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August 16, 2005
vol 16, no. 328

Examine the elements in the logo to the far left, there may be a quiz at the end of this commentary!

whirling dervishes can be diabolic!

    Caveat Emptor! That Latin phrase is familiar to most: Buyer beware. That is why companies and organizations go out of their way, spending much research, time and money into projecting their image in the most favorable and identifiable light so the consumer will know immediately what that entity stands for by its logotype. The organizers of this year's World Youth Day tried, but definitely couldn't as we explain in revealing some disturbing aspects of the swirling icon that will be seen everywhere this week in Cologne.

    While things might be quiet in your neck of the woods, in the climes of Cologne, Germany the decibel most likely is already off the charts by now. That's what happens when some 500,000 to 800,000 (the estimated numbers have been known to be tossed around quite freely in exaggeration by the conciliar factotums) young adults gather together from all over the world for the latest version of the modern type of Woodstock event that has become the "in" place to be during World Youth Days, another of the hair-brained Novus Ordo Seclorum events concocted by the conciliar church to try to keep the youth interested because they have nothing else of substance to offer them after having sacked the absolutes of the Roman Catechism of Trent for the ambiguous, verbose and maze of rationalizations in the new Catechism of the 'Catholic Church'.

    That is another reason to pray for these ingenuous young minds as well as for the chaperones who are in over their heads trying to corral all that testosterone and estrogen hidden beneath pimples, dimples, braces and insecure complexes that accompany, in all its surface horror, that awkward stage of life called the teens. Yet this vulnerable group is being subjected to an even worse horror through the brainwashing of the New World Order as I indicated in my first installment of this three-part commentary on World Youth Days. In my second installment I want to focus on images and what they represent.

    Throughout the city of Cologne or Köln, the fragrance of all kinds of aromas from Axe or Tag to Chanel, mixed with sweat beads -from not having the availability of showers for several days while roughing it - will be masked by the smell of brats and German Potato Salad with a generous helping of sauerkraut, gobs and gobs of sauerkraut. The cabbage industry is thriving in the fatherland. Wherever they turn, sauerkraut will be on the menu. Chow down, ye young ones. No, it's not McDonald's or Burger King, images that define America's gauche taste; it's healthy food, something America's youth may not be used to, having been raised on fast-food fare. Speaking of fast-food, the enterprising vendors will be everywhere and porta-potties will be in short supply if it follows the pattern of Denver in 1993. I pity the organizers of this event trying to field all the complaints and needs of so many. In other words, it's a nightmare. But then isn't the entire conciliar direction a nightmare? Apropos.

    And speaking of conciliar direction, one wonders who dreamed up the 'official logo for the XX World Youth Days'. The word 'logo', comes from the Greek for 'word' or 'thought' - logos. It has evolved into what many consider corporate symbols today. So what's in a logo? That's an interesting question coming from someone who created and developed corporate image campaigns for major firms, including award-winning ones, throughout the seventies and eighties before dedicating our lives to using our God-given talents to spread His Gospel for His One True Church with this apostolate of The Daily Catholic. As much satisfaction as this editor received in seeing what I fashioned become the fashion of a company's corporate image - and many companies gained revenue from the success of their campaigns using my creations - it pales in comparison to receiving letters from readers who have returned to the Traditional Latin Mass, who have brought their family, loved ones, relatives or friends back, who have rediscovered the Faith. You see no matter what acclaim I might have received, it was only temporary - fleeting praise and reward - compared to what we all must strive for - the eternal reward of Heaven. No matter how much success, the world can never fulfill what's lacking for the soul. St. Augustine said it best, "My soul is restless until it rests in Thee." That is why we carry on with this apostolate as members of the Church Militant in cooperation with the Communion of Saints. But back to the essence of a logo. A logo is a symbol of the entity that should signify exactly what it represents, what it conveys without words. It is the corporate signature that instantly identifies it in the midst of a jungle of images that crowd the lush landscape of the verdant currency climes that are interested in one thing: money! The logo is a reminder of trust in that company, with its image plastered on billboards, in print, in broadcast and merchandise, and now on the web. Instant recognition is the successful essence of a logo. In this world of fast lanes and whirling, whizzing images, it must stand out and catch the eye of recognition within seconds or it's money down the drain. That is why simple and dynamic are so important in a corporate image campaign. Sometimes the company name is incorporated into the logo; other times an idea or concept with a slogan that best describes the purpose of the company.

