all will pay for their transgressions for the Triune Divinity will not be mocked. Gabriel explains in his column The Same Shame
Christ or chaos
The bargain and the payoffUnCatholic symbol against the First Commandment fashioned by modern RomeFiorenza fools 'em all
Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey furnishes on his site a sampler of the fruitlessness of how the modern church is going about trying to bring peace to the world. As we near the much-hyped Week of Christian Unity, Tom illustrates that the only way to attain the peace and unity Our Lady promised at Fatima is to obey her Divine Son - "Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye." Tom rehashes many of the recent travesties we've covered in our EyeOpeners feature over the last week as well as the excellent commentaries by Fr. Moderator at Tom expands further on a few other nuances of the New Order from the elevation of bad bishops to yet another pro-abort appointee by the Bush administration whose agenda is unraveling. Tom provides another traditional insight into the insanity of the newchurch and the trend toward a one-world order. It would all be so simple if a legitimate Pope had only followed Our Lady's simple instructions. Sadly that did not happen and we are left today with the only solution left to us, to pray, to Pray for the Consecration of Russia

Fingerprints of Anathema?
Editor Michael Cain, acting as locum tenens examiner, administers the Galatians Anathemameter Theological Exam (GATE) to Curial head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (there's a mouthful of misleading mayhem) German Cardinal Walter Kasper. We do so in giving no quarter if, in the prelates' own words, they have convicted themselves of anathema per the Apostle Paul's infallible statements in Galatians 1: 8-10. That confirmation is the gage for the GATE and today His Eminence, who will not cross the street for a Traditional Catholic but will sell out his Faith for any other religion, is on the hot seat, not only for trying to rewrite history and ignore the wisdom of past reliable Pontiffs, but twisting perception to try to implicate these same Pontiffs as co-opters of ecumenism. He stands guilty on all accounts, but the one that truly consigns him to the pits of anathema is his clever attempt to change Dogma. The particular comments we hold him to today were made in an intervention letter on the Vatican website for the Conference on November 11, 2004 observing the 40th anniversary of the promulgation of the deadly conciliar decree Unitates Redintegratio. While he and his friendly ghosts of anathema sit may have celebrated the anniversary as one celebrates Bastile Day, Traditional Catholics warn all to consider it more like Pearl Harbor Day, especially in retrospect 40 years later for few ever saw it coming. By Kasper's failure to uphold the Dogma of Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus and his outright lies on the origins, we ask has he not abdicated his position of authority? You be the judge in Giving the GATE to Cardinal Walter Kasper
Griff Ruby cites the disunity of the Traditional Catholic movement as a major stumbling block to gaining greater ground and converting more Catholics back to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. He points out that it is time to put aside petty bickering and unite behind the denominator that identifies ALL Traditional Catholics: Our Faith, in which we totally embrace the Traditional Latin Mass - the divinely ordained Immemorial Mass of All Ages - and in which we steadfastly reject the heretical reforms of Vatican II and its masonic, Protestant man-made rite the Novus Ordo which have caused a great majority of souls to be misled. Griff laments that too many traditional groups play pope to their fellow Traditional Catholics. What good does that do except reduce the ranks. With even rougher seas ahead for eternal Rome, we must pull together to man the sails of Truth and Tradition as a loyal crew working in unison for Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The only way to thwart the advanced ambiguity of modern Rome is by rowing together toward that point in the sea where we can be anchored with all our fellow Traditional Catholics between the Two Pillars of the Holy Eucharist and Devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart, traditional devotions steeped in the Faith. Griff lays it out in his column The Supreme Scandal
