January 1, 2005
volume 16, no. 1

The Dawn of a New Era

    "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; but red sky in the morning, sailor take warning." All souls have been warned that we are heading for mighty rough tides as we enter a new, much darker and harrowing era.

Editor's Note: The day after Christmas broke with an eerie sky, an omen that the 40-year period of Mercy had run its course, blotted out by the suffocating humanistic spirit of Vatican II. Fittingly on the Feast of the Protomartyr St. Stephen, the time of Justice began. Those expecting Christ to calm the seas without totally repenting and converting uncompromisingly to His True Church, as it always was from Peter through Pius XII, may be in for a shock. The clarion of this era caught over 5 million in Indonesia and surrounding countries off guard and the lives of well over 100,000 were eliminated by the terrifying tsunami. Many more will perish in the abysmal aftermath as disease and other factors come into play until sanitary conditions are restored. This was in the third-world countries. If God can allow such a catastrophe half-way around the world, do you think North America and Europe will be preserved when these two continents are among the worst offenders? Are they prepared for such a disaster not only to the body but the soul? Do they realize they must be willing to follow Christ and His True Church just as St. Stephen did rather than selling out their Faith? If they have their spiritual house in order, they will not fear for their own lives but will realize where this voyage will end and strap in for the long haul with their Rosaries and the Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - outside of which there is no salvation - no hope of being rescued from the denizens of the deepest pits of hell. Here we provide signs that illustrate we have just entered into a new era.

      "And when this era, begun on December 26, 2004, is fully implemented, some years or decades from now, or even a longer time, which no one knows for certain except God, it will soon be time for the era of Antichrist. He will lead the One World Government, the Global Village, and he will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, as we have spoken about elsewhere. The time will be ripe for Him to bring all peoples together in the name of Satan, to unify all in a secular, One World Religion, and no one will escape his rule. He will be glorified by all who walk on earth, and the evil spirits will sing his praises. He will be given great power by Satan through the permission of God, to do magic and signs and wonders that would fool even the elect, if that were possible. When that era begins, there will be no turning back; Antichrist will be installed on his throne and nothing will stop him, except by the hand of God, as heralded by Elijah."

The Holy Innocents, AD2004

    Many years ago the people of Israel were stubborn and would not listen to the Lord. So He sent them out to wander in the desert for 40 years. It was the same way at the time that Jesus walked the earth. He told them: "Do you see all these great buildings? Not one stone will be left on another. Every one will be thrown down." And 40 years later, whilst the hearts of most of the people were still hard and unrepentant, the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and the city. In 1965 at the close of the Vatican II Council, the Church was, for the first time in its history, made an instrument of secularism. And secularism itself became a tool for actually destroying religious belief in the name of the Human. And now 40 years later, that destruction has begun in earnest. The old has passed away; we are at the dawn of a new and sinister era, an Age of Aquarius which even the astrologers had correctly predicted.

    There were many warnings that God gave us. At Assisi, the venerable city of Saint Francis, a knowing John Paul II allowed the pagan shrine to be set up in the sanctuary, the Buddha god. And shortly thereafter the city experienced a devastating earthquake, which destroyed the great and holy works of art that were painted on the walls of the churches by Renaissance artists. The holy works of Giotto for example, unharmed for 700 years, suddenly were turned into dust! The modern church tried to make up for it by installing a slide show of the great paintings that had once been viewable in Assisi. And then earlier this year John Paul II allowed Fatima to become ecumenical, such that the Hindu Elephant god was spiritually welcomed into the Lord's sanctuary. Yet the Hierarchy did not listen when many of us alerted them to these and all of the other novelties that have resulted from the installation of secularism at Vatican Council II. Even the fact that the Church has nearly been destroyed spiritually, from within, nor the dramatic drop in staff, parishioners, and belief in God's Word, nor even the great sinfulness of the era, was noticed by ears and eyes of those that had the power to do something about it