    Why I bring this up is because of the seemingly double, even triple entendre that this year's World Youth Day logo presents. When one first sees the logo what does one think? Catholicism? Hardly. Youth? Hardly. What then comes to mind? Well, look carefully at the logo and the most glaring symbol that grabs our eye is something that represents the crescent moon. When one thinks of that the immediate identification is Islam. Remember the essence of a logo is identity recognition. The overpowering blue crescent moon reminds me of Dr. Marian Therese Horvat's article last week WYD at Cologne: No Sign that the Tide Has Turned where she pointed out that on the official WYD releases they use the words "whirling dervishes" in describing a potpourri of events scheduled. She wrote, "As far as it is accurate, the program recently published on the WYD Cologne official website promises that the four-day-meeting will be another flamboyant rock, rap, and jive festival. A slate of rock/pop shows are scheduled, featuring everything from African drums and Brazilian rock to 'hip hop Christian pop rock' and whirling dervishes. Yes, whirling dervishes. I’m not making that up." You'll note the official WYD logo emblazons this whirling dervishness with a crescent moon larger than the windblown plain red cross to the right which, in actuality, looks more like a bent dagger than the redeeming wood Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died upon. From first glance this WYD design manifests its ecumenical agenda and even moreso when one realizes "dervish" is a Moslem term derived from the Turkish word for a Moslem cleric who has devoted his life to praying and begging via dancing in a whirlwind circle with wide, umbrella like skirts that swirl as the dancer spins creating a "whirling" effect. The logo has that effect of spinning around in circles and for that purpose, the logo succeeds. But is that what they really wanted to convey?

    Look closely. The two blue crescent moons in various positions could easily be understood as a tidal wave about to engulf the world, (note, we've already had a taste of that in Indonesia last year) while above the comet portends many prophesies of fire from the heavens with the star at the tip of the comet representing explosion (Are we so numb as to not acknowledge more explosions are imminent?), and the cross in the position and shape it's in looks more like the divine Sword of Justice which God will most certainly wield. The two pointed red objects could easily signify the college of cardinals and the conciliar church depicted by the red miters - for God will not be mocked. Now that kind of symbol shouting out Judgment would prompt the youth to remember the four last things - Death, Judgment, Heaven and hell. Such a message would be perfect to wake the youth from their slumber, to repent and revolt against the New Order and re-establish the Christian Order in all things in seeking the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and the Reign of Mary Immaculate Queen.

    But, sadly, that is not the meaning of the logo either. This logo begs to be interpreted and the official WYD explanation is more of a stretch than even the first impression of one young lad who, when asked what he saw in the logo said, "a clown face"; another thought a kinder-gardener drew it, while yet another local teen said it reminded him of "a crazed pac-man." Okay, ready for what it really is? Get ready. The crescent moon is actually an ellipse standing for Christ. Students of Pablo Picasso might recognize that, but I doubt anyone else would see the same meaning in said logo. Christ has been expressed in symbols with the cross, or chiro or the IHS, but never a crescent moon, especially a swirling one! Webster's defines an elliptic shape as "having a part omitted." No lie!? That's obvious. Now look at the logo closely and see if you understand WYD's wording that the cross "dominates the logo at its very centre." Sorry but from my perspective there is nothing central about the cross in that design.

    Rather, at the center of the logo is not the cross but a star at the end of a swooping comet. We were right about that, it is a comet's tail which, as the WYD release states, "represents the star's route. It comes from above, from God. Hence, it crosses the limited horizon of our earthly world. The golden color is a reminder of God's heavenly light, which lights up the darkness of this world. All over the world, the comet symbolizes the feast of the Nativity and the Epiphany." Say what? I've seen many symbols of the Birth of Our Lord and Savior, but never a comet. Someone is stretching to apply something that isn't there. A Comet doesn't provide light in the darkness, the Sun does - as in the Son of God. Yet we get a flimsy explanation about a pretty flimsy comet which looked more like a curl on the clown to one of the teens I polled. In reality, the comet looks more like a question mark and that is the inquisition we apply to the entire logo for the star at the end of the swooping comet, at first glance has more a replication of the Jewish Star of David than the star that shone over Bethlehem or the stars that mark the crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On closer inspection it is not the five-sided star associated with Our Lady, nor even the six-sided Star of Zion, but rather a seven-sided star that is not only new age, but closely associated with Aleister Crowley and his satanic cult. The seven-sided star, which this is, is the star of Babylon and the cup of Babylon is referred to by luciferians as the "Cup of Abominations." This will be further developed a few paragraphs below.

