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August 13, 2005
vol 16, no. 325

condomaniacs for free choice

          Outside of Holy Matrimony, Absolute Abstinence is an Absolute of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. That is Catholic Dogma, but what the world's youth are being told is just the opposite thanks to the abominable 'catholics' for a free choice who will be plastering ads like the one above everywhere at World Youth Day this coming week. Ah, yes, World Youth Day - that harbinger of the ecumaniacal 'civilization of love!'

    On this anniversary of the fourth apparition of the Mother of God at Fatima in 1917, we pause to think about the correlation. Though she appeared at the Cova on this day 88 years ago, it's important to remember that the children were not present. Why? Because on August 11, 1917 they had been imprisoned by the radical Freemason administrator of the district in Portugal Artur de Oliveira Santos. While the three children of Fatima were grilled by the masonic monster Santos (no relation to Sr. Lucia), the children Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco stood their ground by living their Faith, never wavering when threatened or cajoled, even when bribed to recant their story. In other words, they were willing to suffer martyrdom for Christ, His Blessed Mother and the Faith.

    Now fast forward 88 years. How ironic that today's youth have also been imprisoned by the Freemasons. However the incarceration has been well over 3 days; rather more like nearly 50 years. Freemasons come in all sizes, colors and persuasions and often mask themselves in the garb of the court, chancery, chamber, curia, et cetera. Dr. Thomas Droleskey's article featured in yesterday's issue should give you an inkling of how deadly dangerous the Masonic movement is. That becomes abundantly clear for it's that time again when teens the world over will convene for a giant 'love-fest', this time in Cologne, Germany. This year's universal Woodstock-like event, legitimized by the conciliar church, only gives license to the youth to justify the very anathema the ad above proclaims: "Good Catholics use condoms." Talk about an aberration! Yet, this fallacy is being perpetuated in every school and parish thanks to the laxness of the conciliar miters who have been compromised by masonic interests, and which, as has been proven over the past 40 years, are mere hirelings - puppets of the Freemasons.

    Many will ask why have not these miters or the pallium-bearer himself not rid the church of Freemasonry or, as the case of 'catholics' for a free choice and the rest of their ilk, why have these heretics not been formally excommunicated for their manifest heresy? I think we all know the answer to that. It is summed up in one word: Ecumenism. This ecumaniacal agenda has made it possible that the satanic principles of Freemasonry reign supreme opening the way for allowing almost any entity, no matter how vile, to be worthy of dialoguing with ad nauseum, except of course, one entity. We all know that group. It is the only one the conciliar church avoids like the plague. While the conciLIAR church runs to the nearest mosque, jumps to the Jews' tunes, patronizes Protestants, bows to Buddhists, holds hands with Hindus and aids agnostics, it will have nothing to do with anyone who is a Traditional Catholic. As amazing as that sounds, it is a fact. We've seen it in diocese after diocese, so evident in the New Order Lodges that have replaced once truly Catholic churches. You would think, considering the plunging numbers and dwindling coffers, that they would take some tips from the Traditional blueprint and return to the Truths and Traditions. But, as Our Lord asserts in the Gospel for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost next week, "No man can serve two masters" (Matthew 6: 24).

    However, the conciliar church does not buy into that dogma even though the high Freemasons do for the master they serve is the devil himself. Droleskey furnished proof of that. And what is one to think when one realizes that the very man who will first address the throng of gullible World Youth Days youth from all over the world is the leader of the highest profile satanic world organization in the world. Yep, you guessed it - the UN. Yes, that harbinger of promoting abortion and sodomy - Kofi Annan. If you are a Traditional Catholic you should be scandalized. But if you're a conciliarist - AKA Novus Ordinarian, you're thrilled that someone of that 'stature' would take time to speak to your kids. Of course he will, it's part of the New Order - the One World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum.

    The fact that modern Rome is cooperating with the devil is what should alert everyone who calls themselves Catholic to say - "Whoa! what's going on here?" But you won't hear nary a peep or a complaint from the NOers except to complain about the food (as if that's possible in Germany) or the lack of enough portable toilets or such random whines on the Rhine as "can't we get a cold drink?" or "the mega-woofers aren't loud enough" or "why couldn't they have landed Korn or Metalica?" Considering the secularization of World Youth Days ever since Denver in 1993, one would have to ask the same question, what's the difference between the bands they've had and the fare offered on MTV? Other than gestures, dress and lyrics, there really is no difference. 'Christian music' still has the same satanic beat whether the lyrics are "I am lord of all" or "I love the Lord above all." Face it, the mosh pits don't care about lyrics, as they will tell you: "it's the beat, stupid!" The beat is what moves punk, goth and charismatic alike. And it is the beat that stirs them into a frenzy where inhibitions are checked at the gate. In the MTV crowd, anything goes. At WYD, they have to be more discreet, like wait until the chaperones are asleep and we'll sneak over to your tent or sleeping bag. Regardless, such rock offerings are an occasion for sin no matter how it is advertised or whatever venue it's supposed to be.