Temblors and Tsunamis of Terror

    The secular governments also have refused to observe what has happened during the last 40 years. Instead, further statutes have been created to strengthen "human rights and social justice", which in plain English means to meld and equalize the cultures, religions, and wealth of the entire world, in preparation for a One World Government and One World Religion led by Antichrist. As with the change in the modern Church, these secular measures were also initiated in 1965, and they have now come to fruition. All of Christendom has bought into the concept; the secular laws have been relaxed pertaining to fornication, abortion, divorce, and many other wicked things. And as a result Christendom has been overrun by migrants that threaten to destroy the economies of these nations and result in civil war. Firstly in Europe but also elsewhere, the Mohammedans, beat back by the holy popes and peoples of the Crusades, have now taken over the lands without a shot fired. And the Islamics are not only tolerated but even heartily welcomed by Christian magistrates and heads of state in their mission to institute Shari'a law and to win the entire world for Allah. Furthermore, because of an impetus to act globally for "human rights and social justice", the economies of all Christendom are now in ruins. There is no money available for security or anything else! All is teetering on the edge of economic ruin. No one has listened or understood; all chose to turn away or not to hear.

    Yet even leading up to 1965 there were many warnings of the impending disasters that would naturally follow the great offense to God. In addition to warning people through the Lord's prophets, God sent natural disasters as harbingers of what was to come. In the 20th century, when modern scientific methods for measurement of natural disasters became available, there were 10 major world earthquakes (magnitude 8.5 or greater). The graph shows their frequency and timing during the century. The first occurred in 1906 and the last in 1965, and during the interval in between there was an exponential increase in their frequency of occurrence. In the 1960's, almost one major earthquake occurred per year, and then everything stopped after 1965, following that last great quake. Until now. Forty years later, on December 26, 2004, the feast of Saint Stephen, the first martyr, we have experienced a most devastating earthquake which has surpassed all of the others in terms of the number of souls lost. God was silent for 40 years, and now He has spoken. Were these poor "Galileans" who lived or vacationed along the coasts of the Indian Ocean when the Tsunami hit, any more guilty in offense to God than any of the other "Galileans"? No! I tell you. But unless we repent, we too will all perish.


    Now 1965, when the last major quake occurred, on February 4, is perhaps the most infamous year in history. It was the final year of Vatican Council II, and with it, the demise of holiness and the glorification of the secular and profane. It was the first year of the full embodiment of secularism in the Church, the year the eclipse of the True Church took on a major darkness. It was the year of the implementation of a false utopia based upon the emphasis on "human rights and social justice". It was also the year of the changing of the immigration codes, which has led to open borders and the massive movement of migrants throughout the world, thereby building the foundation for the One World Government. February 4 is the birthday of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the theologian noted for religious ecumenism and for equating religion with secularism. February 4 is also the birthday of Rosa Parks, who many call the foundress of the human rights and social justice movement. On February 4, 1965, Malcolm X gave his last major speech for human rights and social justice. Malcolm renounced Christianity, the religion of his Christian minister father, for Islam. From 1965 forward, an era was ushered in with the focus on the human condition and the Me, at the expense of the former focus on holiness, God, and His coming Judgment. And who can deny this? What major media or priestly sermon, other than traditional priests or media, has emphasized anything but the human condition in the last 40 years? And what is the result? "By their fruits ye shall know them." Does any Christian actually practice his or her religion in more than a superficial way? Yet if the focus were on God, rather than Man, then the betterment of all peoples would naturally follow as a work toward salvation. The watershed year of 1965 rather, ushered in the new era of the Humanist Spirit in its entirety, that we have lived through for the past 40 years.

    This era was marked by the falling away of millions, even billions of souls, a great loss to God and His Church, and we have spoken about this before. The salvation of souls, using our talents to win more, is our utmost duty, and we failed. Looking toward Heaven and eternal life in God's paradise is the primary reason for our existence until Jesus returns. Yet we have tried to create an earthly paradise instead, wrapping ourselves in luxury and in a me-first attitude. In the name of convenience and by the power of the Humanist Spirit, hundreds of millions of unborn, holy innocents, have been slaughtered through abortion to greatly please the god Molec. The purpose of the marriage bond has also been renounced through contraception, fornication, pornography, and adultery. Since 1965, hundreds of millions of Christian women have sacrificed their virginity, their holy temple of God, to evil, in order to please the god Baal. The result is that the sanctity of marriage, the union of God and Church in the flesh, has fallen away, and there is no such thing as femininity anymore. And anyone who doubts this can watch the typical younger or middle-aged woman tool down the highway at breakneck speed in her gas-guzzling SUV or mini-van, running red lights and weaving through traffic. The result of all of this is that there is no longer a respect for human life - which is a major step toward the demise of all Christendom. With hardly any young people being produced anymore, much of Christendom is facing self-annihilation.

