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Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
FRIDAY      August 26, 2005      Volume 16, no. 238
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In keeping with Christ's assurance in Matthew 7: 19 that "Every tree that yieldeth not good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire" the disintegration of the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan man-made church is inevitable. The collapse of this synthetic pan-christian religion spawned from Vatican II, which has usurped the True Roman Catholic Church, is evident from the news reports below, the feature articles to the right, our EyeOpeners highlighting certain news stories, and the realization of what the True Church truly teaches on our CREDO & CULTURE Page, and especially in the infrangible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the true Liturgy for each day of the Church's liturgical year, which we provide daily for readers with the Ordinary and Proper of each Mass in both Latin and English so Catholics may truly continue to practice their Faith and truly KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH! Tried and True! Tridentine True!

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  "It was a time of antithesis."
God made the world in "seven days" but the evil one, the Master of the Legion of the Basilisk wants to destroy the world in seven days, beginning on All Saints Day. Seven tense, nerve-wracking and dangerous days in November follow in the ultimate struggle for survival of body and soul. White Smoke, Black Fire! is both a prophecy and an inevitable incendiary event waiting to happen. It is a tightly woven mystery thriller with a plethora of action, hellish monsters, explosions, and romance that will carry the audience on a tidal wave of anxiety, suspense, horror, intrigue and virtual reality. Gleaned from the daily headlines and the Scriptures, the in-depth research of this novel will astound all readers regardless of their religious beliefs, for it transcends the politically correct era, and sweeps the reader through a vortex of violence and page-turning suspense, instilling an astute awareness to be ever vigilant in preserving the Faith.

   The demonic Legion of the Basilisk, vanguard of terrorism, has struck at the heart of the birthplace of Abraham, wiping out one million people near Ur in Iraq, including political and ecclesiastical dignitaries the world over gathered at a One Covenant ecumenical global media event on the morning of November 1st. Signaling the beginning of the ultimate apocalypse, taut, interwoven action takes the reader on a physical and psychological journey into hell as an eclectic ethnic group of ordinary people, suddenly catapulted into the smoldering ashes of the Basilisk's Black Fire, band together in a desperate effort to save mankind and stop the Devil himself from conquering all. With death slithering at their heels, these few allies of the resistance combat the clandestine Legion of the Basilisk from Dallas to Iraq to Israel to Rome and within the very hallowed halls of the Vatican itself as preparations for the Papal funeral and the impending Conclave in the famed Sistine Chapel take on a new light in the shroud of mystery cast upon the most secret of secrets. As the hours and minutes dwindle, as explosions rock St. Peter's Square, and when all hope seems lost, the few remaining resisters rely on the only weapons they have left: cunning, tenacity and the discovery of an inner strength in their faith, as well as their only Weapon; one of simplicity, awe and majesty. Discover how the simplicity of Catholic Truth and intestinal fortitude overcome insurmountable odds in the battle to restore the Church for the sake of mankind after the 'fruits' of ecumenism have devastated the world and its leaders in a tragic, massive explosion that makes 9-11 child's play.

   White Smoke, Black Fire! is the story of the redemption of truth and tradition in apocalyptic times with Catholic truth woven throughout from beginning to end. Discover what the Pope, who will follow Benedict XVI's successor, does as his final act on the throne of Peter. Go inside the Vatican to learn the background, secrets and passages that hold the answers to restoring authentic Catholicism when all else seems on the brink of despair. Read M.C. Siena's entire, exciting novel of these very times on-line for a limited time. WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!

  • Daily Propers for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost through the Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost.
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  • Addressing Traditionalist Tendencies Good and Bad Excerpts from The Resurrection of The Roman Catholic Church by Griff Ruby

  • Giving the GATE to the Conciliar Ecumaniacs by Gary L. Morella

  • Saint Louis IX, King of France by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

  • The American Church In Default by Father James Wathen

  • Who's On First by Gabriel Garnica

  • Not Exactly From the Acts of the Apostles by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber...and Back! by Michael Cain

  • God so loved the world... by Father Louis Campbell

  • The Insult of the Indult by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Crusading Hammer of Heretics St. Bernard of Clairvaux

  • Never Lose Faith in Fatima by Father Peter Scott

  • Addressing the Anathemas of Religious Liberty Excerpts from The Resurrection of The Roman Catholic Church by Griff Ruby

  • Times are Bad! by Bishop Richard Williamson

  • whirling dervishes can be diabolical! by Michael Cain

  • Like a Virgin? by Gabriel Garnica

  • The Catholic's Secret by Father James Wathen

  • Jesus is the Key by Father Louis Campbell

  • condomaniacs for free choice by Michael Cain

  • Aiding the Adversary, Overtly and Subtly by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Addressing Fallacies of Schismatic Perceptions Excerpts from The Resurrection of The Roman Catholic Church by Griff Ruby

  • Why Celibacy is key for restoring Holy Mother Church A return to the Church's stance as part of our "Gems from the Past" features by Mario Derksen

  • Speech Therapy by Father James Wathen

  • Sodo-Might Rites by Gabriel Garnica

  • "The Just Shall Shine Forth Like the Sun" by Father Louis Campbell

  • WYD at Cologne: No Sign that the Tide Has Turned by Dr. Marian Therese Horvat

  • O Jesus Draw Me by Father Urban Snyder

  • EyeOpeners: News from a Traditional Perspective
    Left Behind: Morals and Catholic Truth!

    Levada's true colors exposed as Benedict, like his predecessor, sits pat. So much for cleaning house! Just more evidence of the collapse of the conciLIAR church!

  • Addressing Fallacies of Vatican II Perceptions Excerpts from The Resurrection of The Roman Catholic Church by Griff Ruby

  • An Attempt at a Defense Part Nine of the series "The Truth About Ecumenism" by Mario Derksen

  • The Bane of Atheism by Father James Wathen

  • Keeper of the Moral Compass St. Alphonsus Liguori

  • The Eves of Evil by Gabriel Garnica

  • "He has done all things well" by Father Louis Campbell

  • Wholehearted Love by Father James Wathen

  • Teach the Children A short summer primer prefaced by Why Me? by Tim Duff

  • Novus Ordo "Suffering" by Griff Ruby

  • The Importance of The Mystical City of God Part Eight in a series by Timothy A. Duff

  • Benedict's Upcoming Visit to the Synagogue of Cologne by Atila Sinke Guimarăes

  • An Attempt at a Defense Part Eight of the series "The Truth About Ecumenism" by Mario Derksen

  • We Want a Supreme Court, NOt a Supreme "Farce" by Gary L. Morella

  • The PETA Petard: Hypocrisy for the Birds by Gabriel Garnica

  • The Infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church
  • Recent Features for July issues
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    Griff Ruby's Excerpts
    Griff Ruby continues to provide pertinent excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he deals with certain points - positive and problematic - about the confusion some have amongst the Traditional Catholic movement as to which group is right. Is it the Independent chapels? The SSPX? The Sedevacantists? The Indultarians? The Home-Aloners? While each group is in full agreement on Catholic Doctrine, when it comes to procedural norms each group thinks they are right in the direction they have taken to safeguard the Faith. The chief obstacle that exists is that no lawful authority exists to rightfully rule universally on who is right in the true Catholic sense.Epikea and Ecclesia supplet come into play When that is solved, however long that might be, there will be Catholic unity. He explains in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing Traditionalist Tendencies Good and Bad

