GABRIEL'S CLARION (nov12gab.htm)
December 3, 2005
vol 16, no. 307
The Tip of the Viceberg
Part Six

The Wrong Ranger!

Where ignorance meets arrogance, there is no place for truth nor patience to seek it.

    Today is the Feast of the Patron of Missionaries Saint Francis Xavier, the great Jesuit who traveled to the far ends of the earth to bring the True Faith unabridged, unadulterated, untainted to non-Catholics everywhere. Today we can see the bitter fruits of Vatican II with the charismatic clowns posing as 'Catholic evangelists.' One in particular is Scott Hahn who has dazzled the academia, duped the dolts running EWTN with Mother Angelica incapacitated, and captured the crazy charismatic crowds following him like lemmings. The running joke among Traditional Catholics is what will the masked man say next. You can bet it won't be worth a silver bullet, but thirty pieces of silver could very well betray the Faith for beneath the glamour of the shiny tip of the iceberg are the cold hard facts that what Hahn and his cronies of neo-connism are peddling is in no way Catholic, and even Protestants can be found scratching their heads as the masked man rides up in a cloud of dust and cries "Hi, ho, Hahnitism is Here!" Sorry, but Hahn is no hero. And the sooner the sheople realize this, the faster they'll start realizing the rest of the rot they've been fed over the last 40 years isn't Catholic either.

      "It should not be surprising that Hahn blames Adam for this whole mess since he teaches in a college whose student body is 60% female. After all, if one is going to 'figure out' things others were too dumb to see, it is better to do so in a way consistent with the bunch of women between one and the door! Hahn's absurd claims are attacked by many as leading to abominable lesbian inferences regarding The Blessed Mother and The Holy Spirit. Another Hahn nugget tells us that The Holy Trinity is a 'covenant family' whose 'mother' is The Holy Ghost! He has even claimed to introduce a new set of Liturgical Mysteries based on his interpretation and perceptions!"

    Even though I am a bit too young to have been a true fan of The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto, I have been as exposed to that kind of imagery as the next person. The people in distress hanging from a cliff seemed doomed to a sorry end when out of the blue a knight in shining armor rides in to save the day with his ( or, nowadays, her) unique brand of courage, insight, and creativity. When one thinks of The Lone Ranger two people come to mind: Clayton Moore, the dauntless actor who portrayed this fictional character for so many years and the real life "Lone Ranger" of New York Mets fandom and today for the traditional cause - Dr. Thomas Droleskey - who even dressed the part for every home game at Shea Stadium in his pre-traditional days as he explained in his book There Is No Cure for This Condition, and hung up his mask with his column Out of the Old Ball Game and since has been a true hero to so many with his uncompromising columns of traditional Catholic teaching. All too often the others who pose as heroes turn out to be a sandwich of deception and that heroine turns out to be more like heroin hypnotizing the doomed into thinking that the help is actually better than the emergency.

Personal Experience

    I can attest to this because I used to write for, which is a Novo Ordo site whose editors and leaders are seemingly comprised of a cavalcade of converts from every belief in creation and concoction from Protestants to Jehovah's Witnesses and everything in between. They all seem to have one thing in common: a belief that they have figured it out to a large extent and are thus ready and able to tell everyone else how to follow their lead. While traditional Catholics may seem to have that same confidence in their views, the key difference is that they did not have to "figure out" anything but merely adhere to what Christ had already done and said and the Divine Will and Word of God and the ancient traditions and doctrines of The True Catholic Church. These other "convert Catholics", however, often approach the podium with the attitude that they have somehow discovered or realized something that the poor fools unfortunate enough to be Catholics before them were unable to discern. You know, truth is evolving. Hmm, where have we heard that heresy before? All too often I found their form of Catholicism to be hugs and kisses, feel good, serve others humanistic brand with a mixture of accurate and distorted doctrine.

    Nowhere was this more evident than when, still writing for catholic exchange, I wrote a piece attacking the pathetic Joan of Arcadia television program on CBS which was laced with New Age and modernist views and compromises of God, sin, and our relationship with God. As soon as some modernist 'catholics' responded negatively to my piece, the site hung me out to dry and all but profusely apologized for having dared to offend those confused souls who saw this program as The Second Coming. Everybody was particularly happy to see that the producer of the show was a "Catholic convert" as if that label exonerates a person from all wrongs thereafter. To put it bluntly, the family in that show never prayed, the girl who the script's 'God' supposedly spoke to was a defiant, disrespectful brat. There were increasingly dark themes (which many cite as the reason the show was cancelled), and the whole theme and aura of the show was New Age and modernist. To tie this whole mess up in a neat bow, the theme song of the show was written and sung by a radical feminist pro-abortion activist! As my onetime Jehovah's Witness feminist editor profusely apologized for my "hypercritical" writing, I figured out that 'catholic' exchange was not for me.

Confused Celebrity Convert

    Nor are the 'johnny-come-lately' charismatic Protestant ministers such as Scott Hahn for me. In other words there are no other "Lone Rangers" only "Wrong Rangers." One such is Hahn who has become such a celebrity convert that it reminds me of another celebrity in Rome who sold out Catholicism as well. As I pointed out, Hahn, once a Protestant minister, he now claims to embrace the Catholic faith and apparently has become quite the "expert" of it according to the confused circles who buy his every word. I thought enough of his ideas to actually cite him in one of my pieces for 'catholic' exchange, but I have since realized that I will not be citing him ever again! Among his most absurd and ridiculous claims, criticized from The Remnant to The New Oxford Review to his own friend Dr. Monica Miller, is the dribble that The Holy Spirit is feminine and that Adam's original sin was failing to protect Eve from the "dragon" ( Hahn does not believe it was a serpent). Apparently, Hahn got this idea from seeing Sleeping Beauty!

