GABRIEL'S CLARION (feb14gab.htm)
February 14, 2005
vol 16, no. 45
A Majority of Three in One!
        There can never be a majority without God; likewise we can never be considered a minority if we are with God.

Through political power, influence, and social/cultural appeal minorities wed to Satan's agenda have tried to wrest control. Ultimately they will not win because they are not in sync with the Majority of One: The Triune Divinity Who is Absolute Love.

    "If it stands that only moral, virtuous and good minority struggles can lead to ultimate moral success, and if morality, virtue, and good can only come from God Almighty, then it stands to reason that only minority struggles which emerge from God Almighty, His Divine Will, and the teachings of Christ can lead to ultimate moral success and eternal salvation! It therefore also stands that any such minority struggle grounded in immorality and evil, while it may temporarily succeed at some level, will ultimately fail because it contradicts the truth that God will ultimately succeed and that which stands against God will ultimately fail, no matter what. Logic therefore dictates that there can be no true majority without God, and no true minority with Him for God is a Majority of Three in One!"

    Today is Valentine's Day, named after that saint whom the secular sector remembers, but the New Order church has chosen to forget. Though my column today is not about this day, I invite you to read my column from Valentine's Day last year The Irony of Valentine's Day which speaks of the Majority of One - God and what love is all about: God! Without Him there is no love. Yet, as we know the enemies of God have been busy revising history with the ultimate goal of removing God from the annals. We must realize no matter how hard they try, they will not be successful for they are in the minority against the Majority of One! Yet, as the idiom proves true, those who do not learn from the lessons of history, are destined to repeat the errors that led to the downfall of so many who thought they had a better idea than the Divine.

    History has shown us many valuable lessons regarding confrontations between majorities and minorities. While many people see numbers as the defining parameters of majorities and minorities, we have learned that what makes a group a majority or minority is sometimes more a function of power, influence, connections and appeal than mere numbers. History has also shown us how minorities stand up against overwhelming odds and battle for their cause, with success or failure more a function of influence or interpretation than mere numbers. We have also seen how some minorities seemingly succeed where success seemed improbable. History tells us that such a result is only possible where that minority's cause becomes a battle cry or a symbol which awakens the minds, hearts, and souls of many others. However, such minority success may result from moral or immoral campaigns. Where the campaign is immoral, that success may well be allowed by God Almighty and driven by evil one. In such a case, the success will be temporary and superficial. The only permanent, profound, and solid minority success is that blessed by God Almighty and driven by His Divine Will and the teachings of Jesus Christ. What we see is that no majority without God Almighty can ever last, that no minority without God can ever truly succeed, and that any minority with God will ever truly be a minority or fail!

What is a minority

    We often get a skewered picture of what a minority is. Americans have the lopsided view that anyone who is not a caucasian American is a minority. Yet the population of China dwarfs America, so also India is fast gaining people-wise. Then we have the Spanish influence which, European in origin, has established its own culture throughout the Western Hemisphere - South, Central and the large pockets of North America. Their numbers also are greater than the citizens of the United States. Yet they are called a 'minority.' This 'minority-thinking' has given rise to the promotion of 'Black History Month' in February where people of African origin claim minority status even though their numbers are no longer minor. This is one example of a minority wielding a political agenda. Just ask Jesse Jackson. But blacks, who admittedly were oppressed for centuries through the vile sin of slavery, are claiming restitution for something they had nothing to do with directly. Asking for monetary retribution for their ancestors, as some are clamoring for, or another minority - the Jews - demanding retribution and apologies from those who were not responsible is irresponsible. Yes, they were mistreated, but they do not have a monopoly on this, nor were they the first.

    Consider the Christians. As a Christian, do I have the right to demand that I am remunerated for the sins of pagan Rome against my ancestors who willingly took up the cross to follow Christ? Of course not. In fact, we have all been remunerated for the sins of Adam and Eve by one Man Who took upon His shoulders the sins of the whole world.The saints who followed His teachings never claimed they were a minority and demanded anything. They willingly suffered - taking up their cross daily and followed Him. Rewards? Countless and eternal. In my next column I will delve into this in much more detail. But for this column it is food for thought when we hear so many making demands and expecting to be handed something they never really earned. Yes, their ancestors most probably earned and deserved the respect of a human being to be treated as one made in the image and likeness of their Creator, but, like the early Christians, they accepted their sufferings and offered them up, gaining much greater rewards for their perseverance just as Christ has always taught. Those who want and expect rewards in this life have totally missed His message.

