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August 22, 2005
vol 16, no. 234

The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber...and Back!

    "No man can serve two masters". Those are the words of Our Lord recorded in Matthew 6: 24 in yesterday's Gospel reading for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost. Now many will not recognize the latter since the conciliar church has adopted the vulgar umpteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time schmaltz and, in the spirit of "unity of multiplicity and multiplicity of unity" incorporated the entire Bible into a three-year cycle, abandoning the wisdom and counsel of the Fathers of the Church who saw the prudence of a one-year liturgical cycle and specific readings for the Epistle and Gospel that, repeated year after year would not only enable the faithful to understand and live it better, but would aid them greatly in imparting that wisdom to others for the purpose of converting others to the One True Faith.

    Oh, you forgot about that? Well, if you are still attending the Novus Ordo, perhaps you could be forgiven for that was never taught to you. Let that terrible omission be on the heads of those who knew better. And therein is the essence of this third in a three-part editorial series on this past week of hype by the spin doctors trying to prop up another novelty of John Paul II the Great Apostate: World Youth Days - this year XX. Note, it has taken on the glitz of another event which thrives on Roman numerals - the Super Bowl. The latter every year, the former every three years. The former is much cheaper on the wallet, but so much more expensive in the long run for the soul for after the exhilaration reality settles in. Within a week the youth who were stirred into a frenzy during the 'whirling dervishes' of this past week, will fall back into their routine of conforming to their peer groups and all that will be conveyed was the 'cool time they had in a foreign country and the neat guys or girls they met.' Surface convictions that last until the lustre is off and school begins. Then it's back to the same ol' same ol' and lost in the cobweb of memories are the emotional, charismatic words they mouthed. But then isn't this what the newchurch is all about - feelings and accommodating man in his lukewarmness? Ah, yes!

    Earlier I said let it be on the heads of those who knew better and those would be the architects of this false church. While JPII and his conciliar predecessors rightfully came under much criticism by us and condemnation by previous Popes and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church - (I cannot fathom a worse remonstrance of a hierarch than to be anathema sit!) - one of those who had much to do with the abdication of the True Faith was none other than Joseph Ratzinger as a young peritus of Cardinal Joseph Frings, the Archbishop of Cologne where it all began. Frings was a liberal who was molding his protegé in the progressive kiln of Koln. As has been documented by Atila Sinke Guimaraes in his masterful works The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and Animus Delendi II, Romano Amerio in Iota Unum, and Father Ralph Wiltgen in The Rhine Flows into the Tiber, Ratzinger was responsible for the heretical clause "subsistit in" in the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium which, as Griff Ruby has so eloquently and magnificently deciphered, dissected and determined in his special series on Lumen Gentium on these pages, was the abdication point of the conciliar church from the Roman Catholic Church. Thank you, Father Ratzinger. Thank you, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Edward Schillebeeckx, Karl Rahner, Henri de Lubac, Hans Kung and the rest of the liberal minions who commandeered the Council by changing the original schemas that had been, for the most part, in conformity with the Traditional teachings of the Church until the Northern Europe contingent got their ecumaniacal hands on the schemas and discarded the Truths and Traditions to placate the modernistic tendencies that had been trying to infiltrate the Church since the time of Pope Pius IX and even before.

    Popes Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII had done their best to stave off this impending wave of error that had reared its ugly head ever since the Protestant revolution and struck with a fearsome force with the French Revolution, but which a few of the aforementioned pre-conciliar Pontiffs, our Blessed Mother and several saints had warned in prophesy that the evil one would amass a force to topple the Church and many within would succumb to the wiles. We know now what that agenda is thanks to the directives of the Judeo-Masonic interests and their promotion of modernism which, as the saintly Papa Sarto asserted "was the mother of all heresies." Thanks to aggiornamento of 'good' John XXIII, those, who Pius XII had steadfastly kept in check. were freed from the shackles of orthodox doctrine and canonical discipline, and, like a child molester let loose, raped the children of God with their heretical ideas which, thanks to men like Ratzinger, Frings, Bugnini, Montini, Willebrands, Hume, Suenens, and the rest of that ilk, the inmates were placed in charge of the asylum that became, thanks in large part to Ratzinger's input, the conciliar church of Vatican II, apart and separated from the Church Christ founded: the Roman Catholic Church of Apostolic Tradition and Succession of Peter through Pius XII.