    Fingerprints of Anathema?
    If World Youth Day wasn't abominable enough for you, then you won't be shocked at the circus that took place in Taize, France two days later when the ecumaniacal prelates with Benedict's blessing practically canonized a non-Catholic in giving him a Catholic funeral - something not only unheard of, but totally illegal. But then those presiding weren't Catholic so it was a Protestant funeral with Catholic trappings, erh, if you consider charismatic emotions Catholic which they are not. After an introduction by the editor, we return it over to Gary L. Morella to dissect the charade modern Rome is pulling off with their obvious syncretism and heresy. Anathema sit all the way around. After this fiasco do you really think Benedict is going to understand or be open to anything Bishop Fellay proposes this next Monday? If you do you must be on Taize brownies or whatever it is that makes them so high on the Lord while ignoring the very tenets Christ taught. The smudges of anathema are everywhere and Gary pinpoints them in Giving the GATE to the Conciliar Ecumaniacs
    The Sanity of Sanctity
    Today is the Semi-Double Feast of the great King of France Saint Louis IX. Had only those rulers who succeeded him been in any way as faithful as he was there never would have been a French Revolution. There would be no Muslim invasion stifling everything it passes over, leaving the Faith a barren, bitter in the desert that was once the fertile soil of souls. The eldest daughter of the Church never had such a wise and holy ruler as His Highness St. Louis. Thanks to Tradition In Action, we bring you some interesting insights on this great French king prepared by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Saint Louis IX, King of France
    Reality Check
    Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, follows up on his reality check at the beginning of the month on "The Bane of Atheism" by hitting closer to home here in America where he lays out that there really is no difference between the communist, terrorist despots and the United States of America. He exposes the cabals and reminds all that even though the current crop of miters are despicable, the stock they come from was already tainted with "Americanism" that clouded the Truths and Traditions of Catholicism. Like the terrible tentacles of atheism, the octopus of Americanism is the same kind of mammon monster. Though different in color and appearance it is still the smothering squid of anti-Catholicism that seeks to delete the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and the Queenship of Mary from the memories of any Catholic. Each tentacle can crush us body and soul and the only way to avoid the inky mass of mass confusion is to swim with all one's might to the safe harbor of the One, True Church and the Mass of All Ages wherein is the Refuge and the strength to persevere in these murky depths of apostasy and anarchy. Fr. Wathen tells it like it is in his latest essay sent to us by Maria Hughes entitled The American Church Is In Default
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica continues his weekly multi-part series which we've dubbed "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. This week Gabriel gives equal time to the guys, if you will, after two installments on dangerous femme fatales, he turns his sights on two clowns who are, in truth, tragic figures. While Laurel and Hardy, then Abbot and Costello always represented the thin guy and roly-poly guy respectively and you had empathy for them when they made fun of their own follies, the thin guy-roly-poly duo of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are no laughing matter for they make fun of others' follies while preaching their creed "what is yours is mine." Gabriel shows how these two "incorrigible dirigibles" will smother any press conference with the smoke of oppression but when the haze clears it's evident it's all smoke and mirrors, leaving even more folks more confused than ever. That is why Gabriel equates their razzle-dazzle skimble-skamble double speak to Bud and Lou's classic piece, because either the liberal media hasn't got a clue or the fix is in. Gabriel explains in his fifth installment Who's On First?
    Christ or chaos
    We present a magnificent and quite lengthy piece by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey that one must take the time to read for what Benedict XVI said and did this past weekend contrasted greatly with Catholic teaching as handed down through Public Revelation. As Tom himself states, "This is a very lengthy article, containing the entire text of an article of mine printed in Christ or Chaos five years ago and the entire text of Pope Pius XI's Mortalium Animos, to say nothing of the full text of Pope Benedict's very disturbing addresses to the Protestants and the Jews. Thus, this is not light reading at all. Others much more qualified than I am will have to assess the words of the Supreme Pontiff, which reaffirmed, at least implicitly, that both Protestants and Jews can be saved without converting to the Catholic Church. All I can do is to contrast those words with those found in such places as the Acts of the Apostles and in the encyclical letters of the Popes of Tradition. May God have mercy on us all!" The facts are a Pope cannot preach error. Yet... You make the syllogism and hope someone will come along with the clarity which Tom expresses in his hypothetical address to non-Catholics that covers just about all that is necessary and mandated for a Successor of Peter to do. Tom explains in Not Exactly From the Acts of the Apostles
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain completes the third of three editorials on the current situation with World Youth Days. Today he pinpoints the problem and that is that Benedict XVI is made from the same mold as his conciliar predecessors and will do all in his power to protect what he was most instrumental in effecting - the ecumaniacal humanism that no longer believes in the infallible thrice-defined dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. Benedict, in his first foray outside of Italy and in returning to the scene of the origins of the crime illustrated all too well that all optimism that he will make things different and return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church are pure poppycock as was only too evident in his pandering in the synagogue or schmoozing with the Protestants, infidels and others. Nowhere did he express Christ's command of Mark 16: 15-16 and therein is the proof that the pope is not Catholic. Cain reminds all of who Ratzinger really is and what his status is if we are to obey the Magisterium of the Church. He explains in his editorial The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber...and Back!
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    With Father Louis Campbell on vacation in his native Nova Scotia for a few weeks we present a previous sermon for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost as a "Gems from the Past" feature wherein he points to the fact that we cannot put our hopes or trust in man for, as evident from the actions of the post-conciliar church in sync with the world, the things of God come secondary to the things of man. It is a barometer today that Catholics were not shocked by the heretical words uttered by the late John Paul II in mid-August a year ago in upholding the Masonic Creed of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. So dumbed down have so many become that error can be trumpeted as truth and few blink. So also this year with Benedict's pandering to Protestant, Jew and Muslim during WYD in Cologne. Today's Gospel warns against serving mammon for Jesus clearly states "No man can serve two masters" and those who try, well, pray for them and pray for the Social Kingship of Christ to materialize in God's time as we are encouraged to seek a devout life devoid of the thorns and thistles growing up on unstable ground that threaten to choke the life out of the modern church and society. We have Christ's promise that those who build their house upon the rock and believe in Him, keeping His commandments, shall not perish. Father leaves us with this strong ray of faith, hope and love in his sermon today. "God so loved the world..."
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey exposes the cancer that is the Indult and which was first infested into the mainstream in 1988 with the oft-regarded illegal Ecclesia Dei. This motu proprio was basically a spin-job to cover up the glaring presence of the Society of St. Pius X which, no matter the conciliar disgust for Tradition, the SSPX and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre were not going away. Despite the illegal excommunication by a most questionable regime which over the last 40 years has done everything they can to desperately defend the indefensible, Tradition has grown stronger. Thanks to groups like the SSPX, Independent chapels, CMRI, SSPV and other Traditional orders, the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church have been upheld and preserved uncompromisingly. This has only angered the Novus Ordo miters who, in their desperation, are coercing those who have lived by the Indult to accept the abomination of desolation of the New Order.Tom points this out and documents that the whole purpose of the Indult was not to provide for the spiritual needs of the faithful, but to put the SSPX and other Traditional orders "out of business." To their chagrin it isn't working for the principle holds that if it is from God nothing can stop it. Conversely, if it is not of God it will stop itself. Mmmm, could that be the reason the conciliar church is imploding upon itself? Could it, as we have hammered home here endlessly, something to do with Our Lord's words in Matthew 7: 15-20 and with today's Gospel that "no man can serve two masters"? Because of that we do not share the enthusiasm Tom might hold for the upcoming meeting between Bishop Bernard Fellay and Benedict XVI a week from tomorrow. Nevertheless, Tom provides some answers in his article at Christ or chaos which we feel are worthy of promoting, The Insult of the Indult
    Doctors of the Church
    Today is the Double Feast of the holy Abbot and Doctor of the Church Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. He was a truly dedicated man who turned his back on the world and took over 30 oather men with him to devote their life to God. He built monasteries throughout western Europe and was the confidante of popes and kings, beggars and paupers. He was the main man in preaching the purpose of the Crusade to recover the holy land where Our Lord and Savior walked. It had been taken over by the infidel and this was unheard of for such Christian landmarks and holy sites. Bernard traversed the continent stirring men through prayer and reason, never compromising the Truths and Traditions. He was responsible for the revival of the Cistercian Order. This holy and mystic Abbot from France composed one of the most beautiful prayers ever created - the Memorare. For more on this great saint God raised up in the middle ages, see Crusading Hammer of Heretics.
    The Fatima File
    Things are stirring folks. After quite some time we heard the other day from Bishop Richard Williamson and now we hear, in his August Newsletter from Holy Cross Seminary in Australia, Fr. Peter Scott, previously District Superior for the SSPX in the United States. He writes emphatically that we cannot allow the conciliarists to obliterate the Fatima message. He reminds all that Fatima is still very much relevant, if not moreso considering historical events in the past few decades which also prove the consecration was never done. Father ties in Catholic Doctrine with both the Fatima Apparitions and Our Lady's request for the Consecration of Russia. He points out how cleverly the apparatchiks in the Vatican, beginning with Ratzinger himself - now Benedict XVI - have tried to neutralize Fatima and mesmerize so many into forgetting why Our Lady appeared six times at the Cova de Ira in Portugal in 1917. That is what Father emphasizes we can't forget - can't ever forget - for woe is us as we've seen the bitter fruits of neglecting Heaven's plea. Father lays it out in his letter sent by the Traditional List which we call Never Lose Faith in Fatima
    Griff Ruby's Excerpts
    Griff Ruby continues to provide pertinent excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers questions and misconceptions about the confusion some have about religious liberty. Griff asserts most correctly that all will be judged by the Catholic Standard because all will be judged by the Founder of the Church - Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world. Since God has revealed these Truths,and He cannot change nor can He deceive or be deceived, is anyone so arrogant to believe man-made religions can ever be considered equal to His One True Church? Griff points out that it is for the salvation of the soul that people realize this and that by seeking salvation as a Protestant, a Buddhist, a Moslem or what have you is futile and that is why a Catholic state is so vital for religious liberty is not freedom at all, but slavery to anathema. He explains in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing the Anathemas of Religious Liberty
    Exspectans exspectavimus Ecclesia Dei
    After close to a two-year hiatus in which Bishop Richard Williamson has been relatively silent, he has released an August newsletter titled "A Few Thoughts for August 2005" and in it is the news, confirmed by the SSPX, that Bishop Bernard Fellay is scheduled to meet with Benedict XVI on, ironically, the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. Remember well that Herod showed reluctance to confront the Baptist face to face as well, but was forced to do the dastardly act due to his selling out to Salome. Ratzinger has supposedly admitted to a confidante in Austria that he was 'forced' to fabricate the Fatima fiasco. If so, then he should clean house in the curia beginning with Sodano on down and admit publicly the true secret. If not, well, as Bishop Williamson wrote over two years ago, "Here is the heart of the problem which must never be lost from view. We have a war between two religions which can only come to an end with the death of the one or the other. The Catholics must fight this war with the weapons of Truth. The Conciliarists may fight it by any means available to them. By God's just punishment of many Catholics' lukewarmness, the Conciliarists have been allowed to occupy nearly all positions of power and influence within the structure of the Church. These they have used to the full to establish their new religion." While many are visualizing this upcoming meeting as the 'breakthrough,'keep in mind that JPII met with the Society just two months after his election in 1978 and we can all see the fruits of that. Beware of Greeks or Germans bearing gifts, for, as Bishop Williamson explains, Times are Bad! .
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain offers the second of three editorials on the current situation with World Youth Days. Today he examines the official WYD logo and warns all: Caveat Emptor! That Latin phrase is familiar to most: Buyer beware. That is why companies and organizations go out of their way, spending much research, time and money into projecting their image in the most favorable and identifiable light so the consumer will know immediately what that entity stands for by its logotype. The organizers of this year's World Youth Day tried, but definitely couldn't as Cain explains in revealing some disturbing aspects of the swirling icon of whirling dervish images that will be seen everywhere this week in Cologne. Some aspects of this logo are derived from satanic symbols and he wonders if the creators of this logo were really that naive or that diabolical. Cain lays it out for all to see and decide in part two whirling dervishes can be diabolic!
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica continues his weekly multi-part series which we've dubbed "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. This week Gabriel follows up on what he covered in his second installment by focusing on quite possibly the most dangerous anti-Mary today - the blasphemous shock-rock diva Madonna who has mocked Our Lady in every manner she could in establishing herself as the ultimate witch of our times. While we know Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end and satan's head will be crushed, we still must suffer the slings and arrows that the ilk of such spurious 'stars' like the rebellious Madonna launch to hide her own insecurities. Sadly, this person who has sold her soul as a slave of satan, has influenced the youth of this world more than we would like to admit, including the majority of gullible teens who will populate Cologne, Germany beginning today for World Youth Days. Gabriel clues all in on how dangerous this mixed-up diva is with his fourth installment, Like a Virgin?
    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
    Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, presents today on this First Class Solemnity of the Assumption a beautiful meditation on the most Immaculate one assumed into Heaven by the Triune Divinity. He illustrates, through the magnificent Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, why the Catholic realizes the fastest and most efficient way to Christ is through His Blessed Mother. Many Catholics even call it the "back door sure-fire entrance" by going to Mary for in doing so we honor Our Lord more because He honored His Blessed Mother. He expects us to extend the same honors. When we do, He can't say no for He cannot deny the requests of the one who bore Him, who is all things to Catholics and to whom He bequeathed upon the cross to His Church His Own Mother to guide us back to Him. The many attributes assigned to the Queen of Heaven and earth are not hollow praises, but those established by the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and are acclamations which she is to be saluted by for all time for she is the most perfect of humans, and the one who exhibits every virtue we should emulate in our journey to everlasting life. Why is it Protestants cannot see this wonderful and simple aid to Heaven? Why is Our Lady such a stumbling block to non-Catholics? Mary is the way to Jesus. As usual we are grateful to Maria Hughes for sending Father's latest essay titled The Catholic's Secret