    Now the rationalization of the Magi and the Epiphany is explained in the fact that "For centuries, the relics of the Three Magi have been venerated in this cathedral" (Cologne) and in their explanation of the star which they state "symbolizes divine guidance and provides a sense of direction" one has to ask, why a seven-sided star? And why not a more representative depiction of this idea such as a simple graphic to the right which, for example, we rushed together a quick comp in 15 minutes or so which at least identifies the assimilation of Cologne with the Magi. They say the star in the logo symbolizes the Magi, but again, I ask very seriously why the seven-sided star of Babylon and not the standard star used for centuries in Catholic art? How does one identify such a star with the Three Wisemen? It's a stretch to say the least. Do you see the double-meaning here? They say the star explains this but that's pretty nebulous considering this logo is so confusing. Plus, what will be imparted to the youth sure doesn't provide a sense of direction. That's for sure for they will get that mixed message tainted by tolerance and diversity all in the spirit of live and let live in the spirit of ecumania. The organizers of WYD go on to explain that the star "shines as the divine indication of the place in which Jesus was born. According to the Bible, it showed the wise men from the East, the Three Magi, the road they should travel to reach Jesus. After wandering for a long time, they encountered Jesus and returned home as changed men. Just as it shown then on the stable in Bethlehem, today the star shines on God's house in Cologne. The star wishes to lead young people from all over the world to Cologne for the World Youth Day." Okay, I still ask: why the seven-sided star of Babylon?!?

    Now focusing on the magnificent 8th wonder of the world which is the Cathedral in Cologne is all fine and good for it is truly a respected and central landmark easily identifiable. Talk about art and exquisite detail both exteriorly and interiorly, one is amazed at the craftsmanship of the master artisans whose unyielding sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears and God-given talents designed and built this massive House of God and whose elaborate flying buttresses soar majestically into the sky in the center of a fairly gloomy city on the Rhine. There is no denying that the city needs a boost for this impoverished city has been in a rebuilding mode since World War II. I remember visiting this Catholic marvel in marble and stone back in 1965 and what amazed me was how so many Germans could be miserable and unhappy with this magnificent House of God in their midst. But every where one looked I saw long faces and when I'd smile at them, they seemed oblivious to any happiness. Hey, we're talking twenty years removed from Nazi Germany and communism hadn't penetrated past East Berlin that I know of. And yet...did I mention Cologne was pretty gloomy? But back to the present. I just read where a prominent European Protestant evangelist and television journalist Peter Hahne commented, "Pubs, cinemas and gyms are fuller than churches. People no longer have any idea of the difference between good and evil." The gloom still resides in Cologne, in Germany, in Europe - heck the whole elliptic world despite the albino sky that seeks to whitewash all this in the logo. So what happened? Well, duh! It's the Novus Ordo, stupid. What was that Our Lord said in Matthew 7: 15-20 about how a bad tree cannot yield good fruit? And what will happen to that barren tree? Duh! Are we awake yet, ye who put your hopes in paper tigers and mirages from emperor after emperor who are not wearing any clothes?

    Think about it, folks, if only the central focus of WYD 2005 was this magnificent sanctuary as it was originally intended by God and its builders. Unfortunately, like all the other churches in Europe and everywhere else, the amazing cathedral has been subjected to wreckovation thanks to Vatican II and the 'new evangelization' of ecumenism - the secularization of liberty, equality and fraternity. Viva la France in Allemagne!

    Returning to the logo, the satanic star hovers above what seemingly are the two spires of this magnificent cathedral but the art is not fair to the true shape of the steeples as you can see from the picture to the right. The steeples are much narrower in slope, longer and not as close together as depicted in the WYD logo. Now the WYD release says, "The Cathedral's red colouring unites the Church with the Cross: Christ and the Church are inseparable. It is through the Church that Christ, crucified and risen, is present in the history of the world. The Cathedral's strongly stylized shape can also be considered as a symbol of other churches in which a number of stages of the World Youth Day will take place in Germany."