Townhall's Rich Lowry alerts us that there still are heroes left, the very kind Our Lord comforted and elevated to the highest echelon of love - "This is My commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15: 13). This is exactly what Sgt. Rafael Peralta did in saving his platoon in Fallujah in mid November. It was another life taken in the list of fallen American troops. But this one was different, for his heroic actions rivaled Medal of Honor awardees at Iwo Jima, Viet Nam and other landmark war heroes. His act of selfless valor was witnessed and recorded by his friends as a true war hero, not a trumped up one like John Kerry, but one of blood and guts and faith in the person of one who was a Mexican immigrant and did not even need to fight for the country to which he came. When one thinks patriotic to country and loyal to Christ's command, there are few who would rank higher than this gung-ho loyal Mexican-American Marine who sacrificed his life for others. Lowry tells the full story which must be spread to one and all in these times when such liberal rags as The New York Times and Washington Post run only bad things and suppress the story of a true hero. Lowry makes sure people do not forget Sgt. Rafael Peralta, American Hero
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
Kevin Tierney continues his series on the Charismatic Movement with part four "Problems with the Charismatic Movement as a movement within the Church" in which he illustrates how, despite the ecumenical bent of John Paul II, the Charismatic Movement is powered by Protestants who continue to tolerate Catholics while ingraining them in the very same mistakes that made them schismatic heretics in the first place, denial of Catholic Truth. He especially points this out in their rejection of traditional piety as a Charism of the Holy Ghost. Evidently Charismatics and Modernists of the Novus Ordo persuasion have one thing in common: they shudder when anything traditional is brought up. It's called Veritasphobia - Afraid of the Truth - and Kevin shows the symptoms while outlining the dangers in in the fourth installment of his series Musings of the Charismatic Movement Part Four
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica sounds the clarion in trumping the Surgeon General's warning that adorns every pack of cigarettes with the much, much more forbidding omen the Supreme Surgeon General - the Divine Physician has always placed on sin. While smoking is a vice that can lead to sin, abortion is a vile sin that cannot be rationalized or trivialized for it involves the direct killing of an innocent soul and greatly and mortally can wound those participating. As part of the build-up toward the 31st anniversary of the horrendous Roe v. Wade on January 23, Gabriel continues the theme that abortion has to stop or America is lost. He exposes the hypocrisy that society has foisted on the gullible by making smoking the worst crime in the world, while abortion and sodomy are now to be accepted?! We don't think so, especially considering that 50 years ago everyone but His Holiness Pius XII probably smoked. The point Gabriel hammers on is which is worse? Both Smoking and Abortion can lead to death. The difference is that smoking won't send one to hell, ABORTION WILL! The satanic serpent slithers only over and through the sinful skull as depicted above right. Gabriel explains in his column WARNING: Abortion is Definitely HAZARDOUS to your salvation!
In the on-going saga of Fatima and the conciliar church, there is breaking news that a Traditional Catholic has been able to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Carmelite Convent in Coimbra, Portugal where Sister Lucia is cloistered. That person was none other than Mel Gibson who was granted such a rare opportunity because he had graciously set up special facilities to show his film last year to the contemplatives who are not allowed to leave their cloister. Mel was accompanied by his wife Robin and the Vice Postulator for the cause of beatification of Jacinta and Francisco Fr. Luis Condor. What was discussed remains a secret but we would venture to say we can trust that much more than the fabricators of the Third Secret in modern Rome. However the story by Richard Salbato of how the meeting came to be and how it played out is described in his article of this until-now-confidential meeting between two key persons in restoring credibility to the skimble-skamble, slight of hand, erosion of the holy Faith that has devastated the Church.Mel Gibson Visits Lucia of Fatima
Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