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he reaches back to a sermon a few years ago to expose the heresies so rampant today regarding the contradiction to Catholic Doctrine on the completion of the Old Testament. The Church has always taught that the Old Covenant was fulfilled and replaced with the New Testament beginning with Christ. Yet the new dogma, which is espoused in direct confrontation to St. Paul's warnings of 'anathema,' is that "the perfidious Jews" - as was always the prayer for them on Good Friday - can continue in their mistaken, heretical and damned ways despite Christ's confirmation in Mark 16: 15-16 that those who do not believe and are not baptized will not be saved. No, those who reject the Sacraments, who reject Christ will "be condemned." Jesus is the key to salvation. One could not say it any clearer, yet the Vatican II progressives seek to obliterate everything that went before 1960 and ally themselves with those who do not believe, while turning their wrath on those within the bosom of Christ who stand by the dogma "Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus". This fateful path continues now under the auspices of Benedict XVI's rule after the ruinous reign of John Paul II over the conciliar church. Father explains this troubled track in his sermon today Jesus is the Key!
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Today is the 88th Anniversary of the Fourth Apparition at Fatima and editor Michael Cain weighs in on the similarity of those circumstances with today - both involving the youth and the powerful vicegrip of Freemasonry which has only grown in strength and guile since 1917. He also points out what Our Lady conveyed to the children at the Cova that more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other sin. And it is this very problem that the conciliar church seems to play fast and loose with. The church of Vatican II has not only relaxed disciplines that ensured chastity, penance and obedience to Almighty God to uphold sacred vows whether in Holy Matrimony or the Religious Life as a priest, brother or nun, but also they have compounded the problem by sponsoring a huge 'occasion of sin' with the Woodstock-like World Youth Day 'love-fest' sleep-over that begins this year in Cologne, Germany on this upcoming Tuesday. And to make matters more bizarre, the conciliarists have lost control not only of the youth but of the dissidents such as the heretical group 'catholics' for a free choice who will be plastering the area with ads that encourage Catholics to sin with the anathema that 'good Catholics use condoms' and that, sad to say, is one of their milder print ads. Since ecumenism is the watchword of WYD 2005 with Benedict visiting both a synagogue and mosque next week, Cain turns the tables and cites some strong words from a Protestant whose words are more Catholic than any Novus Ordo miter has offered. He provides the no-nonsense truths of this in his first of multiple commentaries on the fiasco that World Youth Days have become, and why, despite the newchurch's spin that they have managed to assemble over one million youth, they are losing the youth because the conciliar church lacks what the True Catholic Church could always and still does provide: Stability and Truth. Cain presents part one condomaniacs for free choice
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey weaves an excellent argument that anathematizes the idea that a Catholic priest could ever be a chaplain of an anti-Catholic establishment such as the Freemasons. However, today in this secularization of the Faith, thanks to the conciliar church, all guards have been dropped and the enemy has fully penetrated the inner sanctums without hardly ruffling a single feather. Yet the casualty count is in the millions for the fifth columnists have defied all odds despite the warnings of past popes, saints and sinners, as well as the masonic blueprint so blatantly calling for the take-over of the Catholic Church, which was laid out in the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita. We have been alerted to beware of those who will infiltrate the Church in the end times and rape the Mystical Bride of Christ as well as those who would sabotage the sacraments, doctrines and disciplines of Holy Mother Church. What is so sad is that this devastation has happened before our very eyes during our lifetime. Tom illustrates how the Masons have made the very case against themselves for no man can serve two masters and the god of Freemasonry is satan himself. Tom explains in his latest article at Christ or chaos, Aiding the Adversary, Overtly and Subtly
    Griff Ruby's Excerpts
    Griff Ruby continues in the same vein as last week's installment by providing excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers questions and misconceptions many have harbored about parallel hierarchies and the concept of schism and apostasy. Often someone will bandy the term schismatic without really knowing what they are talking about. In so doing, they are not only violating the golden rule of silence as Fr. Wathen wrote about earlier this week, but making themselves vulnerable to grave error. As much as those in the conciliar church clamor that they want to dialogue with other religious groups, they are the first to shy away when Traditional Catholics take up the challenge. They use as their escape clause the feeble excuse, false we might add, that the Traditional Catholic is schismatic. Never mind the fact that many of those groups the Novus Ordo church seeks to dialogue with are beyond schismatic, for they are pagan to begin with, worshipping false gods. Griff points out how their false logic for the science of schism is split right down the middle, revealing the pitfalls of the arguments employed by those who use the term 'schismatic' so freely. Griff asks if they truly realize its meaning and, if in fact, they themselves are not the very schismatics they claim others to be because they have subscribed to a parallel hierarchy that is diametrically opposed to what Christ established with His One True Church. Griff cuts through the Science of Schism and clarifies the confusion in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing the Fallacies of Schismatic Perceptions
    Traditional Insights
    We take a break from Mario Derksen's series on the fallacies of ecumenism, to bring you one of his "Gems from the Past." And it is truly a gem on the treasure of celibacy. With so many liberals and modernists trying to rationalize that all the problems in the conciliar church would go away if priests were married is not only naive, but asinine; just look at the collapsing of the Anglican church and many Protestant churches and one can see the ridiculousness of such thinking. Mario presents a succinct reply to those who cry that celibacy is the "albatross" which has caused vocations to dry up. On the contrary, as Mario points out, celibacy is the anchor to assuring stability of the Faith. The fact that so many have relaxed their own consciences shows how satan has infiltrated. A man of God must be pure - inside and out, and the only way to ensure vocations to the priesthood in the future is to return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as it was practiced and preserved from Peter through Pius XII. Mario provides Scriptural and Ecclesial justification for why celibacy is mandatory. The Apostle Paul had a good idea and throughout her history, the Church, in her wisdom has shown the fruits of priests living a chaste life. Remain chaste, vocations will flourish. Mario verifies this in his column first run on these pages three years ago, Why Celibacy is key for restoring Holy Mother Church
    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
    Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, presents today a most cogent piece that applies to each and everyone of us for we can all hold our tongue much better than we do. Our Lord has said it is not what man puts into his mouth that hinders his salvation, but what comes out of his mouth that can condemn him. The more we say, the more it can come back to haunt us just as the famous Norman Rockwell painting on gossip illustrates. We must learn to hold our tongue for, as Christ shows us so clearly, silence is golden. Father points this out so explicitly in his short essay and how we can take a lesson from the Holy Family for Our Lord, when accused remained silent; Our Lady kept silent, "pondering them in her heart", and Saint Joseph is known as the "Silent Saint." Truly the treasure of silence is gold that will accrue many more graces as Father explains. As usual we are grateful to Maria Hughes for sending Father's latest essay titled Speech Therapy
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica continues his weekly multi-part series which we've dubbed "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. This week Gabriel offers a possible dark glimpse of the future - very dark for we are fast approaching the Eclipse of Morality thanks to sodomy. While one might think he is being facetious in his words, considering what has happened over the last five years, it truly gives one pause to fear - can it happen? Unfortunately the answer is yes. If you break down the word 'mite' in sodomite, one realizes a mite is a very small or minute arachnid or creature which often infests. How appropriate for the militant homosexual lobbyists take a magnifying glass to their numbers and distort reality by posing that they are growing into a majority, and indeed they may eventually do just that by infesting all aspects of life from the courts to the chambers to the media channels to the chanceries to the curia. This aberration against God and His Natural Law has got to stop, but will it before more souls are infected? Gabriel wonders as he presents the anticipated rites of New Sodom in Part Three of the "Incorrigible Dirigibles" with his piece Sodo-Might Rites
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost, he shows how the conspiracy that many swore could never happen has, and that many might despair of what we have been robbed of, what we have lost. In explaining briefly how society has become so gullible along with the modern church of Vatican II, Father holds up the Gospel of Luke and Matthew to show how the Good Samaritan will assure that the infernal robbers will not triumph over Christ's Holy Church. The Good Samaritan, representing Christ Himself, has given us His marching orders and we are to follow the laws He commanded - to love God first and foremost and because of that, to love our neighbor as ourselves; The golden rule. That is the simple formula for everlasting life: being good, and that means being just; and by being just we will reap the harvest of Heaven. Here on this earth the wheat will be separated from the chaff when the Harvester deems and this gives encouragement to each Authentic Roman Catholic striving to do God's will knowing that only through Faith will they be able to survive the ordeals that have swallowed up so many into that vortex of modernism and communism, for though modern Rome wants all to think communism is a thing of the past and Russia is converting, the opposite is very true and only the just will emerge victorious from the great Thresher as the golden wheat reserved for the celestial table. Father explains in his sermon "The just will shine forth like the sun"
    Echoes of True Catholicism
    Dr. Marian Therese Horvat reports on the upcoming World Youth Day "whirling dervishes" that will take place in Cologne next week, a homecoming, if you will for one of the architects of Vatican II - Joseph Ratzinger, returning as Benedict XVI. She affirms that "whirling dirvishes" are the very words used on the official WYD site and, considering the ecumaniacal bent and the fact that the conciliar church has nothing of substance to attract and keep the youth of today they'll go to any lengths to please man rather than Christ. Thus they continue to schedule scandalous rock n' roll Woodstock-like 'concerts' to keep-the- youth-mesmerized-no-matter-the-cost by plying them with the satanic sounds of rock in all modes of dress and undress to keep them there for show in order to prop up Benedict and the conciliar church. Marian fleshes out their insidious agenda in exposing the fact it's all skin-deep for beneath the veneer lies the same rotting, compromising agenda of ecumenism, syncretism, religious indifferentism and proposing non-Catholics as martyrs - all ideologies which the conciliarists have been trying to pass off as 'Catholic' for the past several decades while the youth plunge deeper into New Ageism and confusion, abandoning the New Order in droves. Sure glad that the "whirling dervishes" will clear everything up for these clueless youth. Not! Such is the state of the newchurch mentality as Marian explains in her column at Tradition In Action: WYD at Cologne: No Sign that the Tide Has Turned
    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
    As a follow-up to Father James F. Wathen's essay last week on "Wholehearted Love", we present a meditation from the late Father Urban Snyder who wrote this piece back in early 1978. Thus, as part of our "Gems from the Past" series, we present his work, first run in The Remnant and reprinted this year. What is interesting is the fact that Fr. Snyder, one of the early pioneers of maintaining Traditional Catholicism, writes about the conversion of St. Paul and how God sends trials and tribulations to whomever He pleases and how each responds determines how much they not only love God, but want to attain holiness. He was, in actuality, foretelling his own crown of glory for he was called from this temporal earth on that very feast in 1995. We share that article as well as a link to discover more about this steadfast Kentucky-bred priest who was a true thoroughbred for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. Well after his death, his words continue to inspire readers in his meditation O Jesus Draw Me
    Griff Ruby's Excerpts
    In addition to his "Straight Stuff" columns, Griff Ruby provides from time to time excerpts from his excellent book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church. Today he provides a small set of Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers one objection and the misconceptions many have harbored about the "pastoral" nature of a council and how the crafters manipulated the vast majority of signers into signing documents that, if they were Roman Catholic, would be considered bogus in every way. Since they are not considered bogus, but are being enforced and embraced by all in the conciliar church, then that proves a total split between modern Rome and Eternal Rome. The latter is the barque of Peter which Traditional Catholics continue to sail along with; the former is a new gib which hoists its own petard and continues to sail far off course while still flying the flag of what it once represented. Griff also points out a most pertinent fact: Confusion has never aroused from those who accepted a council of the Church, only those who rejected it. Yet, Vatican II it is reversed. No wonder so many are confused. Griff clarifies the predicaments in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing Fallacies of Vatican II Perceptions
    Traditional Insights
    Mario Derksen continues in his refutation of Kenneth Whitehead's arguments for justifying the ecumenical movement begun at Vatican II. Basing Catholic truth on Pope Pius XI's encyclical condemning ecumenism Mortalium animos, Mario shows how any variation from the Catholic Faith in action, gesture or words gives scandal and the appearance of, if not actual, heresy. This week he continues to dissect Whitehead's ridiculous statements about the "reunion" of "separated brethren" with firm words from none other than the dogmatic Council of Florence. Mario also cites other pre-Vatican II Popes and shows the obvious agenda John Paul the Great Apostate employed in his non-Catholic encyclicals. Mario reveals what Catholic Truth points out that those "outside the Church" return without compromise on Holy Mother Church's terms exclusively just as the Armenians did in the middle of the 15th Century. So also today, anything less than those same terms are unacceptable according to Catholic Truth which, as is so evident over the centuries to Jew and Gentile alike, is the great stumbling block and it is the conciliar church, the false church which wants to remove the very stumbling block Christ set in place. Mario documents this apostasy in Part Nine An Attempt at a Defense (4)
    Reality Check
    Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, changes channels from the regular presentations in "Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus" to give readers this week a frank reality check as to what is happening to civilization today. The atheists are trying to take over. That is why sodomy is making such abhorrent gains, why the ACLU is doing all they can to eliminate Christian symbols, why "Big Brother" is growing in actuality, and why America's youth are being programmed with revisionist history, and taught to embrace tolerance and diversity; tolerance for everything that does not concern the One True Triune God. Atheism, masked in the inklike blackness of progressive, modernist democracy promoted by America, stretches its tentacles over every facet of life and culture in trying to eliminate the existence of God. It can't be done and that frustrates the nihilists all the more as they try to crush souls and spirits with their insane, but dangerous nonsense that is playing right into the hands of the devil. Why can't everyone see the obvious? Fr. Wathen tells it like it is in his latest essay sent to us by Maria Hughes entitled The Bane of Atheism
    Doctors of the Church
    In honor of his feast today, we present the holy wise one who was decreed the thirty-second Doctor of the Church. He was born near Naples and received a law doctorate in his teens. He had the world as his oyster and chose to cast his net into the sea in being a fisher of men. He founded an order dedicated to redeeming souls and he wrote volumes during a time when the enlightenment was already threatening the foundations of the Church. He vowed never to waste a moment and never did. He was the outstanding moral theologian who held the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the greatest gift any Catholic could partake in. He foretold the very crisis the Church is suffering today. He is considered the Patron Saint of Moral Theology and Confessors, two attributes and professions that are sorely deficient in holiness today. We would all do well to invoke his help during these trying trials of the Church and the world and remember this great saint, known far and wide as the "Keeper of the Moral Compass": Saint Alphonsus Liguori.
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica continues his weekly multi-part series which we've dubbed "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. Two of these dangerous windbags mock the first woman Eve with their lust for power and we all know their names for just like Eve, they are one-name feminists: Hillary and Oprah! Madonna could be added to this list, but she has wilted as will the two dangerous women who Gabriel features in today's feature. They will eventually plummet as well. Nevertheless, because of society's penchant for greed and ease, they will follow these two women anywhere, even to the brink of the abyss of eternal perdition. That is why Gabriel pulls no punches in telling it like it is with Part Two of the "Incorrigible Dirigibles" with his column The Eves of Evil!