    What they fail to admit is that most, if not all of the "other churches" will be non-Catholic places. Yet, using the color scheme they have, the explanation is lost on anyone just looking at the logo. In fact, many could see in the two red spikes that it could even replicate satan's horns rather than church steeples. How ironic, considering the information we imparted in our editorial last week condomaniacs for free choice about the rash of promiscuous ads being littered around the grounds of WYD. Also, considering the seven-sided star above it, one can easily assimilate the devil's horns as a natural progression, or two pyramids considering the new age Egyptology and gnosticism in the symbols.

    Now what many might expect to see in this logo could very well be that those peaks are two red sails in an ark-like boat that could represent the Barque of Peter, again, as in the prophetic vision to Saint John Bosco in which he saw the Barque being tossed to and fro in the stormy sea. But we know that is not the case for nowhere is the Barque of Peter description indicated. Rather, while they speak of an arc it is not the nautical metaphor that has always been used in Catholic circles. And therein is the ambiguity of this logo. It is not Catholic, but the universal one world religion that so subliminally inserts symbols of other religions and pagan cults to placate man, not God. What was that the Apostle Paul told the Galatians in the first chapter, verse 8-12?

    Now the 'official' release says, "The sky, representing God's mercy, embraces and saves the Church and the whole world, an idea also expressed by the arc's blue coloring. The arc is projected towards the cross while simultaneously opening to it." Okay, as nice as that might sound it is a stretch. Sky? What sky? Oh, the white background? Surely they mean 'whitewash'! I doubt if canvassed in a poll even one out of every ten would immediately identify the background as the sky. Not one of the five I polled had an inkling the white background was sky. Also, did you catch the subtlety that His mercy saves the whole world without any mention of the necessity of believing and being baptized which is still mandatory for salvation (cf. Mark 16: 15, 16)? It's all part of the ecumaniacal agenda of the fabricated 'civilization of love'.

    Now this 'arc' concept needs to be further developed for it could also represent what we identified above - the "Cup of Abominations." It is a vessel - representative of the satanic "holy graell" [sic] and this cup is used in the Gnostic Black Mass of which Crowley and his followers employed regularly in their satanic rituals, and, along with the seven-sided star of Babylon, associated closely with the pagan Stonehenge legend as Andrew Collins admitted in The Second Coming, Century, London, 1993. You'll note the druid stones in Stonehenge are in a circle reminiscent of the enclosed boundaries of the WYD logo. But that could be a stretch on my part. Yet, remember what I asserted at the beginning of this editorial, a logo must identify a purpose, and present an instant recognition of what it is. The convoluted WYD logo does none of these things. Yet the danger exists that so many of the youth, drawn into new age symbols and witchcraft, will see meanings that aren't there. In other words, whoever designed and approved this logo either was incredibly naive or knew very well what they were doing. Either way, the explanation sounds like they are pandering to the retards of the New Order (please note, not to be confused with truly mentally handicapped persons). Either way, they have failed in their quest to clarify by only muddling the mess further. On top of that, they have flunked Logo Design 101 miserably.

    Regardless of this evidence, the spinners go on to explain that the "logo's global dynamics derive from the Cross: Christians must turn to the Cross, orientate themselves towards Jesus, crucified and risen, in adoration, as one can read in the motto for the XX World Youth Day: 'We have come to worship Him'." I think someone is tossing out terms that don't calculate: "global dynamics"? Nothing dynamic about it! Since when has a cross tapered to a point at the bottom as this one does? Does it not look more like it is fading away from the hearts of so many just from its 'artistic' perspective? And did you catch that buzz word again 'Christians'? Now, Catholics are Christians, granted, but not all who call themselves 'Christians' are Catholic and that is paramount to salvation for one must become Catholic to be rightly called Christian or we might as well throw that 'thing' we call Dogma out the window and close up shop. Last one out of Rome, turn off the lights! In their beguiling way, Christians would be an appropriate term but in the vein that it is being used by the ecumaniacs, well, we all know what it means. It means those who are not Catholic can attain eternal life without being baptized into the Faith. Read: they no longer need to convert. This is heresy and yet it has been spread through the horrific cause of ecumenism over the past 40 years from where Pope Pius XI's very clear and no nonsense absolutes of Mortalium animos were scrapped for John XXIII's more vague Ad Petri Cathedram which was translated into the horrendous ambiguous Vatican II documents Unitatis Redintegratio and Nostra Aetate topped by the ridiculous no-turning-back document by John Paul II Ut unum sint. Benedict XVI, who participated as a key architect of these documents, shows no sign of reversing the course, continuing to preach the error of ecumenism and daring to go even further than Karol Wojtyla if that can be imagined.