    And so, Joseph Ratzinger returns to where it all began. Influenced by many of those liberals mentioned above, he was a member of the Nazi corps though not willingly. Youth, as we all know, breeds liberal ideas that often soften as age and wisdom balance out the impetuousness our youthful rashness exhibited. I can most definitely attest to this fact the more I mellow. The same held true for a Pope who was a liberal upon his elevation but turned into one of the most conservative and holy Pontiffs the Church has had. I am, of course, referring to Papa Pio IX who enjoyed the second longest papacy next to Saint Peter, and whose Syllabus of Errors soundly condemns the actions of the heads of the conciliar church. This, of course, includes the scandalous and heretical actions of Msgr. Ratzinger.

    Consider his formation. He was a close confidante and conspirator with Hans Kung, teaching at the same university. At the unusually youthful age of 26 he was a professor of Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology in Freising, Germany. Remember, he wasn't ordained until 1951. Yet, ten years later Frings pegged him to prepare the schemas and accompany him the next year to Rome where his participation was not that of a mere onlooker. For those who doubt Ratzinger's ecumaniacal bent, listen to his own words which he uttered just a few days ago to the Protestant leaders of Germany as Benedict XVI as documented by Zenit:

    "As a native of this country, I am quite aware of the painful situation which the rupture of unity in the profession of the faith has entailed for so many individuals and families. This was one of the reasons why, immediately following my election as Bishop of Rome, I declared as the Successor of the Apostle Peter, my firm commitment to making the recovery of full and visible Christian unity a priority of my Pontificate. In doing so, I wish consciously to follow in the footsteps of my two great Predecessors: Pope Paul VI, who forty years ago signed the conciliar Decree on ecumenism - Unitatis Redintegratio, and Pope John Paul II, who made the document the inspiration for his activity. In ecumenical dialogue Germany has a place of particular importance. Not only is it the place where the Reformation began; it is also one of those countries where the ecumenical movement of the twentieth century originated."

    Pray tell, is this not an admission of his complicity in the subterfuge? But he goes further in indicting not only himself but his "great predecessors" which should be a clue as to the direction the "Benedictine 'papacy'" will take for clueless Traditionalists who think he's going to change his stripes as the fur and skin grow wrinkled with age. Remember that passage at the beginning of this commentary? It continues thusly, "for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will sustain the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon" (Matthew 6: 25). Then why in God's name are the conciliar leaders trying to serve both God and mammon? Jesus said it can't be done, but that hasn't registered with the luminaries of Vatican II! Consider Ratzinger's own words below:

    "With the successive waves of immigration in the last century, Christians from Orthodox Churches and the ancient Churches of the East also found a new homeland in this country. This certainly favored greater contact and exchanges. Together we can rejoice in the fact that ecumenical dialogue, with the passage of time, has brought about a renewed sense of fraternity and has created a more open and trusting climate between Christians belonging to various Churches and ecclesial Communities. My venerable Predecessor, in his Encyclical Ut Unum Sint (1995) saw this as an especially significant fruit of dialogue (cf. Nos. 41ff; 64)."

    Significant fruit? For who? Certainly not Roman Catholics. Maybe for the Cheshire cat of Ecumenism - Walter Kasper who seems to relish his non-Catholicity as you can see in the photo to the left as he beams behind Benedict amidst the Zionist puppeteers including the dangerous secretary of state Angelo Sodano. The usurpers like Paul VI, JPII, and B16 with such flunkies as Bugnini and Kasper have practically given away the farm in their angst to please Protestants, infidels, Jews and pagans. Political correctness run amok. There are no fruits as the statistics clearly indicate. Why is Europe sinking into degradation and abandoning the churches? Where are the fruits of that? Where are the vocations to the priesthood and religious life? Practically nonexistent and it can all be laid at the clay feet of Vatican II and its architects and enablers, who, if they were intelligent beings as they claim to be with all the titles after their names, if they taught Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology would surely remember that very simple mandate made so abundantly clear by Christ in Mark 16: 15, 16: "Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that believeth not, shall be condemned." Can anything be clearer? Yet, these conciLiars continue with the facade ignoring the extensive encyclical Mortalium animos which was the end-all and be-all for every Catholic in avoiding the very heresies being promoted by the conciliarists. I can't emphasize enough for every reader to take the time to read this vital encyclical where Pius XI distinguished very clearly between true ecumenism, which translates to the complete conversion of non-Catholics to the Catholic Faith without compromise, and the false ecumenism manifested by the church of Vatican II - AKA the newchurch or the conciliar church or post-conciliar church or Novus Ordo church - which conveys the erroneous "multiplicity of unity" with a "unity of multiplicity" (Ratzinger's own words) read unity of all religions based on religious indifferentism. This is the lie that all religions are more or less good and praiseworthy with gifts that allow one to be saved by one's non-Catholic faith. As Pius XI so eloquently and crystal clearly stated unequivocally about this false ecumenism which the conciliar church of Vatican II promotes unceasingly ad nauseam,