    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost, his theme is that Jesus Christ is the Perfect Man, and indeed He is. Father reminds us that long before He was born, His story was being told in the Old Testament by the Prophets of Old. The people then did not fully grasp it just as the people today do not grasp it. Yet the Holy Scriptures are so clear that one wonders why all cannot see the evident truths set down by the Prophets and fulfilled in the accounts of the four Evangelists on the Source of all truth, the One Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In these troubled times those who reject this Manifest Truth are doing all they can to eradicate from memory of the masses any thought of or remembrance of Him, perverting the Natural Law, revising history to dare to announce He never existed, to denying the Holy Sacrifice which He Himself said 'Do this in remembrance of Me.' The Traditional Truth Patrol needs to rev it up a few notches and remind all of these very truths instead of bahhing with the rest of the spineless sheep as the hireling shepherds herd them closer to the slippery slope. We don't need road maps, we don't need innovations or novelties, we don't need to dialogue with other religions but only seek salvation in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which Jesus Himself founded on the approval of God the Father and to which He left His Spirit - the Holy Ghost. Through this Triune Divinity we have the perfect formula laid out in the perfect log of God's law and legacy for the only Link between Heaven and earth is the Second Person of the Trinity. It is foolish to look anywhere else as Father explains in his sermon "He has done all things well"

