GABRIEL'S CLARION (aug8gab.htm)
August 8, 2005
vol 16, no. 220

Sodo-Might Rites!
Part Three
      Few movements in the annals of history have caused the eclipse of morality as sodomy, which Washington D.C. is fast embracing with legislature that will lead to its ultimate ruin - for God will not be mocked.

"Soon sodomites will be able to impose their will on just about every aspect of life through their manipulation of the media, news, entertainment, education, political, eclesiastical, social, medical, legal, and every other arena. Various products, programs, teams, and stadiums will be sponsored and endorsed by sodomite groups in return for political and economic support. Now that I think of it, soon might be very soon in this case."

    Editor's Note: Gabriel Garnica continues his weekly multi-part series which we've dubbed "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. This week Gabriel offers a possible dark glimpse of the future - very dark for we are fast approaching the Eclipse of Morality thanks to sodomy. While one might think he is being facetious in his words, considering what has happened over the last five years, it truly gives one pause to fear - can it happen? Unfortunately the answer is yes. If you break down the word 'mite' in sodomite, one realizes a mite is a very small or minute arachnid or creature which often infests. How appropriate for the militant homosexual lobbyists take a magnifying glass to their numbers and distort reality by posing that they are growing into a majority, and indeed they may eventually do just that by infesting all aspects of life from the courts to the chambers to the media channels to the chanceries to the curia. This aberration against God and His Natural Law has got to stop, but will it before more souls are infected? Gabriel wonders as he presents the anticipated rites of New Sodom in his piece Sodo-Might Rites

    We all know what has transpired in Canada with the abominable C-38 bill making it a "hate crime" to speak out against the sin of sodomy. Can it get worse? Afraid so. I recently read where various members of our own Congress are continually trying to include and enforce special protection of sodomites in legislation and guidelines in such sectors as The Office of Special Counsel. It was reported that Elaine Kaplan, Special Counsel during the Clinton Administration and a practicing lesbian, inserted "sexual orientation" into the OSC guidelines without Congressional authorization only to have this phrase removed by Scott Bloch, who now heads the OSC. Pro-sodomite leaders unsuccessfully tried to get Bloch fired for following his duty and enforcing proper procedure since "duty" and "proper" have no place when they counter the sodomite agenda. All of this political trash inspired me to predict that in twenty years we will see 9 key changes in legislation and daily life consistent with this sweeping trend clearly visible in Canada and now heading our way. These key changes will then lead sodomites to a tenth and final key change.

#1. Rite of Way

    One day there will be a special sodomite lane in highways wherein only drivers holding a special sodomite registration card will be able to drive. This will be done to appease the feelings of sodomites who feel oppressed by traffic or enslaved by the conventions forced on others. After all, why should sodomites who want to speed toward perdition be forced to slow down? No non-sodomites will be allowed to use this lane so as not to offend regular sodomite drivers. Special permission to use the lane however, will be allowed to mothers rushing to abort their unborn child and atheists rushing to protest prayer. Most feminists will not need this special permission since they will likely have their own sodomite registration card already.

#2. Rite to Say

    Soon sodomites will be able to say absolutely whatever they want with no fear of repercussions, especially against religion and Catholics. Research studies will be revealed demonstrating that preventing sodomites from speaking their mind only serves to further inconvenience and oppress them. This privilege, of course, will not be extended to anyone opposing sodomites for the same reason.

#3. Rite to Pray

    Recent events in the Anglican and other churches clearly show that soon sodomites will be able to take full control of all religions and practice whatever faith they wish without regard to how their lifestyle might actually contradict that faith's teachings. In fact, lost writings will be found clearly showing how sodomites saved mankind many times, how anyone who ever did anything important was probably a sodomite, and how Sodom was destroyed, not by God, but by anti-sodomite conservatives. All prayers will be made sodomite-sensitive.

#4. Rite of Sway

    Soon sodomites will be able to impose their will on just about every aspect of life through their manipulation of the media, news, entertainment, education, political, eclesiastical, social, medical, legal, and every other arena. Various products, programs, teams, and stadiums will be sponsored and endorsed by sodomite groups in return for political and economic support. Now that I think of it, soon might be very soon in this case.

#5. Rite to Play

    Consistent with prediction number 4 above, sodomites will be granted the full, legal right to play and live as they wish. The sodomite lifestyle will be twisted and contorted into the "in" way to be and believe. Anyone who opposes this way of life will be imprisoned and persecuted. Even toys will be altered so as to reflect this prominent role of sodomite views in society.

#6. Rite of Day

    Sodomites will be given authority to change the seasons, the days of the week, the months of the year, and even the hours of the day to suit their needs and desires. This will be done after various studies demonstrate that sodomites are increasingly inconvenienced by oppressive calendars and clocks and how they dislike being late. Instead of B.C. and A.D. they will push for the new variation of time B.E.D. - Before the Evil Destruction and A.S.S. After the Sanctification of Sodom.

#7. Rite to Jay

    Sodomites will be granted an exception from all municipal traffic laws and will be able to ignore street lights, traffic signals, and other oppressive instruments used to keep them down. Pedophilia pedestrians will be given a special lane so as not to hinder them in searching for children.

#8. Rite to Pay

    Sodomites will be granted higher pay scales and special employment status enabling them to rise in companies much faster than others. After all, the special social and medical demands of their lifestyles require that sodomite incomes not be limited to the levels of others, since statistics show treating homosexuals is much more expensive than smokers.

#9. Rite of Bay

    San Francisco will become the official capital of the sodomite world and the whole Bay area will be granted status as an independent country with its own government, president, and legislature. This entire prediction may already be in effect, and if they need a sympathetic 'pope', their own William Levada is already learning the ropes!


    Anyone not in a coma realizes that sodomite power and influence has grown steadily over the recent years, and there is no reason to doubt that this trend will be reversed for it has infiltrated every facet of society and churches, most notably in the New Order church where there are so many fifth column sodomites posing as priests. Evidence of this, as documented by Atila Sinke Guimaraes in his book Homosexuality, Vatican II and Pedophilia, shows this perversion has even reached the highest echelons of the church. Consistent with that trend the above predictions should come about shortly, but they will never be dogma for that is of God; sodomy is not! Likewise consistent with both that unnatural trend to blatantly violate God's Natural Laws as being a natural lifestyle, sodomites will summarily gain a 10th and final right, one they might not envisage right now through their rainbow-colored glasses...

#10. To Rite of Nay

    Eventually anyone promoting or living a sodomite lifestyle will exercise his or her right to say "nay" when asked to join the ranks of salvation. Once they have made this choice, sodomites and sodomite supporters will discover an inconvenience, discomfort, and lifestyle they never imagined in an eternally warm, very, very extremely hot climate!

Gabriel Garnica

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    August 8, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 220