    So while the blame lies squarely on modern Rome and the diocesan factotums and organizers who facilitate it, the responsibility lies squarely with each individual for we go to Heaven or hell not in groups but individually. Whether saint or sinner, there is no lonelier or scarier place to be than standing naked before the Lord of Lords at each person's Particular Judgment when all we have done on this earth is magnified and how we lived and the free choices we made will determine our sentence. Think about that? Does Christ really consider you a 'good Catholic' if you are promiscuous and lustful? Hardly!

    That brings us back to the ad above and the rationalization that, hey, God's not going to punish us if we have sex or fool around. Oh, but He will. Our Blessed Mother has repeated that constantly in her approved apparitions, most notably to the children of Fatima when she related the horrific reality that more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other offense against God. Yet in the ecumaniacal manner the conciliarists have stubbornly adhered to, Fatima is no longer relevant for Our Lady's messages have been neutralized by the 'martyrdom' of John Paul II or at least that's the latest idea launched by modern Rome in trying to speed through the illicit canonization of a man who was no saint, not even close. We all know how they have endeavored to alter the sacred shrine of Fatima into a syncretic be-all despite their loudest denials. The evidence of the devil's deceit echoes everywhere.

    So also World Youth Days. Other than a small segment of indultarians which Una Voce is sending, there won't be a Traditional Catholic in sight. Of course not. Why patronize paganism? Yet parents of teens of the New Order persuasion will jump at the chance to send their offspring to Cologne. It's an "opportunity of a lifetime." Yes, it is, a lifetime that is but a drop of water in the overall scope of the equation of an endless ocean. Is that drop of water so important that they would risk the eternal soul of their children? While they may not think that is the case, past WYD's have proven that fact. WYD has become the poster child for the 'civilization of love' propped up by the aggiornamento of live and let live. Don't ask, don't tell. What you say and do in Cologne, stays in Cologne. Yeah, right! Those who think Vegas has a monopoly on the term sin city hasn't been to an all-nighter at WYD. Legendary trysts trickle down to the next group of teens who will want to outdo their older siblings or friends. Teens don't believe in borders. If you don't understand that, you've never been a parent. Think about the fact that there can't be a teen alive who wouldn't relish the opportunity for the ultimate European Road-Trip. Move over Clark Griswald, this isn't Wally World, this is worse. Can you see the ultimate con in this? Their sons and daughters are only too happy to help their NOer parents take out a second mortgage to send their loved ones off to Germany for one big party. While the parents think this will do them a world of good, in reality they are teens with raging hormones and when placed in the near occasion of sin, emotion and rationalization take over. That's why they'll be only too happy to privately nod in agreement over the ads plastered by 'catholics for a free choice.' After all, if the bishops don't chastise their priests who are supposed to be celibate, then surely they're not going to go after the youth if they 'mess around a little.' "Hey, aren't we all just 'friends with benefits'?" They forget one thing: God is always watching, and a sin is a sin.

    I want to share with you some cogent words from a non-Catholic who has done more good than all the American bishops put together. His name is Bill Keller, a Protestant preacher who broadcasts Live on several television stations. Though we pray daily for his eventual conversion to the one, true Church, you have to admit he's more Catholic than the conciliarists. Since he has not been exposed to true Catholicism, why would he want to convert to conciliarism? There's a blessing there that in God's time, he'll discover the infrangible Truths and Traditions and see it is the only way to salvation as the first dogma of the Church has always taught - "Outside the Church there is no salvation" - Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. Anyway, each day Bill sends out a liveprayer e-mail and his post of this past Monday was most timely and adheres to Catholic truth more than any bishop since Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. He writes:

       Friends with benefits. Let me share a fact about satan with you. Satan cannot create, he can only imitate and pervert. However, satan is very good at re-packaging an old lie to make it look new. It would be like getting a present on Christmas morning, carefully taking off the shiny bow on top, tearing open the nice wrapping paper, opening the box inside to find a pair of athletic shoes. After your initial excitement wanes, you begin to look closely at the "new shoes," and come to realize they are the same athletic shoes you have been wearing for the past year. They aren't new, they were just packaged to look new. That is exactly what "friends with benefits" is. An old lie with a new name.