    Making Sense of Sensus Catholicus
    Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, presents today a must reading for every family to read and discern as he takes us through paragraph by paragraph of a love story for the ages and a guarantee of happiness as he shows how to love God more in letting go of the world - in other words, let go and let God. He cites the refusal to do this as the main reason there are so few true vocations today because love of self trumps love not only of God, but of working toward true happiness. Why is it so few want to delay working to shorten their time in Purgatory while they're still on this earth so they won't spend so much time there when they get there, if they get there!?! Would one rather wait in line here on earth, or for an interminable time that could be mighty long after we die? It is a fair question and in it Father has pinpointed the major problem today with the Christian mindset that they think they can have their cake and eat it too. Not so as Our Lord has said in Luke 10: 38-39. If we're not willing to fall in love with God now, what guarantee do we have that God will take us up as a suitor down the line? Sincerity is a two-way street and so far it's really only a one-way with man putting up the roadblocks. Father explains that the more one loves self and things of this world, the less will one be happy in this life and that creates a problem for assuring happiness in the next. As usual we are grateful to Maria Hughes for sending Father's latest essay titled Wholehearted Love
    Living in Tradition
    In concert with Fr. Wathen's essay above, we provide a short primer on how and what to teach the children, especially this summer with one month of summer vacation until the school year begins. We preface it with an inspiring short piece by Timothy A. Duff entitled, "Why me?" which gives one much food for thought. We have combined Tim Duff's inspirational short piece with the short primer of what Traditional Catholics can teach their children this summer and throughout the year. The latter was found in the vestibule of Tim's traditional church and, in concert with Father James Wathen's essay on wholehearted love today, gives a practical how-to manual for readers everywhere for putting virtue into practice. Tim's piece, which we have placed here instead of his regular Fiat Voluntas Dei series because of its brevity, is an excellent illustration of how we should look at God in all humility and gratefulness as His servants - as holy slaves of Jesus and Mary. Jesus said in Mark 10: 14, "Suffer the little children to come to Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." As Traditional Catholics, we can veer from this message for the lure of the world, especially during the carefree and sweltering months of July and August, can dull the importance of daily working at teaching our children - no matter what age - what is important and how we can carry our cross daily, loving God all the more and practice the virtues in a Catholic's necessary quest for holiness. We furnish here, along with Tim's preface, a seven-point primer, which embodies the simplicity of what God is reminding us to be vigilant and, as responsible Catholics and parents, to Teach the Children
    Griff Ruby diffuses the idea many Novus Ordinarians launch that Traditional Catholics ought to attend the Novus Ordo in obedience, offering their spiritual sufferings therein as a kind of penance That's the shallow thinking of those who have been so dumbed down that they fail to realize why Catholics have no choice but to attend the True Mass and why such a "sacrifice" is not an acceptable penance. Though it may be a liturgical preference to many, that is not the reason Traditional Catholics make such amazing sacrifices to drive hours and hundreds of miles to attend the True Latin Mass. It is because in the Holy Sacrifice, decreed by St. Pius V to be said "in perpetuity," is the only true Catholic worship of a propitiatory nature in which the Sacrifice of Calvary is re-enacted in an unbloody manner; something which the Novus Ordo is not because it is a man-made, synthetic and poisonous rite, and that is why every Catholic needs to realize staying with the Novus Ordo only leads to further confusion and eventual entrapment, and to all who think they need to attend the Novus Ordo out of obedience: Why be a glutton for punishment? If you are within striking distance of the Vatican II venom, their fangs will reach you. For the sake of your soul hie thee out of the viper's pit of the conciliar church as fast as you can! Your eternal life depends on it! Griff explains in his column Novus Ordo "Suffering"
    Fiat Voluntas Dei
    Timothy Duff, long considered an expert on The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda, completes this specific series on her Heavenly work in which Our Lord and His Blessed Mother imparted to this simple, humble and very obedient nun over 2500 handwritten pages on the definitive work that best explains the life of the Mother of God - the Blessed Virgin Mary and much about her Divine Son Jesus Christ. Today Tim illustrates how the City of God helps so much in living from Communion to Communion and staying in communion with Jesus and His Blessed Mother. We are the most privileged and blessed to be able to receive the Bread of Angels and reading the City of God brings home how important and awe-inspiring reception of the Holy Eucharist is in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and should give each person a far greater and deeper perspective on the Holy Mass' significance and help each person to better prepare and live in grace between Masses. Tim shows the significance of beginning to prepare on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for Sunday Mass in imitation of Our Lady in remembering the Passion of her Divine Son. Tim explains and documents in Part Eight of his series Mystica Civitate Dei The Importance of The Mystical City of God
    On The BattleLine
    Atila Sinke Guimarăes documents the exodus of the conciliar hierarchy from the certain Catholic truths on Judaism always held by Holy Mother Church by citing examples of how the conciliar popes have sabotaged a long list of pre-Vatican II Roman Pontiffs and Saints who asserted the position Catholics must take, for the sake of their own souls, that of extreme caution in regard to the Jews. This was never considered anti-Semitic for the Church preached against such prejudice towards any race, but not in regards to religion for the Jewish religion was abrogated by God Himself through His Divine Son. To encourage, as the conciliar popes have done and continue to do with modern Rome kowtowing to whatever Israel dictates and Benedict's upcoming visit to a Synagogue where he will pray in Yiddish, these things surely contradict Our Lord's charge in Mark 16: 15-16 and therefore cannot be Catholic. The whole concept of patronizing the Zionists began at Vatican II and has only intensified the longer the conciliarists barge onward in undermining Catholic doctrine. Atila provides the evidence in his Bird's Eye View column Benedict's Upcoming Visit to the Synagogue of Cologne.
    Traditional Insights
    Mario Derksen continues in his refutation of Kenneth Whitehead's arguments for justifying the ecumenical movement begun at Vatican II. Basing Catholic truth on Pope Pius XI's encyclical condemning ecumenism Mortalium animos, Mario shows how any variation from the Catholic Faith in action, gesture or words gives scandal and the appearance of, if not actual, heresy. This week he expands on the double standard obvious from the double speak of Vatican II where the conciliar idiots not only heretically contradict the dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus but contradict themselves in trying to justify such ecumaniacal rubbish. Mario points out the true Catholic stance as professed up through Pope Pius XII and then asks what exactly changed between his death in 1958 and 1965. The answer on the Protestant side is nothing, yet the ecumaniacs bend over backward to compromise the Catholic Faith in order to placate their non-Catholic 'brethren.' The Apostle Paul nailed the problem very clearly in Galatians 1: 8-11 for if one seeks to please man rather than God, they are not only not servants of Christ but are NOT Catholic. Mario explains further the obvious double standard that manifests itself so blatantly when it comes to quickly dismissing Traditional Catholics as "not in communion with" while the Protestants are in "imperfect union with". Mario exposes the insanity of this in Part Eight An Attempt at a Defense (3)
    If only Gary L. Morella were on the confirming committee for Supreme Court, we could be assured that the person confirmed would be a man not only we could be proud of, but God would be proud of. Gary focuses on the Supreme Court issue and John Roberts in particular and applies the wisdom of Augustine and Aquinas to the unlawful laws of abortion and sodomy today, showing very clearly that by advice and consent those who subscribe to these laws are going against the natural law and that goes for those who buy into the authority of unjust judges. Gary challenges John Roberts to show he is truly Catholic by standing without compromise for the eternal truths of his Catholic Faith and do all in his power to overturn unjust laws such as Roe vs. Wade for starters. Gary magnificently lays out the argument from the Angelic Doctor to Pope Pius XI's certainly clear encyclical Casti Connubii to other writers in bringing home the point that one - whether politician or judge - can never check their faith and belief at the door. Gary explains in his excellent essay We Want a Supreme Court, Not a Supreme "Farce"
    Gabriel's Clarion
    With this essay, Gabriel begins a multi-part series which we are calling "Incorrigible Dirigibles" in comparing the liberal factions to blimps full of hot air which nevertheless cast a dark shadow over today's values and morals. In the manner of the Tower of Babel-like zeppelin "Hindenburg," so also these pompous, progressive windbags are full of gaseous, nauseous ideas that can be most dangerous if one seeks to hook a ride on such nonsense. In that same vein, they have nowhere to go but down. One must realize they are highly inflammable and the nearer they float toward the fires of hell, the more combustible souls become who are in their path, beneath them, or, God forbid, their passenger. A petard is just that, a case containing explosives. In this first installment, Gabriel shows the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the organization known as PETA which places animal rights above human rights in their crusade to save the cats, mice, fish and fowl but let the innocent unborn babies be mercilessly slaughtered! The Jewish sector doesn't seem to have a problem with that, but, as Gabriel points out, those who value salvation had better realize the insanity of such thinking; otherwise such a cavalier attitude toward the sanctity of life will manifest all the more a reason for God to roil and thunder and allow those who turn against His Laws to broil. That is why Gabriel pulls no punches in telling it like it is with Part One of the "Incorrigible Dirigibles" with his column The PETA Petard: Hypocrisy for the Birds!