End of an era and the beginning of another: December 26, 2004

    Because those who could do something were warned but have done nothing for 40 years, the new phase, the new era, arrived on December 26, 2004, the feast of Saint Stephen, the first martyr. And many martyrs there will indeed be in this new era, in this brave new world, at the hand of those to whom ultimate power and control has been given. I know a man who had a terrifying dream in the early 1990's about the coming destruction. I can tell you part of it. There was a huge bulldozer that knocked over a mighty brick building which appeared to be 4 stories tall. It was evident that those 4 stories were a measure of time, and perhaps they meant 4 years. Each year on the anniversary of this dream, the man was quite pensive of what might happen, especially on the fourth anniversary. Yet nothing major happened even four years later. He also thought that perhaps the four stories meant 4 decades, meaning the early 2030's, but it seemed too distant a time for the conditions suggested in the dream. In fact those 4 stories meant the 4 decades of humanistic progressivism - 40 years - of Vatican II, of human rights and social justice, and of the installation of the Humanist Spirit everywhere, starting in 1965. The termination of this interval has now arrived, and smoke pours forth from the Lord's holy nostrils; He rises up in righteous anger. He gave us 40 years to repent, but that era has now been completed, and we have entered the next stage, toward a complete unification with Satan, which is what we have asked for. We have been released from Christ's yoke, and have taken on the yoke of Satan, many of us, which is the duty to forget God, family, and country, and a duty to revel in fornication, abortion, adultery, perverted same-sex and human-animal "marriages", gluttony, greed, envy, and the like, all of which will now progress at an accelerated rate. No human hand can stop it any longer, and God will not stop it either. There shall be no more delay.

    The end of the last era is symbolized by the last iconic image from that period, the recent photo of the pro-Israeli Senators Joe Lieberman and supposedly 'Catholic' Susan Collins, leering and gloating because their national security bill had passed, one which does not protect the borders of the US, meaning that the open borders policy and the establishment of a One World Government are but a moment away. And they fully realize this, the reason for their glee. You cannot see it in the photo, but in fact Satan stands between these senators with his arms around their shoulders, gleaming red and with a wicked grin because he has triumphed, and because we are one step closer to the reign of his son, Antichrist. Humanity has renounced the yoke of God to build a false utopia, a false paradise on earth as has long been hoped for by rationalists and secularists, a false peace in unity with the Spirit of Darkness.

    During the nascent portion of this new era, this Age of Aquarius, the blurring of what constitutes human life, and God's diminishing role in the process of forming life, will increase at an accelerated rate. Science and all types of human activity will serve Man, not God. Technology has already created human-animal beings, at least in embryonic form, and soon there will be adult beings of this sort, which we have described to you elsewhere. Creatures half-man and half-bull or half-dog or snake and so on, Minotaurs and the like. The human organism itself will be designed by the changing of the structure of molecules, and by the cloning of present forms. And yet more startling events are in store for us; let us tell you about them. On December 26, 2004, dawn of a new era, Mr. Yushchenko first declared victory in the Ukraine presidential election, with the promise to further dismantle what is left of Eastern culture in order to bring the Ukraine in line with a one worldview. It was also revealed on this day for the first time that the Pakistani Muslim, Khan, the Father of the Pakistani Nuclear Bomb, apparently has given complete plans for nuclear weaponry to a huge assortment of rouge Islamic groups and nations, including Iran, Syria, and Al Qaeda. December 26 is also the anniversary of Mao Tse Tung's birth, the greatest leader of the Communist Chinese, who was responsible for the death of billions. These are the major events which hallmark the new era, and they are a harbinger of things to come. Woe! Woe! Woe! cries out the angel from Heaven, and we should be afraid.