       Friends with benefits is what the young adults today call a friend that they are having sex with. It is nothing more than a new label for sexual sin. In some circles, it refers to a person you are having oral sex with. Another common term young people use today is "hooking up." It means getting together for sex. Hooking up is meeting someone for no other reason than sex, often not even knowing the other person's name.

       Let me be very clear, there is nothing new about "friends with benefits" or "hooking up." They are simply the newest names for having sex with someone you are not married to. It is called FORNICATION. Fornication is a word that means ALL sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage. That includes oral sex and any sort of touching. If you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity with someone other than the person you are married to, it is fornication! It is clearly defined as SIN in the Bible. To see how God feels about this issue, you should get a Bible concordance and look up the word "fornication" and read all of the various scriptures in God's Word that address this sin.

       I get emails daily from people, young and old, asking how "far" they can go with a boyfriend or girlfriend. I often remind them how the Bible says we are to run from temptation, not run to it. Listen, if you are trying to find "the line", you have already crossed it. You are only playing mind-games with yourself. It is like the moth that flies near the light. Ultimately, the moth gets too close and is killed. You have to stop sin at its root, in the heart. Once you let it go from your heart to your head, it is already too late. Once you let it leave your head and actually start to act out the sin, your are done.

       Let me explain why fornication is wrong in very real, practical terms. First, it is a perversion of God's plan for sex between a man and woman. God's plan was for one man, one woman, one lifetime. Sex is part of that relationship between a man and woman. When you have sex outside of that special union, you are opening up very special, intimate emotions that just don't work outside of marriage. It is a very special part of the marriage experience and by perverting that plan, you cheapen it, you compromise it, and it is never as special as God intended it to be.

       Of course, in addition to that side of the fornication issue is the reality of sexually transmitted diseases. That is a very real byproduct or consequence of this sinful activity. Then you always have the possibility of the woman getting pregnant. Again, this opens the door to a plethora of consequences from abortion, to having a child out of wedlock, to two people who God never intended to be married getting married for all the wrong reasons which almost always ends badly for both people, to any number of other consequences that can dramatically change your life.

       THERE ARE ALWAYS...ALWAYS...ALWAYS...CONSEQUENCES FOR SINFUL ACTIVITY. At some level, you will have to deal with the consequences if you choose to commit the sin of fornication.

       This issue perfectly illustrates the choices we have. If we choose to do it our way, give in to our physical urges and engage in this sinful activity, not only do we pay a very high price for choosing to rebel against God's plan, but the fact is, what we get for that choice is very little. I can personally attest that it is not in any way shape or form worth the price you have to pay. However, if we obey God, do it His way, this can be one of life's great blessings. Sex is NOT bad. God created it. Enjoyed in the context God created it to be experienced, it is wonderful.

       You see my friend, God gave us each free will. We can choose to do it our way and deal with the consequences of our rebellion, or do it God's way and know the blessings of obeying Him. Often, the blessings we seek in this life are there for us, if we will simply be faithful and obedient. We hold the key to many of our blessings by simply being obedient and doing it God's way, instead of rebelling and trying to do it our way.

       I love you, and care about you very much. I know this is a difficult issue for many of you, and many are in the midst of struggling with it right now. God's timing is always perfect, and it is NO ACCIDENT you are reading these words today. God is clearly speaking to you. Again, it is your choice. I can assure you that as long as you live in disobedience, in rebellion, continue to sin in this area, you will continue to struggle, have to deal with the various consequences of this sinful activity, and it will keep you from the close, intimate, daily relationship with Christ He wants to have with you.

       I will be praying for you today. Friends with benefits is simply the same old lie from satan with a new name. I know for many this is a major bondage in your life. With the strength God can provide and making it a priority, you can overcome it and see victory. From my own life I can tell you this. If you listen to God, do it His way, it not only works, but it is incredible. Why settle for the scraps this world offers, when we can enjoy the feast our God has prepared for us.

       There is a "friend with benefits" whose name is JESUS. The benefits are the forgiveness of your sins and life everlasting. He is a TRUE friend, with eternal benefits!

