December 25, 2005
vol 16, no. 329

Michael and Cyndi's Christmas Message

Why is the silence so deafening?
          The only Reason for the Season, the only Reason for our existence is being silenced, slowly but surely every year, by those who dwell in the darkness. More souls are needed to shine brighter with Sanctifying Grace in order to expose those who hide in the shadows, and bring more into the Light of Christ's Truths handed down through the unchangeable Church and inerrant tenets He established.

            On the 2005th anniversary of the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we would like to share once again our special Christmas message with all our readers.

            "Silent Night..."

            Yes, the next words should be "Holy Night," but at this point in the history of mankind, especially this Christmas where ACLU political madness has usurped common sense and the sense of reverence for God, as society sinks further into the clutches of Gehenna and hearts grow colder, harder, just the first words of this extraordinary Christmas Hymn says it all.

            The Son of the Most High God, through the fiat of the Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary and the cooperation of her chaste spouse Saint Joseph, was born on a silent night, being announced by heavenly angels only to lowly shepherds, comforted by lowly beasts of the field. Otherwise, all was silent. Consider the paradox of the relative silence of that time toward calling out the Pharisees who were leading so many souls astray and which Jesus was not afraid to chastise and condemn their actions (cf. Matthew 23). Consider the paradox of the quiet of the starry night in Bethlehem and the lack of quietude in today's world where non-stop noise, clatter and clutter are a staple of today's society, so dulled by the din of the devil's siren. Consider the call of the angels - supernatural beings announcing the arrival of the New Covenant - appearing to poor, uneducated shepherds tending their flocks on a rather cold December night and those shepherds' willingness to listen, compared to the hard-hearted citizens today who not only deny God's very existence, but are partners in removing Him - especially Christ - from memory in the public sector. And if one sees, hears or senses angels, then it either must be spirits of the dead and one is subject to severe scientific scrutiny for having the audacity to believe in these ethereal beings or it is a "new" idea for a television show that will inevitably reek of new ageism and tolerance of sin by rationalizing the sinner.

            And why and how can they get away with such skepticism and twisting of simple faith? Because of our silence; our silence over the last several decades. As wolves in sheep's clothing have done everything to extinguish the beacon of the True Light of the world, our voices have been silent. Is it because we have accustomed our eyes and hearts to the darkness? This could apply to almost everyone and that includes Traditional Catholics who should know better. Yet, even those who have kept the one True Faith - which Christ gave to the world unsullied, have a tendency to seek secure refuge in the Faith, forgetting their mission to help those poor souls, like us sinners all, stumbling in the darkness. Where are our brother's keepers? Hearts have grown cold, hard as stone - and yes - both in traditional circles and chapels and in that false, deceitful, heretical house of cards known as the Novus Ordo lodges of the conciliar church or church of Vatican II.

            There are even such Scrooges who say, 'why did Christ even bother to come? What good has it done?' Christians fighting against Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Scientologists, Protestants, Conciliarists and New Agers all accommodated in their false religions and the remnant of the True Faith dwindling greatly where one would ask as God did to Abraham: Are their ten just men to be found in the land? Thankfully, for now, the answer would be yes, yet not a lot of room to gloat. The question we ask this Christmas besides asking: What more could the God of all creation do for us? is: Why is the silence so deafening?

            A tiny, vulnerable Babe laid in a lowly manger, His little arms and legs most likely touching the wood of the manger where the bed of straw could not provide the most comfortable mattress on this cold wintry night and following days. Thirty-three years later He would once again feel His Sacred Body laid roughly against the rough lumber of the Cross. From manger to cross to thrusting open the granite-like slab of His sepulchre, there was a priceless purpose to all He did while on this earth - for He came for a specific reason: to save mankind and shed His very last drop of Precious Blood for us...for you, for all souls without exception. That is not only the Reason for the Season, it is the very reason for our existence and the reason we must continue our path to Calvary, imitating Christ in all things - even to our death.

            Christmas is not about dying, but birth. And yet, unless we die to ourselves and eschew the world, the flesh and the devil, that narrow miraculous birth canal we all emerged from when we entered this life to breathe on our own will become an endless, suffocating void with no light at the end of the tunnel when it is time to, per God's ordaining will, bask forever in the divine Light. Do we really cherish the darkness that much to pass up paradise? Our choices allow God's permitting will because He has given each of us free will.

            All of us share in the grave guilt of not only hammering the nails into His precious hands and feet, but also of failing to keep vigil while thieves and robbers have stolen into our own Bethlehem. The simple, awe-struck manger, which held the King of kings and represents in a sense the altar for Holy Mass, has been replaced by a creche of comfort with the world exhibited in the grotesque tables in Novus Ordo lodges where propitiatory sacrifice has been replaced by participatory sacrilege. The humble shepherds, who shared their meagre cloaks and stock with the Holy Family, have been replaced by pompous prelates who flaunt their wealth and worldly wisdom, but in reality are far, far worse off than the ignorant, but good-willed Palestinian sheep herders who at least cared for their flocks.

            From our hearts to yours - we beg you to think deeply upon your spiritual state. Are you doing all that you can and all that you should to gain Heaven and bring countless souls to conversion? Despite the abandonment of their duties as shepherds of souls, do you still blindly follow these false prophets or do you stand like St. John the Baptist and be that voice crying in the wildnerness? Because of the distracting din of the world, too few are willing to speak with the simplicity of truth and reason, to uphold all the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has always taught. All of us have a duty before God and before our fellow man to do all we can and should to save souls. If we do not, we will continue in the longest "Silent Night" in the history of the Church. To many who have been in a hypnos morpheus for lo these past 40 years, the somnia is becoming insane and suffocating, claiming countless souls to the darkness.

           Our simple wish this Christmas in extending to the Christ Child the most heartfelt of birthday gifts is to entreat all that if we are to make our hearts aflame with love for Him, if we are to brighten this world with His Light so that we and others can reach Heaven, then look to your heart, soul and mind. Know your Faith so you can Keep your Faith and pass it on to others, thus increasing the everlasting effervescence of that heavenly Light on that silent night. Without the second phrase, there can be no birthday greeting for the Christ Child. Please, do all you can and all you should with your time, talent and treasures in utter faith, hope and charity to shine that light in the darkness, to shout His infrangible truths from the rooftops so that even the deaf and muffled hearts will hear on this "Silent Night" Only then will it become a "Holy Night!"

            To all our readers throughout the world, now over 133 countries, we extend our heartfelt prayers and God's love for a blessed Christmastide and a grace-filled New Year that will be most fruitful in His vineyard in waking the echoes of the lukewarm. May we all gain our fuel from the unchangeable, perfect prayer offered daily on traditional Catholic altars - the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven, the Propitiatory Sacrifice of the True Mass - the true Roman Rite: the Traditional Latin Mass. Truly, a Mary Christ-Mass to all.

        Michael & Cyndi Cain

    December 25, 2005
    vol 16, no. 329