    While many people see a minority as any group with a relatively inferior number or percentage as compared to other groups in a society or culture, it is clear that numbers alone do not always truly define a minority. For example, in South Africa we have seen how 19 million Blacks were controlled by 4.5 million Whites. In Iraq we have seen how Sunnis constitute 20% of the population yet controlled that country for decades. It becomes clear that more than simple numbers, it is political power, influence, and social/cultural appeal that often determines if a group is truly a majority or a minority.

    A numbers majority means nothing if it is not accompanied by political power and control of the social and cultural influences. A numbers minority coupled with such power and influence, on the other hand, is actually a power and influence majority that runs the show and sails the ship in any path desired by that minority, regardless of the moral or spiritual dangers. All this being said, then, a minority is any group whose political and social influence is repressed in a society. While it happens that such groups are often the numerically inferior, this is not always so. The population of the Orient and Islamism compared to the dwindling numbers in Africa, Europe and the Western Hemisphere, thanks to abortion and promiscuity bear that out.

Against All Odds

    We have seen how numerical minorities stood up against overwhelming odds at places such as Masada and The Alamo. Despite the apparent defeat of such minorities, history tells us that their sacrifices fed a larger cause and have become symbols of courage, determination, and the human struggle to live freely. It becomes apparent that the relative success of minority struggles may be defined by what those struggles come to represent and their moral nature. It is conceivable that a struggle by an immoral minority may come to symbolize an immoral cause and thus grow in influence. Keep in mind though that if the nature and content of that struggle is immoral, it will ultimately be a failure to eternal salvation although its influence may be felt for ages. Such is the case of the 'gay and lesbian' movement today. The sodomites are trying to equate their cause to what the blacks faced. There is no comparison, yet with political power, influence, and social/cultural appeal they are, to the dismay of civilization in incurring God's wrath, making temporary headway. The same holds true with the vile sin of abortion over the past 32 years. So also with apartheid, which was clearly an immoral cause carried by an immoral minority. Apartheid and ethnic cleansing have had a profound influence despite being a failure in terms of eternal salvation for its proponents.

    The success of a minority's struggle is not therefore measured by any immediate victory or simple battle casualty list. Rather, this success is more measured by what that struggle came to represent and how it influenced the hearts, minds, and souls of others. When that struggle becomes the symbol of a larger, immoral cause, that struggle becomes a victory, albeit temporary, for evil. However, when that struggle becomes the symbol of a large moral cause, the struggle becomes a success for good. Think again of the early Christians, the saints whose blood became the seeds of the Faith. Think of the few missionaries who strove to fulfill Our Lord's charge in Mark 16: 15-16, bringing hundreds, thousands, millions into the bosom of Holy Mother Church and the opportunity for eternal salvation. Nothing is more noble than to give one's life for another out of love for God.

Let Logic Speak

    If it stands that only moral, virtuous and good minority struggles can lead to ultimate moral success, and if morality, virtue, and good can only come from God Almighty, then it stands to reason that only minority struggles which emerge from God Almighty, His Divine Will, and the teachings of Christ can lead to ultimate moral success and eternal salvation! It therefore also stands that any such minority struggle grounded in immorality and evil, while it may temporarily succeed at some level, will ultimately fail because it contradicts the truth that God will ultimately succeed and that which stands against God will ultimately fail, no matter what. Logic therefore dictates that there can be no true majority without God, and no true minority with Him for God is a Majority of Three in One!

Our Stage

    Today we see minorities promoting causes contrary to God Almighty's Will struggling against great odds. These odds oppose them because the majority of people reject their view of society. Despite these odds, these groups are succeeding in many ways because they have captured great political, media, social and economic influence and power. With these weapons in hand, groups such as the sodomite, radical feminist, pro-death, anti-God forces have greatly influenced the direction of society's ship away from God and toward perdition. They even confuse or distort their power majority as a numerical majority, going as far as claiming that the majority of society favors the sodomite, radical feminist, pro-death, Zionist, Masonic, and anti-God agendas. Didn't the obvious red-states majority show they're twisting numbers and reality? Yet, they continue to wave their twisted slogans and statistics pretending to be soldiers for some transcendent causes when all they are really pushing for is their mangled view of right and wrong. Besieged by numerical opposition, they have managed to seize control of political, social, media, economic, and cultural influence and, because the modern church over the past 40 years has been so spineless in upholding Christ's uncompromising truths and placed more of an importance on pleasing man rather than God and caved on truth, tradition and absolutes in favor of ecumenism, equality, liberty and fraternity, the minority 'devils' have hijacked society's spiritual ship toward perdition and away from salvation.