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    Never in the history of the Church have so many apostate foxes been put in charge of the conciliar hen houses!

       That gurgling sound is the last gasping of the conciLIARS who are finding their past sins coming back to haunt them such as William Levada whom Benedict XVI unwisely chose to succeed him in an office that used to be one of the Holiest of Offices that it was called the Holy Office. No longer. As one put it, the fox is now guarding the hen house. Levada is not only enmeshed in the swamp of cover-up from his woeful days in Portland, Oregon but a deposition has revealed that he had advocated artificial birth control to one of his priest's concubines to avoid scandal. With this kind of moral character how could Benedict ever appoint such a sordid rascal who should not even be a bishop, let alone a priest, let alone a Catholic in good standing?!? A true pope would never make so many errors as the conciliar ones in charge over the last 40 years have done. Think about that as you read the latest documentation of scandal and total silence from the top in modern Rome. Morals? What Morals? More proof of the collapse of the conciLIAR church. When will the vast majority wake up and realize the fulfillment of what Our Lady foretold at LaSalette? But then, if they won't even heed the Word of God, or Church Doctrine, why should we expect them to pay attention to approved messages from the Mother of God? Look what they have done to Fatima and the Third Secret. It's obvious, oh, so obvious! We provide some comments below.

    Last one out of Canada, turn off the lights and be sure to shut the door! A mass exodus is possible if radical liberals get their way with Sodomite Bill!
    It looks more and more like the fictional account of George Orwell's Animal Farm is fast becoming reality as Canada grows redder by the minute - both in communist leanings and out of embarassment for their people who are being herded toward hell faster than a Canadian Mountie can say "Sergeant Preston." That is why Gary Morella states that Canada is "in the grip of insantity - a Brave new world order" toward "State control of religion, ESPECIALLY Catholicism called for by Canadian Public Radio." Will the U.S. be far behind? Considering the communist laws being passed and the freedoms being suppressed, we can expect such mainly because the bishops both in Canada and the U.S. are mere "hirelings" who are not true shepherds and because they have veered and the people have not adhered to both God's Laws and infrangible Catholic dogmas, God is allowing this chastisement. These are the fruits of allowing satan into the sanctuary. Now he is plundering homes and hard hearts. Hell, it would seem, is indeed empty and more and more it looks right now that the devil's forwarding address is going to be Canada! To all Canucks, take a page from the martyrs and be prepared. To all Americans, a word to the wise should be sufficient. Stop the madness before the progressives gain full control in the U.S. as well. Hopefully the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, who claims to be Catholic, will help, but prayer is the key to stave off the hand of God which is so overdue for America because of the heinous sins of abortion, sodomy, adultery, porn, and greed to name but a few. What we are seeing is the fulfillment of Our Lady of Good Success' prophecies to Mother Marian de Jesus Torres at Quito, Ecuador in the 17th Century. Strap in, gang, it's going to be a wild one!