    Well said and perhaps had more pastors adhered to the same inherent truths, WYD wouldn't be pandering to the youth with rock bands and Kofi Annan. Perhaps, too, there wouldn't be the crisis in the conciliar church; perhaps, Laus Tibi Christi, there wouldn't even be a conciliar church but rather a thriving One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church with vocations a plenty and a true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said every minute of the day somewhere in the world in every church. Had the shepherds fed their sheep, there wouldn't be groups like 'catholics' for a free choice and conversions would be in the tens, hundreds of thousands, possible millions. If the shepherds had fed the lambs, pedophilia would be a total non-issue, abortion would be illegal in both the U.S. and Canada, and sodomy would still be a closeted secret amongst just a few flamboyant ones. When asked about the 'sex scandal in the church', one could honestly have answered, "What sex scandal?" If the shepherds had truly cared for their flocks the media and the film industry would not hold such a powerful, persuasive and destructive sway over society as they do today. But alas, aggiornamento has begot humanism, which begot modernism, which begot ecumenism, which begot syncretism, which begot more modernism, which begot paganism, which begot the rewards of mammon. And we all know the answer to that one. Hint, see Matthew 6: 24 and Luke 16: 9-13.

    Speaking of the Gospels, probably the most incriminating thing Our Lord ever said is contained in Matthew 18: 6-7 and Mark 9: 41 and it is something those responsible for every single young soul attending WYD should think very, very seriously about:

    "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a mill-stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Wo to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but, nevertheless wo to that man by whom the scandal cometh."

    Wo indeed! And in the official Douay-Rheims Version woe is spelled as that Wo, which sounds also like Whoa! Time to put on the brakes and stop the madness. This isn't the Olympics, this isn't a world's fair, it is supposed to be a religious pilgrimage. But like practically everything else proposed by the conciliar church, penitential and sacrifice are missing from the New Order's lexicon. Because of that, as Benedict XVI crosses from the Tiber back to his home River Rhine, many teens in their formative years will cross the Rubicon, so to speak, in taking the irrevocable decisive step that could, if they are not careful, lead closer to the River Styx.

    On the cffc website, their mission statement exposes the brainwashing heresies satan is urging:

    [The Condoms4Life Campaign is a project of Catholics for Free Choice (CFFC), which shapes and advances sexual and reproductive ethics that are based on justice, reflect a commitment to women’s well being and respect and affirm the moral capacity of women and men to make sound decisions about their lives. Through discourse, education and advocacy, CFFC works in the US and internationally to infuse these values into public policy, community life, feminist analysis and Catholic social thinking and teaching.]

    Talk about lies! Since when does man play God? Oh, yes, I forgot about Vatican II's time bombs. "Sexual and reproductive ethics"? Ethics? I don't think there is anything ethical in disobeying God and His everlasting moral laws. "Moral capacity"? Last I checked, moral capacity means being able to uphold the unchanging morality our Supreme Creator established in stone! Do we not say daily in the Act of Faith: "We believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches because Thou hast revealed them, Who canst neither deceive or be deceived"? So who are we to believe the Triune Divinity Whom without we would cease to be, or a mere disciple of the devil. It shows how inferior the fallen angels are for while God chooses great men and women to humble themselves so they will be exalted, the one who said 'non serviam' has worse judgment than JPII choosing bishops. That is evident in beelzebub's personnel agency by choosing a malcontent like Frances Kissling who authorized the above ad and mission statement which we shall dissect here.

    So then, "Through discourse, education and advocacy" - read brainwashing propaganda similar to the Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf. This one is a scream: "infuse these values" - what values?!? There must be a typo here for it translates pure and simple into "infuse these vices"! But we see where it's all heading as they bow to the infernal light of lucifer in changing "public policy, community life, feminist analysis and Catholic social thinking and teaching". Like so much of the wasteland satan has left in his path, they are squarely in the camp of the father of lies, lock, stock and barrel. Sadly, the conciliar church has changed social thinking and teaching while giving lipservice that it hasn't. But, as we all know, change the law of prayer - lex orandi and you change the law of belief - lex credendi. Over the past 40 years this devastation and wreckovation has taken place in every facet of church life. That is why these glaring slanderous ads against God are so dangerous for the vulnerable youth of today - especially those in Cologne next week. They do not have the foundation of faith to recognize the devil's work when they see it, and the institution Christ established to be the beacon on the rock to guide weary travelers along the course in life has been enshrouded in the fog of modernism, leaving it prey to the denizens of the deepest fathoms of hell. It is no secret Kissling, the mouthpiece of this despicable condom campaign, has made her deal with the devil.

    And so we conclude this first installment of a three-part essay on World Youth Day and what it portends. The sinuous and sinister signs like the ad above are sample fare of what the young will be exposed to and even worse for that same cffc have produced blatantly sodomite-friendly ads advocating active long as condoms are used. Therefore, from henceforth, in defense of truth in advertising, 'catholic' must be stricken from its moniker and we must call that vile organization what it really is: condomaniacs for free choice.

Michael Cain, editor

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    August 13, 2005
    vol 16, no. 325
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