CHINA - The Silent Beast

    The first woe is China. The Chinese bear has awakened, and he will not go back to sleep. We have all bought into it, by the purchase of cheap Chinese goods and services. Almost everything is made in China, and the United States is a trillion dollars in debt from bringing human rights and social justice to the whole world, with the result that the Chinese government is our creditor, and the creditor of many other nations. The Chinese therefore basically own the American economy, and woe to us, because what happens now will not be pretty. They have the economic might to destroy us, or to come close to it, which they will do at the proper time. Moreover, they have the military might now too, thanks to the stealing of our national military secrets by Chinese immigrant scientists. They will wreak destruction upon us and upon the entire world, imprisoning all by expanding the "bamboo curtain." The years of playing second fiddle to the West has ended, and now they will have their vengeance, by the proclamation of God and through the power granted to the Devil. They will torture and kill Christians in some places, as they do now in their own country. We will become their slaves, and our will, will become one with the will of the Chinese government. They will command and we will obey. They are the new superpower, and no human hand can stop them. We can possibly slow them down a bit, by boycotting Chinese goods. But unless God ordains it differently, there is no stopping them. And we will not even slow them down, because, as Asa Hutchinson tells us, "we have not the will to do so." This is the first woe of devastation leading to Antichrist, but more are yet to come.

ISLAM - The "Queen of the South" is trumping Christianity

    The second woe is Islam, and the unholy power will be unleashed in the form of nuclear devices in our cities, as heralded by Khan. Can you imagine if New York and its entire surrounds were destroyed, what would happen? Well if you don't live or work there, and are typically callous, as the love of most grows cold, you might not care much. But the repercussions would be enormous. No one would want to live in the cities anymore or in the suburbs around them - everyone would flee to the mountains and hills and to the countryside. Properties in urban and suburban regions would be worth nothing, for fear that another bomb would be set off. There would therefore no longer be any cities and thus no commerce. Society would begin to break down, though in some places marshal law would slow the demise. Yes, this did not happen in Japan when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed, but that was an entirely different story. In those times people were more honorable. The Americans sought to end World War II, not to destroy the Japans. But now the situation is quite different. Islam really does seek to destroy Christendom, and they are winning, because the wrath of God against what Western Civilization has become will not be diminished. They will succeed at least in part, because it has been ordained by God. The Christian people preferred to focus upon themselves and their own interests rather than those of God, and Our Lady of La Salette can no longer hold back the mighty Arm of the Lord. Therefore the fury and hatred of Islam will also wreak destruction on all Christendom, the second woe.

    And why has Islam been chosen by God as an instrument of wrath? These people, although they don't know the Lord, keep the moral law in some ways, in the sense that they know that abortion, contraception, fornication, adultery and pornography, sodomy and beastiality, greed and gluttony, and other such evils are filth and abomination, and so God has chosen them as His holy device to wreak destruction on "Christians", who are now fattened for slaughter, Christians in name only, and who do not keep the moral law. The Muslims will chop off the heads of thousands of men. Most of the remaining Christian males who escape this end will be neutered, to serve as eunuchs for Islamic families and government officials. Christian girls and women will be covered with a full burqua with only a mouth patch exposed, and they will be given over as wives from the age of 5 years old. Islamic men will enjoy multiple wives as never before, the fruit of their success at wreaking destruction, by the hand of God. And all will convert to Islam or die; therefore there will be many martyrs, which is heralded by the ushering in of this new era on the feast of Saint Stephen. And will you, dear reader, become a martyr rather than to deny God? Better not to be so sure about it, because pride cometh before the fall.