We are pleased to be able to share another letter from Father James F. Wathen, pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege. Though he has been suffering greatly, he still has time to give and what he offers today are priceless gems of wisdom for husbands and wives, for young men and women in the single life, and for children as well. In each, he provides solid Catholicity of how each must respond in order to have their state in life blessed and become fruitful in the eyes of God, and then in the eyes of the world which, as he points out, is often a paradox for living as a true Catholic is a contradiction to the world. His encouraging words give hope that more will take his solid advice and apply it to their lives so that a generation of true Catholics can be generated for tomorrow. That is his gift for the feast of the holiest of families, Jesus' Own in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph. We present his totally sensus Catholicus short essay sent by Maria Hughes. We have titled it, Thoughts to sustain Catholic Families
On the BattleLine
Atila Sinke Guimarães, in his first writing of 2005 on his Tradition in Action site, signals the alert that we need to watch very carefully what is happening in South America. With all the focus on Iraq, we hear very little about the surging beast that is engulfing the entire Southern Hemisphere in the red fire of communism and could very well pose the greatest threat to the United States than any power in the Mid-East. For while Americans are lulled to sleep and dumbed down with products made in communist China, Russia is rebuilding its arsenal and the giant bear in the Orient is assembling to attack. Meanwhile, our economy and moral standards continue to crumble, providing the future fodder for the fiery beast south of the border who even now is stretching its reptilian red tentacles into Central America and Mexico. America is ripe for conquest and Atila warns, as he has before in predicting rightly the consequences of Lula's election in Venezuela. The Hammer and Red Sickle have cut such a wide swath across the vast regions of the southern continent that the red beast can now make his hateful approach and possible attack on the U.S. It's mammoth monstrous mammon breath grows hotter as Atila documents in his column which we have titled Beware of the Red Dragon in the Southern Hemisphere
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Double Major Feast of the Holy Family he points out the importance of "home" and equates the devastation of the most recent disastrous tsunami in the Indian Ocean ravaging Southeast Asia with the loss of home, hearth and heartland. But if one is anchored in the home of God, guided by the example and intercession of the Holy Family, then even the worst earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or fires or worse can shake us from realizing our spiritual home which is Heaven. Our life on this fragile planet earth is but a drop of water compared to the unending ocean of eternity that will be like the calmest of seas for us forever in one of the Almighty's many mansions in Heaven. Conversely, if we place our emphasis on that drop of water more than the everlasting sea of eternity, then the tsunamis of hell will erupt and cascade down on us, crushing us under satan's hardened mantle of madness. While humanistic assistance is vital in these desperate times for our neighbors who are made in the image and likeness of Christ, it cannot be the end all and be all; and, in these times when society and the conciliar church give more credence to the material and modern than spiritual and ancient, there will be consequences for Our Lord has assured this in Scripture as Father explains in his sermon "Though the earth be shaken"
On this date 100 years ago on January 8, 1904, Pope Saint Pius X decreed that modesty was of prime importance to preserving the Faith. He proclaimed that low cut dresses were not appropriate in church since it not only distracted others but went against the virtues and example of the Blessed Virgin Mary and thus, the holy 257th successor of Peter banned all low-cut bodices at Holy Mass. Had the conciliar church followed his wise example, it is possible that not only would there have been few scandals but many, many more holy priests and nuns. Though the modern Vatican still prohibits any shorts, mini-skirts or low-cut dresses or bikini-tops inside St. Peter's, including tourists, few Novus Ordo pastors enforce this modesty, which is most prevalent in all traditional chapels for they realize the importance of the holy Pius' wisdom. Thus, prior to the scandal of Vatican II few would have ever thought of not dressing up in suits, ties for men and dresses for women with a head covering to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Today those who do are in the vast minority for most women wear slacks or immodest wear and men are quite slovenly when attending their Novus Ordo services. Their dress in church only reinforces the fact that they do not feel Christ is important enough to dress for. That is another of the sad fruits of Vatican II which even a century ago Pius X tried to prevent.