    "[it] presupposes the erroneous view that all religions are more or less good and praiseworthy...those who hold such a view are not only in error, they distort the true idea of religion, and thus REJECT IT, falling gradually into naturalism and atheism. To favor this opinion, therefore, and to encourage such undertakings is tantamount to ABANDONING THE RELIGION REVEALED BY GOD." [editor's emphasis]

    Could anything be any clearer? Yet, Novus Ordinarians applauded Karol Wojtyla's scandalous behavior and actions at Assisi in 1986 and 2002, his pandering to the Jews, Orthodox and Muslims in Jerusalem in 2000 and now Benedict's carbon copy performance by visiting and praying in a synagogue, never once alerting the 'chosen people of Israel' to realize their error of not accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, their Messiah. So also with the members of Islam which poses such a dangerous threat today physically and spiritually. Ratzinger was afraid to stand up for the faith, to stand up for truth, patronizing those he was visiting. There is the scandal of commission and the scandal of omission. Ratzinger has committed both sins; the former by continuing the maddening and anti-Catholic attitude of ecumenism and humanism, the latter by not taking the bull by the horns and speaking out when he was given the opportunity to do so. Do you think God takes such occasions lightly? Listen to what Our Lord says in Matthew 10: 33, "But whosoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father, Who is in Heaven."

    Ouch! Think about that. Even though Ratzinger and previous conciliar heads have spoken about Christ and urged 'Catholics' to follow Him, when push comes to shove in proclaiming Him before men - especially those who need Christ and His truths the most - by their omission they have, in fact, denied Him. Silence is consent to the sin. There in the synagogue as well as there before the Muslims, Benedict had the golden opportunity to proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior, the ONLY way to salvation as Jesus asserted most assuredly in John 14: 6: "I am the Way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by Me." Why would Ratzinger falter so when given the chance to evangelize the truth to the Jews? Because he is trying to serve two masters and Christ is a stumbling block to the Jews as Peter himself affirmed in 1 Peter 2: 7-8, "To you, therefore, that believe honor: but to them that believe not, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is made the head of the corner. And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of scandal to them, who stumble at the word, neither do believe whereunto also they are set."

    Because of that stumbling block to those who do not embrace the True Faith, Benedict stumbled badly. The truth is this Bavarian-born one is not a real theologian, (if he were would he carry on the false tenets he has promoted all these years?), nor is he a real philosopher, but a politician who will tell you what you want to hear. That is why he is such an enigma. He praises the Protestants and, like his predecessor, goes to great lengths to praise the arch-heretic Martin Luther when speaking to them, without asserting that they must correct the errors of Luther and return in repentance with all humility to the One, True Church. Before the Muslims, humanism and social justice comes to the fore but no mention of Jesus or, God forbid, the Father and the Holy Ghost.

    Yet, some Traditional Catholics hold out hope that he will grant a universal indult because of some of his own apprehensions about the pagan-Masonic synthetic rite that he went along with and has furthered by not opposing. Again the sin of omission or silence in condoning atrocities. First of all, every ordained consecrated priest has a perpetual universal indult to meet the needs of Catholics everywhere in the world with the Mass of All Ages, the Traditional Latin Mass as mandated be said "in perpetuity" by none other than the holy Pope Saint Pius V in his infallible Papal Bull Quo Primum. With that decree it was determined then and forever that no further permission was ever to be needed to celebrate or assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. So why then are so many waiting to be approved by Benedict that they may continue to attend the Traditional Latin Mass? They don't need his approval and, considering his legacy and heretical roots, it will not only not help but greatly harm the purity of Catholic worship were such a 'faux' indult granted. Yet, with blinders on some Traditional Catholics plod on hoping their horse with the colors of the SSPX, for example, will win, place and show. Do you really think Ratzinger is going to repent of his ways and compromise all that he has worked for in the ecumenical direction he has traveled by granting widespread benediction to the very truths he has violated? Not on your life.