    It's Official! Benedict XVI signs off on New Vatican's fast lane to "sainthood" to enable the promotion of a known heretic!
    Tuesday, June 28th, the day BeneRatz made it official, Fox News had a Fr. Jonathan Morris of the Legionaires of Christ on as a guest commentator who was also introduced as a "Fox News correspondent." For someone who should have been relatively journalistic in demeanor, he was simply giddy about John Paul II being made a saint. What is the overwhelming reason he gave for waiving the rules of the canonization process? Because of the people and placards at his funeral calling for his sainthood! Did anyone tell this poor misinformed and blind presbyter that it was a planned PR blitz by Chiara Lubich and her Focalare brigades who distributed the signs and frenzied up the crowds? Another indication of how the 'saint factory' works as man moves the gears, not the Holy Ghost. The floodgates for diminishing sanctity have been opened wide with the elimination of the long-standing necessary Devil's Advocate. Remember, satan can effect miracles. That is why holy discernment is mandatory. But now, it's anything for a buck with all kinds of propaganda and several religious items being peddled to capitalize on the phenomenon just as JPII encouraged when he was alive. Even rosaries are being pushed on dumbed-down Novus Ordinarians with JPII's graven image instead of Our Lady's and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the "Salve Regina" / Hail Holy Queen" medal of the Rosary. We know Our Lady and the saints before Vatican II are all in Heaven; but there is grave doubt Karol Wojtyla even made Purgatory considering how he violated what he had promised to uphold and protect. Did Our Lord not say in Luke 12: 48, "And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more"? Yet the man-made push to make Wojtyla a 'god' continues with the runaway papolotry. Now books are being published that only verify the veering away from the Catholic Faith with a book already titled "John Paul the Great" with the subhead, "Maker of the post-conciliar church" [sic]. Even the new order writers (25 of them) have no respect for the new church by lowercasing it and have admitted that John Paul II is the "Maker of a new church." As we posted last month, if Novus Ordinarians can't see the unraveling through the obvious facts that modern Rome is in no way connected with Eternal Rome and the Church Christ founded, then at least Traditional Catholics had better. Let's face it. A heretic can never be a saint, especially a manifest public heretic that Karol Wojtyla was well before he was elected by the usurping hierarchy as pope. The fact he did nothing to refute those heresies or repent of his errors, unlike Peter had done, proves he could not have been a valid pope. Does that mean Traditional Catholics will go along with even the idea of sainting a man many consider, in taking his teachings into account, an anti-pope? One wonders as the time quickly approaches to make the line in the sand and admit the obvious. Shortly after Benedict was elected, Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara implored him to do the right thing. Canonizing a man responsible for the damnation of countless souls and who fostered the destruction of Catholicism sure isn't the right thing!!! It is truly amazing that in this day and age there is such a fabricated array of "saints" for this is the very same era which Our Lord and Our Lady indicated to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in the 1600's that, "The times will come when doctrine will be commonly known among the learned and ignorant. ...Many religious books will be written. But the practice of the virtues and these doctrines will be found in only a few souls; for this reason, saints will become rare" (page 63 of Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times, Tradition In Action). That last line from Christ Himself shows that John Paul II says something else by the 477 men and women he 'canonized' - more than all 260 Popes combined prior to Vatican II. Who is right Jesus or John Paul II? If you have to think about that then you have been thoroughly lobotomized by the VaticanTwoArians. Watch for an editorial soon on how un-Catholic this all is. It more readily represents the hype of American Idol than the august, sacrosanct process it should be reserved for in considering only those candidates who possessed and exhibited in all things totally Catholic heroic virtue and impeccable moral standards where there can be no room for controversy and no room for doubt...and definitely no room for scandal! Yet his 'pontificate' was peppered with scandal and heresy. The fact that much evidence bears out that he really died on April Fools Day but that the Vatican covered that up too makes it what it really is: a great big joke except God is not laughing. Below are some previous articles on these and similar subjects.

    Benedict explores digging in deeper in efforts to sleep with the enemy!
    Also, as we reported last month, the great compromise with China continues to plow forward as more Catholic truths are abandoned to placate man. Never mind the persecution of Christians by the Chinese Communists,and the radical Muslims, now Benedict XVI not only going to dialog to death - literally perhaps - those very enemies of the Church who have openly defied the Traditions of 2000 years and sought to persecute Christ and His followers, but is approving lax bishops as the Red Chinese dictate. Calling for diplomatic ties this modernist church will reach out to all of mammon but hold those most faithful to the faith as lepers. Go figure! It's easy to figure because the Vatican II church is the enemy of Jesus Christ and His True Church. The evidence is overwhelming for those who have eyes to see.

    Miami Vice 2005-style - Exposing the Flavor and Favor of South Beach's clerics should put Favalora on the hot seat, Finally!    
    Odds are that it won't be much longer that this apostate archbishop of Miami John C. Favalora will continue to smile since the rot is finally catching up to him. That is because a Polish priest, who isn't even a Traditional priest, was summarily dismissed and persecuted because he dared to complain of sodomite presbyters in every parish where he was assigned. Favalora's hatchet men tried to silence and intimidate him, but Father Andrew Dowgiert was not to be intimidated and has retaliated with a full-fledged suit in which he is ready to open Pandora's Box in requesting a jury trial. Great for public relations of newchurch whose credibility is totally nil, right!?! What makes it all the worse is that the rector of the seminary in Miami Irish monsignor John Noonan - long a fixture on the Florida coast - was just named an auxiliary bishop of Miami by Benedict XVI which only compounds the very problem that modern Rome is complicit in the cover-up of homosexual presbyters for Noonan has long known of the perversion among his fellow clerics and aided and abetted the sinners, and has also covered for his own rotten prelate. His reward? In worldly terms the bishopric. What price will it cost him and Favalora in the long run? Christ answers that in Sacred Scripture very clearly. And now the scandal is about to spill out into public view. As we wrote two years ago, Boston was just the tip of the iceberg of the fetid frozen fruits of the conciliar church - the false church.

    The Passion and Plight of Susan Torres and the plea for prayer and help    
    A case that reminds one of Terri Schiavo and her family is playing out right now with Susan M. Torres, but her situation is even more devastating and yet so encouraging for the sanctity of life. It is the story of the on-going Passion of Mrs. Rollins-Torres, a Catholic wife and mother of a two-year old son in Virginia. Susan's plight also parallels the fiat of the holy Italian doctor and mother Gianna Beretta Molla, for both women have offered their lives for their children. In the case of Susan, we just learned of her terrible predicament on Father's Day, but it was on the day before Mother's Day that Susan, pregnant with the family's second child, collapsed into a brain-dead four stage melanoma. Her husband, rather than pulling the plug as Michael Schiavo so eagerly wanted to do, is doing all he can to keep her alive in order that life within her will continue for she is presently in the 19th or 20th week of her pregnancy and the family hopes and prays that a caesarean will produce Susan's offspring. No greater love can one express than to give one's life for another. Needless to say, medical expenses are obscene and donations are encouraged to help defray costs for hers and the baby's care. We encourage you to go to the special website set up for the family's cause and give what you can.

       There are several sources we strongly encourage you to follow so that one can get a true picture of what the traditions should be during this time of transition and questions. One is the regular news wire we carry below from a fairly closely related Traditional Catholic perspective from In the face of so much fawning and false information from the secular media and especially the Novus Ordo media, Fr. Moderator's daily commentaries are a must to understand what is really going on. We encourage you to go to for he is usually on top of whatever event has come down the pike and calls them pretty much as we see them here at The Daily Catholic in striving to uphold and preserve the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as part of the Resistance to the Revolution of Vatican II, especially during this time when so much misinformation is flooding into homes as fact and the Novus Ordo mentality and novelties will be ingrained in so many.


       Like Fox News, The Daily Catholic seeks to provide a fair and balanced perspective on modern Rome always from a Traditional point of view. There are traditional Catholics who believe Ratzinger is a legitimate successor of St. Peter. Their views need to be heard. There are also traditional Catholics who believe he is not a true Pope in light of the heresies of Vatican II and his own complicity in the conciliar church, and have documented such. Their views also definitely need to be heard. Therefore, The Daily Catholic from this point on will provide both views for the discernment of readers for these are very, very critical times - indeed, a time of epikea - the likes of which have never afflicted the Church as it is today. We are all fighting a common enemy and need to be united as Traditional Catholics. We are the Church Militant and in all charity, need to speak out when wrong is being done. The Church is not above Christ. The greatest criteria for our own salvation is being fully Catholic in every way. That means not veering one iota from what Holy Mother Church has always taught. Not one iota! We must cling to the Faith handed down by the Apostles in Divine Revelation and Divine Tradition, reinforced and codified, often with the power of perpetuity by popes, many holy ones, down through the ages. When those infrangible truths are tampered with, we will not stand still and let the marauders have their way. The Church is not a democracy, does not sway with political correctness, polls, public opinion or the times. True authentic Catholics will always confront the barbarians both at the gate and inside the gate, having as their allies our Lord Jesus Christ, His most Blessed Mother, the Primacy of Peter, and all His angels and His saints.

      Why the Anglicans have abandoned Christ and common sense!
      The wacky Archbishop of Canterbury has just gotten more dangerous, much more! No longer is looney Rowan Williams that eccentric nut-case, now he is an apostate from his own man-made church and has totally lost all sense of decency and moral fiber. That was made manifestly clear Sunday in the London Sunday Times when it was announced that - are you sitting down, folks? - that it will be okay for anglican "priests" to marry their live-in boyfriends...they just can't touch them! Yeah, right, and the Vatican II church will never allow communion in the hand or altar girls! Memo to Benedict XVI: Do you really intend to continue to dialogue with the devil? This man whom your predecessor schmoozed with and gave improper privilege to in ecumenical services is no Christian. He has succumbed to mammon by caving to the sodomites. Will you also do the same? From your appointment of William Levada to head up the Doctrine of the Faith it sure looks like you'll eventually follow the same course as your Anglican bud. Such is the path of ecumenism that leads to the fruits of sodomy and every other sin. Henry VIII was bad, but even he would have been outraged! Where is your outrage, Benedict?