    It should not be surprising that Hahn blames Adam for this whole mess since he teaches in a college whose student body is 60% female. After all, if one is going to "figure out" things others were too dumb to see, it is better to do so in a way consistent with the bunch of women between one and the door! Hahn's absurd claims are attacked by many as leading to abominable lesbian inferences regarding The Blessed Mother and The Holy Spirit. Another Hahn nugget tells us that The Holy Trinity is a "covenant family" whose "mother" is The Holy Ghost! He has even claimed to introduce a new set of Liturgical Mysteries based on his interpretation and perceptions!

    But why should we be surprised? In his 2004 book The War Against Men, Professor and Scholar Richard T. Hise points to modern society's blatant and systematic assault on men in economic, political, social, and religious areas. Briefly stated, this attack takes the form of viewing men as oppressors and women as the oppressed, traditional marriage as slavery, and all evil as rooted in male-dominated culture. In short, the attack on men is a socially, politically, economic, legal, and religious indoctrination to hate men. The disastrous effects of this evil is reflected in the rapid fall of the traditional family, marriage, and traditional religious values. This society is breeding a harvest of females who either detest, mock, or distrust all men, and men who feel besieged and frustrated as they slide toward increasing emasculation.

    Though Hahn at least doesn't teach in the progressive universities like Notre Dame, Marquette, Loyola and Georgetown where they "celebrate" performances of the the scandalously lesbian, radically feminist, and pro-abortion V Monologues, we can plainly see that the evil spoken of here has reached the surface. How many pathetic excuses for nuns and priests do we see applauding and waving support for such trash? Yes, my dear friends, the war against men includes a radical feminist war against the traditional Catholic Church by a sham, counterfeit collection of frauds, fools, and fiends frolicking in feminist fancy and fare! If the true Catholic Church has been hit by a bus, then it may rightly ask for the license plate of that bus and discover that its driver will likely be a feminist!

    Increasingly, this most recent and continuing fall of The Catholic Faith is becoming more and more like a film festival featuring East of Eden, The Many Faces of Eve, and All About Eve. Not surprisingly, the writer of the despicable V Monologues is named Eve Ensler. Not surprisingly, this evil has us on the eve of perdition. Ironically, we have God's promise that Mary, that most Holy and Pure example of the beauty and power of true Female Holiness, will be our designated driver toward Christ if we are willing to pass up this society's taxi to hell.

Poster Boy for the Feminized Fraud

    The more feminized the New Order Church becomes, the more it would seem Hahn wants to be its poster boy. It should not be shocking that as The Catholic Church has become increasingly feminized, it has likewise become increasingly deviant and heretical. It is absurd and laughable that one hears feminists and so-called "devoted" laywomen and female religious crying how oppressed women are in the Church while each day the influence and power of feminism takes a firmer grip on The Catholic Church. This ridiculous rant reminds me of the similar cries by another faction of the devil's legions, the sodomites who cry abuse and foul even as they become comfortable in the seat of influence and power in media, politics, and social forums. From the detestable feminist workshops run by scandalous nuns to so-called goddess worship promoted by these same heretics and their lay cohorts to the revealing cries of oppression by radical groups demanding female ordination and abortion rights, the devil has once again found an Eve salivating for his forbidden fruit!

    Now Hahn has not lobbied for the latter, but nevertheless it is a fact that this entire despicable distortion of Catholic teaching and doctrine has even reached back to Eden, where confused Hahn has given us the treasure of knowledge that Original Sin was not disobedience of Divine Will as we have all been taught. In the words of many critics who have blasted Hahn, it appears that, even in Eden, it is always the man's fault. The fact that The Novus Ordo church worships at Hahn's feet and thus fills his wallet is enough to turn the stomach and soul!

    Increasingly, we see that claims within the New Order church that it has oppressed women are merely smoke from the fires of hell by those who already have paid reservations at that 'hot' resort. Where there is a call to reform, to give women more power, to appease and modify women's concerns, there is undoubtedly the devil smirking just as he did in Eden.

Mocking Suggestions

    Hahn's absurd and wild claims have led many to begin mocking that he will soon come up with extra Sacraments and a whole new Gospel according to Hahn. Maybe he will "discover" the solutions to the problems facing the New Order church and package these into yet another book set that his many confused fans can race to and buy. Sadly, this man is more a symptom than a problem. Beneath the tip of the iceberg it is bottom-heavy with so many who haven't got a clue. In an atmosphere where such distortions can be made without response from "leadership" and even catapult a person into celebrity status and superstar roles in EWTN (let's not get started there), it should not be surprising that such trash is not only allowed to exist but is actually promoted, sold and believed by the same kind of moral imbeciles who believed that Joan of Arcadia was God's gift to humanity. I do not know what is worse, that this man is able to peddle his arrogant ramblings as wisdom or that so-called Catholics fawn at yet another confused celebrity convert who rides in like some dime store Lone Ranger to save the day again. Where ignorance meets arrogance, there is no place for truth nor patience to seek it. (quote mine).


    Scott Hahn is yet another example of the celebrity convert who is now hailed as a new visionary who sees what others have failed to see. As many rush to buy his books and tapes, one cannot help but feel sadness that ignorance has reached such heights. If the New Order church is the helpless victim hanging from the cliff of confusion, then people like Scott Hahn are merely The Wrong Rangers with a sidekick named Tonto, which by the way means foolish or bad in Spanish! Beware! Cuidarse!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    December 3, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 307