    Take this a bit farther. Ratzinger is one of the last of the old guard of Vatican II. Like a mother wild cat, he will fight to the death to defend the offspring religion he helped bring into reality. A leopard cannot change his spots and neither will Ratzinger. It's instinctive. Unless, like Saul was struck from his horse, he would be struck from on high. That's our only hope - Divine intervention. We cannot place our hope in man; only God! That is why we shouldn't get all excited when we hear Benedict use refrains in Latin. It is part of the Catholic culture he was brought up with, but he is no longer Catholic. Neither are any of those who signed Lumen Gentium or subscribed to the heretical teachings of Vatican II and beyond. It is beyond man's comprehension and left to God's providence what the eventual solution will be, but we have Christ's promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16: 18) and "teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world" (Matthew 28: 19-20).

    Therefore, we can take heart in this and that the church is not above Christ. There is so much more I could say about the abominable Nostra Aetate and that wicked V2 document Unitatis Redintegratio, not to mention Ut Unum Sint and the abominations committed by JPII which we have documented only too often on these pages. Suffice it to say that Canon Law 1258 states clearly that "It is unlawful for the faithful to assist in ANY active manner, or take part in the sacred services of non-Catholics [editor's emphasis] and yet just this past week we saw Benedict pray in Hebrew in a synagogue. Are we then to follow what the infallible, perennial Living Magisterium of the Church has mandated or are we to relativize that we can evolve and change with the times and do what the 'common good' determines, not God? That's a no-brainer, yet too many still give leeway to Joseph Ratzinger who seems now untouchable in their minds now that he is Benedict XVI. Why have they changed their tune. Has Ratzinger repented of his heresy of inserting "subsists in" in Lumen Gentium, thus breaking from the True Church just as Henry VIII broke from the True Church with his Declaration of Royal Supremacy in 1534 (see A Lesson from Jolly Old England). Has Ratzinger as Benedict repented of that? Not that I know of. There are many other heresies expressed by Ratzinger including the anathema of his support that the Jews don't have to be converted as Atila first revealed on these pages with his critique of Ratzinger's condoning the document by the Pontifical Biblical Commission "The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas" We also encourage you to read the lengthy, extensive commentary by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on all of this, which we will highlight tomorrow but hope we might spur you on today to get a head start because of its length in reading Not Exactly From The Acts of the Apostles. If only there was a Pope to speak as Tom did so clearly in his theoretical address to non-Catholics.

    Finally, this editorial was pre-planned for a three-parter and for now, even though it cries out for a fourth - a wrap-up, if you will, of the confusion and unrecognizable Catholicity of WYD, providing such is contingent on time constraints and inspiration since September The Daily Catholic will be in Summer Hiatus Mode for the full month, returning daily in October. For now, I will endeavor to put into words what the Saturday Evening Vigil at Marienfeld reminded me of...can you say "Close Encounters of the Wierd Kind"? The illumined mushroom spaceship that hovered above the stage eerily resembled an extra-terrestrial assembly replete with alien lights flickering on the hillside. Stephen Spielberg would have loved it. The zeppelin-like canopy dwarfed the earthlings gathered on this remote field for the most bizarre spectacle I can remember. You had buddhist-like dancers, kabookies, hindu writhers along with the guitars, drums and incense galore and I'm not talking about the censor and thurible. Oh, that was there but it took me by total surprise because, believe it or not it was a 'Benediction' but the reverence shown what should be the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar was practically nonexistent. The procession of the monstrance, well, you had to look carefully between the cultural costumes and 'altar' girls to even see the modern monstrance. No canopy above it as you would always see whenever the exposed Monstrance is carried in procession. But then, there was nothing Catholic about any of this until all of a sudden, in the middle of all this mumbo-jumbo and while several assigned youth stood off to the right mulling around tubes and rising smoke that took more importance and time, they intoned the Tantum Ergo and Benedict stood and chanted the Traditional Panem de Coelo praestitisti eis. It was a weak response of the people trying to mumble through Omne delectamentum in se habentem, a quick blessing with the modern monstrance and that was that. No Litany of the Divine Praises, no Holy God we praise Thy name no solemn procession with the monstrance back, just a footnote that it was being taken to a tent where many would sleep in its presence throughout the night. I almost hoped the canopy which at times resembled a humongous parachute would just lift up and take away the whole conciliar charade. And speaking of shams, if only I had space to comment on EWTN's exaggerated apotheosis of the events, you would have thought all were about to be canonized. Never did so many youth exhibit such virtues according to the three stooges who moderated the event including some guy who wore a Roman collar but sported an Aussie hat that truly was not in keeping with the dignity of his office. But then the guys EWTN sent to cover WYD felt more comfortable in the lets-be-buddies role than confessors with decorum, or were they advance men for Benedict's cause for canonization? After all modern Rome has streamlined the process so much that why wait until they die, just canonize them while they're hot and the "in thing" with the in crowd. That's the creed of the young today. It's for the common good and upholds dignity of man. Why not make him St. Benny? Did you catch the facetiousness?