      Why are these people smiling? Do they know the dam is breaking in Spokane?
      The picture above left is taken from the Diocese of Spokane's website which pictures the bishop of Spokane William Skylstad with some of his closest friends. We have no idea why they are all smiling considering the sorry situation he has left the See of Spokane in. Lord knows he needs friends at a time like this when his Diocese and City are falling apart. Not only has his diocese of Spokane declared bankruptcy, but the City itself is enmeshed in a lurid scandal with charges against the mayor Jim West for the very same reason Skylstad and his fellow Novus Ordo bishops covered for homosexual behavior among men who did not have a vocation to the priesthood but rather were deviants who should never have made it through the first year, let alone month of their seminary training. Spokanians are up in arms calling for West's removal. If only Catholics had that kind of fervent perseverance and conviction to demand the same of the modern apostate bishops. We present for your perusal two stories, one which reports that Skylstad is pushing for the courts to accept the fact that the Diocese does not own the parishes. If the courts agree with that, it could work very much in the favor of Traditional Catholicism as Fr. Moderator so astutely points out. One point he doesn't approach however is that it would be left to the parishes to decide and sadly, there are few Novus Ordo parishes where the parishioners are not totally dumbed down to even realize they could have a Traditional Latin Mass in place of the aberration they now have. It takes education and a willingness to accept the truth; something ex-Novus Ordo Spokanians have discovered by increasing the ranks of Tradition, spearheaded by the mushrooming fruits cultivated by the CMRI priests, sisters and brothers on the campus of the magnificent, edifying Mt. St. Michael's above the very city where everything else is going to pot-hole hell. Traditional Catholics have come to realize Our Lord's words that one does not cast pearls to the swine.

      Why 2 million marching for Christ is disheartening news to Catholics
      On the glorious feast of Corpus Christi two million Brazilians massed and marched in Sao Paolo. One would think that would brighten the heart and soul of every Catholic, thinking oh, how wonderful that the Blessed Sacrament would be processed through the streets. But it wasn't like that because there was nothing Catholic about it. In the spirit of ecumenism the Protestants have slowly but surely been taking over South America and this is evidence of it since the event, not called Corpus Christi but simply "Jesus Day" was organized by evangelicals that have been doing it since 1987. Ah, the fruits of ecumenism. This once great Catholic country is going to the dogs of Protestantism and the modern Church can do nothing but congratulate them just as they congratulate the Hindus, Jews, Muslims and every other New Age innovation while spurning and persecuting those who cling to the True Faith. Truly Our Lord's words ring true, "Not all who say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

      Legionaries playing the spin game in trying to save Maciel's hide
      Despite the Boston Globe's account on Monday that all charges against the Legionaries of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel have been dropped by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and that there will be no further investigation, we have on good assurance that it is the Legionaries that launched that fabrication and that the investigation is very much still on as was reported previously in the story below. In typical non-committal fashion the modern Vatican institution continues to dodge and weave just as the ambiguous ones have been doing over the past 40 years. Anyone remember the "It is as it was" fiasco where they changed their mind several times? Can you say credibility gap? Here is another one and though the Boston Globe article would be more advantageous for those out to canonize JP2 and try to justify the unjustifiable - Vatican II - Benedict XVI is caught in a Catch-22. If he closes the case, it will be obvious there's a cover-up; if he authorizes full-speed ahead with the trial, it will open many cans of worms that will further taint his predecessor's reputation. Ah, what a tangled web the modernists weave.

      Legionaries' Maciel might be in trouble without John Paul Two to protect him
      Sandro Magister of is on top of a story that could have impacting consequences on the Legion of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel who has long been suspected of improprieties including sexual abuse. For long he was protected and his accusers denigrated, but more and more it looks like there may be truth to some accusations; so much so that Joseph Ratzinger, before handing over the reins of the CDF, ordered all cases to be resurrected, thus dashing the hopes of Legionaries that Maciel would go scott-free. As evidence mounts, the trial is inevitable.

      Many questions surface as to who Levada really is
      Two articles have revealed the fears that many Roman Catholics have expressed over placing William Levada as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One priest tells horror stories about his experience with Levada when he was bishop of Portland. One thing is for sure, Levada is no friend to Traditional Catholics and no friend of the True Latin Mass. That in and of itself is enough to be very, very leery and doubtful any progress toward returning to orthodoxy will happen. Also read Gabriel Garnica's piece Left Their Souls in San Francisco. There is another article on Levada that comes from a homosexual-oriented publication which we only link because it tells volumes about Levada's political correctness. See the news article directly below this to understand what PC really means. The best advice regarding Levada is be very aware and astute in what he does or says. As Gary Morella commented on this article, "Are these qualifications for Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith? Not if the Church is still Catholic!"

      The Red Casting of Political Correctness
      What we have warned of for quite a few years has been verified in a special study conducted by and that is that the dreaded PC is communism masked. That is the finding as stated, “Political Correctness is Marxism, with all that implies: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional social order and, ultimately, a totalitarian state.” Have we not seen this in our own society and government where the state has taken over through the media to dictate how people should act, think and react. Tolerance and diversity are all part of the manifesto to eliminate not only freedom, but God. Political Correctness is dangerous and must be exposed and that is what a series of expert writers have done with the links available through or More and more we can see Holy Writ being fulfilled in these times foretold by Our Lord in Matthew 24 and what Our Lady warned at La Salette and Fatima. Truly Russia's errors have spread, so much so that few recognize it for what it really is today: inside our psyches and rotting souls by the second.

      Horrors of horrors! Benedict turns over CDF to the wolves!!!
      Friday 13th turned out to bring to fruition any and every Traditional Catholic's worst nightmare! Any hopes they had of Benedict XVI cleaning house and being any different than John Paul II can forget it. That was evident by two announcements out of the Modernist new Vatican on the 88th Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima and the universal Feast of the holy Doctor St. Robert Bellarmine, who would have rather given his life in martyrdom than turning over the guardianship of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to one who caused grave scandal and empowered the sodomites because he didn't have the guts to stand up to the political pressure. We're talking about William Levada, a sorry and spineless excuse for a bishop - even a Novus Ordinarian pretender. He said nothing to deter supposedly 'Catholic' mayor Gavin Newsom who single-handedly solidified San Francisco as Sodom by the Bay. It was just announced that Levada's own See is to be the headquarters for human stem cell research using aborted fetuses. This proves this God-forsaken area has added yet another sin to the many sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

      Christopher FerraraMichael MattThe Remnant's Christopher Ferrara and Michael Matt Implore Benedict XVI to Do the Right Thing
      In the aftermath of their personal coverage in Rome during the conclave, Remnant editor Michael Matt and columnist Christopher Ferrara weigh in with an Open Letter imploring Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI to alter the course of history and turn away from the destructive path of Vatican II and return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. They express how many times they had hoped previous conciliar popes were going to do the same only to disappoint greatly. Can Benedict XVI make a difference? Time will tell, but they respectfully lay out the problems and the solutions, magnificently researched, and use the very words Ratzinger as a cardinal expressed in pleading with him to back up what he has said. Will it work? Time will tell, but they have presented an excellent argument that puts the ball squarely in Benedict's court. If he does not respond, does not exhibit the sensitivity he himself expressed, we will know it is all smoke and mirrors. Though lengthy, it is an excellent argument for Tradition in persuading him to abandon the novelties of the Novus Ordo, Ecumenism and Dialogue. They detail it all in their

    Let Benedict XVI know what he must do to return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church at

      In a show of "openness," Benedict XVI is encouraging Catholics to e-mail him and this is your chance to remind him of the Catholic truths that have been abandoned by the church of Vatican II and also the fact that the Immemorial Mass of All Ages - the Traditional Latin Mass said from Peter through Pius XII is at the heart of reform in rebuilding Christ's Church. He can be another St. Benedict in uncompromisingly converting souls to the Faith or he can be a Benedict Arnold in betraying Christ and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Here's your chance to speak directly with the new pope. Pounce on it by e-mailing him at

      One way to contact him directly is to either send a copy of the Open Letter from Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara below or reinforce certain points they have brought up. Either way, if you remain silent, you have no one to blame but yourself when God asks "What did you do to rebuild My Church?" Again, we can't reiterate strongly enough: Countless souls are at stake!

      When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:
    "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
    His Eminence Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE


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    When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:

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    His Eminence Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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