    Everyone thought the appointment of the heretic Walter Kasper as cardinal and subsequently head of a curial office was the last straw for proving JPII had either lost his marbles or abdicated any claim to the throne of Peter. But Joseph Ratzinger has retained this fellow German who many thought would be the first one sacked. So much for hoping. Next Benedict's spurious pick of William Levada brings even more scandal to modern Rome for the latter is a key cover-upper of the seedy side of Vatican II's clergy and, on top of that, is an out and out heretic who is on record as saying he doubts Transubstantiation takes place at the consecration. If he's talking about the synthetic pagan-masonic Novus Ordo rite, then we'd agree, but if he's talking about the Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of Sts. Peter and Paul and finalized in form by Pope Saint Gregory the Great and set in stone for all perpetuity by Pope Saint Pius V in Quo primum and De defectibus, then Levada is the worst of heretics and...well, read Pope Paul IV's Papal Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio.

    Let's go back to the motto of the 20th World Youth Day: "We have come to worship Him." That, comes from Matthew 2: 2 wherein the three wise men from the east announced to Herod why they have traveled so far. The official Douay Rheims Version is : "Where is He that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen His star in the east, and we are come to adore Him." Now 'come to worship Him' and 'come to adore Him' are the same thing, but it shows how so many have abandoned the trusted translations handed down to cast out into the sea of interpretation and rationalization. Another problem crops up for though we know "Him" is Christ Jesus for Traditional translations always capitalize pronouns referring to the Son of God, the conciliar church has made it their purpose to do away with all capitalizations of all pronouns of the Divine. To show you how confusing this can be to the clueless youth, they will be handed wrist bracelets which are the latest craze in causes now that ribbons are passé. On these white wristbands are embossed the words JPII- BE NOT AFRAID BXVI - WE COME TO WORSHIP HIM. Now the 'HIM' is of course Jesus, but with JPII and BXVI the only names on the wristbands and the way the idolize the modern popes, one has to wonder if the kids will understand 'Him' is Christ and not Benedict XVI. Considering the Crowleyism symbols, "him" could also insidiously refer to the evil one. Also remember that throughout Wojtyla's reign what the masses shouted out was "John Paul Two, we love you!" Seldom was heard, "Jesus Christ, we love You!" Therefore you can easily see how papolotry took hold and continues with Benedict who seems to relish the limelight more than many anticipated he would, even being spotted by the paparazzi in expensive Cartier accessories. After this coming week you won't be able to hold him down. The globetrotter bug will grab him and the curia will have it their way as has been the case over the past 50 years. In other words, folks, same ol' same ol'. I'll have more on that in our third installment of this editorial coming up the end of the week entitled, "The Rhine Flows into the Tiber...and back!"

    In the meantime, this confusing logo will be plastered everywhere and few will understand the full significance, if any, of its meaning and the inherent dangers of translating the symbols employed as what they visually represent - satanic and pagan symbols, including a subliminal representation of the ten-horned dragon, but that is for another editorial in identifying what this dragon could really represent. In the meantime, considering the mish-mosh collection of symbols it seems so fitting for a conciliar bunch who relish the skimble-skamble and bafflegab hype to push an ambiguous program called the 'new evangelization' in a 'new springtime' as the 'civilization of love' which is an euphemism for 'we will continue the wreckovation of Holy Mother Church come hell or high water!' Was this not the goal of the Freemasons? Was this not the goal of Aleister Crowley who wrote extensively of the Thelemic salutation, "Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law"? Is this not what is happening in every Novus Ordo lodge throughout the world? Is this confusion and devestation not the goal of God's greatest adversary just as Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Alphonsus de Liguori foretold? And that high water is rising faster in this new millennium as the 'unity of community' is falling apart, torn asunder by the whirlpool of scandal, caught up in a vortex of lies, double-speak, smoke and mirrors, plunging numbers, bankruptcy, moral corruption from the highest echelons of modern Rome to the lowest echelons of the parishes. In conclusion, this logo can all be wrapped up in a word to the wise: whirling dervishes can be diabolic!

Michael Cain, editor

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    August 17, 2005
    vol 16, no. 329
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