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
Kevin Tierney resumes his series on the Charismatic Movement with part three "Considerations on 'Prophesy' and other Grandiose Manifestations" in which he continues to reveal the wisdom of St. John of the Cross in cautioning all about the dangers of controlling the Holy Ghost. That is exactly what charismatics do by forcing the issue that someone will prophesize before the "praise and worship" breaks up. Those in charge will make sure of that, even if they have to make it up which is exactly what they do as proven from an experience Gerry Matatics had in which he blathered in tongues to those in attendance. At least they thought he was babbling in tongues; what he actually was doing was reciting various verses of the Old Testament in Hebrew. The "discerners" didn't have a clue as evident from their spontaneous discernment that proved Gerry's point then and there. Yet, so many get caught up, as St. John of the Cross points out, in the "animal man" which puts its senses above sense. Kevin explains in the third installment of his series
Traditional Thoughts
While John Paul II schmoozes with heretics and pagans, the words of a faithful and great Scottish prelate two hundred years ago verify the grave error and scandal and totally non-Catholic action of Wojtyla and cohorts in the counterfeit church. Thanks to Catholic Family News we're able to bring you the short, concise and documented essay by Bishop George Hay who showed quite clearly how Sacred Scripture condemned the novelty of ecumenism for truly, no man can serve two masters. In the New Testament, the authors do not mince words in warning the faithful to stay away from the heathens. John Vennari puts it perfectly in his short introduction of Bishop Hay's work, "Bishop Hay demonstrates that Sacred Scripture absolutely and infallibly forbids all religious intermingling between Catholics and those of false religions. Indeed, Bishop Hay here sounds the death knell for ecumenism, since ecumenism, as well as the Charismatic Movement, are squarely based on interfaith principles solemnly condemned by Sacred Scripture -- a condemnation that no authority in the Church can overrule." Bishop Hay himself is even stronger in casting ecumenism and all other novelties to the dust bin of anathema. As a follow-up to Kevin's article above, this is a perfect companion piece that should wake many who have been slumbering in the myopia of papolotry. Awake and hear the unmitigated truth as conveyed by a holy bishop in his treatise Ecumenism Condemned by Sacred Scripture
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica chooses the Feast of the Epiphany to declare another epiphany that has not yet registered on the ears and hearts of many - the senseless, sinful slaughter in the womb of tens of million innocents. Appropriately Gabriel selects this day to write of the tiniest of martyrs - smaller than even the Holy Innocents. The difference is that these innocents are still fetuses, unable to express not only their own free will but locked within the prison of their mother's womb, a place which the selfish mother considers should be free of all responsibility and hardship and thus she has a choice to play god. The Almighty is not happy about such arrogance and we should be prepared for the consequences of over 50 million humans sacrificed for selfishness. Tens of thousands were slaughtered in the Colosseum of pagan Rome, but that is child's play compared to the blood sport of abortion today. Since abortion is one of the sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance, Heaven will have its vengence in avenging The Smallest Martyrs
The Sanity of Sanctity
Tradition in Action shares insights from the late Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on the Feast of the Epiphany. He illustrates the significance of the three kings, the number three, their origins and culture, their gifts. All had purpose as Sacred Scripture affirms many places. He points out how the crisis of their time pales in comparison to the crisis of our time and he cites other holy kings from Church History to show the mysterious participation of all not only in kneeling as the Magi did, but at the foot of the Cross, standing strong for Christ and bearing up under the pressures of their time to be faithful. Just as the Eastern Star beckoned the triumverate of eastern rulers, so also it summons us in these times to stay the course, bend our knee and fight for Christ and His Church under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He explains in The Three Kings
"Quid dicit Scriptura?"
The Circumcision of Our Lord Jacob Michael pinpoints the necessity of the Circumcision in a way that few Catholics ever realized. He also clearly refutes Jewish claims today that God's covenant with them is still in vogue on their terms. Rather, as Jacob shows, He has rescinded His covenant and He did so in the Book of Deuteronomy when the Lord established prequisites of each family's first-born. Throughout Sacred Scripture the Jewish people are referred to as donkeys or worse, because of their stubborn nature which proved to be their downfall. Jacob emphasizes and elaborates on the fact that Christ had to be circumcised in order to redeem God's chosen ones from the curse of the Deuteronomic Law that made figurative mules of the multitudes because of their stubbornness. Our Lord came to fulfill the Old Law and establish the New Covenant. The Circumcision was the first shedding of blood to carry out redemption. Of course you won't hear this in Novus Ordo circles for that would be offensive to ecumaniac ears, but the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church point to the facts as Jacob enumerates in his excellent exegesis on Why the Circumcision?
Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
We are pleased to be able to share another letter from Father James F. Wathen, pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege. As you know he has been undergoing chemotherapy and has suffered for some time, yet he is always a priest and even with his debilitating condition, can still provide words of wisdom which we share with you in a letter sent yesterday on two thoughts. First he focuses on the Gospel from the Feast and Octave of Saint John the Evangelist in which Christ says to Peter, "So I will have him to remain till I come, what is it to thee?". Father explains Our Lord's meaning and then the meaning of this time of Christmastide and a plethora of meditative thoughts on the Incarnate Word, a paradox to even "His Own who knew Him not...and received Him not" (cf. John 1: 10-11) - for what better vocabulary could ever suffice than the Incarnate Word. That Incarnate Word was embodied with a Divine nature which was infinite and a human nature which was finite in all things except sin. We present his totally sensus Catholicus short essay sent by Maria Hughes. We have titled it, The Perfect Union
The Fatima File
John Vennari, in the latest issue of Catholic Family News provides proof that the those of the Novus Ordo persuasion continue to purposely ignore at the detriment of countless souls and a direct slap in the face of Our Lady of Fatima whose messages have been askewed and altered to cover up the lies perpetrated by the church of Vatican II. John submitted a letter to a 'Catholic' weekly publication in England, called The Universe to counterbalance all the bafflegab submitted by readers trying to justify the blasphemies at Fatima, but The Universe has yet to publish his letter for a month now. John, realizing the longer this goes unpublished, the more the lie takes hold, is revealing what The Universe has yet to print. Despite their original fairly accurate piece on the Fatima situation, one has to wonder who got to the editors of The Universe to silence them. By their delaying the printing of John's first-hand account letter, they have themselves become accomplices in the cover-up as you'll see in Letter to The Universe
The Sanity of Sanctity
Though her feast is not commemorated in the Holy Mass universally, January 3rd is the traditional feast of Saint Genevieve, not to be confused with the Arthurian Legend's Genevieve. She lived her life in much the same manner as another French woman fourteen hundred years later - Saint Therese of Lisieux for Genevieve, a great influence on King Clovis in establishing France as a Catholic country, was only a poor peasant girl, but Christ dwelt in her heart. She was anointed with His Spirit, and with power; she went about doing good, and God was with her. France has had so many blessings and look what the elder Daughter of the Church has squandered. God have mercy on this land once known as Gaul. The Little Flower, St. Genevieve and the countless other French saints must be mourning the loss of Faith in this once staunchly Catholic country. Saint Genevieve
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica sounds the clarion on the vile sin of abortion by repeating the clarion signaled thousands of years ago in Moses' day. It is called the Ten Commandments, and there is no compromising this divine decalog. Yet man today thinks he can by justifying the sin of murder in the womb. Gabriel numerates why there can be no acceptance of this hideous and heinous sin by listing the reasons that correspond with each and every commandment. He shows the correlation of how it first offends God so via the first three commandments and how the fourth commandment serves as a link between offending God directly and harming our fellow man in the remaining six commandments, chief among them of course, the fifth commandment. But Gabriel points out how the sixth through the tenth are also totally incompatible with the abominable idea that a woman has the "right to choose" to kill her baby and that the U.S. Bishops cannot shy away from their duty to uphold not only Church teaching but the Divine Commandments. Gabriel explains in his first column for 2005 God Almighty Has Already Given Us Ten Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong!