    As you can see, I need to rant here, folks, and you should too. I know there are Traditional Catholics out there who melt when Benedict uses the Latin and his Latin is impeccable in pronunciation, but I, as a Traditional Catholic am greatly insulted for it is like being invited to a banquet complete with the finest food available, dressed for the occasion and you are subjected to only a morsel of what you were promised in the midst of a cornucopia of greasy, foul tasting and rancid smelling vulgar food to taint not only the palette but ruin the entire evening. There you are, appropriately dressed for the occasion while those all around you are decked out in jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops and worse. Enough with the morsels. Either go all the way with the Tridentine Rite including the Traditional Liturgy, or drop the pretence that you are Catholic and dig in deeper with your vernacular, but don't insult us with bits and pieces of Latin. Everyone knows modern Rome abandoned the Mother Tongue years ago after Vatican II. I doubt there were even one-third of the bishops and priests present who understand Latin, let alone can pronounce it properly.

Memo to Benedict

    Please let go of the dupery. Either serve God or mammon. You can't do both. If you serve God, then it should be a matter of minutes before you return all the Truths and Traditions to their rightful fullness due the Mystical Bride of Christ and restore Holy Mother Church by declaring anathema sit all that proceeded from the death of Pius XII on for what occurred from 1959 on was not of the Holy Spirit, definitely not. Until you do that, oh, and restore the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to what St. Pius V decreed...fully! Until then, don't insult true Catholics with the teasing. When you show sincerity and take action in total accord with what a Catholic Pope must do to preserve the Faith and when you are willing before God to say:

    "I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein;

       To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed-on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort;

       To cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order, should such appear; to guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Popes as if they were the divine ordinance of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, whose place I take through the Grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with Thy support, being subject to severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess;

       I swear to God Almighty and the Savior Jesus Christ that I will keep whatever has been revealed through Christ and His Successors and whatever the first councils and my predecessors have defined and declared.

       I will keep without sacrifice to itself the discipline and the rite of the Church. I will put outside the Church whoever dares to go against this oath, may it be somebody else or I.

       If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed, Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice.

       Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it Ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the orthodox Faith and the Christian religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture."

If you can say that with all sincerity, and reveal to the world the true Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety as Our Lady asked in 1960, and after that command all the bishops to put away the foolish notion of collegialism and obey the first among bishops and in unison consecrate Russia - specifically Russia - to Mary's Most Immaculate Heart - then, and only then, the faithful will know Habemus Papam.

    That is our fondest prayer on this glorious Double of the Second Class Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I can't think of anything that would please her more, and that goes double for her Son!

    I remind all that cause and effect are what form historical events and the causes of Vatican II had their formation in the Saxon and Frank lands of the twentieth century and Joseph Ratzinger was in the very center of that. With apologies to Fr. Wiltgen and his phenomenal work in documenting the intent of the wreckovators, as he wrote in his preface about the main thrust of control of the council came from "countries along the Rhine river - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands -and from nearby Belgium. Because this group exerted a predominant influence over the Second Vatican Council, I have titled my book The Rhine Flows into the Tiber:" Ratzinger has returned to the scene of the crime, coming full circle from an ambitious peritus with a definite agenda to change things in helping to manufacture a new church and now, 45 years later as the head of the church he helped create. The effects - read damages - have been done, mission accomplished by the liberals as they relish what they wrought - a parallel religion that now dwarfs the True Church in numbers, but not in sincerity and perseverance. Truly, as the conciliar church tries to prop itself up with false accolades of itself, promoting the fawning "New Springtime" and "Civilization of Love," everyone can plainly see there are no true fruits - only false, bitter fruits no less and, as I repeat again and again, Our Lord clearly identified in Matthew 7: 15-20 what tree bad fruits come from and their eventual destination. That makes it all the more manifest that the fallacies of the conciliar church have become all the more evident, especially this past week when the proof is in the pudding, or German custard, so to speak, for the agenda of the conciliarists has always been that the Rhine Flows into the Tiber...and Back!

Michael Cain, editor

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    August 22, 2005
    vol 16, no. 234
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