    Despite this plain reality, we know that these immoral minorities cannot ultimately succeed in their treachery, for they do not have God Almighty on their side despite their hypocritical, distorted, and cynical claims that that they do or even that there is no God to worry about at all, or, if there is, that all will go to Heaven no matter how they lived or what laws of nature they have violated. Ultimately, these so-called minority 'martyrs' now turning into the 'immoral influence majority' will fail!

Gideon's Path

    The Old Testament tells us the story of how God Almighty reduced Gideon's army from 22,000 to 300 men and then had that army battle against a Midianite force of 120,000. Outnumbered 400 to 1, these men succeeded not because of numbers or even political, social, economic, cultural, or media power, but because they had the one and only connection that truly counts and makes a difference…a connection and bond with the Majority of Three in One!

    Despite the result of the recent elections, those who seek God and wish to follow His path are truly a minority in this society. While we may be a numerical majority, Hollywood, the media, political influences, and distorted social/cultural forces are in constant and relentless battle to destroy and stamp out our voices. Most people in this society want to seek God at some level, but the powerful numerical minority turned practical majority seeks to censor, silence, and crush the spiritual majority into oblivion.

The New Order vs. God's Order

    We are outnumbered in power and influence if not in numbers, and the odds are seemingly overwhelming. In other words, God has us, and them, right where He wants things to be. The situation is such that only God could sweep a victory from the hands of apparent ultimate defeat! Like the case with Gideon, the final score is already written as long as we trust and defend God.

    I hearken back to the words of our Savior in Matthew 19: 26, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." The same with another giant of the Old Testament: Judas Machabeus and his family - as recorded in the two books of Maccabees. They took on a kingdom in standing with the one True God against the pagan idolator rulers who tore down the altars and put up in the holy places tables of desecration. Sound familiar? It should for there is another minority today which has been greatly persecuted and much misunderstood. That would be Traditional Catholics who see the similarity of what happened in the time of the Maccabees to the very same abomination that has occurred with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the altar. Today our altars have been ransacked and altered, covered or destroyed. In their place are tables of abomination and sterile architecture that takes one away from God. Traditional Catholics are definitely in the minority compared with the vast numbers who have followed the New Order Church into error by adopting a man-made rite to replace the divinely-ordained Mass handed down by the Apostles and Saints for nearly two-thousand years.

    Even if Traditional Catholics are in a minority, they can gain encouragement from St. Augustine's words, "Right is right even if no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it." When one knows right, no matter of wrong can change it or influence one - no matter how small of a minority they compose - away from the eternal truths for God cannot deceive nor be deceived. Because of that there is solace and strength in knowing they are in allegiance with the Majority of One!


    We live in a numbers-driven society where "fairness" usually means equality in numbers, influence, and power. Practical power and influence majority is much more important than mere numerical minority. With such power and influence, an immoral minority can claim majority, virtuous causes, and holy crusades among the ruins of evil and immorality. God wants us to love, honor, respect, obey, trust, and follow Him despite any odds or obstacles. We are besieged from all directions by evil. Like the mythical line in the sand of The Alamo, we are being called to stand for our just cause. Remember who was assaulting the few good men within the fortress? His name was General Santa Ana. Santa ana means Satan as in the Latin words of Sunday's Gospel, Vade, Satana! "Begone, Satan!" When we realize those minorities pushing immoral agendas are powered by Satan and that we are besieged from all directions by evil, we can take comfort in knowing we're on the right side by rejecting him and his works. Though the odds appear quite dim, God has things just as He wants them. Let us look to Gideon, Judas Machabeus, the Saints and their exemplar deeds to spur us on. Let us call on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her chaste spouse St. Joseph, the Archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, our own Guardian Angels, and, today St. Valentine who stressed to young married couples that real love means loving God above all and heeding His laws no matter what. If we can do this, it matters not the numbers for we are guaranteed to succeed where it really counts!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    February 14, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 45