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Double of the Second Class Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, he elaborates on the beauty and treasure of this wonderful, holy Name that is above all others. Sacred Scripture and Holy Mother Church express this so beautifully, and yet today His Holy Name is profaned so, most of who do so fail to realize Christ's Own words in Matthew 12: 26 that each man shall be held accountable for what he says. If only these exclamations were a prayer instead of a profanity. But the cursing, sacrilegious, and scandalous use of our Lord's Holy Name only emotes anger in God and a long history of punishments by those who dare to profane His Name as Father points out in his sermon. He is the Lamb of God and the IHS symbolizes His name - Iesus Hominum Salvator for Jesus, Savior of Man is also represented as the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) Who shed His blood for us. Yet how do we repay Him? By defiling His Holy Name? Not a good idea. A better idea is to recall the great Hymns that sustained the Church for so many centuries and to bow our heads and bend our knee in total reverence to our King. in his sermon "Blessed be the Name of the Lord"
The day after Christmas broke with an eerie sky, an omen that the 40-year period of Mercy had run its course, blotted out by the suffocating humanistic spirit of Vatican II. Fittingly on the Feast of the Protomartyr St. Stephen, the time of Justice began. Those expecting Christ to calm the seas without totally repenting and converting uncompromisingly to His True Church, as it always was from Peter through Pius XII, may be in for a shock. The clarion of this era caught over 5 million in Indonesia and surrounding countries off guard and the lives of well over 100,000 were eliminated by the terrifying tsunami. Many more will perish in the abysmal aftermath as disease and other factors come into play until sanitary conditions are restored. This was in the third-world countries. If God can allow such a catastrophe half-way around the world, do you think North America and Europe will be preserved when these two continents are among the worst offenders? Are they prepared for such a disaster not only to the body but the soul? Do they realize they must be willing to follow Christ and His True Church just as St. Stephen did rather than selling out their Faith? If they have their spiritual house in order, they will not fear for their own lives but will realize where this voyage will end and strap in for the long haul with their Rosaries and the Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - outside of which there is no salvation - no hope of being rescued from the denizens of the deepest pits of hell. The Dawn of a New Era
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord, He illustrates how Christ, through the obedience of His Blessed Mother and foster father St. Joseph to the old traditions, was cleansed through Circumcision, the first bloodletting by our Savior Who came into this world to save souls and, as the Apostle Paul affirms in Titus 2: 14, Cleansing for Himself an Acceptable People. Yet, where is the cleansing of grace today in the modern conciliar church? Father points out the futility of John Paul II's strange and foreign-to-Catholic ears theology and Vatican II bafflegab. Father cites through the infallible Word of Scripture, St. Irenaeus, and the eye-opening exposé published by a very respectable priest the inanity and insanity of newChurch's concepts of Catholicism. There is no 'Civilization of Love' without grace and belief in only one religion - that founded by Jesus Christ Who was like us in all ways, except sin. Yet He subjected Himself to the humiliation of the Cross which began with His circumcision, a feast incidentally and purposefully eliminated by the conciliar church. Father explains in his sermon "Cleansing for Himself an Acceptable People"
Living our Faith
We begin the New Year with the Bible as we will cover the purpose and background in a short overview of the Old Testament which began with "In the beginning God created Heaven and earth" in the Book of Genesis and ends with the last words of the beloved disciple Saint John the Evangelist in the Book of Apocalypse with "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen" in the New Testament. Between these words are millions of others, all sanctioned as the Word and a guide for helping us attain everlasting life. That is a major reason why we provide these catechetical "points of enlightenment" in order to help more Catholics better understand their Faith. Regardless of where any Catholic is in his or her journey toward salvation, he or she has to recognize that the Faith they were initiated into at the Sacrament of Baptism, making them truly members of the Mystical Body of Christ, is the most precious gift they have been given in life. If they truly want to live their Faith as it was taught in the Church through 260 Popes, they must know the Faith and live it as Traditional Catholics. That's the only way to KEEP THE FAITH! Thus, we present HOLY SCRIPTURE: A Brief Overview
    EDITOR'S NOTE: We regret that we cannot bring you the next installment of LIVING our FAITH series. The file became corrupted and it's back to square one in compiling the series, so please be patient. Thank you for your understanding and response to this series.

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