RUSSIA - Reorganization and Destruction

    The third woe will be the destruction of Eastern Christendom, the last vestige of the glory of God on earth, as heralded by the declared victory of Mr. Yushchenko of the Ukraine on December 26, 2004. Many silly people have the notion that "Russia has been converted" to Christendom, because "the Holy Father already did the consecration" as Sister Lucia requested. If that were true, then this great country would have converted or shown signs of conversion by now. Yet there does remain among these fine and venerable people of the former Soviet Union a last remaining vestige of a godly civilization which has not yet yielded to the yoke of a united world secularism nor towed the line toward a One World Government. They are the last remaining kingdom on earth with God at the fore, who resist the coming devastation, and as a result, they cannot buy or sell on the world market and have suffered the economic consequences. Yes, there are many sinners in Russia, Ukraine, and their surrounds, but some brave souls there still resist joining with the World, as St. Stephen refused to compromise, which pleases God. Yet the election of Mr. Yushchenko has changed everything. They will get a secular media, a secular religion, they will become Westernized, and then they will be destroyed like the rest of us. All because Our Lady's request at Fatima has gone unanswered as she asked. It will be possible for the small remnant of good Christians in the East to resist for a time, depending on the holiness of the leaders and the people; and to their credit, if they do resist, many of them can be saved even in this new and terrifying era if they cling to the One True Church. But unless God ordains it differently, they too will one day become one in mind with the coming devastation.

    Therefore dear friends, we can look forward to many terrible and terrifying events in this new era, and I'm sorry but I don't have a bit of good news to give you. Many of the Church leaders, and many nations, have declared their stand with secularism, with the Humanist Spirit; they refused to listen to our message. The world is now preparing for Antichrist, and unless God decides to delay it, we barrel along toward that era rapidly. Soon, as we have said, there will be no national borders. Everyone will be of a mind to fully glorify secularism; it will be a golden era for all that opposes God, except for a small remnant. Most everyone will build up the false utopia whose foundation is human rights and social justice. Most all will agree that the Church must become an efficient tool of secular humanism. Those who have asked: "Can't we all just get along?" will leap with joy as the world finally gets along, in the name of Satan, one with his evil mind. And as a result, the instruments of God to reap destruction during this era, China and Islam, will devastate all Christendom. There will hardly be any more cities and anarchy will reign in some places, maybe many places. It will be at first like the Wild West, but as the implementation of these woes progresses, it will become like prehistoric times. Things will be so terrible for females in some places that the women feminists will long for the days when they could have been stay-at-home 1950's housewives. They will be forced to have 10 or 20 children, their SUV's and minivans will be taken away from them, they will not be allowed to drive or vote or to speak or to go out in public. They will be taken as a wife by being dragged by the hair. And if they resist their heads will be chopped off. And the Christian males, who failed to defend Christendom, if they survive at all, will be emasculated and made into eunuchs from the age of 5 years. They will be the servants of Islam and the Chinese. All will bow the knee to Allah five times daily and any who resist will be martyred.

The Globalization of Mammon

    And when this era, begun on December 26, 2004, is fully implemented, some years or decades from now, or even a longer time, which no one knows for certain except God, it will soon be time for the era of Antichrist. He will lead the One World Government, the Global Village, and he will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, as we have spoken about elsewhere. The time will be ripe for Him to bring all peoples together in the name of Satan, to unify all in a secular, One World Religion, and no one will escape his rule. He will be glorified by all who walk on earth, and the evil spirits will sing his praises. He will be given great power by Satan through the permission of God, to do magic and signs and wonders that would fool even the elect, if that were possible. When that era begins, there will be no turning back; Antichrist will be installed on his throne and nothing will stop him, except by the hand of God, as heralded by Elijah.

    And so dear friends, do not believe silly stories concocted by the moneymaking authors of series of books that purport to describe the return of Jesus. These are fairy tales, created in the minds of men for the purpose of making money. The Lord's prophets are not charlatans who do a show for money. You can tell them, though they too are unworthy servants, by their sincerity and by weighing the message and the purpose of the messenger, if it is good or evil. So do not go looking for the Lord out in the fields or in the inner rooms; you will not find Him there. And do not think you will be automatically swept away in some kind of rapture. Rather, we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling, because no one knows the day or hour, nor the exact conditions, nor who has done enough, exhibiting their true faith, to be saved. It is the dawn of a new era, and you have lived in it. If we can make it profitable for our souls we will live, and some will indeed live in the Kingdom of God. But if we continue in our old ways we will die the second death, by the mighty hand of the Lord, which we had coming to us. We will learn the hard way that no man can serve two masters as Christ affirmed in Matthew 6: 24.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

    Instaurare Omnia in Christo
    "To Restore All Things in Christ"
January 1, 2005
volume 16, no. 1